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May 2008

Doyle Brunson Opens the 2008 WSOP and Cougar Accepts WCP Invite

Tom_schneider_6It was no surprise when WCP asked “a woman” to write on their site but it was quite the shocker when they chose “a woman” who hadn’t undressed for money. Nonetheless, it was a quick affirmative as I knew I would have full access to their private jet and yacht. We debated… In the Cage with a Cougar, Five Minutes with a Cougar, The Cougar’s Roar and settled on The Cougar Corner.

They call me the Cougar for at least two of the following reasons:

1. It’s an inside joke.
2. I married a man 392 days my junior.
3. It makes the 1/3 of WCP married to a Cougar feel better.
4. Cougar halts at the border of offensiveness and my husband scares them.
5. I attended Cougar classes here.

However, last night between their beer bongs, SEXT* messages (to their current and first wives) and casino streaking, they couldn’t decide what exactly qualified one as a Cougar. Did she hunt or just prefer younger men? Should Cougars be at least 40 years-old with relations averaging a ten year age difference? Did a Cougar need to be a fan of the Chippendale dancers?

In Cougar summary, it doesn’t matter because they’ve branded me with the nickname and now, since several people addressed me as Cougar yesterday at the 2008 WSOP, I guess it’s “Time to Say Goodbye” to nickname numero uno…the Black Widow.

Hump to the jump for WSOP updates.

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2008 WSOP: Edwin James Olmos Eli Elezra, Nenad Medic, Patrik Antonius Lead Event #1

Bar_refaelThe first day of the 2008 World Series of Poker wrapped with 70 players remaining (352 started) in Event #1 ($10,000 Pot-Limit Hold'em).

Leading the field is none other than Oscar-nominated actor Edwin James Olmos high-stakes cash gamer Eli Elezra with 302,900. Elezra has one World Poker Tour title to his name and won his first WSOP bracelet last year in a drunken slugfest with Scotty Ngyuen. In somewhat related news, Elezra is also of Israeli descent, just like Bar Rafaeli (at right). In related news, Elezra and Rafaeli are not related.

Elezra is followed by online poker specialist Amit "amak316" Makhija (251,100). Amit also has over $121k in live tourney cashes.

A few big names are close behind, including Nenad Medic (240,200) and newly minted vlogger Patrik Antonius (236,300). Watch Patrik's first 2008 WSOP vlog here.

Get full chip counts and live blogging from Poker News here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on Day 1 here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

Bar Rafaeli looking candidly hot in a bikini here

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Patrik Antonius Video Blogging from 2008 WSOP

Nice score for RawVegas.tv.

Along with Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, David Williams, and a bunch of others, they've now added Patrik Antonius to their roster of 2008 WSOP video bloggers.

Watch Patrik's first ever vlog below.

Patrik Antonius 2008 WSOP vlog

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Michele Lewis, A Cougar, Special 2008 WSOP Guest Blogger for WCP

Michele_lewisWith 1/3 of the Entities married to a cougar, the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker have a special place in our hearts for hot older women who dig younger dudes.

Which is one of the many reasons why we're pumped to have Michele Lewis guest blogging for us during the 2008 WSOP.

You may remember Michele as the fourth place finisher in the 2006 WSOP Event #4, or from her blog, or as one of the Queens of Heart, or (with apologies to Jennifer Tilly) as simply the hottest cougar in poker.

Tentatively titled the "Cougar Corner," we hope Michele, a woman, infuses a new perspective and point-of-view into our poker site with her posts... while not forgetting to put up pictures of hot chicks.

Welcome, Michele, welcome. Good to have you on board.

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2008 WSOP Kick-Off Party Hosted by Jennifer Tilly and Phil Laak

The 2008 World Series of Poker unofficially got underway last night as Bluff Magazine, one of the hottest cougars around Jennifer Tilly, and Phil Laak hosted its official kick-off party at Tao Nightclub.

So naturally it made for a fine first webisode of The TOKE in kicking off our 2008 WSOP coverage. And since it was a WSOP party and since it was at Tao, it also brought back fresh reminders of just two years ago when one of the most legendary bedlam ensuing moments happened in Las Vegas history.

2008 WSOP Kick-Off Party Video

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"Paul" Eskimo Clark Has An Ironic Moment

Eskimo_clarkLast year, poker pro "Paul" Eskimo Clark proved to be super-human by suffering and playing through not one but two strokes during the WSOP.

Who "plays through" a stroke???

"Paul" Eskimo Clark, that's who.

Suffice to say that perhaps our favorite moment of the 2008 WSOP thus far occurred late morning when the following scenario occured: one of the booths in the hallway outside of the poker room had a speaker blasting Billy Squire's immortal "The Stroke." And right during the bridge when the Billy's back-up vocalists are chanting/singing "Stroke! Stroke!" none other than "Paul" Eskimo Clark walks by.

The Entities did a quick glance around to see if anybody else caught the awesomeness of this too-good-to-be-true moment but apparently it was lost on everyone around.

* The part of "The Stroke" we're referring to occurs at the 2:15 marker in this video if you can make it that long.

** Thanks to Dan from Pokerati for the new pic of Eskimo.

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2008 WSOP Has Begun!

2008 World Series of Poker has begun at the Rio
The above photo is from the 2006 WSOP Main Event and will serve as a good placeholder until we get something else for this year...fyi...btw...

The 2008 WSOP is underway with the $10k PLH. VERY early chip leaders include Edwin James Olmos Eli Elezra, Jennifer Harman, and our favorite scarf-wearing Euro Dario Minieri. Get chip counts here.

Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth must've busted in record time as we saw her getting into a car (sans Derek Hough) about 30 mins after cards were dealt.

Some other random notes:

:: We'll have video footage from the Bluff Magazine 2008 World Series of Poker Kick-Off Party at Tao Las Vegas up in about an hour...

:: ...as well as Patrik Antonius' first ever video blog.

:: ESPN Poker Club honcho Andrew Feldman has a much better write-up of the 2008 WSOP Fantasy Draft than our live blogging of the "event." (video of this for some reason coming next week)

:: And Gary Wise has his top stories to watch for at the 2008 WSOP.

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2008 WSOP Guide: Get the F' Outside and Go to Lake Mead

Whew. 30 consecutive days of writing 2008 WSOP Guide updates. That was exhausting.

Well, less than 24 hours before the 2008 World Series of Poker begins and we're already thinking about reasons why we can get out of the Rio. As members of the so-called "media," we, along with the poker players, turn into figurative vampires during the WSOP. After six weeks we all end up like milky white schlubs.

Which is why getting outside every now and then is so important.

And what better place to go than Lake Mead. Get a boat. With hot girls. And you're set.

[Bedlam Ensuing Warning] With the remaining two Entities Snake and Addict's arrival in Las Vegas, our official 2008 WSOP coverage begins tomorrow...so check back regularly for updates galore.

Las Vegas Lake Mead video

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2008 ESPN Fantasy Poker League III Draft Live Blogging For Some Reason

Ok...the third annual ESPN WSOP Fantasy Poker Draft is set to begin around 4:15 EST. As Entity Chops will be participating, we'll be live blogging the selection process. Last year, Chops held the lead going into the $10k PLO + rebuys event, but was overtaken by eventual winner Gavin Smith. The draft order has just been released. It is below.

