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Coming This Week On Wicked Chops Poker...

We here at Wicked Chops Poker are mildly interested in giving you a sense of what content to look forward to each week.  That's why we only give you a "This Week On Wicked Chops Poker" on a sporadic basis.  On that note, here's some content to look forward to this week on Wicked Chops Poker.

:: Heads-Up with TJ Cloutier.  Is there any tournament player in history with more wicked poker chops than TJ Cloutier?  We are honored to have interviewed him, and we'll get that discussion up for you this week.

Brian_balsbaugh1_2 :: The Brian Balsbaugh Feature.  Balsbaugh, poker's preeminent uber-agent, is so good at what he does, that he's just about the only one who does what he does.  To boot, he's a helluva cool, regular guy too.  Drew Rosenhaus he ain't. 

:: The Conclusive Vegas Trip Report.  Two weeks ago, we left you with the ultimate Moonlighting-esque cliffhanger.  How did our Vegas trip end?  When did the bedlam ensue?  Those critical questions will be answered this week.

:: He Hate Us.  You think people hated He Hate Me?  This week we'll list the Top 10 People who hate Wicked Chops Poker.  You will be shocked and awed like Baghdad circa 1991 + 2003 when you discover who really, really hates us. 

Katharinemcphee_taylorhicks1:: The BJ Nemeth Blogfile.  BJ Nemeth brought live tournament poker blogging to the masses.  Now he's got his own blog, and will be featured in our latest Blogfile

:: The American Idol Prediction.  As far as you know, we've accurately predicted who will be bumped off American Idol every week during the final 12.  Find out who we think will win the American Idol crown this week between Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee.  This has absolutely nothing to do with poker.

:: The 2nd Annual Memorial Day Weekend Best Of...  Last May, we took Memorial Day weekend off and linked up a "Best Of..." from the past year.  But since we'd only been live for two months, the list wasn't so much "extensive" as it was "not extensive."  This year, however, the list is so long, it'll make The Hedgehog look like he just got out of a cold swimming pool. 

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