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March 2008

Shannon Elizabeth Back to Showing Legs on Dancing with the Stars

We didn't catch Shannon Elizabeth's performance on week three of Dancing with the Stars tonight, but we did watch the video of it below and it looks like the poker playing actress listened to our advice from last week, and went back to showing off her ridiculously nice legs.

As far as how Shannon Elizabeth did in the dancing department, we're not quite sure. All we can say is that she moved around a lot all over the stage and didn't look retarded doing so. So that's probably a good thing.

Watch above video of Shannon Elizabeth on YouTube here.

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Lacey Jones Is Hottest Girl in Poker

Well, we've been sitting on this one for about three months now, but in what could best be described as a "landslide," Lacey Jones is the winner of the Wicked Chops Hottest Girl in Poker poll.

Lacey, who currently resides in Las Vegas and splits time playing poker, modeling, and acting, was an early FOWCP and a fave of ours ever since. She lapped (many, many times) the number two vote getter, Brandi Hawbaker. Others receiving notable votes include our favorite cougar Michele Lewis, Liz Lieu, Erica Schoenberg, Evy Ng, and Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth.

Most who know Lacey would agree she's the coolest hot girl you'll ever meet. In between some bikini-clad glamor shots, hear what Lacey has to say about being voted the hottest girl in poker, who she thinks is hot, and more...

Lacey Jones hottest girl in poker video

Read our Heads-Up interview with Lacey Jones

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Andrea Tiede is Sarah Larson's Hot Friend

Sarah Larson showing her affection for Andrea TiedeMore photos of George Clooney's hot girlfriend Sarah Larson are floating around the Internet, and with this latest batch people are wondering who the even hotter girl is with Sarah as she simulates sex acts with random people and inanimate objects. Because that's what girls in Las Vegas do.

Well, as we pointed out the other day, it is none other than RawVegas.tv hostess Andrea Tiede, who is a longtime friend of Larson's.

Check out more of Sarah Larson looking dirty hot and Andrea Tiede looking hot hot in the photos below.


Andrea Tiede kissing Katie Rees
Andrea Tiede photo gallery
Andrea Tiede and Denise Pernula talking dirty
Andrea Tiede on the red carpet with Shanna Moakler


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Hey, We've Been Around for Three Years...

Eva_mendes_nakedLooks like we've been around for three years now.

That's three years of poker news featuring hot girls, hot girls featuring poker news, poker hot girls featuring news, and news girls hot poker featuring.

Some fun stuff coming up this week to commemorate this non-momentous occasion, including but not limited to a sexy video with the winner of our Hottest Girl in Poker poll, the first or possibly third annual Wicked Chops Poker Awards, probably some links to hot girls in their birthday suits (like at right), and who knows what else.

Stay tuned...

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Lee Markholt Wins WPT World Poker Challenge, No Longer Confused with Lee Watkinson

Lee_markholt1For years, Lee Markholt lived in the shadows of Lee Watkinson.

They kind of look the same. They're both from Washington. They're both named "Lee."

But the attention (or lack there of) Markholt received was nowhere near the not-that-much-attention-in-the-grand-scheme-of-things that Watkinson received.

This, even though Markholt had a very respectable $1.4M in career tournament earnings.

It was all about Lee Watkinson in the Lee_watkinson1_2battle of shaven-headed Washingtonian "Lee's."

And this drove Markholt to the edge of insanity.*

Nightly, Markholt would wake up after having nightmares: "Lee Watkinson made the 2007 WSOP Main Event final table. Lee Watkinson has gotten serious face-time on WPT and WSOP broadcasts. Lee Watkinson wears a hoodie..."

It was almost too much for Markholt to take. He weighed his options. "What if I bought a hoodie, kidnapped Watkinson, and assumed his identity. Al Krux did it to Jason Lester. Maybe I can do it too. Heck, even Poker Pages already has us listed as the same guy. This plan is so crazy it just might work." Markholt thought.

Eventually, Markholt settled on making himself known by winning the WPT World Poker Challenge. Which he did.

Get full results and payouts here.

* Remainder of the post after the asterisk was completely fabricated. Except the part about winning the WPT World Poker Challenge. That's true.

** Images from Poker Pages.

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Any Ideas Who This Is?

Ashley Alexandra Dupre the Eliot Spitzer hooker

A high-stakes poker player is being named in yet another New York based high-class call girl sting.

While this was wasn't on par with the Emperors VIP Club bust that featured Eliot Spitzer's sometimes hot, sometimes manly Ashley Youmans/Ashley Alexandra Dupré/Kristen, this one still attracted a slew of horny old rich guys.

According to the Daily News:

"For one high-stakes poker star, $26,450 can amount to one raise at the table - or a few romps in the sack with high-class call girls.

The well-known pro card player is among the high rollers who dropped mega-money on the lovelies in Kristin Davis' stable of high-priced call girls at Wicked Models.

Records obtained by the Daily News show he spent $26,450 for eight dates - including a pair of steamy, seven-hour sessions that were originally supposed to run three hours."

The player is not named in the report. But one would assume he's based in the New York or Atlantic City area.

Any ideas on this one? Leave your guess in the comments section.

Read the full article here.

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Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth Voted for Hillary Clinton

Shannon_elizabeth1Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth is getting famous-er everyday, as evidenced by this recent paparazzi video showing her mundanely walking to and from her car with some uber preppy guy who looks like he just walked off the set of some Reagan-era high school flick.

Because you care about Shannon's politics, one of the paparazzi asked her who she is picking for the next president of US America, and she gives a surprising answer. But you'll have to watch the video to find out who she says.

Or you can read the headline above. That works too.

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Sarah Larson is Friendly

Sarah Lawson is George Clooney's girlfriendYou may remember Sarah Larson. She's the former promo model from Las Vegas who is currently dating occasional poker-er George Clooney and who may have lipsticked it to Gambling911.com's Jenny Woo during an affiliate convention in Amsterdam two years ago. You may also recall that the UK's Sun published a bunch of photos of Larson back then showing her stuff off for the camera and was seen in one pic cozying up to online gambling publisher and editor Michael Caselli.

Well, more photos of Clooney's girl are popping up online from her "wild" days in Las Vegas, and making an appearance in a couple of shots is RawVegas.tv's hostess hottie Andrea Tiede. You can see Andrea in the shot above on the left standing next to Larson, who looks to be saying hello to a guy friend by simulating getting banged against the wall. It may all seem a bit risque to those outside Vegas but it's quite a common greeting here. Kind of like a hug or peck on the cheek, only friendlier.

The rest of the photos show Larson at Rehab last summer prancing around in her bikini, showing off her phenomenally perfect backside, getting down on all fours and sand wrestling some other half-naked chick. Again, it may appear somewhat salacious, but Sarah actually is a bit of a prude compared to most chicks at Rehab. Like the eyes-closed-drunk girl we saw last summer being dragged away by security with her thong down to her knees as she mumbled "C&ck, c#ck, I want some c@ck." It was like she was in the desert for days and was in desperate need of water. Except this was the Hard Rock Hotel and she wanted c%ck. We really hope someone helped the girl out.

