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July 2008

Catgirl is Naked and Painted Again, Wants to Play Tony G in the Nude

Catgirl on YouTube here.

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World Poker Tour and FSN Doing Lots of Corporatey Things


A couple weeks ago the World Poker Tour announced its broadcasting partnership with FSN (watch our interview with Steve Lipscomb here).

Today they have announced a broader partnership full of synergies and value adds and probably ROIs and bottomlines and ducks in a row and we're gonna have to take a nap after THAT lunch with the media giant.

According to their press release, this collaboration will start in September "with the creation of a television series based on WPTEs subscription and sweepstakes game offering, CLUBWPT.com."

It continues:

Each week, players will have multiple chances to win a seat in the TV series by playing in poker and blackjack tournaments on CLUBWPT.com. Weekly episodes telecast nationally on FSN will feature a new final table with CLUBWPT.com members battling it out on the felt for cash prizes.

It goes on to say stuff about marriages, relationships, energies and resources. Read the full press release here.

In more interesting news, that graphic above has Kimberly Lansing in it. Is that a good sign that we'll see more of her in the near future?

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Can Somebody at Full Tilt Poker Please Make This Happen?


Typically if you wait long enough, something that was once funny but got old gets funny again. Like with us Entities, we never stopped saying "Waaazzzzuuuup" cause it never ceased being funny just started saying "Waaazzzuuup" again because it's been long enough that it's funny.

So hopefully the last couple of weeks the T.J. Cookier stuff (in case you missed it, here) saw it's shelf-life revived a bit.

With that said, even if it's not funny again just yet, could anyone at Full Tilt Poker please make a Cookier avatar? Or would it crash the servers because every player on the site would simultaneously select Cookier as their avatar?

Not sure why they don't. They already have a Jerry Buss (left of Cookier) and a stupid sexy Helen Mirren looking one that for some reason all the Scandinavians seem to pick.

Editor's Note: For 3 1/2 years every time we type Scandinavians we've spelled it wrong and it's been corrected by spell check. So thank you spell check.

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Lawmakers Call for UIGEA Clarification on What Constitutes 'Unlawful Internet Gambling' - UPDATE

Chelina_manuhutu_6_bigFour Republican lawmakers are calling for the Federal Reserve Board and the US Department of Treasury to clarify their proposed regulations concerning the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, the horribly written law that the fascist Frist and his cronies Pearl Harbor'd into the Port Security Bill almost two years ago.

The four Representatives, who include Jim Gerlach (R-PA), Christopher Shays (R-CT), Kevin McCarthy and Judy Biggert (R-IL), a woman, are asking for the agencies to clarify what constitutes "unlawful internet gambling" before finalizing their UIGEA regulations.

In what looks like a veiled reference to a distinction between online poker and other forms of online gaming*, the four argue that the "regulations do not provide clear guidance to the public, in particular those that engage in online skill games, or regulated industries regarding what constitutes 'unlawful internet gambling.'" (emphasis added)

They go on to say that if implemented, the regs would amount to "an abdication of the federal government's responsibility to both the public and unregulated industries" and  "could be unnecessarily burdensome and costly to the public and particularly small businesses."

Read the full letter they sent to the Board and Treasury Dept after the jump. Discuss it here.

Watch Rep. Benjamin Sinclair's eloquently forceful argument before Congress in support of the Ocular Penetration Act of 2007 here.

Photo of Dutch model Chelina Manuhutu in lieu of one of the four lawmakers and to pretty up this website after posting a topless photo of Barry Paskin yesterday. More photos here.

*UPDATE: We were half-asleep and wearing our rose-colored glasses when writing this post and Kid Dynamite is right in his comment (here). These four lawmakers  are known to be against online poker, so it's safe to assume that they'd want the Board and the Treasury to include online poker under unlawful internet gambling. It's worth noting that one of the letter's authors is Christopher Shay, who cosponsored the infamous H.R. 4411, aka the Goodlatte-Leach Bill and who PPA board member Rich Muny gave an F- on support of poker rights.

