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Friday Night Parting Shot: Jen Graham


The South. It's the land of funny-sounding accents, deep-fried food and super-fine girls. And while Southern accents are mostly charming (as long as you don’t wander too far into Deliverance country) and much of the food is to die for (or possibly will lead to a dietary-induced death), it is the sheer number of perfectly gorgeous girls here that makes the South a great place to live.

Yes, heavenly blessed, unpretentious as can be, and pure-as-the-sun sweethearts with just enough of a wild side, Southern girls are the crème de la crème--whatever those fancy words mean--of beautiful girls anywhere and everywhere.

And there's no better example of this than today's Wicked Chops Poker Parting Shot Girl and FOWCP, Jen Graham.

Jennifergrahamwcp3A talented and rising young actress who is both seductively striking (uh, see her pics) and smarter than you (she’s currently a second-year law student at the Univ. of Alabama), Jen Graham is a blonde-hair, blue-eyed, natural-born Southern-stunner who could run circles around most Bodog Girls in a "good looks" race (sorry Calvin) while outwitting them with half her brain tied behind her back.

Jen was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama, with a brief stint in the Bahamas, and she went on to do her undergrad studies at Vanderbilt University, where she 'brought it on' as a Vandy cheerleader (and if you're a "friend" of Wicked Chops Poker, you know cheerleaders are second only to firemen in our "heroes" category).

After college, Jen made her way to LA to pursue acting, and she most recently starred as a 'teen gone missing' in the feature-length "film noir" thriller, Dark World, due out this summer. Currently Jen is back South in Tuscaloosa for law school and will spend this summer acting alongside funny man Mo Rocca in a short film called Piece of Cake.

(more photos of Jen and a WCP interview after the jump)

Jennifergrahamwcp4_1We first came across Jen thanks to WCP homegamer Bull, who hails from her hometown and got wind that a local girl made it in Maxim's Hometown Hotties 2006 contest. Jen went on to reach the semifinals, and while we've demanded a recount, let's just say that this all-natural Alabama girl was in a class of her own in a field dominated by dime-a-dozen, surgically-enhanced types.

And so what about Jen and poker? Well, she auditioned for Shana Hiatt's role as the new World Poker Tour hostess. Courtney Friel, as you know, got the gig. Apparently, a little thing of not knowing much about the game of poker got in the way for Jen, although she's since committed herself to learning the game, with a little Wicked Chops Poker help of course.

Jen recently was kind enough to answer a few questions we asked her, like whether she would be a poker hating girlfriend/actress like Demi Moore and what would make her a hard read at the poker table.

WCP: So what was the first acting gig you landed when you went out to LA?

JG: I headed out to LA with no money, no car, and I just started sending out my headshot. I got a commercial agent but my first job was as an unpaid extra on this film with Tori Spelling called 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover---oddly enough I saw it on sale at Target the other day.

WCP: And how did the World Poker Tour audition come about?:

JG: Well, I've done a little hosting...an infomercial for a camera for kids. Well, it's a little more gimmicky than that, but I don't want to go into details. So I submitted for the role and got called in. I don't think they called a lot of people in but unfortunately, my poker knowledge was not up to par.

WCP: So you're not much of a poker player, yet, but you told us once that you're always up for a trip to Vegas . . . where's your favorite place to stay?

JG: Favorite place in Vegas...well, I guess if I have my pick I'd probably stay at the Palms, or Mandalay Bay...I like their pools...but I have a friend who gets hooked up at the Bellagio...and it's not shabby.Jennifergrahamwcp5

WCP: What do you think about dating poker players? If your boyfriend was one, would you pull a Demi Moore or Gisele Bundchen and complain that he's always at the poker table?

JG: I think a man who has his own interests and hobbies is way more attractive than one who comes home and lays on the couch. It makes him more interesting and poker is kind of sexy. So no, I don't think I'd tell a guy I was dating that he plays too much...I mean, I have a lot going on so it's better to date someone who also has a life. Between law school, a radio gig I have, the short film this summer, writing my own short film, working out, getting my mom's children's book published which we're going to give a portion of the proceeds to the Brain Injury Association of America. Well, I hardly have any time to myself. So I prefer someone who is busy.

WCP: Well, we here at Wicked Chops Poker have an aversion to couches, have a few, uh, hobbies and are so darn busy we're going to have to wrap up these questions soon, but before we do, here's one that came up recently at Wicked Chops Poker that might give our readers a little insight into the type of guys you like.

Quien es mas macho? Senor Clooney o Senor Pitt?

JG: Clooney, for sure. Sure, Brad's good to look at, but he's not as sexy as Clooney. Clooney seems smarter. I mean that's judging based on limited knowledge, but Clooney seems to have more depth and substance...and he's more unattainable...which is hot. Why is it that we always want what we can't have? Clooney's more of a bad boy...and I love the bad boys. Honestly, I like the bad boys who are closet nice guys...this is a difficult combo to find, but if you can find it, it's awesome!

WCP: Alright we have to go kick someone's ass for no good reason before we head down to the homeless shelter and handout food, but one last question. Assuming you played poker, what quality do you you have that would make you a good player?

I'm smart...and a pretty good liar. I'm in law school, right? And I was always good at Go Fish :)

Thanks Jen for your time and for sharing your photos. Wicked Chops Poker readers, do yourself a favor and be sure to click on these images for a better (bigger) photo and then show your appreciation by supporting a cause that is near and dear to Jen. Visit the website for the Brain Injury Association of America today and donate some of those easily earned poker winnings from this past week.

Also, visit Jen on MySpace here.


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jen reminds me of a girl i once dated..but nowhere near as pretty, and she hated poker, and she looked bad in a bathing suit...

ok she was nothing like jen

i hate my life.

Crimson Cowboy

Not only is this girl smart & beautiful but is blessed with class and poise.


so maybe demi was a bad choice


ah Bull..how could I forget. Sorry about not including it...but thanks for bringing Jen to our attention. If you hadn't already earned a seat in the WCP season final table, you would have received a parting shot referral exemption. thank you sir.


Show that pillows photo...show the pillows photo...for god sake...show the pillows photo

she's smart and sexy and needs a poker coach...sign me up.

Mike t.

is there any doubt...whatsoever..that the south's home to the hottest chicks...?


thomas stinson

i'm a bad boy!!! i'm a bad boy!!!


niiiiiiiiice. girl is hot.

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