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Breaking News: Bodog Releases New Statement Concerning Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker Lawsuit

Siren_1Bodog has just issued a new statement* in response to recent statements in the media attributed to Calvin Ayre and Bluemoon's newly Amended Complaint in the Calvin Ayre's Wild Card Poker lawsuit:

"The original statement issued by our group of companies in connection with this lawsuit was entirely correct. Calvin was misquoted in a number of media sources as he had indicated only that the request for an injunction had been dismissed by the Court.

Fox was always a party to the lawsuit. Initially, the only relief being sought as against Fox was an injunction to prevent the show from airing. The Plaintiffs went to Court the week before the airing of the initial show to request an injunction. After hearing their argument a Justice of the Superior Court in California dismissed their application for an injunction and allowed the show to go to air.

Since that time the plaintiffs have elected to bring an additional claim as against Fox. We take the same view of this new claim as we do of all the plaintiffs' claims; that is it is completely without merit.

Other than amending their claim the plaintiffs have taken no further steps to move the matter forward and as of this date none of the named defendants have even been served with a copy of any claim.

The show will continue to air as scheduled and we are seeing a steady increase in viewership as we build towards the climatic final table."

Bodog has also responded today to news that Calvin Ayre has a step brother named Cooter. See the much talked about Cooter Ayre and the Cracker Pack photos here and read Bodog's blog on the matter here.

UPDATE: To respond to a comment to this post asking "where/how" did we get this statement, Wicked Chops Poker received the statement last evening from Bodog's media relations manager Susan Mainzer, who issued the statement on behalf of Bodog in direct response to our questions about previous statements in the media attributed to Calvin Ayre and the newly amended complaint filed by Bluemoon.

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so uh are you going to keep posting under a different name and hyping pokerbiz411? i can only assume you run that site.


I just read the bodog story on that site. I guess Calvin doesn't realize that some women will procreate for free. I'll bet no one sues him for ownership of that lame ass idea.


Yes, it is so ridiculous that it would seem like a parody. I read it at www.pokerbiz411.com fyi -


yeh i actually came across that...forget where and read it briefly. thought it was a parody of sorts.


Did anyone see the reference on another site about Bodog’s original reality show idea? The site reports that Calvin wanted women to compete to have his child in return for a $10M prize. Ouch.


bitches...give me my siren back. need it for the mexican march on may 1 news...


see "update" added to post...or for much simpler response see Chops above. he's on a brevity kick lately. speed poker, speed dating at the local Applebees ..and stuff like that.

and if you're counting..yeh...the word "statement" was used at least 8 times in the post above.


From Bodog...


Where/how did you get this statement? I don't see it on any other site.

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