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June 24, 2007 - June 30, 2007

The Aftermath: Takes on Lindgren's Prop Bet

One day after winning a ridiculous golfing prop bet, Erick Lindgren was feeling it. Bad.

Watch his perspective below, as well as opinions from Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Gavin Smith, John Caldwell from Poker News, and Dr. Pauly.

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Erick Lindgren's Golfing Prop Bet Video

"That was the sickest day of my life." - Erick Lindgren, July 27, 2007

Erick Lindgren's $340k prop bet is now up on RawVegas.tv. Or just watch it below. "Part II - The Aftermath" airs tomorrow.

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Audition in Vegas for Your Chance to Get Stupid Rich On Poker Reality TV Show

Heading to Las Vegas next week to play the 2007 WSOP Main Event in hopes of striking it rich? Great. So what's your backup plan when you go out on Day 1 because your flopped top set gets the smack down by a nut flush draw or say you're one of the crazies we inevitably see on the first day who think TPTK is flopping the nuts?

Bdgirlssamira11_2Well, if you're one of the latter get the hell out of Dodge, you suck, but for everyone else, Bodog is holding an open casting call for all poker players at Planet Ho-llywood/Aladdin, July 5-8, for the second season of "Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker," which will be nothing like the first season because this time it's just 12 amateur poker players (no pros or celebs) living in a mansion and going at it in a Big Brother-meets-World Poker Tour competition for a $2 million grand prize, the largest in reality TV history (speaking of Big Brother check out Emily Parr from the British version over at Gorillamask.net).

Yep, as we've said before, get on the show and you have a 1 and 12 chance to win a $2 million grand prize, which is about 100 times better than Phil Ivey's chance of winning the Main Event and you're not Phil Ivey, so you have that not going for you.

Here are the details on the auditions:

Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino
3667 Las Vegas Blvd. South
MEETING ROOM: "Sapphire 2"

Thursday, July 5th: Noon to 5:00pm
Friday, July 6th: Noon to 5:00pm
Saturday, July 7th: Noon to 5:00pm
Sunday, July 8th: Noon to 5:00pm

Bring Photo I.D. (must be 21)

Ok, as quid pro quo for our Bodog huckstering we're trying to decide on what Bodog Girl we want Calvin to mail us this month. We were thinking Samira (in pic above) but this month's girl, the ironically named Jamie, has us intrigued, except replace "us intrigued" with "our pants down" and that's somewhat closer to the truth.

More of Jamie after the jump:

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Half Man, Half Amazing: Freddy Deeb Wins 2007 WSOP $50K H.O.R.S.E. Event

Ad Rock once said, "I see you lookin' at me sayin'/How can he be so skinny and live *so phat?"

FreddydeebIf Freddy Deeb (artist rendition at right) were a rapper like Prahlad "They shoulda practiced avoidance" Friedman (thankfully he's not), he might be "spitting" this lyrics today, "I see you lookin' at me sayin'/How can he be so little and play *so big?"

What we are clunky-ly getting at here is that Freddy Deeb is short, but he has HUGE game.

Deeb took down the prestigious $50k H.O.R.S.E. event, banking a whopping $2,276,832 for the win. He defeated Bruno Fitoussi ($1,278,720) for the win.

The chip leader going into final table play, Amnon Filippi, finished fourth ($586,080). David Singer ($337,440) placed sixth for the second straight year. Barry Greenstein ($259,296) was seventh, Thor Hansen ($188,256) was eighth, and Gabe Kaplan ($131,424) placed ninth.

Get full payouts here.

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Amnon Filippi Chip Leader at $50k H.O.R.S.E. Final Table

Bert_sesame_street_beautiful_day_2While the participants overall are nowhere near the...dare we say...cachet...of last year's final table, the 2007 WSOP $50k H.O.R.S.E. event is not lacking star power.

Big gamer Barry Greenstein (750,000), last year's sixth place finisher David Singer (1,330,000), Lord of the Rings extra Freddy Deeb (3,500,000), now three-time 2007 WSOP final table-ist Thor Hansen (40,000) are all there.

Leading everyone is Amnon Filippi (at right, earlier this year with Eskimo Clark), stacked at 4,015,000.

Final table play begins at 2pm. Check worldseriesofpoker.com or Poker News for full chip counts.

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EXCLUSIVE: Erick Lindgren Wins $340k Prop Bet

Diorabairdgolf72 holes. 14 hours. 100 degree heat. 1 winner.

Erick Lindgren took down his $340k golf prop bet at Bear's Best golf course.

After starting the day at 5:45am ("I had to run to catch up with him on the first hole. I wasn't even ready yet." said his caddy), Lindgren made it through his first two rounds with relative ease. However, he started grinding towards the end of his third round. But after shooting a 48 on his final front nine and being at 69 after 13, the buy-outs began. Gavin Smith, who was originally in for $100k, bought out for $60k. Chris Bell and others bought out as well. Ivey remained on the hook for his full amount.

Catch a brief recap of the action on The TOKE on RawVegas.tv below and coverage of the entire day's play tomorrow afternoon.

Photo of Diora Baird because she is not Erick Lindgren after 72 holes of golf.

Watch the teaser video to hear Erick and others on the course talk about the bet.

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BREAKING: Erick Lindgren Risking Over $300k on Golfing Prop Bet

Kendra golfWe got a call from Gavin Smith late last night informing us that Erick Lindgren just accepted a $100,000 prop bet with the following rules:

:: He had to play four rounds of golf at Bear's Best in one day.