Continue reading "Lawmakers Call for UIGEA Clarification on What Constitutes 'Unlawful Internet Gambling' - UPDATE" »

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So That's What Barry Paskin Has Been Up To . . .


Old poker players never die, they just smell like Barry Paskin (above). And play poker in Atlantic Shitty.

A poker player from Brooklyn named Michael Wax was kicked out of the Borgata Sportsbook Poker Room in Atlantic Shitty the other day after his table mates complained about his body odor. Apparently, the 54-year-old limo company owner had been playing a long session and smelled like a cross between Barry Paskin five days into the 2005 WSOP and complete ass.

According to an AP report, Wax wants an apology from the Borgata.

Relatedly, because the AP found it necessary to report it, Wax weighs a massive 440 pounds, or in poker terms, about 5 Liz Lieus.

Or 1.1 David Benyamines.

Speaking of huge, a link to Hitomi Tanaka weighing her massive mammarian protuberances here.

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Pussycat Dolls to Play Poker on Poker Island, an Island Where Apparently You Can Play Poker

Pussycat Dolls poker

So popular Las Vegas-based act the Pussycat Dolls will be making a trip to PokerRoom.com's Poker Island to perform a show and play poker, which seems like the logical thing to do while at a place called Poker Island.

This mythical magical island, which is more of a resort on the island of Ibiza than an actual full-blown island, still sounds like heaven for poker players. Maybe not a 72 virgins at the gate kind of a heaven, but at least you don't have to blow yourself up to get there.

Read more on the story here. Photo of a Pussycat Doll wardrobe malfunction (aka crotch slip) here.

For video of what the Pussycat Dolls' performance may look like, watch below.

VIDEO: Pussycat Dolls perform in Las Vegas

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Bar Refaeli is a Winner - UPDATE

Bar Refaeli and the bikini is a winning combination

Leo's ex Bar Refaeli is killing the field today with her candid bikini photos in St. Tropez.

If Audrina Patridge is the current champ of not-so-candid candid bikini photos,  Israeli model Bar Refaeli is the pants-down winner in the candid candid bikini photos competition.

And if there was a loser, it's Britney Spears. In so many ways.

More photos of Leonardo DiCaprio's ex  looking hot while vacationing in St. Tropez here.

Photos of Bar Refaeli on Wicked Chops Poker here, here, here and here.

In other "Great Moments in  Celebrity Bikini Photos History", the famous Jessica Alba on all fours shot.

Btw, if you don't have time to kill we suggest you don't check out drunkensailor's contribution to the Hot Girls thread in the Wicked Chops Poker forum right now.

UPDATE: WWTDD.com has more photos of Bar and links over to LessClothes.com with even more amazing photos of her. Enjoy.

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World Poker Tour Episodes Head to Bollywood

This hot indian model has nothing to do with the World Poker Tour broadcasting in India

We'd like to curry favor with this hot girl from India, where the WPT is going to broadcast its Season IV.

In what will be great news to our billions of readers who are snake charmers, call center service reps and elephant-riding cricket fans, season IV of the World Poker Tour will be broadcast in India starting this September on Zee Sports, the country's first private sports channel.

According to a press release:

"Zee Sports will exclusively broadcast nineteen two-hour WPT Season IV episodes in India. Zee Sports will promote the WPT series on-air and online through its website www.zeesports.co.in. It will broadcast the episodes alongside current sports programming such as football, cricket, tennis, motor sports and golf. The series is scheduled to begin airing in September."

WPT was silent on whether embarrassingly infectious song-and-dance numbers would be added to the episodes to increase the show's appeal.

Of note, season IV took place in 2005-2006, which is when Joe Bartholdi won the WPT Championship, and up-runner the was Matthew Davidson fave Poker Chops Wicked.

In related news, the Indian Thriller video below is awesome.

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Nothing About Poker Links


The Mexican we had last night wasn't as hot as Luz Elena Gonzalez. But it was tasty.

