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March 19, 2006 - March 25, 2006

Friday Night Parting Shot: Lauren from Laguna Hills

While in the past we've signed off on Friday night with 'parting shots' from Jessica Alba or a few of our favorite Brazilians, Wicked Chops Poker has decided--in what may or may not become a weekly tradition--to begin featuring some of the "real" girls who have joined us over in MySpace land. Yes, there's that MySpace again, but hey, we're putting it to good use.

And while these girls may not be as famous as the ones who usually grace our pages and their pics aren't from some high-dollar, glossed-up photo shoot (in fact many are digital self-portraits taken from an arm length away), we still like them just the same, and just maybe, even a tad bit more.

Which brings us first to lovely Lauren of Laguna Hills, a 24-year-old poker newbie who was kind enough to let us share a few snapshots of her (and that's her friend Tracee with her). Lauren won us over when she told us she takes regular vacations to Las Vegas (stays at the Wynn) and has taken up poker recently. As she puts its, "I've kicked the asses of several guys on many occasions." Find out more about Lauren here, and we know it would make her happy if you checked out her brother's band, Beverly, while you're at it.


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What Would Jesus Raise?

FaithchipspokerOur favorite foreign language poker blog is handsdown Poquer-Red, a Spain-based outfit that regularly links to Wicked Chops Poker stories and we have absolutely no idea what they're saying.

Well, some of us do, since we grew up in Florida.

But anyway, it was at Poquer-Red today where we came across this little bit on poker chips topped with Divine inspiration and sold by a Christian merch company called Kerusso.

Since we're scared of lightning strikes and plagues, we have no commentary on these "Faith Chips," but find out what Poquer-Red had to say, in Spanish of course, over at their blog or read our very broken and incorrect English translation, courtesy of freetranslation.com, after the jump.

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Breaking News: Man Starts Poker Blog

In an otherwise slow poker news day, one riveting story on the wire has taken the poker world by storm (boy do we hate that phrase). It's a simple tale about one man, a blog and how he has gone from rags to riches, or to about 800 bucks, to be exact.

SpektacularHis name says it all, Spektacular, and his press release is nothing but.

OK, it's Friday and we're tired of being sarcastic.

File this one under "You got to be kidding me," some PokerStars player has issued a frickin' press release to announce that he's started a blog that, get this, will chronicle his online poker playing exploits.

Brilliant idea. Absolutely brilliant (sarcasm tank now completely on empty).

And while we hate ourselves for perpetuating this guy's press release (which is published in its entirety after the jump), we hope it humors you on this Friday. It humored us, and made us cry.

And if you see this kid on PokerStars (that there above is his avatar) anytime soon, please kick him in the virtual nuts for us.

Who knows, maybe he'll blog about it.

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First Ever WPT-branded Poker Room Opens

Electra_1A famous hot chick, a poker pro or two and a red carpet. It's almost a cliché these days when launching a new poker room, product or gaming site.

OK, it is a cliché.

But it's one poker cliché I don't think anyone is complaining about.

And to no surprise it's exactly how it went down at the Foxwoods Resort Casino yesterday when the world's largest casino opened the first ever WPT-branded poker room and on hand to deal the ceremonial first hand was Dave Navarro's soon-to-be-ex, Carmen Electra (if the tab's are to be believed and when are they ever wrong? Seriously. They're never wrong.). Also present was poker pro/WPT co-host Mike Sexton along with a room full of people drinking $3,000 martinis that were likely billed as WPTinis (if they weren't, call us for your next event). "Celebs" (which will remain in quotes until we see the guest list) and VIPs (that's a $2 word) played a $25,000 winner-take-all tournament in the expanded, newly designed 114 table poker room, appropriately named the "WPT Poker Room at Foxwoods."

Steve Lipscomb, Founder and CEO of WPT Enterprises, Inc. had the following to say about the WPT branding of a poker room:

“This is the point when our brand truly moves into the casino in a major way. We’ve licensed our name to slot machines and gaming tables, and this is the next significant step—the evolution of the WPT brand at the casino level. Poker players will experience the WPT excitement first hand in an environment that evokes the cool, classy, charismatic character of our show. We applaud our partners at Foxwoods for continuing to expand the benefits of our mutual relationship.”

Did anyone just read that quote? I'm guessing not.

There's a pic of Carmen Electra with this post in case you missed it.

Oh, in semi-related news, Dave Navarro added us as his MySpace friend. We just got in under his 72,000th friend mark. Talk about VIP.

UPDATE: If you care, and you don't, but we got word that the $3,000 martinis were that pricey because each came with a pair of custom-made blue sapphire and diamond earrings.

You don't care right?

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Party On: PartyGaming Names New CEO

The search for a new CEO to replace the recently departed Richard Segal is over.  PartyGaming (PRTY.L) has named Mitch Garber its new head honcho.

