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March 26, 2006 - April 1, 2006

Friday Night Parting Shot: Marissa


A blue-eyed Irish girl raised in Orange County and ends up in NYC to focus on acting, singing, and a little modeling on the side? Too good to be true? Perhaps. Find out more about Marissa over at her space on MySpace. Be prepared to pause the Shakira song.

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Happy Birthday Wicked Chops In Pictures, Part 3

Our birthday week is coming to an end, and so we bid farewell with an image tribute to a few of the peeps who wished us a happy. Some did with a photo, others did with a "Happy Birthday Douchebags!" and still others, like Sammy "Killer" Reid, were left at the mercy of Chops' photoshop skills. Click on some of the images below, and if you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of this Happy Birthday Wicked Chops Poker in Pictures series, be sure to check them out.


And one last photo after the jump...

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Happy Birthday Wicked Chops In Pictures, Part 2


So we're being a little self-indulgent with this Happy Birthday Wicked Chops Poker stuff, but hey, we don't take ourselves seriously enough to care.

We hope you don't either.

And so we continue with another round of haps doled out by two of our favorite poker ladies, the fabulous Jen Leo and the illustrious Joanne Lutynec.

If you're unacquainted with Jen Leo you're a poor lost soul who is so far away from self-actualization it ain't even funny, or something like that. Jen's both a lover and a fighter but most importantly a non-stop writer. A woman after our own wicked chop hearts, Leo has penned books with titles such as Sand in My Bra, Whose Panties Are These?, and The Thong Also Rises. Jen's the photoshop wiz responsible for the image above to the left (complete with Leo and the 3 WCPers) and be sure to check out her accompanying post over at her JenLeo blog.

And while Card Squad's Joanne had us at "poker," we have a feeling she'd be more after our own bankrolls than hearts. Joanne's proven herself to be more than capable at the poker table, writing about tournament strategy over at Card Squad and currently ranked #10 thus far in the WPBT POY race. With Wicked Chops very own Chops currently sitting at #16, stay tuned for an announcement on a little Card Squad/WCP WPBT challenge sometime soon. And by the way, if you're not reading what Joanne and the Card Squad, eh, squad are dishing out daily, consider yourself uniformed. Joanne, Wil Wheaton and Derek McGuire are a tireless crew with one of the smartest looking and consistently current poker blogs you'll find.

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Happy Birthday Wicked Chops In Pictures

Bwcndle_1Meet Adarsha Benjamin. She's a rising young actress, producer and one of the coolest and sweetest we know, and when she heard it was WCP's b-day, was kind enough to send some love our way in a series of photos (posted after the jump).

Adarsha hails from the "sprawling city of sunshine and surgery" and is currently starring in the indie horror/love flick "I'll Be There With You" alongside our favorite Baldwin bro, Daniel (remember Danny's 'coked-up' performance in the WPT celeb game?). The film is directed by Akihiro "Aki" Kitamura of Japan and has already premiered in LA and will now see the screen for the first time on the east coast this April.

So while you check out her pics after the jump, we ask that you be sure to check out Adarsha's new film when it comes your way. Also, stay posted for more birthday photos later today.

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The DUEL OF THE CENTURY: Spek Responds

Earlier in the week, we posted a challenge from soon-to-be-featured-at-the-Aussie-Millions-Jeff-Sealey to online blogger and respected self-promoter Spek.  Not too long after the challenge was issued, Spek responded with the following:

    Spektacular_1I've read your post and also read a few articles on Jeff...Obviously, $600 is pocket change to this guy-- he's a poker pro who placed 5th in the Australian open and I made a few hundred grinding it out on small $20 sngs...see a difference? Anyway, I'm not risking my whole bankroll on one heads up. I will, however, play him 1 on 1 in pokerstars for $100 + whatever the PS rake. If he choses to accept, let me know and we'll set a date.


Seems reasonable.  Sealey of course is game, so all that now stands in the way for the DUEL OF THE CENTURY to take place is the details. Also, for all you bloggers out there, Spek will be hosting a tournament on Poker Stars for you to test your skills against the guy who is building his bankroll from $10 to...who knows? Check it out and sign up...if you dare.

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Someone Other Than Barry Greenstein Wins WPT World Poker Challenge

Excitedgreenstein_2 Although he was second in chips going into the final table and the clear favorite to win his third WPT title, Barry Greenstein's day ended fairly quickly at the World Poker Challenge.

