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August 2007

Friday Night Parting Shot: Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton

Lauren Caitlin UptonDoes anyone know who won this year's Miss Teen USA pageant?

Didn't think so.

But you do know who came in 4th thanks to her brilliantly stupid flub that has now been seen by tens of millions around the world and will forever make ending sentences with "such as" funny to us, you know, like, such as.

And while 18-year-old Miss Teen South Carolina Caitlin Upton has endured a week of ridicule that most people won't experience in a lifetime, it will likely be Upton who will be getting the last laugh if she's, uh, smart enough to capitalize on her moment in the spotlight. Just look at former pageant chicks and all around female role models Danielle Lloyd, Tara Conner and WCP fave Katie Rees. Each girl demonstrated that you don't have to be a rocket scientist, or even know where The Iraq is, to make it in today's world. Nope, all you have to do is be young, hot and do things like kiss girls, simulate sex acts, shag judges, pose for Playboy and maybe even snort a little gak to make a name for yourself and a little cash along the way.

So cheer up Caitlin Upton. Being smart is overrated, and what the people in South Africa, The Iraq and Asian countries need right now are not maps to look at but more hot pageant chicks, and that is where you can help out starting with more photos after the jump.

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Poker News from Everywhere Like Such As

MTV The Hills BikiniJessica AlbaKeeley Hazell Page 3
:: Owen Laukkanen of PokerListings has the wrap up from Day 2 of the EPT Barcelona Open in Spain. [PokerListings]

:: Photos of Lauren Conrad and the girls from "The Hills" prancing around on the beach are a good reason why we occasionally watch the show, all the time. [Egotastic]

:: PokerNews.com, not to be confused with NewPokerNews.com, interviewed John Pappas, the new executive director for the Poker Players Alliance. [PokerNews.com]

:: Jessica Alba takes a break from laying around in her bikini doing nothing but looking hot to do a photo spread for VIP/Cinema magazine in Germany. [Horny Oyster]

:: Hot damn, Absolute Poker finally does something right by announcing that it's giving Elite VIPs 9% interest on their daily balance. Now, if we could only stand playing there enough to become Elite VIPs. [CardPlayer]

:: The most famous Page 3 girl ever, Keeley Hazell, once again does what she's famous for, posing topless for Page 3. [Page 3] (NSFW)

:: Boston Celtic Cheerleaders prove they can get it done even in the tightest of places. Zoo Weekly]

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Dr. Scott Lewis, Not Mel Molnick, Behind Bodog Domain Names Swipe

Less than a day after Bodog's domain names were shutdown per a court order out of the Superior Court of Kings County in Seattle, Washington, online gambling news sites pinned opportunist Mel Molnick, the Al Gore of online gambling, as the culprit even though the Las Vegas resident wasn't even a party to the lawsuit.

Bdgirlsmeghan11Today, media outlets like Gambling911 and Points Spread, who are all over the Bodog.com news like Jenna Jameson's duck lips on Tito Ortiz's tongue, are clarifying that it isn't in fact the man who claims he invented online gambling but instead it's Dr. Scott Lewis, the CEO of 1st Technology LLC, who is the thorn in Calvin Ayre's arse.

Lewis, who's probably not the same Dr. Scott Lewis who is a Las Vegas hypnotist, apparently led the development of some thing-a-ma-jigger that involved a circuit chip and some other technology stuff and had sued Bodog over his patent for "Method and System for Interactively Transmitting Multimedia Information Over a Network which Requires a Reduced Bandwidth."

For those who like to read legal stuff, head over to Major Wager for links to all the court documents involving the default judgment granted by the US District Court in Nevada.

What's interesting in looking at the documents (we read the first page) is that Rational Enterprises LTDA and Rational Poker School Limited, the companies behind PokerStars.com, were also named as defendants alongside Bodog in 1st Technology's initial patent lawsuit but weren't a part of the default judgment.


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U.S-American Dan Harrington Wins WPT Legends of Poker For $1.6M, Can Now Buy 88,888 New Green Caps, Such As

If we wrote for Card Player, we'd probably start this post by saying something like, "It's only fitting that a true legend of poker won the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike."

JctranBut instead, we'll write this like Miss Teen USA South Carolina, which is pretty much the same thing.

I personally believe that 1995 WSOP Main Event champ "Action" Dan Harrington who is from the U.S. America, has claimed his first WPT title, winning the Legends of Poker at the Bike, such as.

Harrington defeated David "The Dragon" Pham*, who is from the Asian countries. Such as for the win, Harrington banks $1.6M which he will hopefully be like Barry Greenstein and spend on charity in the South Africa so they can buy maps because children are our future.

With the second place finish, the Pham now moves into first place in the Card Player's the POY standings, replacing the J.C. Tran (at right), who has spectacular breasts. I personally believe that having spectacular breasts is some-a, something that all children should aspire for, because spectacular breasts are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.

Watch the WCP fave Kimberly Lansing's interview with the always cheerful Harrington here, as he explains why he wears all of those green caps. Get all final results here.

* Such as not a real dragon.

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Joe Sebok Does Not Make WPT TV Final Table; WPT Confirms That David "The Dragon" Pham* Is Not a Real Dragon

Earlier in the week, we noted the underrated good work of WPT tournament reporter Kimberly Lansing. And kind of like Flight of the Conchords or Keely Hazell wearing short shorts, the more we watch, the more we like.

Right before the WPT Legends of Poker final table went from 9 to 6, Lansing confirmed something we've been reporting for years but has somehow gone unnoticed by the so-called "mainstream" poker media: that David "The Dragon" Pham** is not a real dragon. Watch that video below. Pham however is at the TV final table, making it in as the short-stack.

Not joining him is Joe Sebok, who finished 7th in a WPT main event for the second time in 2007. Peter "Nordberg" Feldman finished 13th.

The chip leader going into final is that damn Tom Schneider guy, who also captured 2007 WSOP POY honors. Schneider is stacked at 3,495,000. In second is Dan Harrington with 2,230,000. Thu Nguyen (1,475,000), Shi Jia Lu (have fun with that name Mike Sexton -- 1,305,000), Mike McClain (725,000), and the aforementioned Pham (475,000) round out the final table.

Get live final table updates here and chip counts here.

* Not a real dragon.
**Not a real dragon.

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Joe Sebok Guns for First Major Title at WPT Legends of Poker

Sebokrawvegas_2Listen, we've done better/more thorough jobs covering major tournaments than we have with the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike.

That stops today. Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

Ah fuck it.

FOWCP Joe Sebok (photo) and Peter "Nordberg" Feldman are not just among the chip leaders, they are the chip leaders with only 18 remaining.

Other notable big stacks include Tom Schneider, Dan Harringon, and David "The Dragon" Pham*.