Gavin Smith / Lance Bradley / Joe Sebok / Mark Seif / Peter "Nordberg" Feldman / Andrew "Mordberg" Feldman / Daniel Negreanu / Gary Wise / Bill Edler / Bernard Lee / Chops

Check back around 4:15 EST for more...

4:20 EST - Draft hasn't started yet but Gary Wise brought up this engaging vid where Allen Kesseler talks about beastiality.

4:25 EST - We're all waiting on Gavin to get here. He's first pick.

4:35 EST - Gavin still not here so moved to the last pick...Lance starts it off with Allen Cunningham.

4:40 EST - Good link sent to us during the draft here.

4:41 EST - Worst live blog ever?

4:50 EST - ......

5:15 EST - If you think this live blog is brutal, you should actually be part of this draft.

5:18 EST - Sebok is falling asleep. Nordberg is beating his head against a wall.

5:20 EST - Sebok instant analysis: Top to bottom, side to side, my team is mighty dominant.  I would lay a large amount of money on this.  Fo sho.  Nordberg's team is easily the weakest.  His picking style was laughable, at best.  Seebs out.

5:25 EST - Nordberg instant analysis: Well I think I have a good team. The success of my team hinges on the Internet players I took. Sebok: Who's your team? Nordberg: I don't remember. Oh I did take Jordan Rich. He's a pain in the ass to play against. So he must be good.

Here are the list of teams:

Lance - Allen Cunningham / Andy Bloch / Gus Hansen / Michael Mizrachi / Sorel Mizzi / Berry Johnston / Roland De Wolfe / Andy Black

Sebok - Barry Greenstein / Scott Clements / Gavin Griffin / Tom Dwan / Steve Sung / Cory Carroll / Thor Hansen / Brian Devonshire

Seif - Daniel Negreanu / Ted Forrest / David Chiu / Chau Giang / Howard Lederer / Huck Seed / Annie Duke David Benyamine

Nordberg: Phil Hellmuth / Robert Mizrachi / Freddy Deeb / Justin Bonomo / Danny Wong / Shannon Shorr David Williams / Jordan Rich

Andrew Feldman: Phil Ivey Paul Wasicka Chad Brown Brandon Cantu Jeffrey Lissandro Jeff Madsen Mark Seif Bill Chen

Negreanu's All-Asian Spectacular: John Juanda / Men Nguyen / Kenny Tran / John Phan / Johnny Chan / Anna Wrobielski / Toto Leonidas / Minh Nguyen (since the draft Negreanu, who missed the call, was allowed to drop Anna, Toto, Kenny, and Minh and pick up Scott Fischman, Mark Gregorich, Bill Gazes, and Ralph Perry)

Gary Wise: Chris Ferguson / Michael Binger / Humberto Brenes / David Singer / Tom Schneider / Alex Kravchenko / Minh Ly / Daniel Alaei

Edler: Erick Lindgren / Nam Le / Josh Arieh / John Hennigan / Alex Jacob / John Gale / Lee Markholt / Joe Tehan

Bernard Lee: Erik Seidel / David Pham / Patrik Antonius / Lee Watkinson / Todd Brunson / Robert Williamson Eric Lynch / Vivek Rejkumar

Chops: "Salty" Joe Hachem / The spectacularly breasted J.C. Tran / Scotty Nguyen / Jonathan Little / Carlos Mortenson / Greg Raymer / Joe Sebok / Darrell "Deep" Dicken

Gavin Smith: Bill Edler / Gavin Smith / Max Pescatori / Jordan Morgan / Amnon Fillipi / Mike Matusow / Chris Bell / Peter Feldman

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Poker Pro Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott Sings Chocolate Rain, But Does He Understand Its Deep Social Message?

The world first fell in love with Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott when he played creeky the old rocky (Billy Mack) who scored a cheesy comeback Christmas hit in 2003's holiday classic Love Actually Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott grabbed the public's attention as on of the first real "colorful" personalities during the early stages of the poker TV boom.

Little did we or anyone else know the wicked singing chops Ulliott possesses. With the phrasing of Sinatra, the swagger of Jagger, and the voice of Billy Bob Thorton, Ulliott takes Tay Zonday's Internet classic "Chocolate Rain" and makes it his own, giving it his own spin, starting it off a little pitchy but working it out he's in the zone and can sing the phonebook dawg.

No but seriously what the fuck is this?

Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott sings Chocolate Rain video

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A Hansen Not Named Gus Wins WPT Spanish Championship


You'll never see this on TV (it's a non-televised event, i.e. it never really happened then), but Casper Hansen (above) finished what Gus Hansen couldn't last year by winning the WPT Spanish Championship.

Hansen bested a field of 253 mostly Euro poker pros to bank $655,720. He defeated Stefan Mattson ($346,621) for the title.

The rest of the final table payouts include Thiago Nishijima ($176,934), Andres Vidal ($137,703), Guy Sitbon ($118,166), Jason Castro Martin Lundenius ($98,157).

Other notable cashes include 2006 WSOP final table-ist Erik Friberg ($78,777) and Patrik Antonius ($11,817).

In somewhat related news, no announcement yet whether Kimberly Lansing is who is the new WPT hostess.

In completely unrelated World Poker Tour news, the third annual ESPN Fantasy Poker League draft will take place Wednesday afternoon at 4:30 PM EST. Check back for "live blogging" as one of the Entities will be part of the field.

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Easing Back Into Poker News with Joanna Krupa


After a nice long Memorial Day weekend, we're going to ease back into this whole "poker news" reporting thing. And with the 2008 World Series of Poker just a few days away, what better way to do so than with the hottest girl to ever play in a WSOP, Joanna Krupa. In fact, we're pretty sure we've used the above pic in a post before. So what. Like you care. 

Sam Grizzle apparently gives "Deadbeat" Dayne Baverman a run for his money as the world's greatest dad. (link)
Poker pro David Singer wins FTP's $25,000 Heads-Up Online Poker Championship. (link)
• With apologies to the Sports Guy, the "homeless man's version" of the WSOP, the Second Annual Binion's Poker Classic, has been announced. (link).
• Those 2006 WSOP Joanna Krupa pics leave you wanting more? Get your Joanna Krupa fix with this compiliation gallery. (link)
• Players at an underground poker club are robbed thousands of dollars. Looks like the perps got away, avoiding induction (for now) into our Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame. (link)
• And finally, Dr. Pauly on the UB online poker cheating scandal. (link)

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One Week Until 2008 WSOP + We're Off Memorial Day Weekend


Barring some crazy breaking story, Wicked Chops Poker will be off Memorial Day Weekend. With the 2008 World Series of Poker just a week away (meaning six straight weeks of unrelenting poker coverage), and 2/3 of the Entities in Ireland right now, and 1/3 of the Entities staggering drunk for three-days, let's be honest, not much is going to get done.

But to get in the mindset for the 2008 WSOP, here's some recommended reading from WCP coverage of WSOP's past.