Check out the photos of Sarah (Andrea is in the first one) below and after the jump, and to see less modest girls doing their thing at Rehab go here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW) and here (NSFW). Btw, don't click any of those unless you're an adult and are prepared to hate yourself for spending last summer in Des Moines or Sandusky or whatever boring town you live in that isn't Las Vegas.


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WPT World Poker Challenge Final Table Is Boring

World Poker Tour in Reno has boring final tableWith only 10 remaining, the WPT World Poker Challenge was shaping up for an all-timer final table, as Phil Ivey, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Chau Giang, and David "The Dragon" Pham* were all in contention.

Then, disaster struck.

During play, a monkey showed up carrying an Ebola-like contagious virus called Motaba. The monkey was brought to the U.S. Americas to be sold illegally in the underground pet trade market. The monkey began spitting on everyone's faces, infecting them all. Will the virus kill humanity? And just how far will the U.S. American government go to stop it's spread???

Wait, turning off Outbreak...

Phil Ivey was eliminated in 10th ($46,832), Chau Giang in 8th ($65,565), and The Grinder in 7th ($74,931), leaving only David "The Dragon" Pham** as a "name" at the final table.

Pham is stacked at 406,000, fourth overall. He trails the big-boned big-stack Jason Potter (1,156,000). No word yet if Potter is the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day, but if so, wethinks that year supply of almonds may be just as important of a prize as the first place money.

The rest of the televised final table includes: Lee Markholt (1,137,000), Bryan Devonshire (674,000), Zach Hyman (285,000), and Jeff DeWitt (249,000).

Get live final table blogging from the WPT website at 5pm PST here.

* Not a real dragon.

** Not a real dragon.

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Krystal Forscutt Busting Out of a Bikini Brings You Today's Poker News

Krystal Forscutt bikini goodnessThere's really no excuse for us not featuring 21-year-old Aussie model Krystal Forscutt here on WCP more often. The ex-Big Brother-er ranks right up there with the best of them in the perfectly bodied department and is the undisputed champ when it comes to wearing bikinis that don't come anywhere close to fitting. Enjoy some clickalicious pics of Krystal below and here. And just in case you didn't see it below, there are some links to poker news.

:: US American troops now get to play cards and kill terrorists thanks to custom poker table maker Randy Ying who shipped some felts to that sand lot they call Iraq (Click here)

:: Legendary leg spinner Shane Warne says poker and family will keep him from returning to the pitch at Hampshire (Click here)

:: Crazy Bitch Tiffany Williamson, a woman, somehow managed to donk and chop her way to a nice cash at the Foxwoods Poker Classic (Click here)

:: Claim that Brandon Cantu stiffed dealers at Bay 101 leads to lengthy tipping etiquette thread led by Matt Savage (Click here)

:: Finally, a NorCal Poker Tournament Player of the Year ranking system!!! (Click here)

:: Ex-talk show host-er and prescription drug peddler Montel Williams will play for the stars and stripes at the Poker Nations Cup in Wales (Click here)

:: Online poker software licenser GigaMedia is confident Amercia Jr. won't enact a UIGEA-like law (Click here)


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Libertarian Poker Night with Jesus and Bloch this April Fools' Day

Chris Jesus Ferguson and Andy Bloch guests at Reason.com Poker NightThe freedom-loving, free-thinking, free market-ers over at Reason.com are hosting a "poker night" on Tuesday, April 1 with special guests Chris "Jesus" Ferguson and Andy Bloch. The evening will include some card playing and an open discussion on politics and poker moderated by the well-reasoned online poker advocate and CATO-er Radley Balko.

Says the site:

"On Tuesday, April 1, please join the staff of reason at our D.C. offices for a short panel discussion about the great American game of poker. What's behind its massive recent surge in popularity? Why did Congress ban online poker? Why are local governments sending in SWAT teams to bust up private games?

After a discussion and audience Q&A moderated by reason Senior Editor Radley Balko, we'll shuffle up and deal specially embossed free reason playing cards. Drinks, light snacks and poker paraphernalia provided."

A poker night in DC held on April 1st with famous poker players and a bunch of UIGEA-opposing Libertarians? We smell an April Fools' Day hoax coming saying the event got raided. Or maybe we'll start it ourselves. And if we do, hopefully you'll forget we just said that.

For more about the event go here.

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"Salty" Joe Hachem Turned Down Dancing with the Stars

As many of our faithful site readers may have figured out over the past few weeks, Shannon Elizabeth is on this season's Dancing with the Stars.

However, what you may NOT have known is that 2005 WSOP of Poker Main Shannon_elizabeth_naked_dancing_witEvent champ "Salty" Joe Hachem was invited to be on the popular show but turned it down.

In a recent 2+2 forum post, 2004 WSOP Main Event champ Greg Raymer wrote:

"...Joe Hachem was previously invited to be on the show, but declined, because he would have had to stay in the U.S. for the entire 2-3 month period of the show."

Well, if DWtS had some sort of "poker player quota" they were looking to fill this year, well done in getting Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth to do so. We like Hachem and all, but Shannon legs can keep a grown man up at night. Dudes used to go to war over gams like that (gams at right).

Read Greg Raymer's full post
Joe Hachem confirming he's not Britney Spears' ex Adnan Ghalib
Shannon Elizabeth Nude for PETA
More on Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth
Newly launched WickedChopsDancingwiththeStars.com
Our DWtS Google Page Rank (#2 baby!)

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WPT World Poker Challenge: Jason Potter, Jordan Rich (a Ginger), Phil Ivey, The Grinder Lead With 27 Remaining

Jason_potterWith Day 2 done at the WPT World Poker Challenge, Jason Potter (at right), the big-boned kid with the big-game who got robbed Down Under earlier this year when his big-appetite led to a late night stroll for a burger, is the big-stack with 357,700.

He's followed by Jordan Rich, a ginger, with 327,900. Rich was actually interviewed yesterday by WCP fave Kimberly Lansing, but the beautiful WPT babe failed to ask him the hard-hitting ginger-related questions that we suggested. Kimberly, we love ya like Jason Potter loves late night hamburgers, but the U.S. American poker playing public wants to know this stuff. Give the people what they want! Watch the interview here.

Some other big names are among the remaining 27, including Phil Ivey (286,100), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (255,900), David "The Dragon" Pham* (195,100), Chau Giang (159,800), and Erik Seidel (138,600).

Get full chip counts from the WPT here.

* Not a real dragon.

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Keeley Hazell is Prolific

Keeley Hazell goes topless in FHM UKThe way Keeley Hazell pleasures us with one photo shoot after another is a big reason why she holds the pole position as the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2008.

It's like Keeley is some sort of modern day Józef Ignacy Kraszewski, except instead of writing hundreds of novels in a language that makes no sense to us, she prolifically drops the top for men's magazines around the world on a monthly, if not weekly, basis.