:: Grace Park looks damn good in her new FHM spread. [link]

:: Although she looked way hotter in her Complex magazine spread. [link]

:: But these photos of Grace Park are still our favorite. [link]

:: ONN Alert: Study finds young workers apathetic about office politics. [link]

:: Katie Downes is the hottest big-breasted Brit glam model we've seen today, and that's saying a lot. [link]

:: Luz Elena Gonzalez is spicy hot in this spread for H magazine. [link]

:: Creepy New Fetish Alert: Hot girl licking everything in a hotel room including the toilet. [link]

:: Michelle Marsh dropping the top in Loaded magazine. [link]

:: Ashley Gellar excels at both wearing and not wearing a bikini. [link] NSFW

:: The girls of the US Olympic Synchronized Swim Team are worth a few clicks. [link]

:: Watching Hot Italian girls doing Human Tetris on Italian TV never gets old. [link]

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ESPN Airs 2008 WSOP Event #2 Tonight

Grant_hinkle_wsop While tonight's ESPN WSOP broadcast might lack the sex appeal of last week's [telecast] (i.e. Patrik Antonius...Kathy Liebert...), it should be entertaining nonetheless.

This week focuses on Event #2 ($1,500 No Limit Hold'em), with a final table includes Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, David Bach, Theo Tran, and Grant Hinkle (that's him at right), brother of uber-ubiquitous Blair Hinkle. Or as they like to call themselves, "The Fabulous Poker Playing Hinkle Brothers."*

Read our updates from the event here, here, here, and here.

* Unsubstantiated. Although that sounds like a great name for an act on America's Got Talent. Or a porno. A porno we'd pay a looootttt of money to watch. Hint hint.

UPDATE: Preview for tonight's show after the jump...

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Greg "FBT" Mueller Throws Chips, Not Punches, Eh?

Greg Mueller fights like a . . .   hey there's that girl again
Greg "FBT" Mueller (above foreground) is known for throwing his chips around in tournaments. But not other people's.

Greg "FBT" Mueller is a big ex-hockey player, which means the following: 1) he's Canadian, 2) he's into ice fishing, 3) he wants some of that Internet money, 4) he could probably beat the crap out of you, and 5) he's not your friend, buddy.

But all of those points were apparently lost on a guy named "Rock" at Commerce Casino recently.

According to a poster (so we're not reporting this as 100% "true" yet) on that forum co-owned by that creepy old guy, Mueller and Rock got into a cute little chip throwing incident. And edited version of that post is below:

I'm sitting in a 20/40 at Commerce 1 hour ago in the back left of the room where the bathroom and plant foliage is and Greg Meuller is playing some guy named "Rock" heads up in some game, I don't know which but they only had white 100$ chips. I don't know who Rock is but he seems pretty crazy and suddenly the room is slightly quieted and all heads turn as Rock starts laughing in Muellers face like a completely arrogant jerkoff, I don't know why but he probably won a pot with a **** kicker that one upped him, or bluffed Meuller, or caught a bluff.


Mueller couldn't ****ing take it anymore then hit Rocks stack of chips with his hand, knocking them down. People start to laugh but then are silenced as Rock quickly hits Mueller's stack then Mueller returns fire by grabbing a bunch of Rocks chips and does a short toss and throws them on the floor.


*Rock grabs huge handful of Gregs 100's and ****ing flings them practically over our table and in the direction of the planty****/smoking room area* Pandemonium ensues all around as Mueller Rock and casino managers argue with cops standing all around.

Finally they are told they are being kicked out (don't know for how long probably just a day). Rock doesn't seem phased at all and even did a big HAHAHAHAHAH cackly laugh again at a Mueller who is obviously shook the **** up and pretty pale faced speechless.

Read the post in its entirety here.

And some guy must've gotten camera phone video footage of the chip fight, which you can watch here.

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Sara Tommasi Photos and Video Make for a Good Post

Sara Tommasi is ridiculously hot

Sara Tommasi just may be our new favorite Italian model who gets half-naked on Italian TV for a living.

Joe Tokwiro Norton and Frank Catania are uglying things up around here and frankly you guys are sucking at recommending girls in the WCP forum, so to remedy all of this enjoy some fantastically hot photos of Sara Tommasi from her MAX magazine photo spread.