Get full chip counts here.

* Not a real dragon.

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NewPoker Poker News

Catalina MaximCandice_swanepoel_2EllemcphersonsurfIsabellucas
:: Old man Mel Molnick, the CEO of Home Gambling Network and all-around pain-in-the-asser for online gambling sites, is reportedly the guy behind the swiping of Bodog's domain names in connection with a default judgment 1st Technology LLC obtained on Aug. 1, 2007. [Gambling911, Points-Spreads]

:: In related news, looking at Poker Site Scout just a second ago, Bodog poker players seemed to have made the transition over to newbodog.com just fine. [PokerSiteScout]

:: Maxim's 2007 Hometown Hotties is down to its Semifinalists and we're picking Catalina (photo, far left) from Ft. Lauderdale as the early favorite. No, make that Erin from Port Orange. Or maybe Ashton from San Francisco. Yeh, let's go with her. Ok, Jennifer from Toronto is going to win. [Maxim Online]

:: Apparently Canadians don't just watch hockey while eating maple syrup flavored beavers at the curling rink. They also play poker in industrial malls and get busted doing so. [Toronto Star]

:: Candice Swanepoel is our favorite model from South Africa, today. [Horny Oyster]

:: Poker is going to the dogs in Florida as residents in Orange Park, a nice town near not-so-nice Jacksonville, are looking to add a poker room to its kennel club. [News 4 Jax]

:: If Heidi Klum is what you should look like after giving birth to three kids, WCP fave since puberty Elle McPherson is what you should look like when you're 43-years-old. [WWTDD]

:: "Could any girl be hotter than 22-year-old Aussie actress Isabel Lucas?" is the Wicked Chops poker rhetorical question of the day. [FHM]

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WPT's Kimberly Lansing is Fun to Watch

We're not huge fans of the World Poker Tour's Steve Lipscomb but one thing the capitalistic commie lover got right lately was hiring pretty girl poker host Kimberly Lansing to do the WPT's online video reporting. Lansing, a USC grad who also does reporting for People Magazine and Hollywood.com, has been doing the WPT gig ever since Season VI got underway and has done so surprisingly without much fan fare. Looking at her WPT page on YouTube, her videos on average get just about 100 or so views which is about 14,533 less views than a video of paint drying.

This is strange since Lansing is way hotter to watch on video than paint drying.

For a sample of Lansing's engagingly goofy and charmingly cute approach to poker coverage, watch her latest video from the WPT Legends of Poker here.

Also worth the watch is Lansing's interview with the poker princess of narcissism Brandi Hawbaker, a must view for any would-be creepy stalker who wants to know where Hawbaker is living now in LA. Finally after the jump, our favorite Lansing videos so far, one with Erica Schoenberg and the other with Layla Kayleigh.

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Bodog in Legal Dispute Over Domain Name, Launches NewBodog.com as Temporary Home

HeaderbannerwhynewbodogcomOnline poker players are noticing today that the Bodog.com website is down and they've been hitting the forums postulating, hypothesizing, conjecturing and other fancy words that mean guessing what has happened. Many have also noticed that a new site with the URL newbodog.com has popped up in the meantime that is, in all but domain name, the exact same as Bodog.com.

Well just recently, the official word from Bodog founder Calvin Ayre has been posted at newbodog.com with Ayre explaining that Bodog is in a legal dispute over its domain name and that in the meantime it has launched newbodog.com as its new temporary home.

The full statement below and here:

Welcome to the new (temporary) Bodog. As you may know by now, Bodog.com is experiencing a technical issue impacting our players' ability to access our website. This is the result of a legal dispute over the ownership of the Bodog.com domain name. We are fighting this dispute. We are confident that we will win, but until all is settled, I do not want our battle to interrupt your play.

So, I present you with newbodog.com. You won't notice very many changes: same website, same brand, same product, and same service. Just a new domain name.
We are working to resolve any remaining issues on the temporary site as soon as possible, and fully expect to have our original site back up shortly.

I sincerely apologize if you were affected by our interruption and assure you that I will update you soon.

Calvin Ayre

We expect an official media statement from Bodog shortly and will post it once we have it.

UPDATE: After the jump, the official media statement just released by Calvin Ayre regarding Bodog.com...

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WPT Legends of Poker Update Denise Pernula Lap Dance Video

Day Two of the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike is underway and last we checked Dutch Boyd was the chip leader with $309,000 and Pokerati pal and 2007 WSOP POY Tom Schneider was sitting in second with $242,000.

In other Legends of Poker news, except not related to the Legends of Poker at all, we discovered today that we're not the only people Denise Pernula lap dances for during casual daytime conversations. Nope. Apparently Sin City's most watched online personality also does the chat and grind on hot chicks like current 944 cover girl Amber Nichole, a model with two first names. The video's fun to watch although we have to admit that seeing Denise do her thing with Amber caught us by surprise. Don't get us wrong, we knew we weren't the only people she let chowder topless, but we thought the casual daytime conversation lap dance was kind of our special thing with Denise. Oh well, at least we still have our afternoon Thai massage status meetings to cherish as our own.

After you watch the video below, head over to RawVegas.tv to see the lovely Andrea Tiede work the red carpet at some lingerie fashion show hosted by Lux Cassidy. Who's Lux Cassidy? She's a porn star.

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Jessica Biel is a Poker Player

The salubriously hot and fit Jessicabielivypoker1Jessica Biel, who word has it will drop the top in her upcoming film Powder Blue much to the delight of FOWCP Kid Dynamite, was at the opening party for the new Ivy hotel in San Diego on Friday and sat down to play a few hands of poker in a "charity" tournament held in conjunction with the soiree.

There's really nothing much more interesting to say here.

Uh . . .

Did you hear that PokerWire.com is all but shutting down?

Howabout that Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Manila? Crazy.

Oh yeh, so if the video of Miss South Carolina at the Miss Teen USA pageant doesn't represent all that is great and wonderful about today's youth in America, especially the ones who are 18-year-old, hot blondes in beauty pageants, then we don't know what does...well, other than pics of Katie Rees when she was an 18-year-old, hot blonde beauty pageant chick of course.


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Friday Night Parting Shot: Hyori Lee (이효리)

HyorileecosmoWe've mentioned the ludicrously gorgeous Hyori Lee (aka Lee Hyori) once or twice this week so it should be no surprise that we picked the 28-year-old South Korean pop star and actress as this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl.

The peninsula's mighty fine answer to Jessica Alba in the looks department, Hyori started out in an all-girl pop group but pulled a Beyonce to go solo and embark on an acting career. She has since become the highest paid female singer in South Korea and a regular star of TV commercials there.