Yeh, we have no idea who Józef Ignacy Kraszewski is either but we're running out of things to say about the world's most perfectly built woman and Józef Ignacy Kraszewski's name is really, really long and we were looking to fill in some space here so the text matches up with the photo you see on the right of Keeley Hazell in the May issue of the UK edition of FHM magazine.

Ok we're good. Now, check out more deliciously clickable photos of Keeley Hazell from the new FHM spread below and here.

Relatedly, find out how you can get interactive with Keeley here, see her in chocolate bikini here and reminisce about her first spread of 2008 here


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Jeff Madsen is a Renaissance Man

MadsenApparently, Jeff "Prairie Dog" Madsen isn't just a poker player, cigarette smoker, expert Guitar Hero-er and reality show chick banger. He's also an art connoisseur and interior decorator, of sorts.

AllInmag.com reported today that the two-time WSOP bracelet winner is "involved" in an effort to update the Bellagio Poker Room with some art.

Explains Jeff on his MySpace blog:

"Me and my artist friend Jen Ashton came up with a plan to renovate the look of the Bellagio poker room. The artwork in there seems outdated and the place could certainly use a new feel. Soo, because she is so good at portraits and is involved in the poker world we came up with a plan to be able to donate artwork to the poker room. The first step is to form a 'committee' of some sort, basically anyone who is willing to donate money to this cause will have a say in what portraits Jen will actually paint. Once we get enough in donations for her to paint, she will work on a portrait of whichever figure in poker the committee has voted on. I feel like this is a great way to do this because the Bellagio poker room will eventually have a better look and the art will be 'by the players, for the players.' We will certainly do Chip Reese as a first portrait once we get this rolling. I will give an update when the project is officially in motion, but I just wanted to present it so we can start getting some attention behind it. Let’s fill the Bellagio with poker legends!"

Continue reading "Jeff Madsen is a Renaissance Man" »

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Online Gambling Hasn't Increased Rate of Addiction, Says Really Smart Guy

Harvard prof and online poker advocate Charles Nesson recently posted a video of fellow smartie Howard Shaffer (who's the director of the Division of Addiction at the Harvard School of Medicine) talking about the effect online gambling has had on the rate of pathological gamblers in U.S. America.

It's been long thought that the increase accessibility to gambling because of online gambling sites would proportionally increase the amount of gambling related problems. Indeed, that kind of thinking has been the rallying call for anti-online gambling moralists for years. Like remember when hooker banger Eliot Spitzer said that online gambling has "enabled gamblers to wreak sudden financial devastation on themselves and their families."

Well, in actuality, according to Shaffer, it hasn't.

In a study he conducted, the percentage of Americans who have a problem with gambling has actually decreased over the last 30 years, even as it's become more accessible.

As Shaffer points out, the reality is that "an overwhelming majority of gamblers online gamble in a very moderate and mild way."

Watch on YouTube here.

Tip: BillRini.com.

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Phil Ivey Leads Yet Another WPT Day 1

Only 261 players showed for the WPT's World Poker Challenge, indicating that many of the world's finest were not up for the challenge (nyuck, nyuck).

Phil Ivey leads at WPT World Poker ChallengeAs has been a trend recently, and by "recently" we mean the last six or so years, Phil Ivey finds himself atop the leaderboard after Day 1 play, stacked at 179,900. Ivey won last month's LA Poker Classic.

He's closely followed by Eli Elezra with 178,800. In third overall is Jordan Rich, a ginger, with 131,300. While a fixture on the circuit since 2004, Rich exploded like a red fire-ball on the scene last December with a fifth place finish at the WPT Bellagio Five-Diamond Classic. Since then, Rich, a ginger, has racked up almost another $100k in tournament earnings, including two first place finishes in prelim LAPC events.

On a side note, if we worked with the WPT's awesome live tournament reporter Kimberly Lansing, we'd have her ask Rich if being a ginger gives him a competitive advantage since the other players would have a hard time reading him because gingers have no soul. (cough cough)

Other big stacks remaining include but are certainly not limited to Hasan Habib (110,300), Bill Edler (93,300), Erik Seidel (88,100), Erick Lindgren (81,900), Peter "Nordberg" Feldman (60,300), and Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (52,800).

Other big-name-not-so-big-stacks remaining include David "The Dragon" Pham* (50,200), this guy who looks like he just escaped from prison (39,300), Ted Forrest (36,900), and our perennial pick to win it, Huck Seed (33,500).

Get full chip counts from the WPT here and video updates here.

Also, quick happy birthday to FOWCP Joe Sebok.

* Not a real dragon.

Watch the below vid, btw.

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Shannon Elizabeth Survives 1st Cut on Dancing With the Stars

Shannon Elizabeth is still Dancing with the StarsIn news likely to piss off anyone who's tired of us talking about Shannon Elizabeth being on Dancing with the Stars, Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth and her ridiculously perfect legs have made it past the first cut and will continue on to the next round of the hit show, which has become a ratings monster for ABC (17 million viewers last week) despite its improbable premise as a show about ballroom dancing and starring celebrities you either don't know or forgot about a decade ago.

Gone from DwtS tonight is former tennis-er Monica Seles and Penn Jillette, the poker-ing magician whose sidekick Teller wagered $5,000 on to win despite 30-1 odds.

In related news, hey Stuff, FHM, Maxim et al...get off the shnide and get a new photo spread going with Shannon Elizabeth. It's been 9 frickin' years since the poker playing, American Pie top dropper got naked for Playboy and about 3 or 4 since a decent men's mag shoot. We thought that was the whole purpose of Shannon doing the show. It was for Stacey Kiebler and that other chick whose name escapes us right now but there are videos of her all over YouTube playing strip poker.

While we wait, below and after the jump are some old photos of Shannon Elizabeth that may or may not be new to you, including one quasi-NSFW pic we're not sure what to make of and shots of Shannon doing her best Danish chick in men's underwear impression as a Pussycat Doll.

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Annie Duke was a 'Prize' on Deal or No Deal Last Night

Annie Duke was on Deal or No Deal, case girl Brooke Long plays pokerDancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth, who you may know as one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars, wasn't the only poker playing chick appearing on a hit show last night.

Annie Duke, a woman, made a surprise appearance on NBC's Deal or No Deal, the game show featuring Howie Mandel and 26 super hot models holding briefcases with varying amounts of money in them.

Apparently the contestant last night was a female poker player, and in the middle of the show, Annie came up on stage to offer a "deal" that included $133,000 in cash and a free trip to Annie's WSOP Academy ladies poker camp, 4 private poker lessons and some other stuff that was valued at a total of $25,000. The contestant's husband encouraged her to walk away with the Annie Duke lessons and the money, but she went against his advice and said, "No Deal."

In the end, the chick wasn't stupidly greedy like every other contestant on the show. She made it down to two cases, one had $25,000 and the other $1 million, and when she was offered $341,000, she took the deal.

So what was in her case? The million bucks.