Tommasi is an Italian model which, if you've been paying attention around here, means there's guaranteed to be at least one video of her somewhere online dancing around in next to nothing while on some Italian TV show. Check out the one we found after the jump (it involves her washing herself on stage) and click away at the photos below. More pics here (NSFW-ish).

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Gaming Expert Frank Catania to Lead Independent Probe into UltimateBet and Absolute Poker

Gaming Expert Frank Catania to Lead Independent Probe into UltimateBet and Absolute Poker

The probing continues.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission announced today that it has formed an "Independent Monitoring Team" tasked with completing "a full forensic audit/investigation of the online gaming business" of both UltimateBet and Absolute Poker. The two scandal-ridden sites are operated by Tokwiro Enterprises, which is owned by former Kahnawake chief Joe Tokwiro Norton. Norton also founded Mohawk Internet Technologies, the so-called "utility" company that makes online poker possible in North America.

The IMT will be headed by Frank Catania (pictured), a former Assistant Attorney General and Director of the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement. Catania has been a longtime advocate for the regulation of online gaming and has spoken before Congress on the issue. Catania currently serves on the board of a number of gaming related businesses and has his own consulting business.

According to the release, which was signed by the KGC's senior adviser Murray Marshall, the IMT will be empowered "to have full access to interview all employees, past or present, review all records, contact and interview all sub contractors and individuals whom the monitoring team believes necessary."

Of course the KGC has no power to compel any past employee to make themselves avail for such interview so good luck with that.

The KGC goes on further to say that "[i]n the event that any criminal activity is found to have occurred, such activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities for possible prosecution."

We had the chance to ask Marshall this afternoon when he thinks this could take place and he offered the below video response.

Marshall's complete statement on behalf of the KGE after the jump . . .

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UltimateBet Done Probing Themselves, Now It's Kahnawake's Turn


In a bury-the-news move, the football-fucking monkeys at UB's parent company Tokwiro, which is owned by Joseph Tokwiro Norton (above), released their findings on Friday afternoon, when everyday people like us are heading out to go yachting for the weekend.

Tokwiro Enterprises, the company that owns the scandal-ridden sites UltimateBet and Absolute Poker, released a statement on Friday saying they've concluded their feet-dragging investigation into the rampant online robbing of players by employees of UltimateBet. They are now turning the matter over to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which regulates all online gaming sites with servers operating out of the Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake.

Always worth pointing out, Joseph Tokwiro Norton, the guy who owns Tokwiro Enterprises, is the former Grand Chief of the Kahnawake.

In the press release, which was titled "TOKWIRO CONCLUDES ITS INVESTIGATION INTO UNFAIR PLAY ON ULTIMATEBET SITE" . . .  Wait . . . unfair play? Are they fucking kidding us? Unfair play is how you describe two first graders not getting along on the playground, not a bunch of company insiders stealing from online players by being able to see their opponents hole cards. What these criminals were doing is no different than if they had gained access to players' bank accounts and slowly drained money from their accounts. Same intent. Same effect. And in no way, just a matter of unfair play.

Moving beyond the ridiculousness of the headline, Tokwiro says in the statement that they have identified a total of 19 accounts and 88 associated usernames that were involved in the cheating.

Tokwiro, however, is still protecting the names of all the criminals involved in both the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet matters, as is the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which means no one is gonna pay for any of this, and that sucks because after all this internal probing, the only thing that will make us happy is seeing the criminals behind this get probed themselves . . . in prison.

Read the full statement after the jump . . .

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So That's What Andy Beal's Been Up To...


Jessica Biel (above from 2007 GQ spread) is of absolutely no relation to billionaire banker/poker player Andy Beal.

Haven't heard much lately from Andy Beal, the billionaire book subject (The Professor, The Banker, and The Suicide King) who took on The Corporation (Doyle Brunson, Todd Brunson, Ted Forrest, Jennifer Harman, Howard Lederer, Phil Ivey, Barry Greenstein, etc.). This is likely because: a) he was just part of that whole "Moneymaker Effect," a hot-shot Internet donk who got lucky and faded fast, or b) he's been duking it out with the fed.