Garber, who was previously with online payment firm FireOne, apparently has no issue with what was ultimately Segal's sticking point: moving to Gibraltar.

Maybe that's because Garber is from Canada.   

SavannaShares of PartyGaming were up oh so slightly today, gaining 0.78%. 

In totally unrelated news, pornstar Savanna Samson has just launched her own wine, and apparently, it tastes slightly better than she does. 

The wine, Sogno Uno, is a 2004 vintage that has just received a 90 to 91 rating from noted wine guru Robert Parker.  The label has Samson, pictured at right, in a see-through gown.  Samson says the wine "really represents who I am." 

After hearing that, noted wine guru Robert Parker immediately got tested for herpes, hepatitis-B, and the clap. 

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Breaking News: Phil Hellmuth Is New Celebrity Poker Showdown Host

Phil_homeIt has been just announced that nine-time World Series of Poker winner and FORMER World Champion Phil Hellmuth will be the new host on the upcoming season of BRAVO's "Celebrity Poker Showdown," to be held for the first time in New Orleans and which will benefit victims of Hurricane Katrina.

In a press statement released today, Frances Berwick, Senior VP of Programming and Production for Bravo, said:

"In Phil Hellmuth we have found an engaging, proven and renowned poker champion who we are confident will complement Dave Foley's comedic commentary and provide the insight our viewers rely on."

More on this plus our commentary to come soon. For now, read the entire press release after the jump, or eyeball what Hellmuth told our friends at ESPN's Poker Club about the new deal.

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Thanks for the Add: Wicked Chops Poker on MySpace


Somewhere between Phil Gordon's handsome mug and Borat Sagdiyev of Kazakhstan, and in the midst of thousands upon thousands of gorgeous women who, if you are married, never existed until you were, lies Wicked Chops Poker's MySpace page.

EricamyspaceTiffanymyspaceA humble web abode complete with some of your favorite players, a few wicked chops regulars, a couple celeb types, a handful of frauds posing as poker pros and a harem of hot chicks who bare their souls, musicals tastes and pretty much everything else, the Wicked Chops Poker MySpace page exists for no good reason whatsoever; well, except to share with you every now and then a beautiful girl who enjoys long walks on the beach, breakfast in bed and stuff like sticking her tongue out at you (like Erica from California) or jamming it in another girl's mouth (thank you Tiffany from Hawaii).

Oh, and yes, we'll talk poker too.

So if you're already on MySpace, please drop on by. And yes, thanks in advance for the add.

If you're not on MySpace. Don't be such a lame, productive prude. Sign up today.

Or tomorrow sometime.

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PPA Steps Up Fight to Keep Online Poker Legal,
But Misses On Some Critical Points

The Poker Player's Alliance (PPA) is cranking up its vocal chords to make sure the public hears its message about keeping online poker legal.

Legal_copyAs we've detailed, recent legislation has been introduced by Sen. Jon Kyl (R-AZ), Rep. Jim Leach (R-IA), Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA), and Rep. Jo Ann Davis (R-VA) to color the gray area that is online gambling black, which will cost some big-time companies a lot of green (and provide the founders of Wicked Chops Poker, like Chops at right, with a windfall of newfound free-time).

The most concise and pointed of its efforts comes from the PPA's president, Michael Bolcerek, who wrote an op-ed in Jo Ann Davis' home paper outlining four key points why outlawing (so-called) "Internet" poker is wrong:

1) Banks will be deputized by the Justice Department, harming consumer's privacy.
2) One we like to call (as of now) the "hypocrisy issue." While Davis's and others' bills would outlaw certain forms of gambling (i.e. Internet poker), it keeps horse racing and state lotteries legal.
3) The bill requires Internet service providers remove or disable access to online sites that it deems a violation.
4) The Treasury Department, Justice Department, and FBI will be required to enforce the provisions of the bill, taking resources away from more valuable things things like, perhaps, national security.

While all points have some credence, the privacy and hypocrisy issues carry the most weight.  Point #3 just seems like an inevitable off-shoot from the legislation, and point #4, well, if the same resources that would monitor Internet gambling are sniffing out terrorists, then we're probably in more trouble than we realize.  Which reminds us, fuck Al-Qaeda. 

However, the PPA must weave the following into its argument to make it truly effective...

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But Misses On Some Critical Points" »

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Bodog Gets Off the Schnide, Finally Has New Frigin' Bodog Girl Already...

The only thing more slack lately than Bodog updating their calendar babe (Ayre having too much fun at the compound or something? Come on guys, our readers love this stuff...don't leave 'em hangin') has been the frequency of our posts.  Regardless, it appears both Wicked Chops Poker and Bodog are back on track.  Meet the March Bodog Babe, Elisa KingMore pics at the jump.


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Response to St. Patty's Question of the Day

After meticulously researching the topic, our response to the user comment of: "...is the poker "fad" over?" goes as follows:


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