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Soren Jensen Really, Really Loves His Brother, Not So Loved by His Countrymen

Soren_jensen_poker_ept_copenhagenThe photo to the right is 2008 EPT Copenhagen runner-up Soren Jensen and his brother kissing on the lips.

Now if you're not as progressively minded as we are, this might seem a little gay. Or at least a little European (read: gay)*. It would be a totally different story if this was Soren’s sister, and Soren’s sister was Angelina Jolie, because when she made out with her brother at the Oscars that was kind of hot. If we were Angelina Jolie’s brother, we’d probably hit that too.

Speaking of Jensen, the word from the city of hot Danish girls on bikes and who wear men's underwear is that the home turf crowd was actually rooting for US American Tim Vance to win the EPT Copenhagen title, and not Jensen.

Says our unnamed source who we like to call "Jonas Hüttel":

"Actually nobody wanted Søren to win. One the Danish pokerforums like pokernet.dk (like 2+2) everybody thought he was a disgrace because he was behaving like a mad man every time he won a pot doing crazy dances, shouting out 'Come you Whites, (in support of his favorite football team AGF), 'Come on Jutland', kissing his brother and so forth.

So when they went heads up the majority of Danes were rooting for Tim...But actually he was a pretty nice guy away from the table and afterwards completely blamed himself for loosing the heads up which was played to passiveley you wouldn't believe it and dragged on forever."

Speaking of "Jonas Hüttel" he shared with us one of his favorite Ekstra Babes, besides Thea of course. Check her out below and more here. After the jump a video of an Ekstra Babe who may or may not be the same as the one below. Hard to tell. Hot Danish blondes all look alike to us.


* Not that there's anything wrong with that (being European or gay)

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