2005 WSOP
Before going down on Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough, Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth went down in four-way action.
Wily Brit Barry Baskin smelled like shit.
Whatever happened to Johnny Rockets from Daytona? That guy seemed to have the total package.
Brad Garrett was urinating and so dork had an Elmo head.
The longest massage ever?
Some dude got real creepy around Greg Raymer.
Tiffany Williamson...that bitch is crazy!

2006 WSOP
Where to even begin? How about some Card Player Like You Were There Moments (TM) here here here here here here and here.
Phil Hellmuth wins a then record-tying 10th bracelet.
Clearly us at our absolute most bedlam ensuing.
Some chick played in a nun outfit which probably blew Gank's mind.
The Milwaukee's Best Light girls need to make a comeback.
Somebody told us that Bill Gates has a regular call girl he sees in France.
Our Sweats did OK in Day 1B.
Mean people applauded when Doyle Brunson busted.
Our mutual love-affair with Anna Benson began.
Joanna Krupa (above) officially became the hottest girl to ever play the WSOP.
Some more hot girls from the 2006 WSOP.
Vaughn Sandman (where ya been, bud?) absolutely toys with "Salty" Joe Hachem.
We were the first to introduce the world to Jamie Gold.
And we were the only ones to get a pic with Jamie Gold and Crispin "Don't Call Me Bruce" Leyser.

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Poker News Brought To You By Christina Lindley

Christina_lindley_bikiniIn what will be our second to last post before the Memorial Day weekend, here's some poker news brought to you by Christina Lindley (at right). Christina is an actress and Maxim model who has taken up poker and wanted us to promote a celeb charity event she's playing in at the Hawaiian Gardens Casino on May 31st (casino located here). Red carpet starts at 10 a.m., tourney starts at noon. $100 buy-in, $100 add-on. Celebrities include Kevin Dillon, Daniel Baldwin, Kato Kaelin, and possibly one of the greatest actors of our time, Martin "Sweep the Leg" Kove. Money benefits Mentors for Youth and Last Chance for Africa. Visit Christina's website here.

• It was five years ago today that Chris Moneymaker won the World Series of Poker Main Event (link and link)
• Thanks to Kid Dynamite for this website showing rap music as represented by charts and graphs. (link)
• What a Dr. Pauly poker movie script might look like. (link)
Online poker more popular than ever among both scarf-wearing and non-scarf wearing Euros. (link)
• Tweens absolutely crushed as they announce that David Archuleta does not win American Idol. (link)
• An update on the Ultimate Bet online poker cheating scandal. (link)
• A mini Iggy uber post that feels like an uber uber uber post. (link)
• And finally, in tribute to Martin Kove, "You're the Best (Around)" montage from the Karate Kid. (link)

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Poker Pro Phil Hellmuth on Milwaukee’s Best Light Cans

Hellmuth_beer_can_2Score one for pushing poker into the mainstream.

Wisconsin native Phil Hellmuth will be appearing on special-edition Milwaukee's Best Light cans (one of which at right). The series will launch on May 30th, the first day of the 2008 WSOP.

As part of the campaign, each can will have an entry code inside specially marked packages. Then you enter the code at www.MilBest.com for a chance to win a bunch of prizes, the tops of which is private lessons from the Poker Brat and a trip for four to the 2009 WSOP.

If you're just dying for more info than that, read here or go to Phil Hellmuth's blog here where he reveals that, "This is one of the coolest things that has ever happened to me."

* Special thanks to The Mantuary for the heads-up on the story.

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This Guy Won the WSOP-C Harrah's Main Event

Nick_ceci_wsop We were tempted to just copy and paste Poker News' recap of the WSOP-C Harrah's Main Event (recap here). Kind of forgot it was even going on.

But a demolition contractor named Nick Ceci took it down and we had to fight with every morsal in us to refrain from making the headline of this post: Nick Ceci Demolishes Competition. We'll leave that one for Card Player.

For the win, Ceci banks $382,928. Timothy Miles finished second, taking home $210,610.

Full final table payouts here.

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2008 WSOP Guide: Getting By on the Cheap

Most of you will probably lose money at the 2008 WSOP. Nothing against you, personally. But most likely you're not leaving in the red. Or is it the black? Whatever you're not leaving with more green.

So if you're stuck with little dough, watch Cheap Vegas and learn where to go and what to do before you leave.

Watch Cheap Vegas video here

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EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Negreanu's Poker VT Launches Today

Daniel Negreanu's Poker VT, a poker instruction website, launches

It's been well over a year in the works. And it's worth it.

Daniel Negreanu's Poker VT is ready and set to launch today.

We've seen previews of Poker VT as it developed over the past year, and the end product is something truly impressive and unique.

Daniel provides specific insights into all aspects of his hold'em game. You'll get inside the minds of Daniel and his Poker VT stable, which includes Paul Wasicka, Annette Obrestad (a woman), Boosted J, and more as you watch them play real games while providing real-time commentary into their thought process, set-up, and execution.

Other features range from customized hold'em courses, in-depth quizzes, hand analysis, and online poker tips.

You'll have to see for yourself, but what Daniel and team have done takes the impressive training model established by Expert Insight to a whole new level. There's nothing like it on the market.

Look for the press release later today on WCP with more detail and how to sign up.

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Keeley Hazell Is Not Playing in the WSOP-C Harrah's New Orleans

Keeley_hazell_bikiniNo need to beat a dead horse, but the WSOP-C events aren't what they used to be. Smaller fields, buy-ins, pay-outs, and star quality.

So while Keeley Hazell participating in one would certainly give WSOP-C events, like the one going on at Harrah's New Orleans right now, a Gamma-O shot in the arm, for now, we'll have to live with the latest pics of her in a bikini and not on the felt.

Which is actually preferrable.

A respectable 249 runners ponied up the $5k entry for this one, and a few hours into Day 2 only 36 remain. Scanning through the leaderboard, the only name that jumps out is Jonathan Little, stacked at 65,000. He trails chip leader Chuck Keeley Kelley (168,000) and Timothy Miles (155,000).

Get full chip counts and live blogging from Poker News here.

* Thanks to reader shakespear1993 for the new Keely Hazell pics here, here, and here.

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Michele Lewis, A Cougar, Among 2008 WSOP Queens of Hearts Team Member

Michele_lewisEach year at the World Series of Poker, Lisa Tenner puts together a team of ladies (some debatable) to raise money and awareness for the America Heart Association and the Nevada Cancer Institute.

The team, called the Queens of Heart, all play in the $1,000 buy-in No Limit Hold’em World Championship (the one that just chicks can play in) and makes donations to "good causes."

The 2008 WSOP Queens of Heart team was just announced, and among the women repping the group is our favorite cougar and FOWCP Michele Lewis (looking exceptionally cougary at right).

The team also includes the likes of Clonie Gowen, Shawnee Barton, Joely Fisher, Teri Hatcher, the for some reason oddly attractive Cheryl Hines, Mindy McCready, and Mimi Rodgers.

Read more about the team and what it does here.

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2008 WSOP Guide: Get Your Testosterone Booster from Gamma-O

Poker players at 2008 WSOP can raise testosterone with Gamma-O or naturally with Adriana KarembeuLike the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, you can count every single day on our 2008 WSOP Guide.