A relative unknown on this side of the Pacific, that should soon change as Hyori was recently selected as an international model for Calvin Klein and has begun to pop up in U.S. magazine ads wearing, and not so much wearing, the designer's famous jeans.

Check out Hyori's photo shoot from her first Calvin Klein campaign and more of her wearing less after the jump.

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Like Poker, Rap is a Fad But Poker Rap . . . Now That Has Staying Power

Ok, so we're going to post the "All In" rap video that Phil Hellmuth, Johnny Chan and Layne Flack filmed at the Rio during the WSOP this summer, and if you haven't seen it, you're going to watch it and say, "Oh no, is Johnny Chan really lip-synching rap lyrics while bobbing his head up and down at the table worse than an Iraqi kid doing 50 Cent's 'In Da Club' on the streets of Baghdad?" Or maybe not exactly that but the feeling you'll get is kind of like when you saw Kareem Abdul Jabbar doing a cameo on Diff'rent Strokes and you'd say "Oh no, is he really trying to act?" And you were like only in 1st grade and still knew it was a bad idea. A really bad idea.

As a suggestion, we think your time would be better served googling and youtube-ing Korean hottie Hyori Lee than watching the Hellmuth, Chan and Flack "All In" rap video. But what do we know.

Thanks to our favorite PokerListings-er Owen Laukkanen for the heads-up on the video.

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Poker News Is Fun to Look At

Haydenpanettiere1_2:: With Michael Bolcerek stepping down from his post at the Poker Players Alliance, the lobbying group is relocating to Washington D.C. where it belongs with John Pappas now serving as the new executive director. [PokerPages.com]

:: Hayden Panettiere just celebrated her 18th birthday which means nipple slips, DUIs, crotch shots and anorexia are just around the corner. For now, we'll have to settle for some coming-of-age photos in the latest FHM UK. [Egostatic]

:: Just weeks after its young producer and creater Rob Gardner passed away, the original hole-cam poker show, Late Night Poker, announced that it's returning to UK TV sets with a new season on Channel 4. [PokerNews.com]

:: The devilishly sexy Vikki Blows is on fire (and half naked) in her latest Zoo Weekly photo shoot. Zoo Weekly] (NSFW)

:: The WPT Legends of Poker kicks off tomorrow at The Bike in LA. [BodogBeat]

:: Jessica Biel keeps proving to us she's fun to look at. This time in FHM France. [Popoholic]

:: Speaking of fun to look at, a video of a Bodog Girl showing some pigskin, literally, to promote fantasy football. [EJB.com]

:: You know what they say, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a former porn star who looks skankier now than when was doing The Passion of the Christies, it's Jenna Jameson. [Pop On The Pop]


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Flight of the Poker News

:: Our friends at the WSOP Academy are putting on their first poker camp in Atlantic City this Dec. 1-2 with Greg Raymer, FOWCP Alex Outhred and freak-your-shit-scary-good poker tells expert Joe Navarro among those on hand to teach. [WSOPAcademy.com]

:: 야!!! So apparently Hyori Lee (above left) is how you say "Jessica Alba" in Korean. [NS4W.org]

:: A Harvard professor is forming a global poker strategic thinking society. [Herald Sun]

:: If Heidi Klum is what you should look like after giving birth, then Christina Aguilera is what you should look like the months before, if you have obnoxiously massive fake breasts. [WWTDD]

:: A Brunson not named Doyle or Todd won a poker tournament. In related news, Steve Lipscomb raises the sexy quotient of the WPT Ladies Night to astronomical levels with a line-up that includes Linda Johnson, Mimi Tran, Melissa Hayden and JJ Liu. We can barely keep our pants on. [PokerNews.com]

:: Are you ready for some football . . . cheerleaders? [Maxim]

:: In today's latest global poker strategic thinking society news, PlayersOnly.com is sponsoring a celebrity fundraiser at the Playboy Mansion featuring the lovely Carrie Stroup, who we just heard is Playboy Magazine’s "Babe of the Month" for September. [Bluff Magazine]

:: In poker's most captivating online video moment of the week, nice guy Shawn Green talks on the phone from the CardPlayer TV studio for 27 minutes with feared online poker player, Shabbat follower and new Las Vegas resident BodogAri. To be honest, BodogAri has such a great story and is such a good kid, we half listened to half of what he had to say while typing this. [CardPlayer TV]

:: For crying out loud Keeley Hazell, stop it with this whole "wearing clothes" thing, it just ain't your style. [Second City Style]

:: Finally, below another brilliant clip from HBO's Flight of the Conchords:

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Maxim Hometown Hottie Kerry Suseck Will Keep Her Clothes On

Maxim hometown hotties Amber Lancaster and Kerry Suseck hosted the Gene Simmons’ Dragonfly clothing line fashion show at Studio 54 in Las Vegas last night, and RawVegas.tv's Andrea Tiede was there to ask the girls the tough questions, if tough questions include "Does your boyfriend have a big hard drive or are you more about the RAM?"

Among the things we learn is that Kerry Suseck, who you can get to know here and here, is "not about" baring it all.

We also learn that super cute Amber Lancaster is not 84 years old.

Watch the video at RawVegas.tv or click play below. Also, check out our favorite Maxim Hometown Hottie and friend of WCP, Jen Graham.

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WSOP Main Event Premieres Tonight on ESPN, Dee Dozier Will Be the Star

DeedozierThe 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event finally debuts tonight on ESPN, with the coverage focused on the first few days of the tournament when poker's premier event seemed to hold so much promise to not suck and possibly catapult the game into the mainstream spotlight at a time it desperately needs it.

Celebrities like Tobey Maguire, Montel Williams, Sully Erna, Brad Garrett and Old School director Todd Phillips built up impressive stacks early, big name pros were among the chip leaders, and despite Joanna Krupa being a no-show, new WCP fave Deanna Dozier (aka "Dee" - in photo at right) and Maria Ho more than made up for Krupa's absence as they proved to be multi-talented both in good looks and good play at the table.

But in the end, like tennis star Maria Sharapova in bed, the Main Event ended up disappointing despite all signs suggesting it wouldn't (seriously, how can a long-legged Russian girl that screams every time she hits a tennis ball be like a "dead frog" in bed?). Spidey shunned ESPN cameras and the media as he went deep. The pros, despite five past champs being still in the hunt with just over 200 players left, began to drop one by one as the final day neared, Maria Ho turned the field ugly when she went out in 38th and perhaps most disappointing, Scotty Nguyen went busto in 11th place, turning what could have been the most memorable final table in recent Main Event history into one of the most lackluster and unremarkable ones ever.

As the headline says, our pick for the star of tonight's coverage is singer/songwriter and actress Dee Dozier, who's about as pretty as they come and whose precious demeanor at the table captivated both those around her and the media early on and has repeatedly been shown on ESPN's promos for tonight's coverage.