We missed the actual airing but we were sent a video of Annie's appearance on the show and we have to say she's looking rather fit and trim. We guess all that marathon training is paying off for her. Or maybe it's Adderall. Works for us.

In case you are wondering who the hot blonde is in the photo above and what she has to do with this post, her name is Brooke Long, the Deal or No Deal model who holds case #15 every week on the show. We met her at the WPT Invitational a few weeks ago where she showed us some sick photos of her busted up big toe. It was good times. Below are more clickable photos of Brooke playing poker at the WPTI, and if you missed our Kimberly Lansing shots from the WPTI, do yourself a favor and go here.


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Worst News Ever? Oral Sex and Pot Linked to Forms of Cancer

Ggw_red_apple_hot_pinkIn what has to be the most crushing news ever to players at ReeferPoker.com and dudes all around the world in general, Johns Hopkins University is releasing a study next week revealing that pot consumption and oral sex are linked to certain forms of cancer.

Aw come on wtf.

Specifically, the Johns Hopkins study cites that smoking pole and smoking weed are linked to certain types of head (uh-huh-huh) and neck cancers:

"Head and neck cancers that were positive for HPV 16 were associated with having more oral sex partners and smoking more marijuana."

"Head and neck cancers that were negative for HPV 16 weren't linked to sex or marijuana. Instead, they were tied to smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, and having poor oral hygiene."

Why ruin everyone's day with this, Johns Hopkins? What good can you possibly accomplish? Why not just sit on this one? And what other studies do you have up your sleeve? Watching SEC football makes you impotent? Having unprotected sex with crack whores may spread HIV? Go ahead, ruin all of the fun.

Read the article here.

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Jeff Madsen is a Good Smoker

RawVegas.tv stopped by Evelyn Ng's condo in Las Vegas the other day to shoot her and Lacey Jones rocking it out Guitar Hero III, except replace "Lacey Jones" with Jeff Madsen and that's what you'll see in the video below. You'll also see Jeff Madsen, who looks like a prairie dog to us, pulling a Miss Teen South Carolina (jokingly) when he rambles off continents like Asia, Africa and Europe and calls them cities. Throughout the video, Madsen is for some reason smoking a cigarette in what can best be described as an awkward manner. Seriously, we know 7 year olds who look cooler smoking cigarettes. Sure we have to buy and light the cancer sticks for the rugrats but once they get puffing, they look cool. Because smoking is cool. Unless you're Jeff Madsen.

In related news, we have a crush on Evy.

Evelyn Ng and Jeff Madsen playing Guitar Hero video.

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Shannon Elizabeth Looking Good on Dancing with the Stars, But Needs to Show More Leg Next Time

Not sure when this turned into a chick blog, but Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth had yet another strong performance on Dancing with the Stars, which Shannon Elizabeth is on this season.

While Elizabeth scored three 8's from the judges (which according to our trusty calculator is a 24), she scored three 2's from the Entities on our "showing leg" chart.

Last week, Shannon was all leg, which was awesome because she's got two really, really nice legs (unlike Heather Mills, who only has one).

This week though, they were all covered up. Wtf? Did a bear try to eat one of them? Were they caught under a lawnmower? When you have a body part that impressive, you show it off. All the time. There's a reason why we seldom wear pants, you know.

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Neil Channing, a Ginger*, 'Jamie Golds' the Final Table at the 2008 Irish Poker Open

Neil Channing, a ginger, so he has no soul and may kill you in your sleep if he gets the chance, has won the 2008 Irish Poker Open in Dublin, Ireland.

Leprechaun_irish_openAfter working his way through a field of 667 players, the 40-year-old from London entered the televised final table with more than a third of the chips in play and steamrolled over his competitors in a manner reminiscent of the way Jamie Gold dominated the final table at the 2006 World Series of Poker Main Event.

For the win, "Bad Beat" Channing takes home €801,400. Runner-up Donal Norton, the sole Irishman at the final table, walks with €420,000.

The rest of the final table finished as follows: Thomas Dunwoodie (€275,000), Tim Blake (€220,000), Danilo Paulsen (€175,000) and Edwin Tournier (€135,000).

While we weren't there in Dublin to cover the event as we've been banished from the Emerald Isle ever since the naked leprechaun tossing debacle in Kilkenny ten years ago, our pal Owen Laukannen was there and you can read his full wrap-up here.

Speaking of leprechaun tossing, for a video showing what all Canadians do to celebrate St. Patrick's Day besides freeze their asses off, go here.

Photo above of Neil Channing, a ginger, and last year's Irish Open champ, Marty Smyth, also a ginger.

*UPDATE: There's a good chance based on people who have played against him that Neil isn't an actual ginger although he does show some ginger tendencies. Perhaps it was just the photos Owen took that made him look pretty ginger-y to us. Same goes with Marty, although the dude's pretty much bald so it's hard to tell. Regardless, being labeled a ginger is a serious matter and if we're wrong, our apologies.
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Spot the Poker Hottie

Watch it at AdGabber

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Poker Blog Round-Up: 2008 WSOP Main Event Seats, Trip Reports, Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza, The Jennicide Prophecy, and More Vikki Blows

This is the second of our new series of poker blog round-ups at Wicked Chops Poker in which we send people to other blogs to get their poker news fix. Ironically it coincides with yet another slow poker news day and the submission of our latest BLUFF Magazine article, meaning we're at a temporary creative lull.

Vikki_blows_naked_not:: The 2008 WSOP is just two months away, and Poker Stars is giving away 1,000 Main Event seats. (Click here)

:: One of our favorite and most underrated poker bloggers, Kid Dynamite, just got back from another Vegas junket and posted his Trip Report trilogy. (Click here)

:: Potential Official WCP Girl of 2008, Vikki Blows, is still ridiculously attractive. (Click here)

:: The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza returns in April. (Click here)

:: We all know Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh will be posing nude in this coming month's Playboy, but does she have some sort of mp? (Click here)

:: And finally, us linking to Iggy who is linking to other interesting items in a similar link dump post. (Click here)

Got a poker blog and a story, shoot us an e-mail.

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Daniel Negreanu to Be in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

As reported all over the place the past couple weeks (we'll cite this one here), Daniel Negreanu will be playing poker against Hugh Jackman, aka Wolverine, in the upcoming movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Now comic books are for dorks who don't get laid but we hear the X-Men series and Wolverine are pretty cool. While Daniel can't officially comment on his appearance, he'll be in the flick.

He stopped by the RawVegas.tv office today to talk about all of the other stuff he's been up to lately. Watch the video below.

Daniel Negreanu vlog on X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Daniel Negreanu Video Blogs
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

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Happy Easter from Mir, Ale and Mar

Miranda, Alessandra and Marisa on the beach

We're heading out for the Easter weekend, so until we're back on Monday, we leave you with three of our favorite Victoria's Secret/Sports Illustrated Swimsuit-ers Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosia and Marisa Miller.

Apparently the three of them are/were on some VH1 photog reality show called "The Shot," and the pic above is from one of the contestants, we're guessing.

