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February 2008

2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Done: Wasicka, Forrest, Hellmuth, Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth Do Not Advance


It was a bad opening day for previous NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship champs.

2005 winner Phil Hellmuth (above) took a devastating beat on hand number three against online pro Tom "durrr" Dwan. Hellmuth, holding pocket aces, called a re-raise all in by Dwan, who held tens. A ten hit on the turn, sending Hellmuth to the rail.

2006 winner Ted Forrest was gunned down by Orel Hershiser. The former Dodgers pitcher had just received heads-up lessons from Gavin Smith and Bill Edler the night before (footage of this will be up on RawVegas.tv on Sunday). Guess it worked.

Last year's champ Paul Wasicka was taken down by half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb.

And Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth lost to Andy Bloch. So it's back to Dancing with the Stars for Shannon Elizabeth.

Phil Ivey, fresh of his WPT LAPC win, advanced to the second round, where he'll face Johnny Chan (who confirmed to us that he does not have a handicap sticker on his car).

Other compelling Round of 32 match-ups include: Gavin Smith vs. Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Scotty Nguyen vs. Gus Hansen, Jerry Yang vs. Phil Laak, Scott Fischman vs. Jamie Gold, Erick Lindgren vs. Doyle Brunson, and our pick to win it yet again, Huck Seed vs. Brian Townsend.

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2008 National Heads-Up Poker Championship: Joe Hachem Confirms He's Not Adnan Ghalib

What the hell, maybe a few more.

In this one, "Salty" Joe Hachem does in fact confirm that he's not only NOT Adnan Ghalib, but he's not even related. Whatevs.

Joe Hachem NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth Would Consider Getting Nude for PETA

In the final video that we're actually posting (watch all 29 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship red carpet interviews here), we have WCP fave Shannon Elizabeth, who you may or may not know is on this season's Dancing with the Stars.

Shannon Elizabeth (who is on Dancing with the Stars this season) talks about possibly getting nude for PETA and how she hopes to just get past Round 1 this year.

Which, unfortunately for her, won't happen as she's already lost to Andy Bloch.

Shannon Elizabeth NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: Jennifer Tilly Best Looking 50 Year-Old in U.S. America?

While this video doesn't totally do her justice, trust us, in person, Jennifer Tilly is perhaps the best looking 50 year-old in U.S. America. This is not to be confused, of course, with the best looking cougar in U.S. America.

But whatever fountain of youth potion she's drinking, she needs to bottle it up and sell it to the world. That way guys won't have to divorce their wives when they get older and less attractive. And we all know how divorce can impact the kids. So do it for the children, Jennifer.

Jennifer Tilly NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: Jerry Yang Alive, Too Damn Nice

We've had it. 2007 WSOP Main Event champ Jerry Yang is too damn nice. He's like a less creepy version of David Archuleta.

Jerry Yang NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Red Carpet: Erick Lindgren Doesn't C*ck-Block Don Cheadle This Year

In probably the best poker player interview of the night, we now present Erick Lindgren. Asked who he'd like to draw first, E-Dog said:

"Gavin Smith cause he'd probably still be drunk from the night before."

Good stuff.

Erick Lindgren NBC National Heads-Up Poker video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Red Carpet: Jason Alexander is a Good Interview

As George Constanza, Jason Alexander played one of the greatest roles in TV history.

As Jason Alexander, Jason Alexander consistently gives really funny, entertaining interviews.

At NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship red carpet at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas, Alexander reveals that Teri Hatcher is an under-rated celeb poker player.

And when told that Jamie Gold said that he considers Alexander to be one of the better celeb players, he responded that it's probably because the 2006 WSOP Main Event champ just wants to play him because:

"You know that every agent wants to screw the actor."

Jason Alexander NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship: Don Cheadle Didn't Like The 'Ice Tray' Question

Now we freaking love Don Cheadle. Seriously one of our favorite actors, which we've noted numerous times. And included in our favorite roles was his turn as Ice Tray on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (one of the best and only good episodes of the show). So we hope that he doesn't think we were mocking him when Denise Pernula asked him about that role on the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship red carpet at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas last night. Cause we'd never front Cheadle.

Don Cheadle NBC National Heads-Up Poker video
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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Red Carpet: Annie Duke on Britney Spears

In the first of many, many, many posts from last night's NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship red carpet at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas, we have Annie Duke discussing what it's like to run by Britney Spears' paparazzi swarmed estate while training for her marathon.

Annie Duke NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship video
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Eighth Time's a Charm: Phil Ivey Wins WPT LA Poker Classic

Phil Ivey Wins WPT LA Poker Classic

This one kind of felt inevitable.

Phil Ivey finally won his first WPT title.

Although it didn't look good at first. Ivey lost a big pot early in final table action, telling Kimberly Lansing:

"I was just really frustrated, the seven other times I've made [a WPT final table]...I actually felt when I first sat down and lost that big hand [against Charles 'no chance' Moore], I thought, 'Here we go again.'"

But Ivey tightened up and started building his stack again. After Phil Hellmuth and Scott Montgomery were eliminated, Ivey won a 3.14 million dollar pot off Nam Le, gaining back the chip lead. He later knocked Nam out when he spiked a three on the river to make a set and crack Nam's aces.

When it got to heads-up play, Ivey had a near 5-to-1 chip advantage over eventual runner-up Quinn Do. Ivey busted Quinn with a full house (aces full of eights), banking $1,596,100 for the win, which should pad his FTP bankroll nicely.

Get the full final table recap here.

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Ben Hock Wins WSOP-C Council Bluffs, Bernie Lee Finishes 4th

That's all we got.

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Pamela Anderson Calls Marriage to Poker Player Rick Salomon a Fraud

Pamela Anderson and Rick SalomonIn news just as surprising as learning that David Sklansky is a creepy old man or Phil Ivey has made another WPT final table, one-time online poker site owner and sex tape star Pamela Anderson has declared her marriage to fellow porn tape-er/poker-er Rick Salomon a fraud.

The card tossing couple, who got married in October after Pamela reportedly paid off a $250,000 poker debt to Salomon with sexual favors, have been going through divorce proceedings for the past few months. Last week though, Pamela cited "fraud" in court papers, which would make the split an annulment rather than a divorce.

