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Battle of the Ex's

Interesting scenario recently came up on Kid Dynamite’s site (which, incidentally, is a site you absolutely should be reading).

The scenario is this: of the ex-something poker players (Internet millionaires, hair-stylists, magicians, or backgammoners), who would win a quad-table-heads-up-shoot-out?

All of the representative groups have serious cred.  The EX-Internet Millionaires (Gordon, Phillips) own one WSOP ME final table, two WPT titles, and over $3 mil in career tournament earnings.  The EX-Magicians (Esfandiari, Lazar) own one WSOP ME final table, one WSOP bracelet, one WPT title, and almost $4 mil in career tournament earnings. The EX-Hair-Stylists (Judah, Traniello) (sounds like a great name for some sort of gay cover band) own two WSOP bracelets, one WPT title, the most cashes in this year's WSOP, and about $2.5 mil in career tournament earnings.  Finally, the EX-Backgammoners (Hansen, Magriel) own three WPT titles (the Bad Boys one Hansen won doesn't count) and about $3 mil in career earnings. 

Bracket_1With that in mind, let’s set-up the fictitious scenario at right.

Who would win?  Do you ride the hot hand of Marco Traniello and his seven WSOP cashes this year?  Esfandiari came in 4th at the National Heads-Up Championship.  His aggressive style suits heads-up play.  Judah and Phillips have cashed like crazy in events.  They're always dangerous, as is the unpredictable Gus Hansen and Paul Magriel. And Phil Gordon is the future prez, for something's sake.

So please, give us your thoughts on this important topic: Who wins this heads-up battle...and why?   

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Kid Dynamite

How about the ex-Vegas-Businessmen?

Eli Elezra, Shawn Sheikhan, etc...



well the classic phillips v gustav matchup was at the bellagio five diamond classic that phillips ended up winning, knocking hansen out in 3rd. phillips had his head shaven and sat next to gus and out-aggro'd gus with reraises and shook him up a bit before taking all of gus's chips with A-Q v pocket tens and a Q hitting on the river.


Chops here.

KD...forgot Seidel was an ex-backgammon expert. Throw him into the mix and the BG's are a force...

Kid Dynamite

This is easy: Lazar's greatest trick is making HIS OWN CHIPS disappear, and Gordon is like the fucking JEDI of inducing TILT. We all know from the WSOP broadcast that Lazar is highly tiltable, so he goes down in flames.

Gus eats Marco Alive, and he can go back to the Olive Garden for a consolation dinner with Jen (can you believe that engagement story from the WSOP ESPN broadcast?!?!?!?)

My boy DotCom will crush Antonio, because Rocks'n'Rings is a joke, and DotCom is a scrabble wizard too, and a pure genius.

Magriel - Judah is interesting. X-22 is a frickin' lunatic, and I don't think the former-beautician could handle Magriel's ugly mug and lizard tongue.

In the semi's, PhilG self destructs against Gus, stymied by Gus's interpretation of pot odds. On the other half of the bracket, DotCom outlasts X-22 in the battle of the uber-intellectuals.

the finals of Gus vs DotCom is a WPT rematch right? From the Bike maybe - I can't remember... Nuff said.



Gus Hanson for the backgammoners. His aerodynamic haircut would lead him to victory.


i'll take the darkhorse: lazar. even his name strikes fear.

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