It's b, btw.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Federal officials heap much of the blame for the subprime mortgage mess on lenders, claiming they recklessly made too many high-cost home loans to borrowers who couldn't afford them...

The unusual situation, which is still bedeviling bank regulators, stems from the 2001 seizure by federal officials of Superior Bank FSB, then a national subprime lender based in Hinsdale, Ill. Rather than immediately shuttering or selling Superior, as it normally does with failed banks, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. continued to run the bank's subprime-mortgage business for months as it looked for a buyer. With FDIC people supervising day-to-day operations, Superior funded more than 6,700 new subprime loans worth more than $550 million, according to federal mortgage data.

The FDIC then sold a big chunk of the loans to another bank. The Superior situation could be costly for the FDIC. Texas-based Beal Bank SSB, which bought a portfolio of Superior loans, about half of them originated under the FDIC, is suing the agency in U.S. District Court in Washington. The suit claims many of the loans were made improperly and are plagued with problems.

In a recent court filing, the FDIC estimated that about 1,500 of the 5,315 loans it sold to Beal either have defaulted or are nonperforming.

Read the full article here or here.

* Thanks to reader Koji for the link.

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So That's What Gank Has Been Up To...

Got this one from Kid Dynamite's blog and had to share. This idiot from Fresno below decided that he'd bet some weed at a blackjack table instead of cash. The reporter saying "sticky marijuana buds" is awesome.

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Surely You Can't Be CEREUS

CEREUS is the name of the new Absolute Poker + UB super poker platform, which not ironically at all is also the name of the genus name for a cactus plant, as CEREUS will likely leave your account as dry as a desert.

In what has to be the best news ever for people who enjoy buying timeshares, taking part in pyramid schemes, flushing their money down the toilet, or simply getting robbed, Ultimate Bet and Absolute Poker have decided to "integrate customers and features" and create one big super user account scamming online poker platform called CEREUS.

According to the press release:

Today, the management of both Absolute Poker and UltimateBet announced the upcoming launch of CEREUS: a new poker platform that will integrate the customers and features from both poker rooms, instantly making CEREUS the third largest online poker network.

Also according to the press release:

CEREUS is the result of more than 12 months innovation and development.

We'd love to sit in on those R&D meetings. "Ok guys, we've developed some ground-breaking super-user technology that will more randomize results so the guy manning the account doesn't actually win EVERY SINGLE hand, minimizing short-term profits but enabling us to present more logical long-term winnings." "Brilliant!"*

There is so much wrong and ridiculous about this it's, um, ridiculous. Doesn't matter though as it seems most people don't care and keep playing these sites. Regardless, read the full press release on the WCP forum here and pick out your favorite lines. For a reminder on why you should never, EVER play on these sites, go here, here, here, and here.

Related, Joanna Krupa doing Ed Hardy is cereusly super.

* Sadly, this conversation might've actually happened.

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Nothing To Do With Poker Links

Audrina Patridge coming out of a pool in a bikini

Audrina Patridge is the Phil Ivey of celeb bikini photos right now.

:: Not-so-candid candid bikini shots of celebs are all the rage and Audrina Patridge is the current champ. [link]

:: Sophie Monk is a close second. [link]

:: Anna Kournikova is always a winner. [link]

:: Hottest web cam video of a girl dancing ever? [link] (NSFW)

:: Dumb redneck doing a kegstand . . . what could go wrong? [link]

:: Same as above except replace redneck with Japanese kid and replace kegstand with the impossible swingset 360. [link]

:: We don't know anything about Eva Laskari, except we do know what she looks like topless in the latest issue of Maxim Greece. [link] (NSFW)

:: For those who say we don't feature hot Asian girls enough here, try Mayuko Iwasa. [link]

:: Sienna Miller is friendly in public with other people's husbands. [link]

:: Howabout some not-so-candid candid photos of Victoria's Secret models Adriana Lima, Izabel Goulart, Gisele Bundchen and Karolina Kurkova. [link]

:: Just a reminder, there is absolutely nothing funny about this video. [link]

:: Agent Provocateur models seem fun. [link]

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Liz Lieu Has Thick (Soft, Sexy) Skin, Wants You To Be Nice

Keeley Hazell in lingerie making a guest appearance on Liz Lieu's website

Look who showed up when we went to Liz Lieu's website today.