For more photos and a video of Miranda, Alessandra and Marisa appearing on the show, go here. Relatedly, check out this Marisa Miller video.

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Top Searches and Referrer-ers the Past 30 Days

Susan Sideropoulos is a German actress and singerTime to say thanks to our top referrers from the past 30 days according to Feedburner, which fuels our RSS feed and supplies us with anal-ytics that are somehow completely different than our main stat thingamajig, and we lack the intellectual curiousity to figure out why. By the way, if you aren't signed up to receive Wicked Chops Poker updates daily via email, you can do so by clicking here. To get our feed online only, click one of the icons on the top right of the site, or for bloglines click here.

No doubt, the Eliot Spitzer hooker scandal and the fact that Ashley Youmans aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre turned out to be a ho's ho drove a bit of traffic to WCP. Layla Kayleigh keeps bringing them in too. Apparently she is on some MTV show and whenever it airs people google the heck out of "Layla Kayleigh nude", only to disappointingly find out that the WPT hostess won't pose nude. As for referrers, Jesus Martinez's worshippers at DSF apparently wanted to see photos of Trishelle Cannatella playing poker. PocketFives, meanwhile, drove traffic to our RSS feed but not our site when a P5-er snatched code or something from our Trojan post and used it for a forum post. Yeh, we have no idea what we just said either.

All right, below are the top searches and referrers.

Top searches:

Ashley Youmans
Layla Kayleigh
Keeley Hazell
Ashley Alexandra Dupre
Olga Kurylenko
Shana Hiatt

Top Referrers:

DrunkenStepfather.com (NSFW)

Photo above of German singer and soap opera-er Susan Sideropoulos. More of her here.

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Eliot Spitzer's Hooker Ashley Might Have Been a Dude

Ashley Alexandra Dupre's first escorting photos aren't flatteringWe've mentioned before that we aren't quite sure what to make of Eliot Spitzer's hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro. In some pics she looks pretty hot. Others, the girl next door. Still others, we've noted a certain degree of manliness to her looks.

Well, today, US magazine published some photos of Ashley from when she first started escorting and based on them we'd bet a crack whore's life that she was a dude at one time, and if not, the girl has a serious amount of testosterone in her body. Just look at those man hands on her. They make ours look dainty. Especially since we just had hot cream manicures done.

Anyway, so she probably ain't a dude but the online poker-hating, hooker-loving Spitzer should get a refund for the $4300 he spent on banging "Kristen" this past February in Washington DC hotel, because the girl is about as far away from being a 5-diamonds escort as Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth is away from ever winning an Oscar.

Click on the photos below from Ashley's hooker debut, and if you can take it, one more photo after the jump below . . .


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The Grand Rates 'Rotten,' Opens Tomorrow in LA and NYC

Zak Penn's improvisational poker movie The Grand, which we predicted will not be so grand at the box office, finally hits theaters tomorrow in Los Angeles and New York City and will open elsewhere on April 4.

Shannon Elizabeth of Dancing with the Stars at The Grand PremiereAccording to limited reviews recorded by Rotten Tomatoes, the film is currently scoring 44% on the Tomatometer, meaning it's received more "rotten" reviews from critics than "fresh" ones. Still, it's faring much better than Lucky You, which charted at 29%.

If you've missed our past posts about the film, The Grand is a Waiting for Guffman-like mockumentary of the poker world that stars Woody Harrelson as One Eyed Jack Faro, a degenerate pokerer who attempts to save his dead dad's hotel-casino from a real estate developer by taking down the world's most famous high stakes tournament, the Grand Championship of Poker.

Joining Harrelson in the cast are Werner Herzog, Gabe Kaplan, Michael "David St. Hubbins" McKean, Hank Azaria, Dennis Farina, Chris Parnell, Cheryl Hines, David Cross, Jason Alexandar, Ray Romano, Richard Kind, and Shannon Elizabeth, who if we haven't mentioned it yet, is on Dancing With the Stars.

Also in the film are a few poker pros including Doyle Brunson, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Laak and Phil Gordon.

Not in the film, Keeley Hazell.

Check out The Grand's trailer and links to reviews of the film after the jump . . .

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2008 Irish Open Underway in Dublin

Audrina Patridge looks like she could be from Ireland, where the Irish Open poker tournament is underwaySometime between looking at Audrina Patridge's Playboy audition photos for the hundredth time and looking at Audrina Patridge's Playboy audition photos for the two-hundredth time (link), we remembered that Day 1a of the 2008 Irish Open was underway at Dublin's Citywest Hotel in Ireland, the homeland of two thirds of the Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker.

Billed as Europe's oldest and largest poker tournament, the €4,200 buy-in event has drawn a pretty decent field of pros from the Emerald Isle, the UK and North America including Doyle Brunson, Barney Boatman, JJ Liu, a woman, Pascal Perrault, Ram Vaswani, Alan Smurfit, Mike "Timex" McDonald, Marc Goodwin and hometurfers Andy Black, Ciaran O'Leary and Padraig Parkinson.

Also present are Roland de Wolfe and Sorel Mizzi, who placed 2nd and 3rd, respectively, at last year's Irish Open, which was won by local Marty Smyth.

Finally, David "El Blondie" Colclough, the Silda Spitzer of poker, is among the field.

For live reports, Owen Laukkanen is once again all over the action like these two friendly lesbians on each other, except nowhere near as hot. Check out his reports here.

PaddyPoker, the host, is also live blogging the tourney, although we're kind of creeped by the one reporter who drank Doyle's beer after he walked away. Check their blog out here.

Photo above of Audrina Patridge, if you didn't guess.

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Chris Moore Wins 2008 Wynn Classic, Ryan Young Runner-Ups

If you're reading this post hoping to learn more about what happened at the final table of the 2008 Wynn Classic, other than what is in the headline above, you're going to be disappointed. Because that's all we got for you.

However, if you happened to be asking yourself today, "I wonder what the Bulgarian version of American Idol is like?" well, it's funny you should ask. By the way, the language these people (in videos below and after the jump) are singing in, which you can't understand a lick of, is English.

Also after the jump, one more video demonstrating that the judges on Bulgaria's "Music Idol" are bigger freaks than the contestants.

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Shannon Shorr Can Fly

You may recall seeing 22-year-old poker pro Shannon Shorr, a guy, playing last year's WSOP in a back brace and being pushed around in a wheel chair after he fractured two vertebrae and broke his heel. At the time he didn't say much about what actually happened, just that he was "horsing around" with his roommates when "a major accident happened at the house" (Shannon's blog post about it here).

Well, the accident, if jumping off a 15 foot ledge onto a deflated air mattress counts as an accident, was captured on film in all its jackass glory by his roommate Jerry "JLimbs" Limber, and it just got posted on YouTube today. Check it out below:

In related Shannon news, in case we haven't mentioned it yet, Shannon Elizabeth is on Dancing with the Stars.

After the jump, the video of Tiffany Michelle interviewing Shannon Shorr at the WSOP two days after breaking his back . . .

