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Live Blogging from the 2008 WSOP Media Conference Call

WSOP commish Jeffrey Pollack officially announces delayed WSOP Main Event final table11:05am PST: Ok, we never do this and never will again, but here's some "live updates" from the 2008 WSOP media conference call.

Jeffrey Pollack (at right) says that the "very exciting innovation" of the 2008 WSOP Final Table is good to go. The Main Event final table will be held as you know in primetime on November 11th. Pollack calls this "must-see appointment television." On November 9 they'll play down from nine to two. On November 10 they'll play the final heads-up match. Then on the 11th the final table will be shown on ESPN.

Some other new rules:

:: No tents for poker this year.
:: Separate satellite room.
:: Five rooms inside convention center for poker with 2,740 player capacity.
:: No alternatives allowed this year.
:: New rules for unsportsmanlike conduct and new code of conduct.
:: New cell phone rule...must be silenced during tourney play. Need to be one table length away from assigned table to use it.
:: Opening day registration will open Wed May 28th.
:: More room between tables this year.
:: Introducing a WSOP concierge service.
:: Enhanced food choices and expanded hours at Sao Paulo (yes!!!) and expanding restroom facilities.

11:20am PST: Someone wants to know how the dealers will be compensated since the Main Event final table will be held 16 weeks after the tourney first wraps. Tuning this one out...don't really care. Somebody said something though. 

11:22am PST: The "collusion and deal-making" question was asked and this will be addressed in the new code of conduct, so looks like that definitely won't happen now, right? No way.

11:25am PST: Some old dude wants to know about playing too many hours because he's old and doesn't like playing too many hours. However they did say that there will only be 5 levels played each day. Maybe. Got Flight of the Conchords on right now and they're singing "Leggie Blonde" and it's pretty funny.

11:28am PST: Trying to figure out what is needed to ask a question. Wasn't paying attention at that part. Just speak up? Don't think so. Damn you attention span!

11:32am PST: None of the Entities is entirely sure how to submit a question either.

11:34am PST: Kathleen Hennessey from the AP sounds kind of cute.

11:37am PST: No pay-per-view this year for the Main Event. Really questioning the whole "live blogging" concept right now.

11:40am PST: Greatest valedictorian speech ever? Oh yeah they're still talking about why the 16-week WSOP delay is great.

11:42am PST: This is brutal. Seriously questioning motivation of doing this more and more. Thank goodness we don't do hand updates, recounts, chip counts, and things of that nature.

11:45am PST: Gary Wise chimes in with question #2! We laid odds earlier that Wise would lead the question-asking tally. +/- was 3.5...come on Gary get a couple more in!

11:46am PST: Trying to find Kathleen Hennessey on Facebook or somewhere. Pic anyone?

11:46am PST: Whew...only 3 more questions to go!

11:48am PST: Steve Rosenbloom enters the fray! We are big Rosenbloom fans. Read his Rosenblog here. He asked a question that gets an answer about "being good corporate citizens" so glad that we missed yet another question. Really not good at this. However now they're answering a question where the answer included the phrase "12 square inches" so maybe they're talking about one of the Entities now. Did someone ask about us?

11:52am PST: Ah man! Last question and it's not from Gary Wise! Looks like the under wins. Knew 3.5 was too ambitious.

11:54am PST: Just found out how to enter a question...seriously.

11:59am PST: Call is concluding. All in all Jeffrey, new PR chief Seth and crew did a great job of moving it along. Tons of "explaining" on the new final table format. Someone's cell phone just went off on the call as they're wrapping up. Ok, they're asking more questions even though they said that was it. Someone's cell phone just indicated a voice mail was left. But that's it for us and our first and last "live blogging" experiment.

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Michele Lewis

Thanks for doing this, I was so busy I couldn't make the call.
More importantly...I am soooooo buying late night dinner at Sao Paulo!!!!


I agree about having to have a continuity to a tournament's energy. But a long delay won't make the WSOP Main Event Final Table as stagnant as it has been. If the table is stacked with pros it would be hilariously suspenseful. However if the ONLY certifiable pro gets his all-in raise called by A-9 and is eliminated second, then it could blow harder than Lohan starting her car. Personally I don't care as long as the eventual champ is more animated than a prison lunch tray (JERRY!).


Would someone please explain to me why it is has been deemed necessary to delay the final table for 4 months after the real deal?????? so weird

Doesn't that sort of throw players off the momentum of the
flow and energy they have been playing with during the tourney?

Won't such a long delay dampen the interest of a viewing audience?


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