On the fourth hand of final table play, Greenstein and (spoiler-alert) eventual winner Mike Simon both flopped trip eights, but unfortunately the kicker to this cruel joke on Barry was that Simon held an Ace, out kicking him.  Barry was crippled (figuratively, not literally) and was knocked out nine hands later. He only earned $85,370 for his sixth place finish, raising ire among poor children around the world who NEEDED this money*.

After Greenstein was eliminated, some other guys played and eventually Simon pulled out the victory.  Final table finishes payouts were: 1) Michael Simon - 1,052,890, 2) Jason Stern - 529,300, 3) Tom Schneider - 256,115, 4) Greg 'FBT' Mueller - 142,285 5) Jonas Norrman - 113,830.

*Unsubstantiated and untrue.

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Never Saw This One Coming: Anna Benson Wants to Divorce Her Less Famous Husband, Kris

Bensona(Publicity) whore Anna Benson of Gold Digger Poker has decided that she cannot bare her marriage any longer. 

Yes, Anna Benson...has filed...for divorce.

We're sure that the emotional journey to reach this decision was difficult. But once she stripped down and realized her most naked emotions, Anna Benson, of Gold Digger Poker, knew it was time to move on.

Let's just say that there's nary a man in America who doesn't think he has a chance right now.

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Shannon Elizabeth is an Actress

Shannonelizabeth_wsopWith regular appearances at poker tournaments and on the red carpet of poker-related parties, Shannon Elizabeth has almost become as famous for her card tossing exploits as for her titillating exposé of an adventurous yet generally misunderstood foreign exchange student in the groundbreaking, coming-of-age (or was it coming-in-a-baked-good) film American Pie.

In fact we almost forgot she was an actress.

Or was she ever?

Thespianic appraisal aside, it has been announced that the beauty has landed a major role in the upcoming poker film, Deal, which looks to be a poker rendition of The Color of Money. Playing the part of the Paul Newman-like mentor will be Burt Reynolds, and in the Tom Cruise shoes will be Bret Harrison, who currently stars on the new TV show, "The Loop," which we aren't sure what we think of yet.

In the Gil Cates, Jr. written and to-be-directed-by film, Reynolds plays an ex-gambler who teaches Harrison's character how to play poker. The two have a falling out and (ok, if you don't want an unexpected spoiler don't read on) the mentor and protege find themselves competing heads up in the World Poker Tour championships.

Cameos include poker pros Phil "The Unabomber" Laak and Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari, as well as Mike Sexton's sidekick Vince Van Patten.

In other Shannon Elizabeth, semi-poker related news, Elizabeth's ex and Annie Duke's current has filed a lawsuit seeking half of all assets the two accumulated during the five years they lived together before they were married.

What a bitch. Reitman that is.

And finally in completely unrelated American Pie alum news, the perpetually sloppy Tara Reid will star in a bowling movie called 7-10 Split. We kid you not. If you have the stomach for it, a very unpleasant photo of a drunk Tara Reid (that's redundant) after the jump, courtesy of TheSuperficial.com. Actually, please don't look. You see, while masturbating can make you go blind, this photo will make you wish you were.

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The Blogfiles: The Obituarium


Chops here.

During Iggy's first WSOP qualifier two weeks ago, I was moved to a table where, among others, Joe Speaker sat.  I was short-stacked and ready to move in with any pair or face cards.  Immediately upon sitting my butt down in my new virtual seat, the following popped up in the Paradise Poker chat: Joe Speaker: "Chops, who do I have to blow to get on the blogfiles?"  Someone then typed: "Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzip."  Then I got dealt K-T in the BB went all-in was called by A-Q didn't win the hand and someone else typed something to the effect of: "Damn Joe see what you just did to him" or something like that.

Anyway, we're glad to have the Obituarium on board for what turned out to be a very funny Blogfile.  Enjoy.

MansionWCP: So, the Playboy Mansion sucked, right?

JS: Absolutely. Free food, open bar, beautiful women, a bunch of my friends, poker, a spiraling-into-oblivion Tara Reid, beautiful women.  Nothing I'd be interested in. At times, it felt simply liike a party,  then it would hit me where I was. I'd step back, raise my arms wide to shoulder height, tilt back my head and bellow, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh." Then burly guys would tell me not to do that again.

It was something I'll never forget. And something I'll never let those that weren't there forget, either. I'm currently sending snail-mail letters written on the Playboy-embossed notepad I stole to
everyone I know.

WCP: Be honest though, the thought of taking advantage of a worn-out, VD-laden Tara Reid who was spiraling into oblivion possibly crossed your mind...