One of our favorite poker playing hotties Liz Lieu has been blogging over at PokerListings lately, and in her post today, Lieu talks about the pros and cons of blogging, namely the kind of comments people leave.

Seems that she's been getting some unpleasant ones lately. Explains Lieu:

"Playing poker, you have to have a pretty thick skin if you are going to survive, and I think I handle the pressures of the felt as good as anyone.

I'm not sure why it is, but personal attacks on this blog in the comments are different. I don't mind anyone disagreeing with me, giving me a better idea, or debating me. It's just the personal things that I think are inappropriate that I find quite annoying!"

Read the entire post here.

Anyway, we're not sure why we're sharing this with you except to say we've been having a blast with this Keeley Hazell RSS widget thing. The fun's endless. Just look who appeared on our screen when we were over at Liz Lieu's website a second ago. Not one but two Keeley Hazells. Really, you could make a whole day out of this Keeley Hazell widget. We are.

Okay, read Liz Lieu's PokerListings blog here and tell her Wicked Chops Poker sent you. And be nice.

While you're at it, click the Lacey Jones PokerListings banner on our site to read her blog. And for poker room reviews and bonuses go here.

Liz Lieu's WCP Girl on Girl interview here.

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Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame Welcomes Essam Ahmed Eid

It's been a long time since we've inducted someone into our esteemed Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame but this one merits the attention.

Essam_ahmedeidEssam Ahmed Eid (pictured), a 53-year-old Egyptian terrorist man who was a dealer in the Bellagio Poker Room, which really blows now by the way, started a murder-for-hire operation, and rather than do it on the down low, he started a company called Hitman for Hire complete with a website at www.hitmanforhire.net. It's now defunct but you can see an archived version of the site here.

While setting up the site alone would earn Eid, who went by the name "Tony Luciano," a place in the hallowed halls of our SPCHoF, the stupid criminal stuff he did after people actually contacted him through the site raises his stupidity to a whole new level. Really, they don't get any more stupid-er than Eid.

For an example, consider this: Some lady from Ireland named Sharon Collins contacted him through his site and ended up hiring him to kill her rich Irish lover and his two sons. Eid gets a down payment from her and then flies to Ireland where he plans to double-cross her. To do so he breaks into the rich dude's office, steals two computers and calls one of the sons he's supposed to kill, returns a computer to him and tells him there was a contract on his life, which he could avoid if he handed over $150,000. Of course, the son calls the cops, who then arrest Eid and recover the computer that has all the email conversations between him and Collins.


Read all of the details about how stupid Eid was, except for the part where he was banging two chicks, in a great write-up by the Las Vegas Sun's Abigail Goldman here. Or wait until this stuff becomes a movie. It's only a matter of time.

Relatedly, a few of our favorite Stupid Poker Criminals Hall of Fame members:

Jace Moore
Chris Shilts
Steve McCewan, Cindy Streets, Ryan Bisson and Robert Leon White
Jonathan Johnson
Terrence Davis
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Keeley Hazell Behind the Scenes Video Makes for a Good Post

Curious how The Sun made the whole Keeley Hazell RSS widget thingamajig or just want to see more of her prancing around in various states of half-naked-ness? Check out the behind-the-scenes video below.

Also, as your day begins to waste away at this point, check out Vikki Blows' Hell for Leather video.

Don't make us do all the hard work finding this stuff. Share your finds on the so-called "Internet" in the new WCP forum. If we use it on the site, we'll give you the credit and maybe even send some free stuff your way like a new Wicked Chops tee or Skullcandy headphones and gear.

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Keeley Hazell RSS Widget . . . Greatest Invention Ever?


Desktop Keeley coming out to play on our computer screen.

Proving once again that all advances in technology are designed primarily to serve our prurient interests, The Sun (the UK newspaper that gives us Page 3 girls) has just introduced a new RSS widget called Desktop Keeley that has everyone's favorite 32E top-dropper appearing on your computer screen periodically to deliver the news while walking around in various states of half-naked-ness.

