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Jamie Gold's People Respond to Lawsuit, Finally

MfplainYou ever hear the expression "a monkey fucking a football?"

Well it seems to apply to Jamie Gold's team of publicists at B|W|R , the firm that was hired by Gold the day before he won the the WSOP and who wasted all this week before coming up with a lame, boilerplate statement on the lawsuit filed by Crispin Leyser against Jamie Gold over half his WSOP winnings. How they didn't have this ready to go the minute the suit was filed beats us, but being slow to act, or not acting at all, has been par for the course for them since day one, or Day 8 at the WSOP to be exact.

Anyway, below is the lame, boilerplate statement from Alfred Hopton at B|W|R :

“Jamie Gold is disappointed that the plaintiff, a person he has only known since July of this year, has elected to file litigation rather than continue the parties' discussions in an effort to find a resolution to this matter.

"Mr. Gold believes strongly in the American judicial system and believes that it is better to present his case there than to try the matter before the court of public opinion.

"He is pleased to have had the opportunity to participate and win the World Series of Poker and is pleased with the quality of the tournament, his outstanding opponents, and Harrahs, the event organizer. Mr. Gold further appreciates the support of his fans and sponsor, bodog.net, and hopes that this unfortunate litigation will not detract from the outstanding efforts of the entire field of participants in the World Series of Poker."

For more on the statement, check out CardPlayer.com and be sure to check out Lisa Wheeler's thorough summary of the lawsuit here.

Image of a monkey fucking a football courtesy of the site MonkeyFuckingAFootball.com

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about how many people sign up for the wsop?


if owning us means constantly giving us good material to write about everytime he or someone from his team opens his mouth...yeh then Jamie owns us.

Jamie owns you all, go screw yourselfs


As many people within the poker world know, these kind of deals are made all the time, in poker, your word is everything. Crispin kept his word, he brought his end of the deal, ok so what so they are B list celebrities, obviously bodog didn't have a problem with that. The truth is Jamie Gold made this deal possibly thinking he wouldn't even finish in the money and if he did, he wouldn't have to give Crispin very much. A deal is a deal. Crispin has a very good case. The deal was known by MANY prior to the final table. With all of the other things going on with poker these days this is just another thing to make the entire industry look bad.

to j gold rules

obviously jamie was sweatin that he couldnt land a celeb and thought it was worth 5k to get crispin's help. that he went on to win it shouldnt matter. the value of the deal was what was offered at the time it was made.


I watched this guy in action, entourage and body guards and everything, during the Main Event.

All I can say is that all this bullshit couldn't have happened to a more deserving fellow.

J Gold Rules

Frankly, I wouldn't give him the money either. Getting Matthew Lillard as your celebrity ain't worth $10,000. Give him a million and be done with it.


what does it matter if he knew the guy only since July...if he made the deal because he needed help to earn his seat he made the deal...the fact that he went on to win the 12 million doesnt matter. there are people who stake players they dont even know and you dont need to draw up a contract for that...a mans word is his word when it comes to deals like this. lucky for Gold Leyser is a skinny brit and not some big Italian dude with "connections".

Jen Leo

Fans? What fans?


jamie's "people" that is.



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