:: He had to walk all four rounds back-to-back-to-back-to-back.

:: He'd be shooting from the pro tees.

:: He had to shoot under 100 on all rounds.

Within 15 minutes, Phil Ivey added another $200k to the bet, pushing the total near $350k.

As with most great prop bets, this one came from nowhere. Lindgren, Gavin and a few others were out drinking. Lindgren mentioned how unhappy he was with his performance in the H.O.R.S.E. event and to punish himself, he was just going to play golf all day. The bet ensued. Lindgren accepted.

We asked E-Dog for a quote on the bet. His reply: "My quote is...oops."

We'll be there with cameras to cover for our new show on RawVegas.tv, The TOKE. Developing...

UPDATE: Lindgren aced the first 18, on to round 2.

UPDATE II: To answer some questions, the bet is 1:1 and Erick got underway this morning bright and early before 6 am. Bear's Best measures 7194. It's rating/slope is 74.0/147. Temperatures today are just over 100 degrees with winds around 15 mph but they're gusting more as the day goes on. Phil Ivey showed up to the course a little while ago to check in on Erick's status. Supposedly he's on fire right now . . . think the priest in Caddy Shack but without the thunder and lightning. Stay tuned for video of his outing some day some time soon on RawVegas.tv's The TOKE with Wicked Chops Poker.

UPDATE III: Video of Erick Lindgren's $350K golf prop bet to go up on RawVegas.tv tomorrow.

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WCP Exclusive with Vinnie Vinh's Chair (We Have a Show on RawVegas.tv)

Sure, Poker News just dropped an exclusive about Vinnie Vinh today. And typically, this would be the biggest news of the day.

But today isn't a typical day.

Cause we are breaking an exclusive with Vinnie Vinh's chair. No...freaking...comparison.

Wicked Chops Poker has a show coming soon to RawVegas.tv. On it, you'll get poker news you won't find anywhere else. Our first teaser vid explores the search for Vinnie Vinh, followed by an exclusive with twice-over 2007 WSOP casher, Vinnie Vinh's chair.

More to come in the next few days...

Watch Vinnie Vinh's chair interview on RawVegas.tv.
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Erica Schoenberg, a Woman, Does Not Win Event #38

Strip pokering, mail opening Erica Schoenberg, a woman, just missed her first WSOP bracelet, finishing third in Event #38 ($1,500 NLH) and banking $261,646.

Robert Cheung took the bracelet, earning $673,628.

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Gollum Wins $2,000 Buy-in Pot Limit Hold'em Event at 2007 WSOP

Hopkins_38_2The winner of the $2,000 buy-in Pot-Limit Hold'em championship at the 2007 World Series of Poker was a guy named Gollum, a river folk poker pro from Middle Earth whose given name was Sméagol but was called Gollum because of the noise he made in his throat, or at least that's what we read on Wikipedia.

For the win, Gollum takes home $269,707, a gold champion's bracelet and a Corum watch but said his one desire is still to possess some Ring he calls "Precious."


Photo courtesy of IMAGEMASTERS

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Erica Schoenberg, a Woman, Leads Event #38 With Only Six Remaining

With only six players remaining, Erica Schoenberg, a woman (pictured below in a dream we had last night strip poker video she did with Carmen Elektra), is chip leader at the Event #38 ($1,500 NLH) final table.

If Schoenberg, who is a woman and is nice to look at, were to hold on like Wilson Phillips and win this tournament, she'd not only be the most attractive woman to ever capture a bracelet, but she may also force the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker to rethink some things. Examine our world view in a different light. Look at people in a different way.

For example, maybe we will stop referring to Starbucks baristas as "peons" and hotel check-in reps as "losers with badges."

Or maybe not. In fact, we're not even sure how these things relate. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, Erica Schoenberg is hot.


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Erica Schoenberg, a Woman, Eliminates Dr. Pauly From Event #38

MilwaukeebestlightericaFamed and acclaimed poker blogger Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire was just eliminated from Event #38 ($1,500) at the 2007 WSOP by Erica Schoenberg, a woman (seen somewhere in that photo to the left).

Pauly was knocked out (by a woman) in 119th place. Before being knocked out by a woman, Pauly outlasted over 2,300 runners, banking $4,740. An impressive as hell run...halted...by a woman.

Regardless, congrats Pauly.

In other Event #38 news, Justin Henry is still alive and kicking, like that song, from the '80's.

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$50,000 H.O.R.S.E: (Sort of) Handicapping the Field

Doylebrunson2007wsophorseArguably the most prestigious event in poker, the $50,000 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. tournament, has just gotten underway.

Who do we like? Well, we figure Phil Ivey is a lock for second place. And we figure strong performances again from all of the Big Gamers like Doyle, Barry, Patrik Antonius, and of course, Chip Reese. Some "dark horses" to keep an eye on this year include Gavin Smith, who finished 11th last year and cashed in an earlier 2007 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. event, Josh Arieh, who has been playing consistently great poker at this year's WSOP and is due for a breakthrough, just a gut on this one, but Howard Lederer, and Huck Seed, because we've been picking this guy to win something for over a year now.

As for a winner, watch out for T.J. Cloutier. With so many Main Event close-calls, and with a final table finish in last year's H.O.R.S.E. event, this could be his year.

Stay tuned...

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