As a poker player, Salomon has won close to $75k in live tournaments the past two years and was among the 665 players who played in this year's WPT LA Poker Classic. He first made a name for himself when he released his "One Night in Paris" sex tape starring a barely legal Paris Hilton. He was also once married to that Brenda chick from 90210.

Relatedly, read 5 things you didn't know about herpes here.

More Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon posts:

Pamela Anderson Engaged to Poker Player?
Pamela Anderson Launches Poker Site
Rick Salomon Not Gonna Be a Daddy
Pamela Anderson to Play Aussie Millions Knocked Up

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Girls with Big Boobs, Booties Knock Poker from Lycos Top 10 for 1st time in 2 Years

Lindsay Lohan has bigger breasts than pokerLycos, a search engine used back in the 20th century by very few people, is reporting today that the term "poker" has dropped from its Top 10 Internet searches for the week ending Feb. 23, 2008. This is the first time poker has not been in the Top 10 in nearly two years.

Topping the list was our favorite sex addict Lindsay Lohan, who recently dropped the top for New York Magazine in a nearly nude spread mimicking Marilyn Monroe's 1962 final photo shoot.

Also in the top 10, in the really obnoxious big breasts department, not that we mind them, although they're starting to scare us, was Christina Aguilera (#8) and Go Daddy's Candice Michelle (#5). In the really big ass department, Jennifer Lopez (#6) and Beyonce (#9).

In the bat-shit insane department, Britney Spears (#10).

For the complete list go here.

For stories on poker's Lycos glory days, go here and here.

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2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Draw Party Tonight; Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth Among Those Expected to Attend

Shannon_elizabeth_dancing_with_the_Amid all of the WPT LAPC, Johnny Chan, and Sklansky/Hawbaker dramabomb news today, let's not forget that the 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship red carpet and draw party is happening tonight at PURE Nightclub in Las Vegas.

And RawVegas.tv and Wicked Chops Poker will be there covering the goings on.

Expected on the red carpet are many of the big name celebs playing in this year's event, including Jason Alexander, Don Cheadle, and last year's top 4 finisher, Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth.

Not on the red carpet tonight, Phil Hellmuth and Phil Ivey.

Check back on WCP and RawVegas.tv tomorrow for video and pics of the event.

Read about last year's NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship Red Carpet

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WPT LAPC: Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Nam Le Battle for Title

Poker pro Phil Ivey leads final table at WPT LA Poker ClassicIt would be hard to reasonably ask for a better WPT final table than this.

The 2008 WPT LAPC has three of poker's toughest tournament players gunning for the title. Leading the way as big stack is Phil Ivey with 4,100,000. This is Ivey's record-setting eigth WPT final table. However, he has yet to win a WPT title. However however, even if he doesn't win this one, he did manage to capture yesterday's Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day. And that's a year's supply of almonds right there.

Ivey is followed by Scott "r_a_y" Montgomery with 2,680,000.

In third overall is 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (2,380,000). This is Hellmuth's third WPT final table.

Rounding out the final six are Charles "no chance" Moore (1,510,000), Quinn Do (1,450,000), and three-time WPT final table-ist (and one-time winner) Nam Le (1,180,000).

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Is Johnny Chan Handicapped?

Two-time WSOP Main Event winner Johnny Chan was presented some artwork of himself two nights ago at Mr. Chow's in Los Angeles.

TMZ.com has video of Chan leaving the restaurant trying to get the artwork in his car.

A car that clearly has a handicapped tag on it.

Click the graphic below to watch the video.

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David Sklansky Too Old to Be Doing This

David Sklansky is old, creepy, Brandi Hawbaker is young, freakyIn the latest 2+2 dramabomb, David Sklansky goes into detail about some alleged blackmail/threatening/panty and pube shaving (NSFW) incident with WCP fave crazy girl Brandi Hawbaker.

First, let's just get this out of the way: David Sklansky is freaking 60 years-old. Eventually and at some stage, there comes a time in a man's life (like when he's 60) to stop trolling forums (even if it's your own forum) and posting sorted details of your personal (sex) life with women 30 to 40 years younger than you. Especially when it's not a sex forum for old dudes but a poker forum.

And even if one of those women is threatening you.

Sklansky starts thel latest dramabomb thread by writing:

For the last 2 1/2 years I have been living with a handicapped 23 year old girl named Sue. She is blind in one eye and partially blind in the other. She is slightly disfigured, slightly autistic, and has frequent seizures. She can't drive and can't distinguish left from right. The cause of these things is that she is the product of incest. But she has an IQ of 125, is very artistic and loves everybody. She especially loved Brandi and was also attracted to her.

He then goes on to say that after a post by Brandi slamming him was deleted on 2+2, Brandi threatened him with an email she asked to have forwarded to 2+2 Publishing owner Mason Malmuth:

If my thread is not put back up ~ OR if you EVER delete another post or thread of mine again (and ban me) ~ I will make sure that same post is on every single other poker forum out there... I'm going to do an interview with Wicked Chops and Raw Vegas Tv and NWP and Bankroll Boost and Pocket
on Monday IF my thread is not posted back on the forum.

To which we say, bring it on Brandi Hawbaker!

Sklansky then pulls an Eminem 8 Mile scenario where he airs all of his dirty laundry before Brandi can. For example, he confirms the story about a vibrator he pulled out of his glove compartment and put between Brandi's legs.

Anyway, a summary by us does not nearly do the whole Sklanksy write-up justice, so please go to 2+2 and read it for yourself.

And look for an interview with Brandi sometime in the near future (maybe).

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Jennifer Tilly Can Join Us at the Beach Now, Phil Hellmuth Can't, He's Leading at LAPC

Jennifer Tilly at the WPT LA Poker Classic
Jennifer Tilly, a woman, has busted from the WPT LA Poker Classic in 12th place, good enough for a $61,610 cash. On the final hand, the barely stacked but big racked Tilly reraised Phil Hellmuth all in and then this and that happened on the board and she lost all her chips. Yeh, great story we know.

Phil Hellmuth is now the chip leader with 2,750,000 and his counter-Phil, Ivey, is second with 1,920,000. Scott Montgomery, an ice manufacturer rep or something from Canada, is in third with 1,415,000.

There are 11 players left competing for the $1.6 million first place prize. It's 73 degrees where we are right now, still breezy, the sun is going down and reggae is playing.

