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Wicked Chops Poker Has Got the Sweats

Sweat1Our search has ended.

We found our Sweats.

Last week, we set out on an epic journey looking for five WCP readers to follow during the 2006 WSOP ME. This week, after parsing through literally hundreds minus multiple dozens of emails, we're ready to announce your official 2006 WSOP WCP Sweats:

:: John Veltheer of Fuel 55
:: David Wong of Donkey Hunter
:: Chris "Stump" Abramski of The Chronicles of Stump
:: Tracy Becker of New Haven
:: Jeff Sealey of JeffSealey.com

Read more about each after the jump...

The Sweats:

1) John Veltheer - John is probably too smart to be a regular reader of Wicked Chops Poker--he has a PhD in Chemistry and a 160 IQ. But those smarts also translate into some seriously wicked poker chops. John won the first Poker Stars $300+20 WSOP qualifier back in March, and also won a Full Tilt bracelet race tourney (which he's using at the WSOP right now). John's headline if he wins: "Fuel Explodes on the Poker Scene" Check out John's blog at: http://www.fuel55.blogspot.com/.

2) David Wong - We're lucky. All of our Sweats, we think, have a serious chance to go deep in the ME. While Wong has not cashed in a major event yet, he's got some experience under his belt, playing the 2004 Aruba Poker Classic, 2006 Bay 101 Shooting Stars, and the big one...the 2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. Check out David's blog at: http://www.donkeyhunter.blogspot.com/.

3) Chris "Stump" Abramski - As Stump started off telling us, "My name is Chris "Stump" Abramski, and I'm an alcoholic. Oh, wait. Wrong forum." Stump qualified through the PartyPoker WSOP Steps (which he essentially freerolled into). While he doesn't have a ton of live poker experience, you don't want to fuck with him, because Stump has a black belt in Shaolin Kempo Kung Fu, which, as he explains, "you would never believe if you saw the shape I was in." Stump's headline: "STUMPED! Unknown Freerolls His Way to Main Event Victory!" Check out Stump's blog at: http://thechroniclesofstump.blogspot.com/.

4) Tracy Becker - Yes yes, we know what you're thinking. "Poor Tracy Becker. I bet that guy has taken all sorts of shit for having a girl's name his whole life. Because surely that can't be a woman. This is poker, for cripe's sake." Well, believe it or not, a woman has qualified for the WSOP ME this year. And apparently, a bunch have. What, this isn't the 1910's anymore? Women can do anything they want in society now? Even run for President? Damn, we need to get out more. Anyway, Tracy is one helluva good story. She freerolled into the 2006 WSOP ME online through Milwaukee's Best Light. Says Tracy, "My husband is both insanely jealous and incredibly proud of my accomplishments so far, and that means more to me than I can say (not the jealous part - the proud part)." She's a housewife, so her headline is: "Stay at Home Mom Cleans Up at the Main Event" ("or something equally cheesy"). As she put it, "I'm not a drop dead gorgeous, parting shot-worthy babe-alicious babe..." We couldn't disagree more, because her wit and smarts make her beautiful to us. Check out her blog and some related stories: http://www.rickyhans.blogspot.com/ | http://tinyurl.com/odmus/ | http://chicksnchips.com/Tracy-Becker.php

5) Jeff Sealey - This was a no-brainer for us. We've profiled Sealey before, and know he's got a great shot at running deep in the ME. His live tournament experience includes a 5th place at the Aussie Millions, plus the WPT Tunica 2005 championship, the $1000 UB Aruba Event (where he did a three-way chop for $12K), a WSOP Circuit Event (Caesar's Indiana), and the Conquest of Paradise (Atlantis, Bahamas). Sealey claims to be expert at "acquiring, then donkeying, then acquiring, then donkeying, then acquiring, then donkeying, then acquiring (and occasionally donkeying for the final time) chips." He also claims to have "WICKEDCHOPSPOKER.COM" tatooed in hot pink on his ass. Which we hope he's kidding about, although we'd like to see it. Repeatedly. His dream final table would be filled with a bunch of chimps (which is actually a possibility - thanks to JennChantal for the link), cause as he puts it: "Since I won't be the youngest to ever win a bracelet, or the oldest, I can be the first to beat a table full of chimps!" Check out his blog at: http://www.jeffsealey.com/

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