Today, something for our male readers and male readers only: the official 2008 WSOP testosterone booster.

On Friday last week the WSOP announced that Gamma-O Plus Pomegranate will be its official natural testosterone booster.

Maybe this will lead to more aggression and faster moving tournaments...if anyone actually uses the stuff.

Says a Gamma Labs' CEO:

"Unlike some testosterone boosters, Gamma-O does more than develop muscles and increase strength. This unique product also improves focus and concentration, making it a natural tie-in for an event like the World Series of Poker."

Read more about the official 2008 WSOP testosterone booster here.

* Adriana Karembeu also provides natural testosterone raises and enhancements. See the full photo above after the jump (NSFW-ish) . . .

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This Guy May Be at the 2008 WSOP

Somehow or another we missed this at last year's World Series of Poker.

Which is good. Because while most people are creeped out by clowns, we're creeped out by magicians.

And for good reason. David Copperfield. Criss Angel. David Blaine. Scott Lazar.

The list goes on and on.

And now we hear rumors that Chet Lightning might--might--make several appearances at the 2008 WSOP. What does he have up his sleeve? Hopefully something better than what he unleashed last year on Lacey Jones.

Chet Lightning at the 2007 WSOP video

More Chet Lightning here.

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Worst 2+2 Thread Ever

For a poker forum that prides itself on being the "anti-NWP" and staying out of the gutter, 2+2 can sure bring the filth.

Last week we wondered whether or not a forum thread about a guy pooping his pants while eight-tabling was the best or worst in 2+2 history. But we're pretty sure we've now found the worst.

It's one thing to be sanctimonious old douchebag pricks and actually live up to those standards, but if it's just lip service, then you're truly a P.O.S.

It gets much worse here and here.

And yeah we make fun of women on occassion and potentially have had an Asian crack or two, but we're married to women and 1/3 of the Entities is married to a girl who is 1/2 Asian, so it's totally acceptable.

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Poker News + Not So Poker-y Links with Vikki Blows in a Fro

Vikki Blows rocks the Fro for today's poker news

Online poker still as criminal as child porn in Wash State, says Judge Mary Roberts, a woman. (link)
Charles Barkley says he'll make good on Wynn gambling debt. (link)
Jean-Robert Bellande say he'll make good on Wynn gambling debt too. (link)
• Live poker in Pennsylvania being considered but still a long shot. (link)
Hitler is the new Star Wars Kid. (link)
• Hey look, it's Dave Hellmuth. (link)
• Speaking of Devilfish, his 20-ish-year-old hot girlfriend is apparently good at being a woman. (link)
• Could Audrina Patridge's body be any hotter? That was a rhetorical question. (link)
Phil Hellmuth gets his mug on millions of cans of The Beast Light. (link)
Christina Aguilera is good at reminding us she has huge fake breasts. (link)
Daniel Negreanu might be a liberal. (link)
Hooters for "hooters" poker tournament kicks off today in Vegas. (link)
• Is Keeley Hazell getting modest on us? Please God, no! (link)
• We should pay more attention to Brit hottie Cheryl Tweedy, starting now. (link)
• Ditto with Nadine Coyle. (link)
• Photos of Harrah's half-naked painted girls on Wall Street yesterday show once again why promo models make this world a better place. (link)
Montel Williams officially has more time to play poker and pimp drugs. (link)
Hugo's Blogspotting is always a good read...this week: Annette_15 envy and Oliver Tse getting all Ashcroft-y about the Final Table delay. (link)
• Hopefully Terrence "Not Johnny" Chan kept the receipt for his new poker-themed kicks. (link).

More Vikki Blows photos here and here and one more photo after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Poker News + Not So Poker-y Links with Vikki Blows in a Fro" »

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Best 2+2 Thread Ever? Or Worst?

Brooklyn Decker SI Swimsuit photo

We're not exactly the biggest fans of 2+2, but occassionally they have a good gossip or thought-provoking thread.

However this one is neither gossipy or thought-provoking.

Unless you think pooping your pants while 8-tabling is thought-provoking.

Pics (NSFW) of the incident here.

In somewhat related news, pics of Brooklyn Decker (above) pooping her pants might actually still be hot. In related news, pics of Brooklyn Decker here.

* "Thanks" to Kid Dynamite for the link.

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Keeley Hazell Not Naked, in Clothes Again

And to think we thought Keeley Hazell was allergic to clothes
Move along. There is nothing to see here.

Yep, our favorite top dropper Keeley Hazell is wearing clothes again, this time at some Rock Band Bowling Evening event.

We've seen Keeley covering up the good stuff lately and we're just hoping this isn't a trend. Because Keeley didn't get to be our Official WCP Girl for the last three years by wearing high-waisted jeans. No she earned that distinction by doing this, this, this and this.

And this, this, this, this and this.

And this.

And this.

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Phil Ivey Courtside at Lakers Game Will Qualify as Poker News Today

Poker pro Phil Ivey at Lakers playoff game

As the Entities watched the LA Lakers win a thriller against the Utah Mormons last night, we noticed a familar face screaming "Are you kidding me???!!!" at the refs with around two-and-a-half to go: poker pro Phil Ivey.

Apparently we weren't the only ones who noticed Ivey (seen above, sitting as 20,000 other stand), as Pocket 5's (here) and 2+2 (here) have some threads on it.

The big question is how did Ivey get the courtside tix? While our answers range from, "Who really cares?" to "Seriously, who really cares?" the common theories are that high-stakes player/friend Jerry Buss gave them to him, as he's been known to do, or that the Laker's owner is paying off a prop bet debt to him with the choice seats.

In related news, can somebody get the "Are you kidding me?" up on YouTube? Thanks.

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Charles Barkley Might Still Have a Gambling Problem

Charles Barkley is neither a role model nor a good gamblerCharles Barkley, who once estimated his gambling losses to be over $10 million, is being sued by the Wynn Las Vegas over $400,000 in unpaid gambling markers the casino issued to him in 2007.

The Las Vegas Sun is reporting that the occasional poker player and apparently piss-poor black jack-er is also being investigated by the Clark County district attorney’s bad check unit, which has the authority to investigate gambling debts in the same manner as bad checks. In the state of Nevada, failure to make good on markers can result in felony charges.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed by the Wynn yesterday (see court documents here), Barkley refused "to pay the amount despite repeated attempts."

More on the story here.

Worth the read, Richard Abowitz's personal Vegas accounts of a drunk and gambling Barkley here.

Stay posted on the Charles Barkley Wynn suit at RawVegas.tv.

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This Girl Wants You to Shack at Harrah's AC New Waterfront Tower

Harrahs painted chicks giving out free rooms to new Waterfront TowerIf you're near Wall Street today, the chick above (another pic here) and three other half naked painted chicks are handing out free hotel room keys to the new 44-story Waterfront Tower at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City. They'll be standing in the Canyon of Heroes area on lower Broadway near the 4/5 Wall St. subway station, between the hours of 11:00am to 2:00pm. Anyone picking up a key will be invited to reserve their comped room for one night only – Thursday, June 5, 2008.

