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Card Player: Masters of the Obvious

The sky is blue. Joanna Krupa is hot. Mel Gibson is fucking crazy. Jews and radical Muslims don't get along. Some things are pretty much just understood. No explanation or clarification needed. Right?

Maybe not.

From the latest issue of the Daily:

Gold will need a lot more chips if he hopes to win $12 million on Thursday; in fact, the winner will need all of the $87 million-plus chips in play.

Whew. Glad that one was cleared up.

But actually what's crazy and what we are afraid to admit is that we weren't sure if the winner needed to have ALL of the chips in play to actually win the championship. See, we were too scared to go around and ask people, because, well, we didn't want to look stupid. Kind of like in high school when we weren't "getting" the Pythagorean theorem yet (fucking hypotenuses) when everybody else in geometry class seemed to, so we just had to roll with it, eventually flunking the course, and then had to sleep with the teacher to get a "passing mark" (and boy, did we ever).

But luckily, we have been spared from such embarrassment this time. If of course by "embarrassment" you mean having to sleep with a really hot teacher and brag about it to all of your friends, which was part of the plan back then all along anyway.

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