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Girl on Girl at the WSOP: There's Something About Amanda Leatherman

The below is WCP contributor Michele Lewis' latest interview in her "Girl on Girl" series at the WSOP. Stay tuned for more interviews with some of the coolest, hottest girls in poker. Check out Michele's blog at michelelewis.com.

Amanda Leatherman at the 2008 WSOPGirl on Girl at the 2008 WSOP is a great way to start off Monday morning.  And who better than Amanda Leatherman of PokerRoad and PokerNews (photo above playing in the 2008 World Series of Poker Ladies Event).  Leatherman can easily be perceived as just a cute petite blonde; however, don't think for a second her strength is synonymous with her size.  She may be a tiny... but she walks tall, speaks her mind and has a sharp sense of humor.  Leatherman concocts her skills of wit, professionalism and girl-next-door appeal to create interviews that get to the point yet are fun and entertaining. For example, she managed to host Phil Hellmuth shotgunning a beer then ended the interview before a possible "Frank the Tank" streak.

Again, some might think it's just her beauty encouraging the constant double-takes, but I disagree.  I think she has a way of making one feel as though they already know her or ... they really want to get to know her (and I don't mean sexually).  Last week, Leatherman was sweet enough to answer some questions about who is hot and how she landed in Las Vegas to travel the world.  Thump to the jump to read something about Amanda...

ML: You're MySpace page says your southern accent comes out when you drink. Where are you from, Amanda?

AL: My southern accent definitely comes out when I drink and most people think it's cute. I think it's sooo gross! I'm from good ol' North Carolina, baby...

ML: How did you get involved with the poker industry?

Amanda Leatherman AL: So, that's a long story, but I'll try and make it short. I moved to Las Vegas before I was even 21! I started playing online poker when I was 17 yrs old. Yep true degenerate for sure. I loved it, so my then boyfriend and I packed up and moved to Vegas when I was 20. I'll tell ya it wasn't as easy as we thought it would be. I gambled way too much! We actually spent all our money more than once on blackjack and sports betting. Had to call, my mom and bros more than once for help with money. Long story short... I five-tabled sngs and cash games online for awhile, and finally I just really wanted out of the house. So, I saw that Full Tilt - PokerWire needed another tournament reporter and before I knew it, I was in LA talking to Ray Bitar, CEO of Full Tilt, accepting a job. From there it's history, I guess... I did tournament reporting for more than a year and then started doing on camera stuff. Now I work for PokerRoad and some PokerNews on the side.

ML: Tiffany Michelle gets a lot of date offers on MySpace... do you get those?

AL: Of course, I get weird MySpace messages! If I wasn't getting them, something would probably be wrong. Guys these days think they can tell you that you're beautiful online, and you're supposed to take your clothes off. Boys are hilarious, that's for sure. Someone sent me a link to a forum post on Pocketfives.com the other day and I thought it was really funny, but kinda cute. He said "Amanda Leatherman, please leave Joe Sebok for me" and then stated all the reasons why I should. Ha-ha

ML: So, does a guy have a chance hooking up with you via MySpace/Facebook?

AL: I don't think I would ever hook up with a guy via internet at all. I think it's great for some people, but I'm not too into it. I'd definitely have to meet you. [Smiley face]

ML: When single what do you look for in a guy?

AL: I look for someone with a really good smile! I love great teeth... I am attracted to someone who is loyal and very confident, maybe even a little cocky. Not too much though, not to the point of arrogance. It's hard to find someone you can sit in the same room with, without saying anything at all. That's when you know you have something good, when you're that comfortable... I am a sucker for guys who can sing or play an instrument and I LOVE tattoos. Not all tattoos, they definitely have to be in the right places and they have to mean something. Light eyes are nice too... Too picky? [She winks with a smile]

ML: Tell me again the name and how did you come up with your Facebook stripper name?

AL: For some odd reason I actually have a Facebook stripper name. I think someone sent it to me and I answered all the silly questions. Hold on, I forgot the name. Oh there it is... Dallas Fluffyheat. Hmmm, not really sure what it means. People from Texas have a southern accent, so that part makes sense maybe. Ha-ha not a very attractive stripper name though. I'd rather have a regular stripper name, something like "Candy" or "Diamond"

ML: What do you love most about your job?

AL: The thing I love most about my job... Hmmmm... probably that I get to travel the world and hang with my friends all the time. The poker world is kind of like a little family. You hang out all day at work and then you hang out again after at a bar. Sometimes it's overwhelming, but that's definitely a pretty cool thing that most people don't get to do.

ML: What do you hate?

AL: I hate sleeping alone after watching scary movies! I'm such a little girl about it too. I will seriously lay in the bed and make myself think that I'm hearing noises outside or that I'm seeing weird things. Oh and It doesn't help that I'm totally afraid of the dark!

ML: How do you manage to create balance in your life while on the road?

AL: I think this is the thing I'm worst at. I don't have much balance. I don't feel like I have much of a life outside of all this nonsense. I'm trying to change that though. It's tough when you travel all the time, so when you come home, you literally just wanna lay on the couch. I don't have very many friends in LA, cause I have no time to meet anyone! I think sometimes you just have to slow down and think about what you want, just for that day...

Amanda Leatherman ML: Which females and males have you become close to in the poker industry?

AL: Hmmm... Well Joe is my best friend; I'm definitely closer to him than I am with anyone else. All the people I work with at PokerRoad are really my best friends though. Alex Henriquez, Joe Stapleton, Scott Huff, Court Harrington. Some of my favorite people in poker are Amnon Filippi, JC Tran, Jeff Madsen, Daniel Negreanu, and Lacey Jones.

ML: Yeah, Amnon, JC & Lacey are really nice. I don't know Jeff or Daniel. So, you were on the cover of Slots Today… I totally thought it said Sluts Today when I saw your interview with Joe (Sebok) on PokerNews. It was too funny.

AL: Slots today was just awesome! I'm sure Lacey thought it was hilarious too! Someone told me I was on the cover of a magazine, and I was like NO WAY?!?! Only to find out, it's the cover of a newspaper titled "Slots Today" Jeff Madsen said it should be called "Sluts Today" Such a jerk.

ML: OK, so who do you think is the hottest guy and girl in poker?

AL: My hottest guy in poker is Joe Sebok (most attractive guy, not just in poker...in life) and my second is Nick Schulman (such a cutie with the shaggy hair and glasses). Hottest chick would definitely have to be Erica Schoenberg. Have you seen the body on this chick? Just Google her and you can see her boobs. She has that girl next door look, but I think she could probably get crazy for some reason.

Thanks Amanda and congratulations on your cash at the WSOP!  And yes, Erica Schoenberg is hot and a favorite here!

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The Grand Nasal

Err - Just looked at her myspace to find possibly the greatest quote ever

"I love the beach, I think the ocean is the most beautiful thing in the world, Thunderstorms amaze me, I love natural disasters"


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