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FOWCP Day 1C Update: 2 Levels Left

VaughngrigorianQuick update of our FOWCPs after the last break and with two levels left.

Vaughn Sandman's table got moved from the ESPN set and back down dere wit' dem regular folks. Poker pro Chris "Armenian Express" Grigorian and online ace Elky were at his table for awhile but Vaughn has since been moved, where he says his new table is much more inexperienced. Vaughn was up to 33k earlier after the dinner break and is now down to about 27k. He seems much more relaxed and focused though then last year when he was up over 40k only to flame out on Day 2.

Wicked Chops Poker Sweat of the Day, Stump, was planning on being more aggressive at his super tight table but it apparently hasn't worked out to his advantage. His stack is now down to 4,800. With blinds at 150-300 and the day winding down, Stump said he's ready to make a move and put his WSOP on the line before the next level.

Lacey Jones is hanging in there at the same table she's had all day, with about 2k more than she started with this morning. Lacey's partner in crime (if looking hot while playing poker is a felony ... yeh that sounds skeezy), Lynette Chan, is looking pretty at 20k.

Mark Seif, who's been down most of the day, is up to 13k after doubling up on a flop set of twos, and Steve Dannenmann is likewise stacked at 13k.

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