After the jump, two more photos of J Tilly dressed as a cowboy at the LAPC . . .

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Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle Leads the Phils after First Break at the WPT LA Poker Classic

Blair Hinkle WPT LAPC
Blair "blur5f6" Hinkle of Kansas City, Missouri went into the first break today at the WPT LA Poker Classic as the chip leader with 1,659,000 in chips. The 22-year-old from Kansas City is apparently a decent online poker player, recently taking down a Full Tilt $216 buy-in tourney for $146,288. He's amassed over $215k from MTTs on the site.

Both Phils, Hellmuth and Ivey, trail close behind with 1,589,000 and 1,457,000, respectively. In fourth is Michael Watson, who has just over a million.

Stacked below average but still among the final 14 players is Quinn Do (855,000), Theo Tran (853,000), Jennifer Tilly, a woman (841,000) and Nam Le (604,000).

Among the busted, David Singer, who finished in 18th for $48,840.

In related news, it's 80 degrees, sunny skies and breezy in Hermosa.

UPDATE: Holy Canuck! Scott Montgomery of Ottawa, Canada, who plays online as "r_a_y" for one reason or another, has taken the chip lead, nearly stacked at 2 million. He's seated right next to Phil Hellmuth, who's second in chips, and the two have been verbally sparring throughout the day. Blair Hinkle, the kid above, took a $500k or so chip dive.

Check out our favorite girl with a web cam Kimberly Lansing interviewing Scott Montgomery here. To say Kimberly looks especially pretty/cute/hot (take your pick) today would be an understatement.

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Keeley Hazell in FHM Australia Brings You Today's Poker News

Keeley Hazell in FHM Australia

Our featured poker news today is brought to you by Keeley Hazell's recent photo spread in FHM Australia. Got poker news to share, shoot us an email.

:: Guy loses his job, starts underground poker game in his home, pimps his wife as a topless dealer, gets arrested (Click here)

:: Jeff Haney of the Las Vegas Sun handicaps the field for the upcoming 2008 NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship (Click here)

:: Oi, Vai! Some shlemiel politician in Israel has the chutzpah to propose a bill that would force internet providers to block online gambling sites (Click here)

:: The Poker Players Alliance spent $900,000 lobbying the government last year on behalf of online poker, which is legal (Click here)

:: Mike McMillian grabs $168,000 for winning the main event of the Venetian's Deep Stack Extravaganza (Click here)

:: A poker home game in San Antonio, the city loved by Richard Lee even though it's a craphole, was shot up and robbed, a player was critically injured, and the Pokerati crew is on the story (Click here)

The entities are in LA and Las Vegas this week for the WPT LA Poker Classic, WPT Invitational and the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship. Keep posted of all the action here.

Click Keeley Hazell photos below. Dos mas after the jump . . .

Keeley Hazell FHMKeeley Hazell FHMKeeley Hazell FHMKeeley Hazell FHM

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There Is Also a Poker Tournament Going On in Iowa

The WSOP-C sure knows when to schedule events.

WSOP Circuit event is underway in Council Bluffs IowaSandwiched during the WPT LA Poker Classic and the NBC National Heads-Up Champsionship, the WSOP-C at remote desolate in-the-middle-of-nowhere not-beautiful beautiful Council Bluffs, Iowa (at right) perhaps gets a little lost in the shuffle.

Lucky for them, the one big name that did enter the tournament, 2005 WSOP 13th place finisher (and two-time World Poker Finals prelim event winner), Bernard Lee takes one of the big stacks to final table play.

Lee is second overall, stacked at 155,500. He trails only Michael Martin (214,500).

Read Bernard Lee's WSOP-C blog for the ESPN Poker Club here. Visit the ESPN Poker Club website here. And get full chip counts and reporting from Poker News here.

Read our heads-up interview with Bernard Lee here

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WPT LAPC: Phil Ivey, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Nam Le Lead the Way

Wptlogo_2A WPT dream final table is shaping up at the LAPC, which probably means that it won't happen [insert Debbie Downer music]. A healthy dose of skepticism is always a good thing, right?

However, if this WPT dream final table does happen, the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker promise you this: a minimum of 2 Entities will be in LA to pseudo-cover it.* That's how big it'll be.

With 18 remaining at the end of Day 4, Phil Ivey is the chip leader, stacked at 1,543,000. He's followed by relatively unknown but solid online pro Blair Hinkle (1,541,000). And he's followed by 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (1,399,000). And he's followed by past WPT champ Nam Le (1,254,000).

Also still in, although not big stacked (however, still very big racked) is Jennifer Tilly (417,000), as well as David Singer (285,000).

Get full chip counts from the WPT site here.

In related news, at press time the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day had not yet been picked. We mention this because we know that you are really, really curious. Not to ruin the surprise, but we're guessing it'll be Phil Hellmuth. If we're right, expect a post bragging about how we were right. If we're wrong, nothing.

*Editor's Note: Already happening regardless. Empty promise.

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Getting Warmer

Jennifer Tilly at WPT LA Poker Classic on Day 4

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Soren Jensen Really, Really Loves His Brother, Not So Loved by His Countrymen

Soren_jensen_poker_ept_copenhagenThe photo to the right is 2008 EPT Copenhagen runner-up Soren Jensen and his brother kissing on the lips.

Now if you're not as progressively minded as we are, this might seem a little gay. Or at least a little European (read: gay)*. It would be a totally different story if this was Soren’s sister, and Soren’s sister was Angelina Jolie, because when she made out with her brother at the Oscars that was kind of hot. If we were Angelina Jolie’s brother, we’d probably hit that too.

Speaking of Jensen, the word from the city of hot Danish girls on bikes and who wear men's underwear is that the home turf crowd was actually rooting for US American Tim Vance to win the EPT Copenhagen title, and not Jensen.

Says our unnamed source who we like to call "Jonas Hüttel":

"Actually nobody wanted Søren to win. One the Danish pokerforums like pokernet.dk (like 2+2) everybody thought he was a disgrace because he was behaving like a mad man every time he won a pot doing crazy dances, shouting out 'Come you Whites, (in support of his favorite football team AGF), 'Come on Jutland', kissing his brother and so forth.