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2+2 Forums Debate Best Poker Blogs --
Did You Make the Cut?

The 2+2 Forums are abuzz with talk of poker blogs.  Who are the best?  The usual suspects.  The worst?  Well, we're sure you all have your own opinions.

Give it a glancing.

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Wicked Chops Poker Goes Heads-Up With Mark Seif

Chops here.

SeiffeatureAfter leaving the law profession years ago to become a respected and successful poker player, Mark Seif truly exploded on the green felted landscape last summer by winning back-to-back WSOP bracelets.  One of poker’s more engaging personalities, Mark has parlayed that success into entertainment projects on the small and big screen, and has a book and DVD in the works. 

Mark is somehow managing all of this while still finding time to play some cards (both live and through his sponsor, Absolute Poker)—and taking on the responsibilities of being the proud father of a healthy newborn baby girl. 

I can barely take care of my freaking puppy and play a SNG. 

I’ll never complain about distractions again. 

I spoke with Mark last week about all of his projects, his WSOP plans this year, and much more. 

Chops: First of all, congrats on the new baby!

MS: Thanks! 

Chops: I bet you haven’t had much opportunity to play the past two weeks...

MS: I actually haven’t played at all live.  We had already planned though on me taking a month off before and a month off after the birth.  I have been able to play on Absolute Poker though.  And I’ll be playing in Reno [the WPT World Poker Challenge] and I’m really excited about that. 

Chops:  One thing I’ve gotta address...this nickname I'm seeing of yours.  Now my name is Chops.  It’s a long story how I got that name, but it’s all I’ve gone by for about 15 years now. Recently I’ve seen you referenced as Mark “The Shark” Seif.  Where’d that come from?  An Absolute Poker creation?

MS:  [Laughing]  Mark “the Shark” has actually been around for seven or eight years and originally came from being a lawyer.  It translates well to poker for obvious reasons, but I hadn’t even heard anyone call me that for years until recently…maybe starting last year after I won the two WSOP events.  You see it in the papers, and then all of the sudden people started calling me it again. 

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Greenstein In Position For Another WPT Crown

The final table is set for the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno, NV

Michael Simon is the overall chip leader with 1,195,000. Not far behind is two-time WPT winner Barry Greenstein with 1,085,000. Day 2 chip leader Tom Schneider is third overall with 1,020,000. The rest of the final table stacks are: 4) Jonas Norrman - 905,000, 5) Jason Stern - 880,000, and 6_ Greg 'FBT' Mueller - 835,000.

Liz Lieu, the Day 1 chip leader--and also a woman--was knocked out in 19th place. She was knocked out by our favorite Frenchman, Fabrice Soulier, who was knocked out in 13th.

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Happy Birthday To Us


Today, we celebrate one full year of Wicked Chops Poker on this here so-called "Internet." And so we say thanks to the readers for reading, the players for playing, the haters for hating, the crazy bitches for being crazy, the stupid poker criminals for being stupid, the Weaz for turning out to be a great guy, and of course, the hot girls for being hot (no links needed, just click on any week in our archives and scroll down).

If you're so inclined to wish us a happy, do so digitally by taking a pic of your pretty, or not so pretty mug, holding up a sign that says "Happy Birthday Wicked Chops Poker" (or Douchebags), and email it our way. We'll post some of the ones we receive later this week and if you have your own site will pimp it with a link.

- Wicked Chops Poker

p.s. a semi-NSFW, not-sexy-at-all, Hilton sister birthday wish after the jump...

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Schneider Leads WPT Reno -- Lieu, Soulier, Greenstein, Mortensen Still Alive

OopsTom Schneider of Phoenix, AZ, author of "Oops! I Won Too Much Money -- Winning Wisdom from the Boardroom to the Poker Table", is positioned to build his bankroll.  Stacked at 507,000, he sits with the Day 2 chip lead at the WPT World Poker Challenge. 

Day 1 chip leader Liz Lieu continued her strong play, ending the day fourth overall in chips with 335,500.  And right behind her (in chips) is our favorite Frenchman Fabrice "The Frog" Soulier.  We now begrudgingly admit this guy has some serious, serious wicked poker chops.  He's stacked at 335,000.

Other notables include: 8) Chau Giang - 316,000, 11) Barry Greenstein - 246,000, 17) Carlos Mortensen - 175,000 27) Dan Schmiech - 51,000.

Get full chip counts of the remaining 27 players at Poker Wire.

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“Sir, I Challenge You To A Duel!” Will Spek Accept?

