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Bodog Doesn't Like Chops' 2007 WSOP Fantasy Team

Around the compound owned by the Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker, we have a few generally agreed upon rules and principles that more or less govern our lives. We like to call these the "Wicked Chops 7 Rules and Principles That More or Less Govern Our Lives" (WC7RaPTMoLGOL). They are as follows:

1) ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. Always. 2) Being attractive can make up for most of life's character flaws. Big boobs do as well. 3) When short-stacked in a tournament and near the bubble, keep singing to yourself, "Hold On," from Wilson Phillips. And in final table play, go with "You're the Best Around" from Joe Espisito. 4) Keep Kings of Leon and Ween in heavy rotation. 5) We fucking hate al-Qaeda and always will and if you think America brought anything terrorist related activities on itself you're a guilt-ridden pussy. 6) Anything [non-sexual] fantasy related is lame. 7) Anything with money wagered on it is cool.

Interestingly, points #6 and 7, some may argue, can directly cause some problems. While in general you can waste an ungodly amount of time on fantasy sports leagues (and for the record, we fail to recognize D&D or any fantasy role playing as something that actually exists...too depressing...what's wrong with you people), it's often worth it if there's money involved.

1And that brings us to two 2007 WSOP fantasy drafts that 1/3 of the Entities, Chops, entered last week. The first was through RawVegas.tv and coordinated by the consistently spectacular (though not J.C. Tran breast spectacular, at right) ThePokerBiz.com. The second was for Andrew Feldman's equi-spectacular ESPN Poker Club.

The RawVegas.tv league consists of seven teams: Lance from ThePokerBiz.com, Michele Lewis from Pokerati, Daniel Negreanu, Gavin Smith, Andrew Feldman, and Peter "Nordberg" Feldman. Points are based on buy-in, field size, and final tables. Bodog has put odds on these teams that you can bet on here. This is Chops' team:

Allen Cunningham, Erick Lindgren, Jeff Madsen, Justin Bonomo, Scott Clements, Peter Feldman, Cliff Josephy, Chad Brown, Thor Hansen, John Hoang

Solid squad. Some great mixed game players. A lot of young guys who will play in many events. Yet, Bodog has this team at 5-1 odds, behind Negreanu, Gavin, and the two Feldmans. Cunningham is a bracelet waiting to happen, Lindgren is playing well and due for bracelet #1, Madsen is only the returning WSOP POY, Bonomo has been on a tear since turning 21, and everyone else, save Thor (random pic), is a safe bet for multiple cashings.

The ESPN team league consists Andrew Feldman, Bernie Lee, Paul Wasicka, Daniel Negreanu, Mark Seif, Gavin Smith, Nordberg, and a few others. Slightly different rules and scoring system that takes cashings--not just final tables--into account.

The Wicked Chops team in that league is:

Phil Ivey, Gavin Smith, David Williams, Jeff Madsen, Cliff Josephy, Alan Goehring, Scott Clements and Anthony Reategui (replaced by Madsen mortal enemy, E-FRO)

Read all about it here. Bodog does not have odds on that one. But read full Bodog odds on the RawVegas.tv league after the jump. Track all RawVegas.tv standings on ThePokerBiz.com.

Who will win the RawVegas.tv 2007 WSOP Fantasy League Challenge?
Winner as determined via RawVegas.tv's Fantasy scoring system. Teams and scoring system can be found at http://www.thepokerbiz.com/professional-poker-news/rawvegastv-2007-wsop-fantasy-poker-league. Max. $100.
Daniel Negreanu
Gavin Smith
Andrew Feldman
Peter Feldman
Chops Preiss
Lance Bradley
Michele Lewis
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Did you see E-Fro complained about not being picked in the comments section of the blog?

Classic. Glad to see you picked him up though, he's talented.

Kid Dynamite

Chops -
did i ever tell you that i invented fantasy poker? it's true... back when Jay Greenspan started pokersavvy... one of my brilliant ideas.

i have no point...


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