So when they went heads up the majority of Danes were rooting for Tim...But actually he was a pretty nice guy away from the table and afterwards completely blamed himself for loosing the heads up which was played to passiveley you wouldn't believe it and dragged on forever."

Speaking of "Jonas Hüttel" he shared with us one of his favorite Ekstra Babes, besides Thea of course. Check her out below and more here. After the jump a video of an Ekstra Babe who may or may not be the same as the one below. Hard to tell. Hot Danish blondes all look alike to us.


* Not that there's anything wrong with that (being European or gay)

Continue reading "Soren Jensen Really, Really Loves His Brother, Not So Loved by His Countrymen" »

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Glum Girl Gromenkova Gone

Glum_girl_wpt_lapcWe just got a text that Svetlana Gromenkova (at right) has been eliminated from the WPT LA Poker Classic, courtesy of poker pro David Singer, who was the Day 1 chip leader and is currently stacked near the top of the field at the Commerce today.

Gromenkova finishes in 50th place and takes $26,170 back with her to Brooklyn.

By the way, now is probably a good time to point out that if Gromenkova's family is in any way connected with the Russian mob, and they don't speak English so well, the term "glum girl" is one of endearment. Basically means "sweet" or "precious."

In related WPT LAPC news, Phil Ivey has crossed the million chip mark, Jennifer Tilly is not far behind with 850,000 and unfortunately still just as cold as yesterday, and Phil Hellmuth and his ego have septupled their stack today and now sit in third with 730,000.

In other related news, we kick ass at beach volleyball.

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Someone Please Crank the Heat Up at the LAPC

Jennifer Tilly at the WPT LA Poker Classic

Photo above of Jennifer Tilly, a woman, on Day 3 of the 2008 WPT LA Poker Classic, and not a scene of her from the movie Bound with Gina Gershon.

Seeing Tilly, who ended up 3rd in chips overall yesterday, buried under multiple layers of clothing just ain't right. Did we lose a war or something? Is the Taliban in control? Are these rhetorical questions or real ones?

Day 4 of the LAPC is about to get underway, and they're down to 58 players and in the money, with the bottom rung getting paid a paltry $22,020 and everyone gunning for the $1,596,100 first place prize.

Stay tuned to WCP for more WPT LA Poker Classic reports today, as reported from the entities' official media center at the WPT LA Poker Classic, which is situated adajacent to the tournament room at the Commerce, 25 miles away.

Our view of the LAPC today after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Someone Please Crank the Heat Up at the LAPC" »

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WPT LAPC: Ivey, Tilly, Singer, and Glum Girl Svetlana Among Chip Leaders

WptlogoWhile other early chip leaders have rode the proverbial rollercoaster, Phil Ivey has managed to remain at or near the chip lead for yet another day at the 2008 WPT LA Poker Classic.

Ivey ended Day 3 play stacked at 656,000. He trails only Kyle Burnside, who ended the day at 781,000.

Only 58 players remain from the starting field of 665. Following Ivey as the third overall big stack is big racked Jennifer Tilly with 569,000. She's followed by Day 1 chip leader David Singer with 561,000.

Other notables include but are surely not limited to: Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova (292,000), 2006 LAPC winner Alan Goehring - 284,000, Nam Le - 180,000, Toto Leonidas - 146,000, Phil Hellmuth - 100,000, and last year's LAPC champ Eric Hershler - 90,000.

2004 LAPC winner Antonio Esfandiari was eliminated three from the money.

With so many big names remaining, and with the WPT's recent history of big name flame-outs as we get to the TV table, we're sure to see a final table consisting of Yury Parad, Mike Hamparsomian, Pete de Best, Hassan Kamoei, David Stroj, and Jeff Chotikul. No offense to Yury Parad, Mike Hamparsomian, Pete de Best, Hassan Kamoei, David Stroj, and Jeff Chotikul.

Get full chip counts from the WPT site here.

And in honor of Ben Affleck, who once won the California State Poker Championship in Commerce Casino where the LAPC is held, here's the surprisingly very funny I'm F*cking Ben Affleck video.

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Kimberly Lansing Is Down with Wonder Woman

In a follow-up to an earlier post and an early front-runner for greatest poker news of 2008 so far, WCP fave Kimberly Lansing has lost a heads-up match against Survivor China's Jean-Robert Bellande (not to be confused with Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth). For the loss, Lansing may have to dress up like Wonder Woman (said Lansing: "I'm down with Wonder Woman") at an upcoming tournament...or Snow White...or something equally as awesome.

According to the Bodog Beat:

"The match was the result of some tough talk between the two about who was the better heads-up poker player. The bet was that the winner got to select an outfit for the other to wear. Bellande was apparently looking down the barrel of a Tinkerbell ensemble."


Nice work JRB on pulling this one out.

While the Wonder Woman outfit has not officially been decided as *the* outfit, it is up for consideration. You can vote for Kimberly's outfit via YouTube comments here, and we'll take suggestions in our comments section below too. Keep it clean. Keep it clean.

Kimberly Lansing vs. Jean-Robert Bellande video

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Holy Crap, Glum Girl Smiled

Svetlana Gromenkova

In what may be the biggest story at the 2008 WPT LA Poker Classic today, Svetlana Gromenkova has cracked a smile.

Perhaps it's because she's still in on Day 3 with 79 players left and sitting above average in chips.

In related big news at the LAPC, although nowhere near as big, Phil Ivey has been at or near the top of the chip count all day and last we checked is stacked at 550,000. Antonio Esfandiari, the new face of the World Poker Tour and the 2004 LAPC champion, is also among the leaders with 395,000 (scratch that...he just took a $238k hit). Others near the top of the chip count include Daniel Fuhs (352,000), Theo Tran (274,000) and the insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes (231,000). Of note, both last year's LAPC champion, Eric Hershler, and the 2006 LAPC champion, Alan Goehring, are still in, with 94,000 and 88,000, respectively.

Be sure to check out BJ Nemeth's comment to this post, which gives some great Nemethian insight on Ivey's WPT successes and failures over the years.

By the way, rumors that we aren't actually at the LA Poker Classic today and are instead playing beach volleyball with the McMurray sisters from Birmingham who are visiting their cousins in Hermosa for the week are categorically untrue, if categorically somehow means "partially."