This is a promotion a friend of ours is running for Harrah's, and they will be doing the same promotion in Philadelphia (May 20th), Washington, DC (May 22nd) and Baltimore (May 28th).

While we have long said that the Borgata is hands down the best thing going in AC, the next closest thing, literally, is its neighbor to the north Harrah's Resort Atlantic City. Located in the marina district (far from the cheese/guys with knives found on the boardwalk), the Harrah's property isn't a bad option if you can't get a room at the Borg but still want to play poker there as the two properties are connected by a sidewalk and straight-shot road. The last time we were there they were finishing up the new Waterfront Tower, which is a 525-foot tower with almost a 1000 rooms, making it the second tallest man made structure in New Jersey. We're guessing some nuclear plant or landfill is the tallest.

While the old part of the hotel is what you'd expect from an eponymously named Harrah's property (blue haired midwesterner type fare), the new tower area in the hotel seems to be going after the Borgata crowd with a bunch of new Vegas-type shops, spa and restaurants and an indoor pool area that surprisingly had a bunch of hot chicks there when we stopped by. Looking at the Harrah's site, Carmen Electra is making an appearance at the pool next week, so they have that going for them.

As a side note, what's up with these sort of nude-colored, hospital-issued-looking, ACE bandage bikini tops? Same thing Megan Fox has on in this pic.

Relatedly, see the poker playing Cat Girl naked and covered in paint here.

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Shannon Elizabeth is Maxim Cover Girl, Doing New Reality Show with Dancer Kid She's Dating

Shannon Elizabeth is on cover of Maxim magazinePoker playing actress/cougar Shannon Elizabeth, who you may recall us mentioning in a few dozen posts was on Dancing With the Stars, is the new Maxim cover girl (June issue) with a multi-page photo spread inside that can be best described in one word: "zzzzzzzzzz."

Sorry but considering that Shannon has done the naked thing a few times, doing a photo spread where half her body is covered is a big step backwards for us. What's next, a STUFF spread in a pantsuit? An FHM shoot in a burka? Wait, that could be hot. Someone needs to start a hotchicksinburkas.com website. It'll probably be huge if Barack Obama wins the election and has his way. He’s Muslim, right?

As we pointed out before, Shannon hasn't done a decent hot photo spread since Y2K, and hot photo spreads have made great advances in the past 8 years under the Bush administration, so we were hoping for something hotter along the lines of what other DwtS chicks have done like Kelly Monaco and Stacey Kiebler (worth-the-click examples here, here, here and here).

Instead we get photos of Shannon in panties(?) that look like something Johnny Weissmuller would have worn.

And not even one look-from-behind. What's a photo spread without a good look-from-behind?

Seriously, did the terrorists win? Because if the terrorists won, this is the type of shit they'd do. B-a-r-a-c-k O-b-a-m-a.

Anyway, she does show off the gams like a champ so she has that going for her and if you didn't get enough of them on Dancing with the Stars, you can get your fill below.

In related Shannon Elizabeth news, Spice Girl Mel B., who someone just told us was on Dancing with the Stars once, is reportedly producing a new reality show starring Shannon and her boy crush/dance partner Derek Hough, a Mormon. Word is that the show will follow the two "as their careers evolve and their romance blossoms" or in other words, will be as interesting as watching this.


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2008 WSOP Guide: Sexxpresso Will Give You A Little Boost

Our next entry in our 100% guaranteed daily 2008 WSOP Guide is a place that seems tailor-made for scarf-wearing Euros, non-scarf-wearing Euros, or just dudes who like hot chicks wearing lingerie...and who also enjoy coffee.

Between the tourneys, satellites and "juicy cash games," all 2008 WSOP runners will need a little extra energy boost to keep them going. Some will opt for cocaine. Some pills. But if for some reason you're not into that kind of stuff (missing a nose? fear of swallowing capsules?), there's the hottest coffee shop in Las Vegas, Sexxpresso.

Located at 670 E. Flamingo Ave (a block east of Paradise), Sexpresso is a relatively short cab ride away from a much more appealing coffee experience than what you'll get at the Starbucks next to Sao Paulo...or Sao Paulo.

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High Stakes Poker 86'd on GSN, Is WPT Next?

High Stakes Poker's AJ Benza kinda looks like Alec Baldwin in Team AmericaThe gang over at Pokerati is reporting that it looks like GSN's once-top-rated poker show "High Stakes Poker" is being dropped from the network after not filming a new season for 2008. The Gabe Kaplan and AJ Benza hosted program featured some of today's biggest pros putting up $100k or more each in a televised cash game and was somehow super popular with poker fans despite not having some super hot chick on the show.

Scratching our heads.

AJ Benza (playing Alec Baldwin in Team America above?) is apparenty chapped at GSN, saying:

"Far as Gabe and I know….the show isnt coming back. Apparently…the network is going to go in a different direction and that aint good news for our show, especially since we skew a higher-aged audiuence. Never mind that we’re the network’s No. 1 show. Still and all, no one calls us from the network to say squat. Only Kevin Bellincoff checks in periodically, but it just don’t seem like good news. If you ask me…they’re treating us like shit. All we ever did was make them a bunch of money.

Oliver_tseOliver Tse (at right) sheds some of his usual light on the story in a Pokerati comment (excerpt below):

HSP *** WAS *** GSN’s #1 show until WPT managed to draw over TWICE as many viewers compared to HSP, on the same day of the week in the same time slot (Mondays at 9pm Eastern/Pacific).

Once WPT posted its ratings numbers (which were good enough for WPT to collect the first tier of ratings bonus, but is certainly not good enough for WPT to continue to sell itself as a “sport” due to the older audience skew), I suspected immediately that HSP would NOT be renewed.

The big question: will GSN renew WPT by the June 1, 2008 deadline?

For the complete discussion on the above, including good commentary from Tse, KevMath and California Jen, go here.

For video example of how to spice up any television show with low ratings go here.

Watch all of Season IV of High Stakes Poker here.

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Harrah's to Open WSOP Branded Store in Las Vegas, Inks Deal with Major League Merch Company

WSOP merchandiseThe World Series of Poker is set to announce later today that it plans to open an Official World Series of Poker retail store in Vegas in the near future. Scouting for the location is currently underway. Unfortunately tearing down Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill isn't being considered.

The new Las Vegas store announcement is tied to a deal the WSOP has inked with major league merchandise company XP Events to manage the WSOP's online store and all of its officially-licensed retail shops in Vegas during the series, in addition to the new brick-and-mortar shop.

XP has managed merch sales for the NBA and NHL All-Star games, the World Baseball Classic, the President’s Cup, and the Tour de France. XP Events also runs retail shops for the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Diamondbacks and the Florida Panthers.

According to Harrah's, the official WSOP online store (wsopshop.com or is it shopwsop.com?) will be re-launched this Thursday, May 15, with a wide range of new WSOP products and "an exciting, user-friendly shopping experience." So we're guessing you won't have to wait 117 days for your order to be fulfilled.


:: The Hottest 2008 WSOP Schedule on the Internet

:: Best Strip Joints to Get Your Grind On During the 2008 WSOP

:: Sure Place to Get Laid this Summer During the 2008 WSOP

UPDATE: WSOP has just dropped the press release on the above. Read it after the jump . . .