DduelBurr vs. HamiltonThe Duke of Wellington vs. the 10th Earl of WinchilseaKramer vs. KramerSealey vs. Spektacular?

Last week, we wrote about a press release issued by online blogger Spektacular. Spek is building a bankroll from $10 to...who knows?  But he's currently over $600.

After seeing this, WCP reader Jeff Sealey, who you will see early next month on FSN playing in the Aussie Millions (where he finished fifth) thought of a wonderful, marvelous idea: “I’ll challenge this guy for some serious money," he thought marvelously.

Sealey, who has wicked online poker chops, will challenge Spek heads-up for Spek’s entire bankroll—except for the $10 that Spek started with.  So if Spek has $610 in his bankroll at the time of the match-up, the challenge will be for $600.  The parameters for this heads-up duel are as follows:

:: The game must take place on Paradise Poker (Sealey’s sponsor).
:: The game will be no limit texas hold’em.
:: Sealey will match Spek’s bankroll (minus the $10) for the prize.  So if Spek wins, he will double his bankroll (minus the $10). If Sealey wins, Spek goes back down to $10.
:: Spek can name the date and time, so long as it’s no earlier than Friday, April 14th (giving us ample time to promote it).

The first stone has been cast. Will Spek rise to the challenge?

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A Woman Leads WPT Reno After Day 1...No That Wasn't a Typo

Wicked Chops Poker LOVES women.  So it's no surprise to us that Liz Lieu, a(n attractive) woman and not to be confused with J.J Lui, a (not so much attractive) woman who was the big stack at the WPT Five-Diamond Classic, leads the field at the WPT World Poker Challenge in Reno.

Liz_bgLieu is stacked...with about 117,200 chips.  Behind her (in chip count) is Paul Wasicka with 104,000.

Attempting to be the first woman to win a non-"Ladies Night" WPT event, Lieu (pictured at right) still has some tough competition to get through.  However, she won't have to worry about some of the toughest tournament gamers, as Phil Ivey, Daniel Negreanu, Antonio Esfandiari, Michael Mizrachi, and Erick Lindgren were among the nearly 400 casualties from the starting field of 592.

Among the big names still vying for the $1,052,890 top prize include but are not limited to: 9) Jean-Robert Bellande - 74,600, 10) Freddy Deeb - 73,600, 11) Carlos Mortensen - 73,300, 20) Barry Greenstein - 60,000, 24) Shawn Rice - 59,100, 55) Tobey Freaking Maguire - 37,800, 57) Hasan Habib - 37,100, and let's not forget about 99) Fabrice "The Frog" Soulier - 25,600.

Get full chip counts at Poker Wire.

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Coming This Week...

Let's set the stage for the world of Wicked Chops Poker this week:

:: The WPT's World Poker Challenge starts up in Reno, NV today.  Arnold Spee, a Wicked Chops fav, is the defending champ, besting a final table that included Phil Ivey and Blair Rodman last year.  Most of the name pros will be there, including Antonio Esfandiari, Daniel Negreanu (who last week said he was in consideration to be Gordon's Celebrity Poker Showdown replacement, a role eventually nabbed by Hellmuth), T.J. Cloutier, Josh Arieh, Erick Lindgren, Joe Sebok, Barry Greenstein, and Phil Ivey.  Not playing are Howard Lederer, Jesus Ferguson, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon (must be presidential campaign fund-raising), and Michael Gracz.

P10_jpg_1:: Chops interviewed Mark Seif last week.  Seif, a proud father of a two-week-old, shared his thoughts on the PPT, poker legalization, and two new movies he's in, among other topics. Look for the interview later this week.

:: We may or may not reference some hot girls for absolutely no reason other than to include said hot girl's photo on the site.  For example, in this very sentence, we may write that we have absolutely no idea if My Name is Earl babe Jamie Presley is really a big poker fan or not, and then put her picture at right. 

:: Last week, we wrote about a Canadian poker blogger named Spektacular who dropped a press release telling the world that he has started the world's 514th poker blog (we were #297 or so). Spek's blog chronicles his growing of a bankroll from $10 to...who knows?  But it's growing.  Well, this week, a poker blogger with serious wicked chops will issue a challenge to Spek that will either wipe out his coffer or significantly add to it. Look for this one tomorrow...

:: We're working on a blogfile with Joe Speaker.  He just returned from the Playboy Mansion.  Pretty sure he won't have any stories to share on that experience...

:: Lastly, this week marks and or commemorates the one year anniversary of Wicked Chops Poker's launch. There is a decent chance that we will have something to say about the past year in some way or another or something.

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