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Dancing With the Stars Shannon Elizabeth is Officially Famous Again, Talks on the Phone

Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the StarsPoker playing actress Shannon Elizabeth is not here at the WPT LA Poker Classic this week but she is officially back in the mainstream spotlight thanks to being tapped as this season's hot girl on Dancing With the Stars, which, as we mentioned before, is great for our site's SEO. It's also good for our photo-induced libidos once her sure-to-come Stuff, Maxim and/or FHM photos spreads are out.

Just a few weeks ago, Shannon was as far removed from the major media spotlight as that chick from Boy Meets World who turned Lance Bass gay. Now the paparazzi is following the American Pie top-dropper's every move, like she's Britney or Lindsay or something, except walking around in jeans while talking on the phone and not panties-less getting out of a car or banging random Italian dudes.

The most recent photos of Shannon Elizabeth, which you can see below, are pretty lame and nowhere near as great as seeing a photo of Barack Obama looking all terrorist-y but they're a start. Expect to see even more photos this weekend when she is in Las Vegas for the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship, which Wicked Chops Poker will be at covering, or whatever you call what we do.

After the jump, photos of Shannon Elizabeth rehearsing for Dancing with the Stars with some 12-year-old boy . . .


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Glum Girl Gromenkova is Not Like Other Russian Girls

Svetlana Grumenkova at WPT LA Poker ClassicSince we first reported the other day that Svetlana Gromenkova, aka Glum Girl, was here at the WPT LA Poker Classic, we've been hearing from a bunch of people who've had run ins with her over the years.

One story is from someone who was reporting on the Legends of Poker at the Bike last August. Apparently Svetlana was heads up with Tony Tan in a Limit Hold'em event when the two discussed a chop.

According to this reporter:

"Once they settled on the deal, my job was to get a bio and a pic of Tony WITH the ring he got for first place. She glanced over to see the pic I was taking and went into a russian mafioso fit!

"I did not know about the ring! I would not take the deal if I did not know there was a trophy. We must play for the ring! American men are hot because they are good providers!" (fuzzy about the last one)

They tell her that the deal is made and Tony gets the ring and she began crying and throwing a huge fit. Mind you, we can't understand one word that she is saying, but we try to calm her down so she'll leave. She finally does, but tells everyone that 'You are evil people.'"

This is pretty much exactly how we'd expect Svetlana to act just by looks alone. The girl just seems bitter, which is exactly the opposite of all the other Russian girls we know and when we say "we know" we mean we just found a second ago on YouTube after searching "hot Russian girls dancing."   Our two favorite videos after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Glum Girl Gromenkova is Not Like Other Russian Girls " »

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WPT LAPC: Ivey, Esfandiari, Tilly Among Day 2 Chip Leaders

Phil_ivey_day_la_pokerMaybe allegedly blowing his entire Full Tilt Poker bankroll was exactly the motivation Phil Ivey needed to start dominating tournament play again.

Or maybe not. But Ivey has pwned the early stages of many-a-tournament over the past year and hasn't captured a victory, much to the dismay of his many fans.

After two days, Ivey has put himself in position again to make a run at that elusive first WPT title, ending play stacked at 279,000 (fourth overall). Having made six seven WPT final tables (BJ Nemeth, please confirm), Ivey is certainly deserving of a WPT crown. Kind of like how Tilda Swinton was deserving of that Best Supporting Actress win last night for her role in Michael Clayton. Seriously, a Ginger playing a non-Ginger? Someone without a soul playing someone who has a soul? That, our friends, is some serious acting.

Moving on, all LAPC'ers are chasing Daniel Fuhs, who brings the big stack of 397,100 to Day 3 play.

Among the chip leaders include recently named face of the WPT Antonio "The Magician" Esfandiari (do people still call him that?), with 245,000. Other big stacks included the big racked Jennifery Tilly (218,700), Haralabos Voulgaris (203,900), Theo Tran (177,500), Mark Seif (145,800), last year's LAPC winner Eric Hershler (129,600), Svetlana Gromenkova, a woman (128,000), Action Dan Harrington (122,700), Anna Wroblewski, a woman (115,000), Toto Leonidas (112,300), David Singer (109,500), Kenna James (104,300), and Mark Newhouse (99,300).

Get full chip counts here.
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Kimberly Lansing and Jean-Robert Bellande Go Heads Up at WPT LA Poker Classic

Kimberley_lansing_jean_robert_bellaWCP fave Kimberly Lansing and new Bodog pro Jean-Robert Bellande, that guy with the French sounding name who was on Survivor China, are playing a heads-up match backstage at the WPT LA Poker Classic right now. On the line is a dose of humility with the winner getting to pick a costume for the other to wear at some future event.

Bellande is thinking Wonder Woman or Snow White for Lansing.

Lansing is thinking Tinker Bell for Bellande.

Please God, please let Bellande win. We promise we won't post anymore photos of hot Danish girls on bikes ever again. Today.

UPDATE: There is a God. Bellande won. Stay tune for some video of the match. In the meantime, any photoshop-ers out there with a Wonder Woman pic and some time to kill?

ANOTHER UPDATE: After the jump, a video of Jean-Robert Bellande giving his prediction for NBC Heads-Up this week.

More Kimberly Lansing:
Kimberly Lansing video interview
Kimberly Lansing in Turks and Caicos, whose capital is Cockburn Town
Kimberly Lansing is fun to watch

Continue reading "Kimberly Lansing and Jean-Robert Bellande Go Heads Up at WPT LA Poker Classic" »

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EPT Copenhagen is Done, Next Up EPT Warsaw, Birthplace of Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is a poker playerAfter a painfully mundane heads-up snooze fest at the EPT Copenhagen yesterday, US American Tim Vance finally walked away the victor in the land of hot Danish girls on bikes and who wear men's underwear.

The 46-year-old Vance, who hails from the land of toasted ravioli and pork steak, is now 6,220,488 DKR richer, or $1.24 million US. Vance is the second US American to take home an EPT title this year, and the second consecutive EPT winner from North America.

Runner-up-ing was Soren Jensen from Arhus, Denmark, a city where the average girl is hotter than Jessica Simpson on her best day. No kidding. Jensen's second place finish was likely a disappointment to the crowd at the Casino Copenhagen considering the home turf-ers had pretty much dominated the tournament from the first day.

