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Making the Rounds on the Richard Lee Raid

Rleefinal1_1_2We're no social scientists here but the empirical data, if we knew what that meant, we've seen so far is that there's much less interest in the Richard Lee raid than the Crispin Leyser v. Jamie Gold suit, which probably has something everything to do with the fact that Lee isn't an ex-Hollywood agent but instead donked off all his chips to an ex-Hollywood agent who would go on to become the world champ while Lee would go on to finish sixth, become a sore loser and head home to dump heap San Antonio.

Making the poker blogs rounds this afternoon though, it seems that the Richard Lee raid has taken the spotlight off Gold . . . if at least for now, and just a little bit, but not much longer, because no one really cares about sixth place, at least we don't because any other place but first place is last place and if you don't think that then you're a loser and we hate losers.

Anyway, worth checking out on the Lee raid are CardSquad.com and PokerBlog.com, both of which have done considerable reporting on the story. Of note, CardSquad.com's Wil Wheaton points to a poignant commentary on the Lee raid by Michael Craig, the author of The Professor, the Banker and the Suicide King. PokerBlog.com on the other hand has learned that Lee was playing an MTT on PartyPoker.com at the time of the raid, which the Bexar County district attorney has apparently come out and said "that that act in and of itself is illegal." So if the bookie charges don't fly, they always have that to hang on him . . . because it's not like the SAPD has other illegal acts going on around town to worry about.

Other CardSquad.com posts on the Lee raid here, here and here.

Other PokerBlog.com posts on the Lee raid here, here and here.

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