We asked Dee yesterday what it was like playing in her first Main Event:

"I was a nervous wreck. I have a feeling when they air the coverage on ESPN people are going to think I'm like a freaking jumping bean. I can't sit still, even if I'm not involved in the hand, I'm nervous for everyone at the table. My gosh it's such a rush. I never bore. Not once was I bored during the Main Event."

And what it will be like seeing herself on TV tonight:

"I'm so excited but I'm so weird and goofy that I'm pretty sure that I will say some stupid things and make funny faces and really embarass myself. Could be entertaining!"

Entertaining likely, but we're guessing her nervousness at the table will come across more endearing than embarrassing. Stay tuned as we'll be featuring an interview with Dee soon on Wicked Chops Poker.

So again, it all starts airing tonight on ESPN, and this week and next just may be about as interesting as it will get. For our coverage of the early days of this year's WSOP, go here and here.

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Godsmack's Sully Erna Looking for a Poker Endorsement

And why not? Our favorite poker playing rocker from Boston has gone deep twice in the WSOP Main Event, made a solid run at a Foxwoods tournament, takes poker more seriously these days than touring and we assume his band Godsmack is huge in Scandinavia.

Watch the video below of RawVegas.tv's resident DJ Dave talking poolside at the Palms with Sully Erna about his run at the WSOP this past summer. Or maybe watch this video instead.

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Poker News Is All the Rage

:: CBS finally confirmed what ThePokerBiz reported awhile ago, that Jean Robert Bellande will be one of the contestants on Survivor: China. [Bluff Magazine]

:: Heidi Klum is single-ass-edly bringing back Jordache Jeans, the painted-on-looking designer denim girls wore back in the 80s much to our puberty peaking delight. Again Klum is proof that giving birth to 3 kids can/should have absolutely zero effect on what your body looks like afterwards. [Egostatic]

:: In a real life tale similar to the "wow that was total crap" movie Lucky You, Peter Gould goes up against his son at final table of the NPL UK Open Poker Championship and wins. [PokerListings]

:: Today's good news is that Keeley Hazell is still alive and naked, this time in today's Sun newspaper. [Page 3](NSFW)

:: The Commerce Casino, our favorite poker stop in LA besides 4th Street, now has electronic poker table Sit-n-Gos so you don't have to touch the chips of the homeless looking fuck who just raised you four times the pot while licking the wing sauce off his fingers and coughing up a lung. [All In]

:: Speaking of, we really do go to Hooters for their Buffalo Wings and curly fries, although Hooter Girls like Miss #36 certainly are an added bonus. [Hollywood Tuna]

:: WorldPokerTour.com is getting in on the online casino action finally with the launch of a 10-pack of CryptoLogic casino games, including Marvel comics jackpot slots. Sounds exciting . . . if you're a blue haired, 80-year-old lady who's a fan of the Hulk. [CNN Money]

:: Sex tape slut-lebrity Kim Kardashian demonstrates what it looks like putting 10 30 pounds of shit in a 5-pound bag. [WWTDD]


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Men Try to Collect Poker Debt with Rattlesnakes

RattlesnakesTwo Colorado men have been arrested for conspiracy to commit murder after allegedly plotting to collect a poker debt from Matthew Sowash, owner of the Amateur Poker Tour, by using rattlesnakes as a deadly weapon. The sick fucks--Herbert Paul Beck, 56, and Christopher Lee Steelman, 34--were stuck $60,000 by Sowash and planned to use a wooden box that would hold the snakes and that had a lid that would allow Sowash's legs to be put inside but not pulled out.

Whatever happened to just beating the crap out of someone who owed you money?

According to affidavits, "the final and most disturbing method to Steelman was Beck wanting to kidnap Sowash's children and use them as leverage to get the money from Sowash."

Again, whatever happened to just beating the crap out of someone who owed you money?

In unrelated related news, earlier this year, Colorado gambling investigators raided the offices of the Amateur Poker Tour, confiscating records, players lists and other documents of what they claimed was an illegal poker operation. The Amateur Poker Tour hosts poker games nightly in various bars, taverns and night clubs around Denver.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Vikki Blows

Vikkiblows1When it comes to girls, we like the hot freaky ones the best, and 19-year-old Brit chick Vikki Blows is about as hot and freaky as they come.

A 5'2", black-haired, pierced-all-over, inked up sex pistol who's dropped the top for every men's mag in the UK over the past year, Blows is the Sid Vicious of British glam models who has been swindling eyes away from Keeley Hazell with titillating photo spreads that make even our OWCPG come across like a prude spinster.

We could tell you more about Miss Blows but she sums herself up best on her MySpace page:

Vikki Blows IS my real name
Im 19 years old i live in essex
no I dont own any white stilitoes , oh ok maybe 1 pair
I get my tiitys out 4 a living, its alright
i do this as i am too lazy to get a proper job ;-)
my heart is set on world domination
this absoultely must happen
In fact i wont stop til it does
I have 9 pierceings and 4 tattoos, i do plan on getting more
I like talking about the weather and other such things
Im obsessive, compulsive and i hate germs
I wash my hands way too much
my birthday is the 30th december
Flakey is the best way to describe me
Trouble comes to mind 2 ;-)
Cunt is a good word, one of my favs in fact
I am learning to play the guitar
By this I mean, i have puchased a guitar and it is in the corner of my room, collecting dust.
I dont Drink or do Drugs, I have the odd cigarette now and then tho
Im a bit of a dickhead sometimes
I spend most of my time doing Nothing , im not complaining
im very shy
i wish i could dress up like a pin up girl everyday
Contrary to my myspace page, I hate talking about myself
Im nothing like you think i am.

Add to the above the fact that she has "The Bucket" by Kings of Leon playing on her MySpace page and Blows just may be the perfect woman . . . that you'd never take home to mom.

After the jump, more photos of Vikki Blows and links to pages you'll want to wait until your home from work to visit.

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Steve Lipscomb Thinks We Can Learn a Lot From Communist China

ChinaflagThanks to a WCP reader for this link. Apparently WPT CEO Steve Lipscomb has a blog on TVWeek.com, because it wouldn't make any sense to have one on the WPT site. Whatever. Anyway, in his latest blog entry, Lipscomb talks about his recent trip to China, and specifically about lessons in capitalism we all could learn from this utopian communist nation.

Says Lipscomb:

"If you want to foster healthy markets, a level playing field is critical. And that requires enforcement. If the bandits are not stopped, and in fact thrive, legitimate markets die...Ironically, China represents one of the few places in the world that protects legitimate businesses from being preyed upon by online businesses that will not play by the rules."