The EPT heads next to Warsaw, Poland, the birthplace of Joanna Krupa (above), our favorite Polska dziewczyna.

Until then, some Joanna Krupa below:

Joanna Krupa photos from the World Series of Poker
More Joanna Krupa photos at the World Series of Poker
Joanna Krupa goes naked for PETA
Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar photos
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WPT LAPC: Singer, Esfandiari, and Wroblewski (a Woman), Day 1 Chip Leaders, Vinnie Vinh + Jerry Yang Out...Will We Ever Hear from Them Again?

WptlogoDay 1 of the 2008 WPT LAPC ended with 450 of the original 665 players remaining. Hats off to the WPT for keeping all numbers divisible by "5" this year. As faithful readers of this site know, we hate math, so the more that numbers can be dumbed-down for us the better.

Some big names top the leaderboard. The unofficial* chip count leader at the end of Day 1 is David Singer, stacked at 137,400. He's followed by Antonio Esfandiari, who is stepping up after being named the new face of the WPT. Antonio brings 119,000 to Day 2 play. At third overall is Anna Wroblewski, a woman, with 116,550.

So many big names remain it would take a much more boring site that actually cares about listing them all to list them all, but some highlights include: Justin Bonomo (77,125), Action Dan Harrington (72,500), Montel Williams (59,000), David Williams (57,000), Phil Hellmuth (49,575), Johnny Chan (44,925), Phil Ivey (44,025), Vanessa Rousso who went to Duke (44,000), the insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes (40,300), star of Meerkat Manor Jeff Madsen (39,000), Todd Brunson (38,000), Lakers owner Jerry H. Buss (37,700), Survivor China's Jean-Robert Bellande (34,000), Mike Sexton (33,000), 2007 NBC Heads-Up champ Paul Wasicka (31,875), and that should be more than enough for now.

Not making it to Day 2 include Vinnie Vinh, Vinnie Vinh's chair, Jerry Yang (apparently he wasn't praying hard enough this time), and Obama '08 supporter Daniel Negreanu. Question, would Daniel support celeb favorite Bam Obama if he knew the Presidential hopeful was not only swiping words from Deval Patrick, but was also plagiarizing Rocky Balboa?

And finally, not making an appearance at this year's LAPC is Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth, as Shannon Elizabeth is busy getting in super-hot shape for Dancing with the Stars.

Get full chip counts and reporting from the fantastic WPT website.

* Official.

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WPT LA Poker Classic: Vinnie Vinh Still Alive, Glum Girl is Here, Benyamine Looking Slim(mer), Negreanu Backing Barack

Svetlana WPT Poker Classic David Benyamine WPT LA Poker Classic Daniel Negreanu WPT LA Poker Classic

So we made it to the Commerce today after a night of relatively moderate bedlam that kicked off at the Library Alehouse in Santa Monica and somehow ended up with us at a Laurel Canyon mansion this morning with a group of Venice Beach trust fund hippies who graffiti'd are SUV rental with Obama stickers.

We'll save that story however for our forthcoming 4-part series entitled "How We Spent the Friday Night Before the WPT LA Poker Classic."

For now, the word from the Commerce is that the action got underway almost 3 5 7 plus hours ago and we're finally getting around to writing something and we don't have much to say besides that pretty much every poker player you know this side of the Atlantic is here including Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, Jamie Gold, John Phan, Carlos Mortensen, Are You Really Reading this List?, Paul Wasicka, Vannessa "Went to Duke" Rousso, Grover Cleveland, Layne Flack, Phil Laak, Josh Arieh, Rhahaeid Skaoodo, David Plastik, Barry Greenstein, Dan Harrington, Erick Lindgren, Mother Teresa, Eric Mizrachi, Scott Clements, Haralabos Voulgaris, Still Reading This?, David Williams, Freddy Deeb, We Wonder What We Should Eat for Dinner, Gavin Smith, David Singer, Lee Watkinson, Perhaps We'll Go to Panchos Tonight, Tom Schneider, Mark Seif, This Is Getting Tiring, Chau Giang, Tim Phan and Erick Seidel.

In total, 665 players started today, down considerably from last year's 791, and the total prize pool is $6,374,400, with first place set to take home $1,596,100. In 2007, Eric Hershler walked away with $2,429,970.

Of note . . .

Continue reading "WPT LA Poker Classic: Vinnie Vinh Still Alive, Glum Girl is Here, Benyamine Looking Slim(mer), Negreanu Backing Barack" »

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EPT Copenhagen: U.S. American Tim Vance Heads-Up Against Dane Soren Jensen

Hot Danish girls JBSThe final table of the EPT Copenhagen held in the city of hot Danish girls on bikes and some who wear men's underwear (like the one at right and after the jump below) got underway earlier today with U.S. American Timothy Vance of the Lou the overwhelming chipleader, stacked at 1,408,000--nearly twice as much as his nearest competitor Rasmus Hede Nielsen, who started play today with 789,000. Another U.S. American, Daniel Ryan, began in third with 557,000. The rest of the field consisted of three Danes, one Swede and a Frog.

From our sources on the ground, it's down to heads-up now with Tim Vance hanging on and finding himself with just one player, local hero Soren Jensen, standing between him and the €834,590 first place prize. If Vance wins, he will be the second U.S. American to take home an EPT title this year.

The latest news is that the heads-up play is painfully slow with check folds the norm. According to Matt over at PokerListings, there's already been 204 hands between the two.

Below is how the other final table-ers fared:

3. Magnus Hansen - Denmark
4. Rasmus Hede Nielsen - Denmark
5. Daniel Ryan - USA
6. Nicolas Dervaux -France
7. Simon Dorsland - Denmark
8. Patrik Andersson - Sweden

UPDATE: Tim Vance won.

A few more photos and a video of hot Danish girls who wear men's underwear after the jump.

Continue reading "EPT Copenhagen: U.S. American Tim Vance Heads-Up Against Dane Soren Jensen" »

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Daniel Negreanu on Gus Hansen and Crazy Scandi Poker Players


Our friend in Copenhagen, Jonas Hüttel, passed on an article to us written by Daniel Negreanu in which he shares his thoughts on Gus Hansen and the method to his madness as well as the tough play of the young Scandinavian poker players.

The blog was originally done exclusively for Ekstra Bladet in the language of hot Danish girls on bikes.