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Layla Kayleigh Says Decision Was Hers, Hopes Kimberly Lansing Gets Job, Is In Playboy

Layla Kayleigh and Kimberly Lansing are the best thing the WPT has had going since Shana Hiatt
Not long after we broke the news that Layla Kayleigh (with Kimberly Lansing in photo above) wasn't coming back for Season VII of the World Poker Tour, the Brit hottie hostess posted a blog on her popular MySpace page explaining that it was her who gave the WPT the proverbial shaft, saying she was asked back for a second season but decided against it for personal reasons.

Says Layla:

"Also you should know that as much fun as I had on season 6 of the World Poker Tour, I will not be returning for a 2nd season.

WPT were kind enough to ask me back for a 2nd season, however after much thought and deliberation I decided that I really want to minimize traveling in my schedule this year, focus more on my health and personal relationships, and they were very understanding to where I was coming from.

Might I add, that I had the most adventurous time on the road, learned so much about life and poker! and most importantly gained the most amazing friendship with my dear friend Kim Lansing (who I really hope lands the hosting position for Season 7)"

As we mentioned yesterday, we're also pulling for Kimberly Lansing. Don't f-it up Steve.

On the good news front for Layla and everyone still wanting to see her looking hot in front of the camera, she is back in Los Angeles doing The Feed for G4 and she'll be returning for a second season of America's Best Dance Crew on MTV.

Layla's also in the current issue of Playboy as Babe of the Month, although like she told us back in December she isn't nude and won't ever pose nude (closest you're gonna get here, here and here).

Click on more photos of Layla and Kimberly looking perfectly hot together below and see the Layla Kayleigh Playboy photo after the jump . . .


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Poker News, Hot Links + a Beach Volleyball Chick with a Nice Backside


• Former Danish Poker Federation prez Frederik Hostrup, who was busted for holding illegal poker tournaments, is heading to the Supreme Court. (link)
• Poker pro Annie Duke sidelined from marathon debut with hip fracture. (link)
Keeley Hazell in clothes? Did we lose a war? (link)
Neil Channing dressed as a boxer on cover of Bluff Europe = really awful idea. (link)
• One man's N-A-N-Z-I is another man's Victoria. (link)
• French School of Poker? (link)
Megan Fox topless makes for a good link to click. (link)
• Poker blogger Dr. Pauly gets WSOP odds nod from Bodog. (link)
• Hot, big breasted girls bouncing around on hippity hops is almost as hot as hot, big breasted girls playing naked Wii. Almost. (link - NSFW)
• Rising young poker pro Jonathan Westra wins a WSOP-C event in New Orleans. (link)
Poker After Dark can out jump-the-shark Fonzi any day. (link)
• Hmm...maybe we should start Wicked Chops Beach Volleyball. (link)

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WPT Update: Official Layla Kayleigh Statement + Is Mike Sexton to Follow?

The WPT has released their official statement on Layla Kayleigh's departure:

"Layla Kayleigh brought great edge, whit, and personality to the World Poker Tour as hostess in Season VI, and we sincerely wish her well as she continues to explore her TV career. We are currently casting for the Season VII TV hostess role, and look forward to introducing her to everyone soon."

WCP votes for Kimberly Lansing to be the new WPT HostessWe can confirm that the hosting role is now in its final call back stage. No word if Kimberly Lansing (at right) is part of that final call back or if the WPT is looking to go in an entirely different direction. If we had some sort of WPT super-delegate vote though, we'd cast it for Kimberly Lansing.

Rumors are also swirling that Layla Kayleigh might not be the only WPT'er not coming back. We've heard rumblings in poker circles that Mike Sexton may also be on the outs. As commenter The Truth on our site succinctly noted:

Mike Sexton's contract is up, he is not expected to return (his wife is pregnant with his first child). Linda Johnson's last episode will be the WPT Ladies Night at Bellagio. I don't know what will happen to Van Patton. It is unknown if GSN will renew the WPT contract, the new CEO is alleged to be anti-poker. I think we are looking at the end of the WPT.

Remember the last time an anonymous commenter broke news on WCP?

While we don't think this is the end of the WPT, it will be interesting to see what direction the company will take in the near future.

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Breaking: Layla Kayleigh Out as WPT Host

WPT host Layla Kayleigh is out after one season on the poker tourSoooo...a RawVegas.tv employee was dining in LA this weekend when a random conversation broke out with a TV producer who mentioned that the World Poker Tour is about to hold auditions for a new host. Or had already held auditions for a new host.

Either way, this means WCP fave Layla Kayleigh is no longer a WPT host.

Fortunately, as far as we know, Kimberly Lansing isn't going anywhere.

Aside from her Season 6 WPT hosting gig, Layla Kayleigh also anchored MTV's popular America's Best Dance Crew, which this season was won by the JabbaWockeez.

No word yet if this was a Layla or WPT decision. When asked for the old confirm/deny, the WPT's not-bad-on-the-eyes-themselves PR team had "no comment" at this time.

Watch our webisode of The Toke with Layla below. And get your WCP Layla Kayleigh photo and video fix here.

Related WCP exclusives + posts about WPT hosts coming and going . . . and suing:

:: Who Will Get Whacked* From Season VI of the WPT?
:: Sabina Gadecki Gets Friel'd
:: WPT Screws Shana Hiatt From Going to NBC's Heads-Up Poker Championship
:: Why Hiatt Left WPT and Other Things Steve Lipscomb Doesn't Want You to Know
:: WPT Picks a Brit Brunette with Big Breasts as New Hostess, Not Keeley Hazell Though

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I'm Not Your Friend (Remix)

This has close to nothing to do with poker other than the Entities love South Park and we have to do with poker. So...as noted in this blog a few weeks ago, Canada on Strike is one of our new all-time favorite episodes of South Park. And the "I'm not your friend, buddy" banter is a staple of our daily conversation now.

Lucky for us a YouTube user named SelfX86 feels the same and made one of the greatest remixes ever in the history of the world. If this guy got a hold of The Poker Rap that song would probably blow the fuck up. At least get him hooked up with John Parr. That guy needs a comeback album.

I'm Not Your Friend, Buddy Remix

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Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth Teaching Derek Hough How to Play Poker, Have Sex, Drink, Etc.

Cougar-ific Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough are living together, playing pokerEven though they've been eliminated from Dancing with the Stars, Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough continue to tango.

Reports have been circulating that the two have been dating (and has been confirmed through multiple sources in the poker world). Shannon, 34, split with her math teacher boyfriend Brett Estrada around the beginning of the show, and Derek, a Mormon (dum-da-da-da-dum), was single because he's Mormon and we're pretty sure they're not even allowed to date. They just get married (...and married...and married...).

So will the cougar Shannon corrupt poor little 22-year-old Derek with evils like booze, sex, drugs, and poker?

[A] report claims that Shannon is so determined to make the romance work that she's even teaching Derek how to play poker. Says the source, "Poker is her passion. She's won a lot of money in poker tournaments."

What in the name of Bringham Young is going on here?

We'll see if we see Derek at the 2008 WSOP.