Tiananmen_wideweb__470x3050Nevermind that Lipscomb is making these points about an oppressive communist regime less than 20 years removed from Tiananmen Square. Or that Steven Spielberg just made a power play over his (lack of) involvement at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing if the Chinese government didn't change their stance on Darfur. Or that just five years ago the Chinese government wouldn't let their biggest athletic star, Yao Ming, play professional basketball in the states until Houston won the draft lottery. Or that the same government is trying to force Yi Jianlian out of Milwaukee.

Or that the Chinese government actually outlaws forms of gambling like poker.

Yet the World Poker Tour is, as it stands now, the only organization allowed to "promote" poker within the communist nation. Wow, that sounds really fair.

If Lipscomb was in fourth grade, he'd probably start a report on fair business practices with the line, "Webster Dictionary defines 'fair' as when I have the total and complete upper hand. It defines 'unfair' as when I don't."

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Poker Stars Shuts Down Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf's Account

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf, one third (actually now one fourth) of the famed Neverwin Poker trio (now foursome) had his Poker Stars account banned for multi-accounting.

Woolf's situation is different than that of Justin Bonomo's last year, who was banned from online poker rooms for multi-tabling tournaments with different accounts at the same time. Instead, Woolf was shut down for being the "same dude" playing on multiple different accounts as well as for allowing other players to to use his account.

Said DanDruff on the Neverwin forum:

Stars is inexplicably cracking down on people who share accounts. This isn't a ZeeJustin multi-tourney situation, nor is it a collusion issue. Supposedly they have just abruptly decided to terminate accounts that have been shared by several people.

Dustin has been told that his account is being permanently closed, and he has 7 days to spend his FPPs.

Total bullshit if this is the only reason for the closure, especially since no prior warning was given.

Read more about it [although we don't necessarily agree with his editorial spin] here and on the Neverwin forum here. In somewhat unrelated news, watch the video "Same Dude" below.

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Jessica Biel Not to Appear in Carmen Electra Strip Poker Invitational

Jb3225jb7One-time top-fiver Carmen Electra is reportedly hosting a Strip Poker Invitation at the Hard Rock in Vegas. The invitational poker tourney will be broadcast (on TV we guess), however, the final eight episodes will be so hot (naked) that they can only be seen on PPV. Learn more about it here.

Not confirmed or even rumored to be participating in the Strip Poker Invitational is current-time top-fiver Jessica Biel. However, she is rumored to bare all in her upcoming film "Powder Blue," which co-stars Forest Whitaker. Please God don't let the two of them appear in the same scene naked together. What a confusing erection that would be.

For a look at what Biel might look like naked, view the NSFW pic after the jump. For just more hot pics of Biel, here.

Thanks to reader Kyle for the link on this one.

Continue reading "Jessica Biel Not to Appear in Carmen Electra Strip Poker Invitational" »

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Hitler Loves The Online Poker

Got this in an email then saw it on Bill Rini's site and worth posting here too. Just watch the video if you haven't already. The part about getting a FTP jersey with "Hitler" on the back at the end is classic.

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Daniel Negreanu Stars In A.D.D. It Up

Yesterday, the latest webisodes of weekly web sitcom A.D.D. It Up was released, this one containing featured cameos by Daniel Negreanu and Lacey Jones.

The crew is participating in an instructional poker DVD shoot, but series "star" Zachary Freeman screws up the production by becoming obsessed with Daniel's ability to read hands and with Lacey's breasts.

Super hot Andrea Tiede also makes an appearance in boxers in bed. Unfortunately Zach makes an appearance in the same scene without his shirt on. Just close your eyes and listen to the dialogue there.

Click the video player below to watch or go directly to the site here.

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Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN

11-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth stopped by the RawVegas.tv studio in Las Vegas today, climbed on top of the roof and talked for 13 minutes about his favorite subject, himself. Among the things we learn is that Hellmuth finally won his first Ultimate Blackjack tournament, beating creepy old man Renee Angeli.

He also shares details about a $9 million golf match at the Rio Secco that ESPN is filming this Wednesday and will air in October. The match consists of three teams of three with each player ponying up $1 million cash. Doyle Brunson, Dewey Tomko, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Daniel Negreanu and Vince Van Patten are among the poker players competing.

Hellmuth also talks about a few other things but we skipped the rest to watch a new video of our favorite RawVegas Girls Denise Pernula, Lacey Jones and Andrea Tiede chowing down at Dick's Last Resort. It's a restaurant review so no Denise getting chowdered or Andrea kissing Katie Rees but Lacey does repeatedly talk about eating boners half way through the video and Denise does seductively feed Lacey dessert. We're easy to please folks . . . if you look like Denise, Lacey and Andrea.

Watch the Phil Hellmuth video below or here.

Watch the Denise, Lacey and Andrea video after the jump or here.

Continue reading "Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN " »

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Katie Rees Lip Lock with Andrea Tiede at Birthday Bash

The fantastically hot Andrea Tiede of RawVegas.tv made it her mission yesterday to lock lips with our favorite scandalicious ex-beauty queen Katie Rees, and she succeeded. Yes kids, let this be an example of what you can do when you set your mind to it, especially if you grow up to look hot like Andrea.

Watch the video of Katie Rees kissing Andrea Tiede at her birthday bash below. For more photos of Andrea Tiede, go here and for pics of Katie Rees poolside at Bare on her 23rd birthday but unfortunately not in her birthday suit, head over to TMZ.com.

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Tom Grant Was In It For the Money

PhillaakLast Friday angry Thai tour guide Tom Grant promised to update PhilLaak-Thailand.com with juicy new details about his Phil Laak murder-for-hire allegations and heroin smuggling operations.

The deadline came and went, and went, and went...and nothing.

In some more excellent work by Bill Rini, turns out that Laak "compensated" Grant to shut him up. Grant originally said that his motivation for trashing Laak was all about revenge and had nothing to do with money. But as is almost always the case, it actually had everything to do with money.

As Rini points out:

What needs to be said is how this not being about money was suddenly solved by money. In fact, that seems to be a recurring theme with Tom Grant.

So if we are to believe Tom’s story we can assume the following:

a) Tom ripped off Phil for $15K on a heroin deal.
b) Tom then split the $15K Phil paid the hitman with the hitman.
c) Tom extorted further money from Phil using threats of going public with the story.

Read Rini's full post here. Read about a family with a paraplegic who says Tom Grant and his company Adventure Holiday Thailand ripped them off here. For more pics of hot girls from Thailand, here.

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Katie Rees is Now Too Old For Us

Katie_rees_vegasKatie Rees, a past-FNPG and perhaps our favorite of the super hot dethroned pageant chicks, is celebrating her birthday this Sunday at Bare, the topless pool lounge at the Mirage that famously banned one of us entities after a freak accident, and it was an accident, involving a pool toypedo.

