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Breaking News: Steve Lipscomb Addresses Recent WPT Issues

Thanks to Slim at 4th Street for the breaking word on this one.  Steve Lipscomb, WPT Founder, wrote an open letter to the public (posted here on the 2+2 Forums) regarding recent controversies surrounding player release agreements, financials, and other topics.  Definitely worth the read.

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great site!
couple of questions-
1.) are you guys pros?
2.) what do you think it takes these days to go pro? I won't bore you with my stats from party and ultimate but I'm consistently making money now. Want to hear your opinions on what it takes and to see if going pro is something I could do.
Thanks! keep up the site!


Us, of course, being one of them...


This was actually sent to all media for publication. Steve wanted to get his point accross by sending it to every media outlet who would put it up.

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