More on Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth and Derek Hough dating.

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This One is Too Good

Another online poker tutorial video from gder01, and this one just might be his best. Really, there are too many good nuggets of info on MTT strategy in this one to list them all. Just watch and learn.

Online Poker Pro Shares Winning Strategy (#2) video here.

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Poker News + Other Links Because Agne Stankunaite Is Another Hot Chick on Italian TV

Agne Stankunaite is a Lithuanian supermodel
Let us dumb this down. Italian TV is loaded with insanely hot chicks. Perhaps the hottest in the world, all with ridiculously perfect culos that rank right up there with Brazil's best, long, stately legs that make Shannon Elizabeth look like an amateur and gorgeous faces that ... well, who really cares about faces. And Lithuanian supermodel Agne Stankunaite (yeh, unfortunate last name) is hands down the hottest one we've seen in the past cinque minuti. See photos of Agne below, and a super hot video of her on Italy's Ciao Darwin TV show here.

First, some poker news links and other stuff worth a click ...

• Dark clouds over Ultimate Bet as lightning strikes twice for "dhc2lovr". (link)
• 5:46 of Daniel Negreanu talking about the delayed WSOP Main Event final table. (link)
• LV Sun's Jeff Haney breaks from his poker purist propensities to support Harrahs' final table experiment. (link)
• We now know what a scofflaw is. (link)
• If it's only being held in one city, is it really a "poker tour"? (link)
• A poker player begging to be staked gets him a news feature in New Hampshire. (link)
Josh Arieh is upbeat, optimistic after Bodog split. (link)
Pokerati-ers discuss Bodog's move. (link)
• Is the annoying "You're not Johnny Chan" chick still running this Playboy charity poker tournament? (link)
• Speaking of, 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole's fagina commands your "respect". (link)
• A dude "Hoyt Corkins" a rocket up his ass, and has video to prove it. (link)
• Did we mention that Kimberly Lansing looked smoking hot at the WPT Championship? (link)
Mike Matusow rammer det røde felt. (link)
• Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr has the gams for Italian TV. (link)
• Can we get better photos of Miss Asian Poker Tour please? (link)
• Barely legal poker ok'd on Indian res in Iowa. (link)


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Ludmilla Radchenko Dancing at a Strip Club Video Makes for a Good Post

Italian TV girl Ludmilla Radchenko dancing at strip club video
For us Entities, Wicked Chops Poker is as much about learning about this great, big world of ours as it is about talking poker, and one of the great nuggets of wisdom we've learned here is that Italian TV is loaded with insanely hot chicks.

Girls like Elisabetta Gregoraci, Melissa Satta, Rosaria Cannavo and Elena Santarelli, to name a few, are basically hired to dance around in various states of next-to-nothing on TV shows (<-- a click that's worth it), and they're proof that men still rule supreme in Italy, and if you're a chick, you're either hot and on TV or you're not and in the kitchen whipping up some pasta and ah meatballs.

The latest Italian TV girl we've found is Ludmilla Radchenko, whose first name sounds like something you get from eating bad chicken and her last name gives away the fact that she's from Russia. Siberia, Russia that is. Go here for Ludmilla's Wiki bio.

As the headline above promises, Ludmilla somehow through the grace of Zeus danced at an empty strip club in Florida and there's video evidence of it below complete with a cheesy strip club DJ dude ruining the moment. NSFW-ish we suppose. Clickable photos of Ludmilla in Maxim Italy below the video.

Ludmella strip video on YouTube here.


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Best Online Poker Strategy Video Ever

We don't know what Full Tilt Poker was thinking in signing the CardRunners gang when there's the guy below doing advanced instructional poker videos on YouTube for free. He goes by john voight on 2p2, gder01 on YouTube and "Water Boat" on FTP, and his SNG/MTT strategies will blow your mind and force you to rethink everything you thought you knew about poker.

Pushing with A-K when you're short-stacked? Not so fast. Don't think Q7 is a great hand to slow play? Think again. Can't grasp that getting all your chips in on the first hand of a tournament with pocket twos in a 4-way pot is a "magical" scenario? You're probably not a winning player.

These videos are a "must see" for any new player signing up to play online poker for the first time. Just please tell us when and where you're playing so we know to stay away from your table.

Watch one of his better tutorials below. Also be sure to check out Lesson #20 - Erections and Poker and Lesson #17 - Pocket Pairs. And for wicked chops on the guitar, check out his popular 6 Easy Guitar Solo Techniques video. One of us watched it last night and just got signed as the new lead guitarist for Nickleback. It's that good!

Online Poker Video Tutorial Strategy for Winning Money here.

PS: Be sure to check out his groundbreaking Poker Pro Cash Game Strategy video here.

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2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table: What People in the "Industry" Are Saying

The delay of the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table has been a source of major debate within the poker world the past week. Most hate it and never liked it, some hated it and then liked it, and some liked it all along.

Just like anal.

Another anal joke? Really?

In our latest webisode of The TOKE, we talked to some "industry" and so-called "media" types for their take.

Opinions on the 2008 WSOP ME Final Table delay

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Poker News Can't Crack My Poker Face

Todays poker news is brought to you by VC Poker's ridiculously entertaining series Crack My Poker Face. Think American Idol rejects show meets drunk, inbred-looking Brits at a music festival meets two dudes who can keep a straight face even while watching some tard dry hump a stuffed pink elephant or a skanky chick diddling herself (the video below). Watch all the clips here.

• Heavy metal poker hottie Liv Boeree rocks Ladbrokes European Ladies Championship (link)

• UK glamour model Abi Tit-muss is a poker player now (link)

• Techradar.com on how to beat poker bots (link)

• Nevada PPA-er Ken Illgen rails Sen. Jon Kyl over UIGEA regs (link)

• Poker folk songs are the new poker raps (link)

Ekstra Bladet's poker page may have a thing for Gus Hansen (link)

PurePlay secures $15 mil for subscriber/ad-based poker site (link)

• When they say a tricycle took a poker player who was shot to the hospital they don't really mean a tricycle do they? (link)

WPT posts another loss, this time $2.8 mil in Q1 of 2008 (link)

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Borgata $500k Guaranteed Poker Tournament Ends in 4-Way Chop

Borgatahotelcasinoandspa_0The Borgata $500k Guaranteed tournament wrapped last night in Atlantic City, ending in a four way chop with Schuyler Twaddle of Chesterbrook, Penn. taking the biggest piece of the ~ $750k remaining prize pool.

An east coast poker regular, Twaddle was one of the guys arraigned for his connections to the Mastronardo bookmaking ring back in 2006, which involved an Internet betting service called betroma.com and ex-Eagles wide receiver John Mastronardo.

Finishing with the second most chips at the time of the chop was Weiwen Lang with BodogAri ending up third and in fourth was Mark Reynolds.

Just missing the chop but still cashing $104,625 was 2007 WSOP-C Harrah's AC winner John Racener.

Full coverage of the event here.

A video of someone walking down the street in Atlantic City here.

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2008 WSOP Guide: You Can Probably Get Laid at Rehab

Much like our bedrooms were to single women in the 90's, there's something about Rehab at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas that makes the ladies do absolutely vile things they'd never even consider doing at any other time.