While we're not surprised that Miss Rees (in pic at right playing poker) would celebrate her birthday in nothing but basically her birthday suit, we are surprised to learn she's turning 23. Because damn that's old. Can't these girls stay young and morally loose forever? Next thing you know she's going to get all wise and stuff and stop getting naked in public and kissing random girls. Then what? Marriage? Kids? Ugly, old, baggy t-shirts from some team building exercise?

Katie_reese_bareAnyway, if you can't get into Katie Rees' birthday party this Sunday at Bare, then get in touch with your inner Yang and help others who are less fortunate than you by playing poker with the likes of Erica Schoenberg and Evelyn Ng at the Las Vegas Jewish Community Center (JCC) Charity Poker Tournament. For more details on this event held at The Palms, go here.

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Daniel Negreanu, Lacey Jones to Appear in Next A.D.D. It Up

LaceyandfriendRawVegas.tv's five minute weekly sitcom A.D.D. It Up! will showcase a major OCD vs. OCD battle next week as Zachary Freeman and Daniel Negreanu square off in some poker-related scenes.

Also appearing in this webisode is long-time WCP friend and fave Lacey Jones (seen on left in pic) as well as new-time WCP fave Andrea Tiede.

Watch a preview of next week's webisode (to air on Tuesday afternoon) at the five minute mark in the clip after the jump.

Catch up on past webisodes of A.D.D. It Up! here.

Continue reading "Daniel Negreanu, Lacey Jones to Appear in Next A.D.D. It Up" »

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Fire Up the Poker News (and Girls)

Camillasjoberg:: Fascism spreads to the UK as more than 1,000 online gambling sites may not be able to advertise there after September 1. Seriously, did the West lose a war? [PokerListings]

:: Camilla Sjoberg (right) is the hottest Italian chick we've seen in the past cinque minuti. [Gorilla Mask (NSFW)]

:: Utah, a state that sometimes creeps the fuck out of us, is getting even creepier as it sends out letters to online poker players warning they could be in violation of state laws. [Gambling 911]

:: World Poker Tour signs exclusive deal with Card Player, thus shutting out other media outlets. On the good news front, WPT video host Kimberly Lansing is sexy cute. [THE Poker Biz][Video of Kimberly Lansing]

Vikki_blows:: Black hair Brit pixie Vikki Blows (left) is a dirty girl with a dirty name who gives us dirty thoughts. [Maxim UK]

:: Nine out of 10 penises agree that Megan Fox is the hottest chick in Hollywood right now. [Popoholic]

:: After losing Full Tilt Poker as a sponosr, the Moscow Millions has been rescheduled for Nov. 24-26. [Card Player]

:: We're guessing Shay Laren is what they call a lingerie model. [Horny Oyster]

UPDATE: If the Vikki Blows link doesn't work above, search her name on the site or go become her MySpace friend and ask her to send you some pics. She'd like that.

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Phillaak-Thailand.com Still Not Updated

As we reported a couple days ago, angry Thai tour guide Tom Grant was supposed to update his PhilLaak-Thailand.com site with more information on Friday, August 10th (today). This still hasn't happened.

This raises an obvious question: by which time zone's standards was he supposed to update the site? Because if it was by Thailand time, then it's already Saturday the 11th. And if Tom Grant is lying about when he was going to update his site, then what else is he lying about???

That's at least what we'd say if we were prosecuting this case in a court of law. The court room would then erupt and the judge would start banging his gavel repeatedly, yelling "Silence! Silence! Case dismissed!" because we don't even need DNA or rock solid circumstantial evidence to win court cases, we just need to make vague corollaries, that's how convincing we are.


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Cirque Girl Gets Captain Tom'd at Erotica Convention

RawVegas.tv heads to Erotica LA for this week's webisode of "Zumanity Reality," a new web series that follows three of the girls from the sexy Cirque du Soleil show. Hot porn stars, penis mascots and Ron Jeremy-tit-grabbing ensues. Oh yeh, and something along the above headline happens midway through the video.

If you're not Brandi Hawbaker and all the walking penises are a bit too much for you, after the jump is a video of the effervescently hot Andrea Tiede interviewing actress/model/American Idol-er Ashley Hartman on the red carpet in Las Vegas. Damn, if Ashley isn't the hottest 22-year-old blonde hair girl with smashing white teeth and a slight resemblance to Angeline Jolie in the face that we've seen today.

UPDATE: After you watch the Ashley Hartman video after the jump, check out photos of her from the same event over at Bastardly.com. The girl just might be a nipple slip away from becoming the OWCPG of Fall 2007.

Continue reading "Cirque Girl Gets Captain Tom'd at Erotica Convention" »

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The Suspense is Absolutely Killing Us Mr. Phil Laak's Murder-for-Hire Accuser, Heroine Smuggler, 'Special People' Tour Guide Dude


(screen shot of Tom Grant's website above)

Actually, we think we meant to say we don't give a shit.

Yep, that's what we meant to say.

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A Smidgen of Poker News and a Dash of Super Hot Chicks

:: Presidential hopeful Ron Paul (who?) is against the UIGEA, calling the anti-online gambling law an "outrageous affront" to individual freedom. [Poker Listings]

:: Leah Dizon, a Libra with blood type O, is by far the hottest Asian American chick we've seen getting all sexy in a video today. [YouTube]

:: The Full Tilt Online Poker Series starts today and will reportedly pay out the equivalent of what our 4-bedroom beach house in Montecito cost us. [CardPlayer]

:: We're going to guess G4's super hottie host Oliva Munn is better than Keeley Hazell at slobbing the knob. [City Rag]

:: Bodog Poker thinks you can kick the shit out of a MMA fighter . . . playing online poker. The new tournament series starts tomorrow and has a top prize that includes a trip for two to see a Bodog Fight. [Bodog Beat]

:: Giorgia Palmas (above left) is the hottest Latina we've seen in the past cinco minutos. [Hollywood Tuna]

:: After false rumors of his arrest and bowing out of the U.S. online poker market because of our Fascist U.S. Congress, Doyle Brunson is re-launching his site in the UK and abroad just in time for the WSOP Europe. We're not singing Lee Greenwood in our heads right now. [Online Casinos Denmark]

:: Matt Damon makes good movies, hangs out with Joe Hachem and sounds retarded when he talks politics. [Herald Sun]

:: Katharine McPhee + a short dress + pink panties + a strong gust of wind = one more reason why she is still famous after American Idol. Ok, now we're singing Lee Greenwood. [Egostatic]

:: LA's Hustler Casino, a casino inexplicably void of slutty hot girls prancing around showing their pink parts, has digital poker tables now. [Las Vegas Sun]

:: Not surprisingly, looking at photos of Jessica Alba in a bikini on the beach never gets old. [Faded Youth Blog]

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BREAKING: WPT and Card Player Unite for Tournament Reporting/Global Domination


Busy times at World Poker Tour offices, as it appears they have reached agreements with two separate communist regimes in just a matter of days.