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Poker News Roundup Brought to You By the Hottest Girl Ever Named Debora

Poker news brought to you by Italian model Debora Salvalaggio:: Doyle Brunson and Patrik Antonius are closer to going heads-up for millions, on television (Click here)

:: Harvard prof Charles Nesson, aka "Billion Dollar Charlie", rallied against a Massachusetts bill that would make online poker a crime (Click here)

:: Did poker play a role in the double homicide of a poker pro and his wife? (Click here)

:: Did we mention Shannon Elizabeth is on Dancing with the Stars yet? (Click here)

:: PokerNews.com's man-in-charge John Caldwell confirms The Grand is the best poker movie since Rounders, because all the other ones sucked (Click here)

:: The Swedish government is no longer going to prosecute media outlets who publish or air online poker ads from non-Volvoland-based sites (Click here)

:: Congrats to the purported mother of our Brazilian bastard children friend Maria Eduarda Mayrink, aka Maridu, a woman, for finishing 5th out of a field of 500+ at the Rio Poker Fest, winning $40,000 in some type of currency (Click here)

:: The best poker show on television just may be on . . . BET? (Click here)

Photo above of the absurdly stunning Italian model Debora Salvalaggio. Two more pics of the hottest girl ever named Debora after the jump . . .

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Shocker! Eliot Spitzer's Hooker Did Girls Gone Wild When She Was 18, Possibly 17

Eliot Spitzer's Hooker Ashley Alexandra Dupre dig Girls Gone Wild when she was 18In news every bit as surprising as having to take a crap in the morning, Eliot Spitzer's hooker "Kristen" (aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, aka Nina Venetta) did Joe Francis' Girls Gone Wild in 2003 when she was celebrating her 18th birthday in Florida, thus fulfilling the official rite of passage for any teenage slut seeking to become an adult slut.

While the AP reports Ashley was 18 at the time the video was filmed, we read somewhere that her attorney is saying she was 17. We also read somewhere that if you put an egg in a bowl of water and it floats, it's bad, but that doesn't have anything to do with this post. But it's still very important to know.

Word is that Joe Francis was originally going to offer Ashley $1 million this week to team with his porn shop but then realized they actually had footage of her on file. How much footage? Apparently seven tapes worth, including girl-on-girl stuff, which of course is what Girls Gone Wild is all about. That and making it a bitch to cancel your subscription of 7 years despite repeated efforts to do so because your current/first wife isn't cool with them anymore.

A video clip of Ashley Alexandra Dupre going wild and a few more pics after the jump . . .

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2008 WSOP Europe Dates Announced, Jeffrey Pollack Challenges U.S. Americans

Doutzen_kroesYesterday the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), which will be in Europe for some reason again this year which is the home continent of Doutzen Kroes (at right, must watch commercial here, schritting never seemed so sexy) announced that it will run from September 19th to October 1st, 2008 in London, England. This year's WSOPE is presented by Betfair. Last year's WSOPE Main Event was won by Annette Obrestad, a woman.

Like last year, the tournament will be hosted by London Clubs International and will be held at St. James (Fifty), Leicester Square (The Casino at the Empire) and Marble Arch (Sportsman).

WSOP Commish and famed blogger Jeffrey Pollack even threw a bit of a challenge to U.S. American players, who more or less avoided the European extravaganza like it was the Great Plague of London in 1665:

“It was a clean sweep for the Europeans last year. There are many, many talented players in the European poker community and I think it caught some of the world’s best known poker players by surprise. It’s safe to say the pros haven’t forgotten about last year and the young guns should expect a tougher fight in 2008.”

The schedule of events is still being finalized.

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Video: Shannon Elizabeth's Dancing with the Stars Debut

So our favorite poker playing, sponsor logo-naked, American Pie top-dropper Shannon Elizabeth made her Dancing with the Stars debut tonight, and while we didn't quite catch the airing of the show, a clip featuring Shannon and her partner (Ricky Schroeder?) is already up on YouTube.

We're not really sure how Dancing with the Stars works or quite understand the concept of ballroom dancing but if having ridiculously perfect legs and not wearing much of a dress (is it a dress if it pretty much stops at the waist?) are a part of the judging criteria, we'd say Shannon Elizabeth kicked ass tonight.

Watch Shannon Elizabeth's debut on Dancing with the Stars here.

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"That Ain't Right"

The below video has nothing to do with poker and everything to do with a punk-ass drunk guy decking a girl on St. Patrick's Day. Keep your eye on the chick in red.

Originally found here on the TheBigLead.com

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Shannon Elizabeth Gets 15/1 Odds to Win Dancing With the Stars

Shannon Elizabeth is not a favorite to win Dancing With the Stars but she is a favorite to see nakedCan't remember if we've mentioned this or written about it (years of super-heavy drug-use can really ruin brain cells), but Shannon Elizabeth (naked without logo here) is on Dancing with the Stars this season.

And since we're willing to bet that most of you bet, if you want to place a wager on her chances this year, Bodog has her listed at 15/1 to win (down from 10/1 earlier today), right in the middle of the pack.

Penn Jillette, who also plays poker but looks significantly worse without a shirt on, is in "last" at 25/1.

And Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor, whose poker buddies gave him a pink tu-tu (sp?), is the current male favorite at 3/1.

Full Dancing with the Stars odds
Shannon Elizabeth Naked

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Rally Against Governor Deval Patrick's Bill to Criminalize Online Poker

Governor Deval Patrick wants to criminalize online pokerAs we've mentioned before Barack Obama's goober-natorial pal and plagiar-speech writer Deval Patrick (D - Governor, Mass.) is trying to push a bill through the state legislature that would allow the licensing of three resort casinos in Massachusetts while subjecting those who gamble on the Internet, including online poker players, up to a maximum term of 2 years in prison, a fine of $25,000 or both.

Yes, it's ass backwards, and Harvard law professor and grand poobah of the Global Poker Strategic Thinking Society, Charles Nesson, is calling on poker players to rally at the state house tomorrow morning in protest.

Here's what Nesson wrote on the rally's Facebook page:

"Deval Patrick's casino bill (H. 4307) would make online poker players into criminals — even if no money is changing hands. Rally at the State House TOMORROW (March 18) to help stop this nightmare from becoming a reality!"

For poker players who live in the area, the rally is from 8:30 am to 11:30 am, at the Massachusetts 54th Regiment Memorial (across from the State House) on Beacon Street.

For more details, check out the rally's Facebook page here or go to the GPSTS site here.

Tell Deval Patrick what you think about his bill here.

See the hottest girl hailing a cab today here.

Related post:

Poker Advocate Charles Nesson on The Colbert Report
Governor Deval Patrick Wants to Send Online Poker Players to Prison

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Shannon Elizabeth Naked

Dancing with the Stars premieres tonight on ABC, and for the first time in a long time you'll see poker player Shannon Elizabeth naked, as in, she'll be without a sponsor logo somewhere on her body.