Check it out in English after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Daniel Negreanu on Gus Hansen and Crazy Scandi Poker Players" »

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth

Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the Stars

Not sure if you've read it on WCP or not, but Shannon Elizabeth is on this season's Dancing with the Stars.

So in honor of what this could do for our SEO Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, we've dug up a bunch of old pictures of Dancing with the Stars contestant Shannon Elizabeth.

For more on Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, read more about Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars.

More pics of Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth after the jump.

Continue reading "Friday Night Parting Shot: Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth" »

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Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing with the Stars Will Do Wonders for Our SEO

Shannon Elizabeth Dancing with the StarsAs we reported earlier this week, Shannon Elizabeth will be on this season's Dancing with the Stars, which, if she makes a deep run, will do wonders for her career, make her extremely relevant again, and probably keep her from lesser fair, like the NBC National Heads-Up Poker Championship, which she was a semi-finalist in last year.

The ancillary benefits to Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing With The Stars are that Shannon Elizabeth (Dancing with the Stars, 2008) will get in super-hot shape again, as well as do wonders for our SEO.

Let's say that being on Dancing with the Stars turn Shannon Elizabeth's body into something like Stacey Keibler hot (it definitely has the potential). Shit, even if it does to her body what it did to Marie Osmond, who suddenly turned MILFY, these are all great things. No complaints here.

And lucky for us all, it appears as if the beautification is already happening.

Dance on, Shannon.

Read more about Shannon Elizabeth on Dancing with the Stars

Read more about Shannon Elizabeth (who is on Dancing with the Stars, btw) on WCP

Read our favorite Shannon Elizabeth (Dancing with the Stars constestant) post

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Wicked Chops Poker Is Your LA Poker Classic News Headquarters

Img_5561Wicked Chops Poker is on the ground in Los Angeles to report on the WPT L.A. Poker Classic Main Event and is gearing up for a week of unprecedented coverage of one of the tour's premier events. Held at the Commerce Casino, a longtime fave of the Entities, this year's LAPC Main Event is anticipated to draw a record field with a prize purse in the $7 million range, which is even a lot by our standards. And we're stupid rich.

Starting tomorrow and through the week, expect countless posts around the clock chronicling all the action at the tables, the gossip away from the felt, up-to-the-minute chip counts, photos from the tournament floor, in-depth interviews with your favorite players and maybe even a video blog or two.

And if we don't deliver any of the above we promise to deliver at least one post a day or maybe one post every other day. Or every other other day. And maybe our reports won't actually be from the Commerce but instead our beach place 25 miles away (photo above), after we wake up from nights of ensued bedlam. At around 4 pm. Because seriously, who do you think we are? That Owen Laukkanen guy?

Nonetheless, we did make it to the Commerce today, where the WPT held a press conference announcing that . . .

Continue reading "Wicked Chops Poker Is Your LA Poker Classic News Headquarters" »

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Say 'Hej' to Thea, She's from Denmark Where Day 2 of the EPT Copenhagen is Done

Thea_ekstrababeOur friend in Denmark Jonas Hüttel, who is an editor at Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet and a great poker journalist, has been giving us the word on the ground at the EPT Copenhagen but more importantly has shared with us some of the "Ekstrababens" his paper features every week.

These are Denmark's answer to Page 3 girls like Keeley Hazell and Vikki Blows, and Jonas has the enviable job of being the editor of this section of the paper. Poor fella.

The Danish girl to the right is Thea, she probably rides a bike everywhere she goes and you can see lots more of her here.

For great EPT Copenhagen tournament coverage that we can't understand a lick of, head over to:

:: ekstrabladet.dk/poker
:: acemag.dk
:: pokernyhederne.com

For the English speaking folks, go here and here.

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Nebuchad Not An Anti-Semite, Can't Even Spell It

Bar Refaeli bikini photoScandi online poker player Jonas "Nebuchad" Danielsson has hit the poker forums in an effort to quell the controversy surrounding his "Jew problem" comment at the Scandinavian Poker Awards in Copenhagen, which if we forgot to tell you, is a city where super hot girls ride bikes everywhere (for back story on Nebuchad's remarks go here).

Posting over at 2p2, Nebuchad explained:

"I feel comfortable in my english when I write. Its (sic) completly (sic) different from writing on here and speaking in front of like 300 people (which included many of my idols).

I laugh at mystupidself (sic) and I hope other people can laugh at me too and see it for what it was. Which was a nervous kid making a big blunder.

To clarify,

I dont have any anti-semetism (sic) in me and I apologize deeply to those people who were offended by my mistake. I hope after this that you might laugh at this stupid wierd (sic) kid that I am."

Nebuchad also explained himself during a video interview at the EPT Copenhagen with Siktilt.com, which you can view here.

Read the 2p2 thread here.

Photo above of Bar Refaeli because she is Israeli so we assume she's Jewish and thus may be offended by Nebuchad's comments.

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Vikki Blows Is Not Absolute Poker's UK Ambassador

Vikki Blows New WebsiteIn a follow-up story to our earlier post on Liv Boeree being named Absolute Poker's UK ambassador, potential Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2008 Vikki Blows was not named Absolute Poker's UK ambassador.

However, Vikki Blows does have a new website with lots of NSFW pictures and videos, which definitely isn't the worst way to spend a few minutes in the bathroom.

Visit VikkiBlowsLovesHate.com

More Vikki Blows below:

Vikki Blows Photos
More Vikki Blows Photos
Vikki Blows Video

Thanks to reader Roachie for the link.

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New Absolute Poker UK Ambassador Liv Boeree No Lacey Jones, Wears Spandex


Absolute Poker, who just a few months ago was enveloped in the Potripper cheating scandal that nobody even talks about now, has added a new poker hottie to their stable.

Liv Boeree, who is definitely no Lacey Jones but isn't exactly bad on the eyes either, will be the UK ambassador for Absolute. According to the Absolute Poker website, the 23 year-old Boeree is a "whiskey-drinking, spandex-wearing, Metallica-loving rock chick with an astrophyics degree..."

Who is she, Poochie?

Surprised Absolute's marketing department didn't pull the "snowboarding/Dungeons and Dragons playing/blowjob-loving" card.