Last week the renown commies* at Card Player held a staff meeting to announce a merging of tournament reporting forces with the World Poker Tour. As part of the deal, the WPT will begin live tournament reporting from the WSOP and WSOP Circuit Events. No word yet if this includes the WSOP Europe as well.

Outside of that, we're waiting for more details to emerge. It is expected the deal will be announced to the public sometime this week.

While this is yet another shrewd and practical business move by the WPT--them reaching out to cover WSOP events is something that should've happened awhile ago--isn't partnering with Card Player kind of like making a deal with the devil? It would be one thing if Card Player was a sexy devil, like Elizabeth Hurley above. Cause if it was, we'd make a deal with that kind of devil any day of the week. "Hey WCP, will you make a deal with--" "Yes." "Wait first hear me out. The deal is--" "Yes." "Just so you know what you're getting into, the deal--" "Yes."

More pics of Hurley as the devil and in a swimsuit with no top after the jump.

* Communist party affiliation unverified and possibly fabricated.

Continue reading "BREAKING: WPT and Card Player Unite for Tournament Reporting/Global Domination" »

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Bill Rini Emails Phil Laak's Accuser

We're a couple of days behind here, but Bill Rini has a well-thought-out post concerning the validity of the Phil Laak in Thailand murder-for-hire accusations. Read that here.

Rini then had an email exchange with Tom Grant, the man behind the accusations. Read this for the full exchange, but basically Grant admits that the reason he is going balls out now telling his story is to ruin Laak's rep since he allegedly tried to have his wife killed. Sounds reasonably enough.

In related news, chicks from Thailand are super hot. So hot that they can make you forget about all of this "murder" stuff. Example 1a is May Pitchanart (below). More pics of her after the jump. Ok with that out of the way, what were we talking about earlier? Oh yeah, girls from Thailand are hot.


Continue reading "Bill Rini Emails Phil Laak's Accuser" »

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Shawn Sheikhan Is a Whiner

If it wasn't clear before, it's definitely clear now: everyone hates Shawn Sheikhan.

In the latest webisode of High Stakes Golf, the only thing getting ripped harder than Erick Lindgren's tee shots is Sheiky.

The fact that he's only wagering about $1k per hole with each guy (Daniel and Erick have 10k riding a hole) and is constantly whining about getting out of the match has started to get on the group's nerves. Says Gavin: "Sheiky is starting to cry now like a little bitch, acting like he's going to quit the match...he really needs to grow a penis."

More ripping ensues. Watch the webisode here or by clicking the video below.

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Heh-ro China! WPT to Hold Poker Tournaments in Red Communist Nation

WptlogoThe WPT has announced plans to partner with the China Leisure Sports Administrative Center and promote tournament poker in the land next to the land of the rising sun.

This despite the fact that China strictly bans Chinaflagall forms of gambling.

In a statement, the WPT said that this partnership will "promote the sport of poker, by helping to create, expand and commercialize China's first ever national poker competition."

The agreement is to run for five years.

We're not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. On one hand, it's a brilliant business move by the WPT as it may open the door to get their struggling online poker room some play in the heavily populated communist nation. On the other hand, do we really want 1.3 billion Chinese playing poker? Isn't poker already flooded with enough good Asian players? In two years, we're not going to know if we're looking at the names of everyone at a final table or a menu at PF Chang's.

Read more about the agreement here.

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Jeffrey Pollack Hates Hot Strippers

JeffreypollackOur favorite cougar Michele Lewis just posted an interview with WSOP commish and renown blogger Jeffrey Pollack where he wasn't spinning answers harder than Bill Clinton.

Cougars have that effect on men.

Some key points, disappointments and surprising revelations include: 1) The WSOP may not continue in the Amazon Room past '08, 2) there will NOT be strippers in the Gaming Life Expo next year (to which we say, why even bother, seriously how could this happen...what's the point...who doesn't love strippers???), 3) Pollack is married, and 4) the WSOP Ladies Only Event, which is the one tournament guaranteed to be won by a woman or at least someone born with woman genes, is not going away.

Read the full interview here. For conclusive proof on why strippers should be allowed at the Gaming Life Expo, here.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Andrea Tiede

There's a new girl at RawVegas.tv.

Andreatiede15_2Her name is Andrea Tiede, and the model/actress won us over the very first moment we saw her starring as Zach's hot, foul-mouthed girlfriend in the new comedy ADD IT UP! She's now a regular fixture on the web-based comedy show and can be seen in other RawVegas.tv videos such as the recent Bocce, Bellini and Bikini video starring a few of the Pussycat Dolls.

A 5'8" brunette with gorgeously sinful blue eyes, Andrea Tiede has quickly built up an impressive resume of acting and modeling credits and ranks right up there with Deanna Dozier as a girl who should be famous for something even though she isn't a skanky ho. So far Andrea has been the hot girl in music videos like the All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight" and Jason Aldean's "Johnny Cash", she's hosted Spike TV's bikini fashion show at the Palms, has done runway work for the likes of GUESS, Puma and Love Jones Lingerie and she even scored a speaking role in Ocean's 13.

Catch Andrea Tiede weekly on RawVegas.tv's ADD IT UP! and expect to see her on other RawVegas.tv programs this fall.

More photos of Andrea after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Friday Night Parting Shot: Andrea Tiede" »

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Sort of Newsy Poker News News

:: 2005 World Champ Joe Hachem will treat 18 poker players to an Oz-some experience in Las Vegas, including doing it up like a high roller and two days of exclusive poker lessons, this December 7-9 for the measly price of $9,900. Yep, we said Oz-some. [Weekend with Joe]

:: Thanks to Sun Poker you can win a seat to the EPT Grand Final just by getting really shit-faced drunk in the Caribbean. The online poker site is offering seats to the Caribbean Poker Classic in St. Kitts and those who qualify through them can compete for a seat to the EPT Grand Final (or just get drunk) in the second annual "Beer Pong" Championships. [Casino City Times]

:: Don't do the WSOP Europe like a Griswold. Bodog Poker is guaranteeing 6 sick VIP packages to the WSOP Europe that includes the $20,000+ buy-in, 10 day stay at a luxury hotel, spending money and car service in a sweet ride that thankfully won't be driven by Henri Paul, because he's dead. Satellites go for as little as a buck and the main qualifier is Aug 19. [Bodog Poker]

:: Speaking of Bodog, this month's Bodog Girl Tami (see pics) just may be the hottest Bodog Girl we've seen yet. Ever. The girl's painfully hot. Really, it hurts. [Bodog Girls]

:: Perhaps realizing the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City is a shithole, ESPN has opted not to televise the 2007 U.S. Poker Championship. [The Poker Biz]

:: In another sexy story from the folks at PokerNews, PokerStars has finally put a stop to data mining sites, like thepokerdb, from displaying info about their players in the public domain. [PokerNews UK]

:: PokerWorks' Craig Cunningham, who regularly interviews some of poker's more interesting personalities, chats this week with Bertrand “ElkY” Grospellier, a top online player and a guy who happens to be a Frenchie, a group of people we hate even more than Dukies. [PokerWorks]

Both photos of Tami below are worth the click, painful as they may be.