And we're not just talking about anal here.

Sex in pools. PCB Spring Break levels of drunkenness. Hotly licking the cover of Racket Magazine with a near perfect ass.

All of this makes Rehab the absolutely perfect place to drown your 2008 WSOP sorrows. Or just be a totally decadent-sex-in-pool-having-really-hope-they-don't-have-video-of-this-degenerate.

Rehab Las Vegas video

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Borgata $500k Guaranteed Poker Tournament Impresses, Final Table Underway - UPDATED

Borgata Babe Margarita Kobilianets could be serving players at the Borgata $500k Guaranteed Poker TournamentWe give Atlantic Shitty a lot of crap for being a craphole because it is a craphole. Seriously people take craps right on the street. We don't make this stuff up, we've seen it happen. But there is one shiny beacon in the shitheap and that is the Borgata.

From being serviced by decently hot cocktail waitresses (such as Margarita at right) to devouring a big ole juicy 36 oz. Gotham from Old Homestead to pruning ourselves in one of the deep tubs in an opus suite and placing a wager on the Jets game in the Borgata Sports Book/Poker Room, we love ourselves some Borgata every once in awhile. And best of all, when we're at the Borg, we don't feel like we're gonna get knifed every time we walk out to our cars. Little things like that make the difference.

Anyway, all this is an indirect way to get to the point that the Borgata is hosting its deep stack $500,000 Guaranteed Prize Pool poker tournament this week, and proving once again it knows how to do things right, it drew an impressive 775 runners (including Curb star Cheryl Hines) to the $2,000 buy-in tournament, pumping the prize purse up to $1.55 million. Contrast that with PokerStars LAPT Rio event that only drew 314 players for a smallish $785,000 prize pool and you have an economic comparison study between the First World and the transitional, emerging, developing or whatever you call the second-ish world countries of Latin America.

The event, which started on Sunday, is down to its final 10 players competing for the $395,095 first place prize, and it looks exactly like what you'd expect from an east coast tournament, with a Russian, Asian and a little bit of an Arab-Israeli conflict going on at the table. Most notable of the group is Alan Engel, aka Bodog Ari, who is stacked in the middle with 1.8 million in chips. We've always been big fans of the kid, for keeping a relatively low profile while kicking ass online and having some occasional insightful non-poker stuff to say on his blog here. So good luck to him.

Here's how the final table is lined up at the Borgata today:

1 Matthew Milliken -- Madison, WI -- $3,578,000
2 Kambiz Behbahani -- Fairfax Station, VA -- $2,773,000
3 Harry Frankel -- Monsey, NY -- $2,112,000
4 Mark Reynolds -- Eldersburg, MD -- $1,866,000
5 Alan Engel -- Las Vegas, NV -- $1,809,000
6 Hamid Michael Hakami -- Baltimore, MD -- $1,745,000
7 Eric Siegel -- Melville, NY -- $1,004,000
8 Mihail Stoykov -- Philadelphia, PA -- $935,000
9 Steve Ryan -- Lake Ronkonkoma, NY -- $800,000
10 Jin Chung -- New York, NY -- $785,000

Stay posted here for results from today's final table at the Borgata.

UPDATE: So what do we know? The above wasn't the final table but just the top 10 of the final 21? going into today. The Borgata site (here) made it look otherwise. Thanks to the guys at LivePokerRadio.com for cluing us in. Go here for their live updates from the floor of the Borg. Last we looked they were down to 7 players, with BodogAri one of them, and they were discussing a chop. Or more like arguing one as players talk taxes and shit. Good luck with that.

Photo above of mouthfully-named Borgata employee Margarita Kobilianets from the Babes of Borgata 2008 Calendar.

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No-Namer from the Netherlands Wins LAPT Rio

Poker player Julien Nuijten wins LAPT Rio, Raica Oliveira wins hottest model who dated a trannie lovin soccer playerJulien Nuijten, a 19-year-old total relative unknown from Amsterdam, Holland, has won the first event of the Latin American Poker Tour, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Nuijten, who reportedly played the $2,500 buy-in poker tournament on a whim, started final table play as the chip leader and commanded his way to the title and $222,940 payday, which should be enough to buy him some sweet clogs, a field of tulips and loads of hash back home. And maybe a windmill or two. According to the PokerStars folks, Nuijten is a high-stakes poker player online and is a former Magic: The Gathering world champion, thus joining the ranks of fantasy wizard geeks turned cardtossers like David Williams, Noah Boeken, Dario Minieri, Eric "Efro" Froelich and Adam Levy.

Finishing in second for $117,750 was Russian-American Vitaly Kovyazin, who isn't a cab driver like we had assumed earlier but we were right that he is from Brooklyn where he is a "construction manager." So we probably got the Red Mafia part correct too. Which means we'll shut up now.

Alex Brenes, the brother of the insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes, finished fourth, earning $62,800.

The results from the final nine below:

1st -- Julien Nuijten (Holland) -- $223,000
2nd -- Vitaly Kovyazin (United States) -- $117,750
3rd -- Nikolai Senniger (Germany) -- $86,350
4th -- Alex Brenes (Costa Rica) -- $62,800
5th -- Oliver Kugler (Germany) -- $47,100
6th -- Eduardo Henriques (Brazil) -- $31,400
7th -- Rafael Pardo (Colombia)  -- $23,500
8th -- Juan Carlos Burguillos (Venezuela) -- $15,700
9th -- Severin Walser (Switzerland) -- $11,775

The next LAPT event is in San Jose, Costa Rica, scheduled for May 22-24.

Gratuitous Brazilian supermodel above is Raica Oliveira, who famously dated soccer star Ronaldo before he was into the whole transvestite hookers thing See lots more of Raica here.

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Poker News: Latest on Ultimate Bet Superuser Scandal, Bloggers on WSOP Final Table, ZeeJustin Joins Bodog + More

:: Nat Arem stands by Ultimate Bet on superuser scandal (Click here)

:: Up for Poker's Otis makes case against WSOP Final Table delay (Click here)

:: Haley's Poker Bl-Aughh! cuts through some of the Harrahs BS (Click here)

:: Short-stacked Shamus asks the "bastardization" question (Click here)

:: Micon thinks Jeffrey Pollack is monkey fuck-ing around (Click here)

:: Justin Bonomo zeejoins Team Bodog (Click here)

:: Poker Players Alliance to p-diddy for voters with "If You Play, Have a Say" campaign at WSOP (Click here)

:: Redada en un club de póquer de Barcelona (Click here)

:: Coast to Coast Poker Championship kicks off in America's Hat (Click here)

:: Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines pretties up the Borgata's Sunday $500k guaranteed event (Click here)

:: Vind en nat med Philip Hilm på eksklusivt hotel (Click here)

:: Photographic evidence of Bar Rafaeli's hotness in a bikini (Click here)

:: Video evidence that kids walking around dizzy can be hazardous to poles (Click here)

Summer is just about here...which means it's t-shirt time, unless you live in Canada where it's light parka season still. Check out some of the new tees over at snorg by clicking on the banner.

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Girls on the Rail at 2008 WSOP


    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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