Dancing with the Stars Shannon Elizabeth at The Grand premiereNot sure if you've noticed, but Shannon (seen at right, not naked, at The Grand's recent premiere) tears through the poker sponsors like no one else on the circuit (to date, Poker Stars, Bodog, Full Tilt, Mansion, and now Doyle's Room - photo evidence).

And while part of this is surely because she's a hot property, the other part is she's kind of known within the industry as a pain in the ass for sponsors. Bailing on interviews and tournament appearances is all standard fare.

But we're ok with this, so long as she goes deep in Dancing with the Stars.

Obviously, DwtS is a career godsend for her. We expect her to do well. She's going to look fantastic in whatever she wears (for a reminder of how good she can look when in shape, go back to these pics from the 2005 WSOP). And she definitely knows how to flaunt her sexual appeal on national TV when needed.

So make a 2007 Heads-Up National Poker Championship type run Shannon. The poker world could use some positive press (Can we get a Doyle Brunson appearance in the front row?). And when you return to the circuit, instead of wearing a Poker Blue or Noble Poker or Poker Syndicate or ChanPoker.net logo this time, maybe you can bring a couple of bigger brand advertisers with ya instead.

Photos showing Shannon Elizabeth pimping various poker sites after the jump . . .

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Keeley Hazell is Interactive

Our favorite top-dropper Keeley Hazell is at again.

Keeley Hazell does FHM Sexiest Women interactive siteFHM is letting its readers pick the Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World and has launched an interactive "Lady Selector" web page in which Keeley helps you choose your favorite hotties by dressing and looking exactly the way you want her to and then sharing with you some of the famous girls who match that criteria.

For example, you can tell Keeley you want her to be a brunette, American girl-next-door type with a nice ass and like magic, although not creepy like magic, Keeley is a brunette, American girl-next-door type with a nice ass. She then tells you some of the girls who match that look, like, say, Jessica Alba.

Yep, it's a genius concept, and a total time sucker. So clear your afternoon and start interacting with Keeley here.

Other great moments in Keeley Hazell doing the fantasy dress up/dress down thing:

Keeley Hazell as a WWII pin up girl
Keeley Hazell as a Simpson character
Keeley Hazell as Audrey Hepburn
Keeley Hazell as Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Simpson
Keeley Hazell as Madonna
Keeley Hazell as Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera
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Madison Welch in Front of Green Beer and Shamrocks on St. Patrick's Day Makes for a Good Post

As two-thirds of the Entities that comprise Wicked Chops Poker are Irish, it's important for us to note that St. Patrick's Day is not just about green beer and shamrocks. It is first and foremost a holy day of remembrance in honor of the patron Saint of Ireland, Pádraig, who was brought to Ireland as a slave, escaped and then traveled back to Ireland as a Christian missionary also about girls like Madison Welch dancing in a bikini in front of green beer and shamrocks, which you see her do below and after the jump.

Watch this video on YouTube here.

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Mike "The Mouth" Matusow Leads at 2008 Wynn Classic

2008 Wynn Classic poker tournamentWith the WPT Bay 101 done and the next big stop on the tour more than a week away, many of the top pros headed back to Las Vegas this weekend to play the $10,000 buy-in main event of the 2008 Wynn Classic at the Wynn Las Vegas.

Only in its second year, the poker tournament quickly earned "classic" status last year when Scott Fischman, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, Johnny Chan, Ted Lawson, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow and Chau Giang all were among the final nine competing for the $750,000 first place prize.

This year will likely see another pro-loaded final table, as 183 players started play yesterday with most of the field consisting of big namers including The Mouth, The Grinder, David "The Dragon" Pham*, Gavin Griffin, Mike Sexton, Layne Flack, Gavin Smith, Eli Elezra, Dutch Boyd, Darrell "Gigabet" Dicken, Cliff Josephy, Toto Leonidas, Max Pescatori, Justin Bonomo, and Brandon Cantu, hot off his WPT Bay 101 win.

Also among the field, Rick Salomon, who made it to Day 2 today but may have a hard time focusing at the tables knowing his estranged wife is riding the Klock in Berlin right now.

According to CardPlayer and PokerListings, who are both covering the event, the end of Day 1 chip leader was Mike Matusow with 107,700 and Roy Winston is close behind at 104,550. Blair Hinkle, who was a one-time chip leader at both Bay 101 and the LA Poker Classic and who we're gonna go out on a limb and say he's probably more of a Passover than Easter kind of guy, is also among the top five, stacked at 73,200.

Get live Wynn Classic updates from Matt Showell here.

Get stretching exercises from a hot Japanese girl here.

* Not a real dragon.

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Eric "Sheets" Haber Wins WSOP-C Atlantic City + Seat Into 2008 WSOP Main Event

New photo of Ashley Alexandra DupreIn a post that only exists because we previously used it as an excuse to post photos of "Kristen," aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, aka Nina Venetta, noted online pro Eric "Sheets" Haber has captured this year's WSOP-C Atlantic City event.

Much like the new photos, one of which is at right, of Ashley Alexandra Dupre (aka Ashley Youmans...we're KILLING IT on SEO with this girl, btw), Eric "Sheets" Haber also very much looks like a dude.

As we've noted, we just don't know what to make of Ashley Alexandra Dupre. She's like that two-face girl that Jerry dated in the Seinfeld episode "The Strike." See below:

GEORGE: So, attractive one day - not attractive the next?

JERRY: Have you come across this?

GEORGE: Yes, I am familiar with this syndrome -- she's a two-face.

JERRY: (Relating) Like the Batman villain?

GEORGE: (Annoyed) If that helps you..

JERRY: So, if I ask her out again - I don't know who's showing up: The good, the bad, or the ugly.

Anyway, for the win, Sheets banks $431,136 and earns a seat to the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Other people finished in various places at the final table. You can read about that on Poker News here.

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EPT Polish Open Wraps in Warsaw, Schulze the 'Seiger,' Next-a Up Is-a San Remo in-a Italy

European Poker Tour heads next to the country that gave us girls like Francesca LukasikMichael Schulze (not at right), a 40-year-old stock trader and amateur poker player from Germany, so he probably likes weird porn, is the winner of the EPT Polish Open in Warsaw, earning himself the tournament's first place prize of 2,154,000 PLN (€609,782).

Finishing in second was Portugal's Ricardo Sousa, a relative newcomer to the game, and in third, Mathias Viberg, one of three Swedes at the final table.

Of note, which we already noted, Norwegian Trond Erik Eidsvig, established a new European Poker Tour record by making his third EPT final table this season. The Scandinavian Poker Rookie of the Year finished today in 8th.

Daniel Woolson, a US American, finished in 9th.

