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Has US Govt Declared All-Out Jihad on Internet Gambling?

CarruthersWhile skirmishes have been going on for years between the U.S. government and the online gambling biz, the situation has escalated sharply over the past week and it looks like all-out war is inevitable. Ayatollahs Goodlatte and Leach first launched an assault on online gambling with legislation they rocketed through the House, although many dismissed their unprovoked aggression as the desperate act of religious extremists looking to increase their power and influence on the political landscape. This week, though, the Ayatollahs' judicial counterparts, The Feds, which is like the Hezbollah to Goodlatte's and Leach's Iranian Islamo-fascists, "kidnapped" BetOnSports CEO David Carruthers (photo above), a British national, as he switched planes in Fort Worth, Texas, on his way to Costa Rica. Now, the Feds look like they're threatening to behead, so to speak, any business engaged in similar activities. People are even wondering if the Feds will barrage the Tel Aviv of Pokerdom, Las Vegas, with Katyusha-like indictments next week when Bodog's Calvin Ayre comes to town to host his annual Bodog.com marketing conference.

Yes, things look like they're about to get messy, or as we're fond of saying here at Wicked Chops Poker when war is inevitable, "Let the fireworks begin." If you haven't been following any of this, after the jump are a few links to get you started.

:: Start of Crusade Against Internet Gambling? - ABCNews.com

:: Betonsports, Chief Carruthers Indicted in U.S. Probe - Bloomberg.com

:: David Carruthers, Gary Kaplan despised by many and each other - Gambling911.com

:: Trouble in the Cards - Forbes.com

:; BetonSports Arrest Hits Gaming Shares - Fool.co.uk

:: BETonSPORTS Indictments won't stop the Bodog Marketing Conference - TheOnlineWire.com

:: Who’s next? Fear soars amongst online gambling operators - TheOnlineWire.com

:: Gaming shares tumble as FBI targets BETonSPORTS - Reuters.com

:: Arrest of gambling executive linked to tax inquiry - TimesOnline.co.uk

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damn y'all did it again. great info hilariously put together. thanks for the daily laugh, guys.


One quick last question Chops:
Please, why doesn't Todd Brunson get a hair cut? Does he know he is king of the mullets and has a pony tail hanging down his back? Is that a sidebet he lost? How trailer trash can you get? He must be married to his first cousin or something. Hardly looks like the son of one of the greatest poker players ever. You should launch some kind of campaign or something. If anyone has the force to do it, it's you! Bad taste at the table cannot be forgiven! Food for thought...
xoxo... Maria


Snake (all chops) - I got your email today and, feeling so pretty, replied immediately! I am trying to get a flight to Vegas, but it seems like every believer is going, so I have not confirmed (yet!) Worst case, I will ride my alligator (as everyone thinks we don't even have electricity in Brazil, much less cars or planes!) out there, but I'll make it by the 24th! 22 Brazilian players are going (or are there already - 2 have gone broke at the roulete!) and out of these 22, 14 are playing the ME. The WSOP did not allow one little girl like me to film inside the event (bastards!) so I might as well play (what a believer!) and film outside the event.

I know this is a huge comment (sorry to polute your blog) but I read it daily, recommend it to anyone with half a brain (few...) and always am very entertained (ok, I laugh my ass off, especially the one about Tiffany Williamson being a crazy bitch!). I really am thrilled at the prospect of meeting you guys in Vegas. I am sure if you all came to Brazil you would have a wonderful time, find lots of great poker action (I am currently holdem champion of the circuit in Rio, and top 10 in Brazil's ranking - even though that doesn't say much... trust me) and much more. My poker film is going really well - should be released by January 2007 (on DVD, not for the movies - public is too specific). I play PS and PP under the nick Maridu, maybe I'll see you online sometime.

Thanks so much for your attention and interest! Hope we get a chance to talk in Vegas, or if not, keep in virtual touch. This modern world freaks me out. All the best to you crazy guys! Hope to see you soon.
Luv, Maria

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