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One of These Things Isn't Like the Other

The poker blogging community is one big self-promoting-generating-felating-back-scratching group. 

Joanna_krupa_again_1 It's sick.  Really really sick.  The name-dropping-pimping-link-love that goes on.  It's fricking disgusting.  You guys (and gals) know you do it.  You know who you are.  And you should be ashamed. 

And you should link to us, RIGHT NOW.  Copy and paste this: http://www.wickedchopspoker.com/ into your next post.  We'll link back to you even, and say how awesome you are.  A post titled, "These People Are Awesome" will be made, and you'll be included.

See, last week something we never thought would happen, happened.  Because of a few observations made in a few posts, a new site became our #1 Top Recent Referrer.  And it wasn't a poker site.  No.  Far from, in fact.

The new site...our new Top Recent Referrer...is...the Clay Report.

We know what you're thinking.  Clay is a great thing.  It is the building block of the family structure, used to make the brick and tile that form our homes. And the Clay Minerals Society (CMS) does amazing work promoting research in and disseminating information on clay science and technology.  Not to mention, clay is an essential fabric in the making of poker chips

But the Clay Report is not about any of that.  While the Clay Report is about clay, its focus revolves around all things Clay Aiken.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Just not the path, you know, we were going for when we started this whole thing. 

So, whether you're an A-Lister, B-Lister, C-Lister, or Jason Lester, pimp us right fucking now.  Don't let the Claymates, Clayiacs, Clags, or whatever the hell they're called, takeover the poker world just like they did in Midtown Atlanta, Chelsea Manhattan, West Hollywood Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

Don't.  Let's straighten this situation out, just like Joanna Krupa (top right) could straighten out even the most hardcore Clag (see, you were wondering how we'd "tie" that photo in, and dammit, we did it). 

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you're pimped, good stuff here


chops wouldn't know jason lester if he was looking at him


I am a a-lister....b-lister...c-lister...oh crap maybe an f-lister. Enjoy reading your pasts posts.

Added a short link to your site.



You guys are funny.

Aye Aye

Well Bones, "Learning To Love Grandpa Differently" definitely wasn't the seminar for first-timers. Shoulda given you a heads up. I hope you got something out of it.


Aye Aye, I was there to see your keynote speech this year. It was really good. Really gross, but really good.

Aye Aye

I attend it at least once a day. And I am always the keynote speaker.


that would make you a Claysturbater.

speaking of, did you make this year's big event?

Aye Aye

I wouldn't exactly call myself a "Claymate", but I do pleasure myself to his pictures quite a bit. Okay, a ton.

Jen Leo

I always pimp you. Love you to pieces. Despite your inappropriate use of the phrase "right fucking now."


it aint the isp that gives you away

Jordan from HighOnPoker

Am I the link for C-Lister just because of my unwavering support of Clay Gaiken?


I need a new ISP!


One man's Jack is another man's YCO. The bottome line is they both are douchebags.


Hah hah.


One man's Clay Aiken is another man's poker, or another man's Nickelback.

The bottom line is everything ends up being pretty gay when you 'blog' the hell out of it.


This was one of the first sites to have a permanent link on my blog. I am probably not going to generate a lot of hits on your site, but I just pimped it out for you a little.


Okaaay, now that we've seen all there is to see of Joanna Krupa,and she is very pretty, how about granting equal time to showing gorgeous pics of Clay Aiken...for all the female poker players out there.

For the record, some person named 'Reuben' posted that we're referred to as 'clags' (methinks you've got a troll); actually 'claymates' is the proper term. For the life of me, can't see what all the fuss is about that...you guys have your 'Playmates' such as Joanna Krupa and Clay has his claymates. Makes sense to me.
But then, alas and alack, so many people have no sense of humour whatsoever.


BadGirl...hey, we're open-minded folks here and it's all in good fun. So don't take it the wrong way. No such thing as bad pub...or pub from Clay Aiken fan sites, for that matter.


If you don't want our company, why do you keep talking about us. Methinks you doth protest too much.

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