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The Anna Pavlova of Pool Side Sexy Grooving

While we tapped the girl in this RawVegas.tv video as the Anna Pavlova of pool-side ass shaking, the girl in the video below from the Playboy Bunny Hunt at the Palms (about 3:01 in) gets our nod for being the Anna Pavlova of pool-side sexy grooving in a bikini bottom that couldn't ride any lower. She also makes a brief cameo in this Raw Vegas video about 1:45 in. The girl's a freakin' pro.

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Nut Job In Thailand Claims Phil Laak Wanted Him Killed

Phillaak1First off, this is a ridiculous story that has almost* zero credibility. Second, it is our professional opinion as pretend scientists who specialize in mental illness that the guy pimping this story is a total nut job who takes every chance he can to mention his business which apparently caters to special needs people, which in the end, anyone doing business with a guy like this has to be insane, which we guess is a special need, so he has that going for him.

So here's the short of it . . . some Brit ex-pat living in Thailand named Tom Grant has posted a web page claiming that he befriended Phil Laak seven years ago, bailed him out of some trouble, went into an import/export business with Laak and then after a snafu, claims that Laak sought to have him and his wife killed for $30,000 for no good reason.

Convincing, huh?

Rather than us post a link to this guy's web page, here are links to the 2+2 and NWP threads on the story. Go get it there.

* While this story reeks like a Bangkok hooker after a hot summer night of trickin', it is worth noting that Laak did travel the world back then as a backgammon player and a few years ago a guy named Tripwyre, who doesn't appear to be the nut job above, posted a comment at www.homepokergames.com saying that he lived with Laak and that "there are quite a few things actually im sure he would like to sweep under the rug and forget(Thailand,cheating,drug stuff etc)."

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Neteller CEO Releases Video Message to US Customers

Ron Martin, the president and CEO of Neteller, posted a video on YouTube addressing the company's US customers who were collectively screwed out of $94 million until now. It's worth the viewing. Perhaps not as much as this hot video of Denise Pernula and a bunch of Playboy bunny hopefuls prancing around poolside at the Palms in their thong bikinis is, but nevertheless, still worth it.

Seen first over at Gambling911.com.

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Serious Poker News and Other Serious News, Seriously

:: Break out the booze, the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indian just opened the Four Winds Casino Resort in New Buffalo, Michigan. [CNNMoney] [Google Maps]

:: HeidimontagbikiniSee honey, look how great Heidi Klum looks in her ARENA magazine photo spread and she's had three kids. [Celebslam]

:: Wonder if Jules Leyser will be playing this poker tournament. [PokerCares]

:: We're not ashamed to say we know who Heidi Montag is . . . and what she looks like in a bikini. [Popoholic] [HollywoodTuna]

:: Full Tilt Poker is pulling its sponsorship from Moscow Millions. In related news, Full Tilt Poker was sponsoring the Moscow Millions. [PokerListings.com]

:: France's monopolistic online gaming laws facing legal challenges, apparently. [PokerNews.com]

:: Jessica Alba went shopping in a cold grocery store. [IDon'tLikeYouInThatWay]

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Duuuude, I Just Won Like a Hundy K Pot Off perkyshmerky. . . HeHeHe . . . I Just Said Pot

We first saw the video below over at BillRini.com. It's a few weeks old but in case you haven't seen it, it's high-stakes online poker player Krantz (aka Pr1nnyraid) playing $200-400 NL heads-up against perkyshmerky while baked out of his mind on pot brownies.

If these kids aren't the poster boys for an online poker carve out.

In not quite related news, this is what British hottie Bianca Gascoigne looks like as a hot brunette and this is what she looks like as a hot blonde and this is what she looks like when she's told she's fat by a troll.

Link to video and read the hand history here on 2+2.

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As You Know, Vanessa Rousso Came From Duke Where She Studied at Duke as a Duke Student

VanessapittingoutA few weeks ago someone on 2+2 asked the question "Why is Vanessa Rousso always blabbing about game theory?" to which she responded:

As you know I came to poker from Duke, with a game theory background from Duke, in Durham we always used to study poker from a math perspective at Duke, and I will be teaching at the WPT bootcamp the skills I learned at Duke.

So is Vanessa Rousso (seen in photo hanging and pitting out with Tiffany Michelle and Jennicide) saying that she went to Duke?

Wait, we forgot. Where did she go again? We missed it the fourth freakin' time she said it.

What an annoying chick and the fact that she's a Dukie makes her even more annoying because we hate Dukies. All Dukies. Pure blind hatred. What, you went to Duke? We hate you.

A Dukie could cure cancer and we'd still hate him. Love what he did, but hate him as a person.

We guess what we're saying is that we hate Dukies, if that wasn't clear.

Anyway, below is a great video of Duke grad Vanessa "From Duke" Rousso exhibiting the superb Duke-learned game theory skills she studied at Duke as a student at Duke.

Video of Vanessa Rousso bluffing $5k into a $30k pot on the river.

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Slow News Poker News

:: YouTube poker jokester "Tuff Fish" is petitioning for a state-run online poker site in California. [The Argus]

:: Awesome! Council Bluffs has a WSOP Circuit event now. Who's in? [CNNMoney]

Tila_tequila_nguyenstuff:: MySpace hussie Tila Tequila, who we hear is about three foot four tall, which is kind of hot if you think about it, has launched her own online poker site powered by Playtech. [PokerNews.com] [TilaPoker.com]

:: Not-looking-so-great-lately Shannon Elizabeth reportedly got snappy down under at the Victorian Poker Championship. - [PokerListings.com]

:: A bunch of rock bands on the Warped Tour you probably don't know 'cause you have Nickelback playing on your MySpace page, thus you suck, will face off at the poker table courtesy of Bodog. [Gambling911.com]

:: Voting is underway for Bluff Magazine's Second Annual Reader's Choice Poker Awards and we hear we were nominated for something. Best looking? Sexiest? Most massive manhoods? Has to be one of those. [BLUFF]

:: Yes, that's right, we said Phil Hellmuth will NOT be on Surreal Life 7. [WickedChopsPoker.com]

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