Here's how the final nine fared at the EPT Polish Open:

1. Michael Schulze - Germany - 2,154,000 PLN
2. Ricardo Sousa - Portugal - 1,220,600 PLN
3. Mathias Viberg - Sweden - 718,000 PLN
4. Mehdi Ouakhir - France - 538,500 PLN
5. Christian Oman - Sweden - 437,980 PLN
6. Juan Maceiras - Spain - 344,640 PLN
7. Niclas Svensson - Sweden - 272,840 PLN
8. Trond Eidsvig - Norway - 201,040 PLN
9. Daniel Woolson - USA - 122,060 PLN

The European Poker Tour heads next to San Remo in Italy, home to the world's most sexiest women under the age of whenever it is that chain smoking cigarettes and eating mama's spaghetti and homemade cannolis finally do their damage. Some of our favorites include Martina Stella, Melissa Satta, Rosario Cannavò, Elena Santarelli, Camilla Sjoberg, Giorgia Palmas, and Francesca Lukasik, who you see above.

Until Italy, enjoy:

Poker News You Won't Read Because of Hot Photos of Rosaria Cannavò
Martina Stella is a Hot Girl from Italy . . .
Melissa Satta and Elena Santarelli video
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New Photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, nee Ashley Youmans, Who is from Jersey Where the WSOPC Atlantic City Final Table is Underway

New photos of Ashley Youmans aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre are confusingThe final table of the main event of the WSOP Circuit in Atlantic City is underway along the Jersey shore where former NY governor Eliot Spitzer's high-priced hooker "Kristen," aka Ashley Alexandra Dupre, aka Ashley Youmans, aka Ashley Rae Maika DiPietro, aka Nina Venetta, grew up.

With the chip lead at the start of play was Florida's Dan Hicks, stacked at 1,118,000. Hicks has had some decent tournament success over the past few years including a 4th place finish in the short-handed event at the 2006 World Series of Poker.

Starting today in second was New York poker pro and noted online-er Eric Haber, aka 'Sheets,' with 927,000.

The only other notable worthing noting to us from the final table is Nick Binger, brother of 2006 WSOP Main Event final table-ist Michael Binger. Nick has quietly amassed nearly $400k in tournament winnings the last two years and no doubt is looking to make some noise here at Caesars Atlantic City.

Moving along here to the real story, some new photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre are popping up online despite her shyster's claims that they violate her right to privacy.

Checking them out, we're not quite sure what to make of the 22-year-old (or is she 32? or 37? which some are reporting) call girl who sent the anti-online gambling Spitzer packing from the Governor's mansion this week after word got out about their tryst in a Washington hotel. The more photos we see of her the more we're confused. In some pics, like this one, she's exactly what we'd expect from a 5-diamond-er. Other shots, she's just the girl next door, if you live in New Jersey that is. Still others, she comes across a tad bit rough, to put it kindly. Like a girl you might run into along the Jersey Turnpike and say, "So what brings you to this truck stop young lady?"

Anyway, hot or not, Ashley is on her way to stardom because she banged dudes for money, which really is the moral to the story here.

After the jump below, some of the new photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre Rae Maika DiPietro Kristen Youmans . . .

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Ashley Alexandra Dupre photos
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Eliot Spitzer to Resign, Dropped $80k on Hookers the Past 10 Years
Anti-Online Gambling Crusader Gov. Eliot Spitzer Linked to Prostitution Ring

Continue reading "New Photos of Ashley Alexandra Dupre, nee Ashley Youmans, Who is from Jersey Where the WSOPC Atlantic City Final Table is Underway" »

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Jennifer Harman Does Not Win WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star

Last year, J.J. Liu came thisclose to becoming the first woman to win a WPT event that you actually have to pay money to enter, coming in second at the Bay 101 "So-Called" Shooting Star main event.

Brandon Cantu wins WPT Bay 101 Shooting Star.This year, it was Jennifer Harman's, a woman, turn.

Harman entered final table play as one of the short-stacks. As the last remaining so-called "shooting star" and last remaining woman, she had a lot on the line. In an interview made up in our head right before final table play began, Harman imaginarily told us:

"As the last so-called shooting star and last remaining woman in the tournament, I recognize that there's a lot of the line. You know what I'm saying?"

It wasn't meant to be, however, as Harman bowed out in third place, banking $330,000.

It was meant to be, however, for Brandon Cantu, who pretty much was the chip leader or near the chip lead from Day 1. Cantu was never really threatened during final table play, eventually eliminating Steve Sung for the title.

This is Cantu's first WPT main event win. He also won a WSOP bracelet in 2006.

For the win, Cantu banks $1,000,000 to go along with the year supply of almonds he won earlier in the week as the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day.

Get full final table results and recap from the WPT site here.

* Photo from the good people at Poker Pages.

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EPT Polish Open: Final Table Set in a Hurry, Daniel Woolson Sole US American, a Kraut in Command, and Swedes Swarm

Doda Elektroda is from Poland, where the EPT Polish Open final table is setIt took just two hours and 40 minutes for 17 players to exit the EPT Polish Open today and give the tournament its final nine that will be competing for the first place prize of 2,154,000 Polish Zloty ($950,000 US).

Bubbling in 10th was the last man standing from the land of hot girls on bikes, Claus Nielsen. A friend of our friend Jonas Hüttel, the Dane used work at our favorite Copenhagen rag Ekstra Bladet before he became a poker manager, with clients such as 2007 WSOP ME final table-ist Philip Hilm. Like other Danish card tossers--Henrik Gwinner, Sander Lylloff, Gus Hansen, including -- Nielsen is a pretty decent backgammon-er, and has most recently co-founded pokernyhederne.com (Danish for poker news).

When play begins Saturday at the Casinos Poland in Warsaw, a German named Michael Schulze will sit down the big stack with 1,162,000, giving him more than a 400k margin over his nearest competitor Ricardo Sousa of Portugal, who finished play today with 756,000. Sitting in third, fourth and fifth are Juan Maceiras of Spain (437,000), Mehdi Ouakhir of France (360,000) and Mathias Viberg of Sweden (229,000).

The most notable name of the final bunch, at least to us, is Norwegian Trond Erik Eidsvig, who sits in sixth place with 220,000. Eidsvig is making his impressive third European Poker Tour final table this season and recently nabbed Rookie of the Year honors at the Scandinavian Poker Awards.

Sandwiched between two Swedes -- Niclas Svensson (174,000) and Christian Öman (110,000) -- is the lone US American Daniel Woolson, who has his work cut out for him as he starts tomorrow stacked at 164,000.

Stay tune here for the latest from the EPT Polish Open.

The girl above is the awesomely named Doda Elektroda aka Dorota Rabczewska, a hard body rock singer from Poland who a Google search shows likes to drop the top often for Polish men's magazines. After the jump, some of her less NSFW-ish moments . . .

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Public Service Announcement: How to Avoid Being Like Eliot Spitzer

We know many of our degenerates readers have probably paid for sex at one time or another. Which means you at least have something in common with anti-online gaming crusader/Ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer. Because he paid for sex. With Ashley "Kristen" Youmans (photos here).

However, our guess is you'd probably like to avoid his fate. But how???

Luckily the good people at Spike have put together a list of tips on how to avoid getting busted soliciting a prostitute. Sage advice for an unsagey world.

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Girls on the Rail at 2008 WSOP


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