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David Williams a Poke-Her Star? Bodog's Ayre Has a Step Bro Named Cooter?

Dwwsop_1While Bodog pro David Williams has been wielding his big stack impressively at the WPT Championship, sticking it good to whoever tosses it his way and most recently broke-backing Hoyt Corkins to the rail like he was some light-in-his-loafers cowboy who spends his days folding chinos at The Gap . . .

Ok, we can't continue disrespecting DW (and Hoyt) and talking dirty at the same time, but wagering news site Gambling911.com apparently can.

In response to Wicked Chops Poker's recent commentary on the Bodog Rat Pack photo shoot, in which we said, among other things, that DW was too good of a kid to live up to the Rat Pack hype, Gambling911.com is claiming otherwise with 'breaking news' that David Williams recently starred in a porno called "Young Black *** Worship."

Seriously. Go read the story.

Going to great lengths to give good kid Williams a bad boy image, Gambling911.com has even produced an explicit, NSFW photo of 'Williams' giving a backdoor swirl to some trashy Davidwilliams3_1trailer park porn chick. Definitely not a Bodog Girl in the looks department. Although it is hard to see her face.

After thoroughly dissecting our commentary with all too easy/sleazy innuendos, Gambling911.com states, "Alas this tape appears to have been made....well....yesterday... maybe even last night."

Yes, apparently in between hands at the WPT Championship, where Williams currently sits among the chip leaders after Day Two.

Gambling911.com finally comes clean, so to speak, saying:

"And that lends to the all-so-blatant conspiracy theory of a Bodog/Gambling911.com 'hype machine' at work in an effort to help generate some attention to the new Bodog Poker Rat Pack campaign."

Generate attention for Bodog? Who in their right mind would ever give this kind of flagrant marketing ploy any attention? Surely not Wicked Chops Poker. No way. Not now. Not ever.

Bodog Billionaire Has Step Bro Named Cooter?
In quasi-related 'breaking' Bodog gossip, a rumor is spreading across the so-called "Internet" that Bodog billionaire Calvin Ayre has a step-brother named Cooter Ayre who resides in Coweta County, Georgia and has recently obtained seed money to start an online gambling venture he intends to call BoDawg.com. While Cooter never attended the University of Georgia, nor any grade beyond the 5th, he is reportedly an avid Georgia Bulldog fan and says any similarity between his site and his step-brother's is merely a "co-winkident."

While Wicked Chops Poker has yet to 100% confirm Cooter's claims of brotherhood with the billionaire Ayre, Cooter has emailed us a number of photos from a shoot he labeled "The Cracker Pack," featuring him and his "star" players and which, as he would say, "co-winkidentally" resembles Bodog's recent Rat Pack shoot and scarily employs a modified, $15 poker table top labeled "Wicked Chops Poker."

Story developing ... but below is one of the pics Cooter sent of him poolside at his Coweta County compound. Next to that is an unmistakably similar shot of Calvin Ayre taken by Gambling911.com during the Rat Pack shoot. Uncanny.

Stay tune as we plan to post all of the photos first thing this coming week.

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Kid Dynamite

thanks Snake.. this one has limitless possibilites... will Bodog release a limited edition "TOSSED SALAD" jersey? a la the Full Tilt jerseys?

does DW eat Evvy Ng's dooker too?

the people need to know..



KD..great analysis. you should be writing for our site...if you didnt have one already. I mean this is like the PokerStars ads but better..instead of Moneymaker talking about practicing poker online for free to go on to win or how they say he took 30 bones and went on to win the WSOP, Bodog can say it took DW just one bone of some two bit whore to make his way to 2 mil.

Kid Dynamite

now THIS is the essence of poker... get busted... need to raise a stake... how??? make a porno eating some c-level ass of course!!! Parlay Porno-pay into a satellite buy-in, which in turn is parlayed into a WSOP main-event seat, and into a $2mm+ 2nd place payday.

The American Dream.



Did you know you guys are the reason this story is out there now???

Did you know???


Where can I get my copy?


wow..i may move from LA to Coweta County...clear blue sky and no smog in sight. pool's a bit lacking. though.


hilarious...that bodawg photo is spot on..cant wait to see the rest

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