Before becoming an aspiring poker pro, Boeree is (probably?) most known for work with Ultimatepoker.com Showdown, Gutshot TV, Ladies’ World Poker Open, and the World Series of Poker Europe.

In related news, Lacey Jones is just running away with our "Hottest Girl in Poker" poll. Voting ends next week.

Visit Absolute Poker UK spokesperson Liv Boeree's website for more pictures

Vote for WCP's Hosttest Girl in Poker

Watch Mark Seif's comments on the Absolute Poker Scandal

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EPT Copenhagen: Danes Continue to Dominate on Home Turf

Danish_girls_bike_1Danish_girls_bike_2 Danish_girls_bike_3

Day 1B at the EPT Copenhagen in the city of hot chicks on bikes is in the books, and five of the top six in chips at day's end were Danes, including the day's chip leader, Theo Jørgensen, who amassed 75,900. That amount puts him in third overall going into Day 2 with fellow Dane Peter Eastgate standing at the top of the count with 79,700.

Notable players who made it through Day 1B and are still gunning for the €834,590 first place prize at the Casino Copenhagen include Luca Pagano (56,400), Alexander Kravchenko (40,500), Bill Chen (40,300), Trond Erik Eidsvig (35,400), Barny Boatman (30,000), Nicolas Levi (20,900), Thor Hansen (20,200), Noah Boeken (9,400) and Rolf Slotboom (9,400).

Young Canuck Mike "Timex" McDonald is following up his EPT German Open win with a respectable showing by making it to Day 2 with 32,500.

In addition to Bill Chen, US Americans still around after Day 1 action include Charles Furey (44,600), Joseph "Don't Call Me Sebok" Serock (35,200), Joseph Morneau (26,200), Steve Frezer (22,500), Kenneth Lyons (19,300), Dustin Mele (13,400), Paul Grabowski (12,600) and Ryan Badii 12,600.

Finally, the Strange Foreign Name of the Day goes to Wim Emo of Holland. Congrats Wim.

Get your full chip counts here.

See more hot Danish girls on bikes like the ones above at the Copenhagen Cycle Chic blog.

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Doyle Brunson Blogs, Backs Barack Obama, Thinks Britney Spears Is Stupid

Hold up. Wait a minute. Doyle Brunson is writing a blog for the Poker Road? Seriously? Really? Doyle Brunson? A blogger?

Britneyspears1Apparently it's true.

In what appears to be his first post, Doyle gets political, voicing his support for political juggernaut Barack "Bam" Obama.

But not before slagging on Britney Spears.

Seriously? Doyle Brunson making fun of Britney Spears? (at right, during hot days)

Apparently it's true.

"During this poker cash game lull, I am on this race for President like stupid is on Britney Spears."

Doyle then continues by saying:

"I have come to the conclusion that poker players have to support Obama...Jennifer Harman and I have emailed Obama and asked what his position is on internet gaming. Hopefully we will get a response from his camp."

Read more on Doyle Brunson's thoughts on Barack Obama and Britney Spears.

* Hat tip to Pokerati
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Not Enough People Have Watched The Poker Rap by TheDudeMan

So we're reposting it below . . .

The Poker Rap by TheDudeMan

Our original post about TheDudeMan's Poker Rap

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Neverwin May Be a Bit Dramatic

Neverwin v. Newhouse all the way to the Supreme CourtDustin "Neverwin" Woolf posted this morning over at NWP a rambling rant about his ongoing money mess with Mark "Newhizzle" Newhouse, suggesting that Newhizzle is about to take his case to court.

And we're not talking People's Court, although that would be awesome.

Says Neverwin:

"First off I want everyone to know that this is no laughing matter. This is serious business. Is it possible this can be as big as the People vs Larry Flint (hey Larry is a great stud player too)? Will the courts take a case involving gamblers, debts, stakers, loans, poker players, and gambling on poker sites that are now illegal to play on since the UIEGA has passed? Does this case have enough thunder to go all the way to the supreme court? Stay tuned as the details will be unraveled. Everyone has decided to jump the gun and side with Newhouse. Wow, just wow. Are most of you people that ignorant to base your decision solely on hearing one side of the story and not the other?"

In case you missed that this was serious business, the severely ADD-suffering Neverwin goes on to say, "Yes this is serious business ladies and gentleman. Who is the victim? Who is the bad guy? Who is the good guy? Is that a new freckle on the back of my hand?* It is the real moment of truth."

For Neverwin's full post go here.

For the backstory on the Neverwin vs. Newhizzle drama go here and here.

For how not to be annoying go here.

* He may not have said that.

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NBC Heads-Up News: Leeann Tweeden Replaces Shana Hiatt Who is Pregnant

Leeann Tweeden to host NBC Heads-Up Poker ChampionshipNBC confirmed in a press release today that model/TV personality Leeann Tweeden (at right) will be the new sideline reporter for this year's National Heads-Up Poker Championship, scheduled for February 28 - March 2 at Caesars Palace. WCP fave Shana Hiatt, who is pregnant, has handled the reporting duties the past three years last year.

NBC Heads-Up will be the second televised poker tournament Tweeden has hosted, with her first being the Poker Dome Challenge.

Heading to the tables for the 4th annual National Heads-Up Poker Championship are defending champions Paul Wasicka (2007), Ted Forrest (2006) and Phil Hellmuth (2005). Others include Chad Brown, Johnny Chan, Jamie Gold, Joe Hachem, Gus Hansen, Phil Laak, Howard Lederer, Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer, Gavin Smith and 2007 WSOP Champion Jerry Yang, among many others.

Celebrities include Jason Alexander, Don "F-ing" Cheadle, Orel Hershiser, Jennifer Tilly and Shannon Elizabeth.

For a complete list of players, click here.

The tournament will be aired on NBC over seven consecutive Sundays in April and May, beginning on April 13. Brackets will be set during the tournament’s draw party held at PURE Nightclub Thursday, Feb. 28th.

A Shana Hiatt fixing below . . .

Shana Hiatt is Still Sexy Cute
Shana Hiat in Stuff
WPT Screws Shana Hiatt From Going to NBC's Heads-Up Poker Championship
Why Hiatt Left WPT and Other Things Steve Lipscomb Doesn't Want You to Know

Continue reading "NBC Heads-Up News: Leeann Tweeden Replaces Shana Hiatt Who is Pregnant" »

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