You can set the frequency of how often Keeley Hazell appears to deliver the latest feed or you can screw the news and just click "Come Out to Play" whenever you want. Over and over. And over. And over.

Take a guess at what we've been doing.

Here's how The Sun bills Desktop Keeley:

"Dressed in a stunning range of lingerie, Keeley will be at your beck and call 24/7 and comes armed with all the information you need, whether it's celeb's drunken antics, the latest football transfer news or the Page 3 girl of the day.

You decide how often she appears and can choose from a wide range of topics with just a few clicks of your mouse."

Give it a spin . . . download Desktop Keeley for free here.

Watch a video of Keeley on our desktop telling us to "get back to work" below. Screen grabs after the jump here.

Keeley Hazell looking her hottest ever here,

Our favorite poker playing Page 3 girl here.

Continue reading "Keeley Hazell RSS Widget . . . Greatest Invention Ever?" »

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This Is Also Unfortunate

While this photo of Johnny Chan definitely wasn't funny, the above vid is absolutely not funny for any numerous reasons at all and who the fuck is Jeff Jensen?

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'A Weekend with Daniel Negreanu' Special Offer

Time is running out for Wicked Chops Poker readers to take advantage of our special offer of $1500 off the cost of A Weekend with Daniel Negreanu. We're not so good at math but we think that's a whopping 10% discount off the regular cost.

The weekend takes place on August 8-10, 2008 and is geared towards providing poker players with intimate, one-on-one poker training with Daniel as well as an exclusive Las Vegas experience. The weekend is limited to only 18 players, ensuring a highly personalized experience.

Find out more at the link below and be sure to mention you're a Friend of Wicked Chops Poker when you call to register.

A Weekend with Daniel Negreanu Special Offer

Watch Daniel's video pitch below . . .

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Anna Kournikova Looking Like a Railbird at a Fashion Show Makes for a Good Post

Is our focus-challenged photographer from the WSOP shooting fashion shows now?

This railbird photo thing we started at the 2008 WSOP is catching on. And we like it.

Above and below are photos of Anna Kournikova looking absurdly hot and largely breasted at some fashion show that are reminiscent of our railbird photos from the WSOP. Except, unlike our out-of-focus pro shots, we wouldn't mind seeing the blurred subject matter here either.

More photos of Anna below and better shots of just her here, and while you're at enjoy some fresh Audrina Patridge bikini pics over at Egotastic.com here.

Come across photos you think we'll like . . . be the first to post or link to them in our new WCP forum here.

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ESPN Kicks Off 2008 WSOP Programming Tonight with One Helluva Final Table

Phil Laak and hopefully Jen Tilly's breasts (above) will be among the big name pros you'll see tonight on ESPN when it airs Event No. 1 of the 2008 WSOP.

ESPN's 2008 World Series of Poker programming officially kicks off tonight at 8 pm ET with the big-name-loaded final table that had our lawyers rushing off to the patent office to claim The Year of the ProTM for us.

Going for his second WSOP bracelet in this year's debut event, the $10,000 Pot Limit Hold’em World Championship, was Mike Sexton, while Patrik Antonius, Phil Laak, Nenad "Serb" Medic, perennial runner-upper Andy Bloch, Mike Gracz's cell mate Chris Bell, and noted online players Amit "amak31" Makhija and Mike "sowersUNCC" Sowers all were gunning for their first.

One-time bracelet winner Kathy Liebert, a woman, was also at this final table but because we already told you this was a $10k buy-in World Championship event, we gave away the fact that she doesn't win tonight. Sorry for the spoiler.

But does she come in second??? Watch tonight to find out.

For chip counts going into the final table check out our coverage here.

If you don't remember who won and don't want to spoil it, don't go here.

For a video preview of tonight's show go here.

Continue reading "ESPN Kicks Off 2008 WSOP Programming Tonight with One Helluva Final Table " »

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Another Ill-Conceived Poker Movie to Hit the Big Screen...Seriously

"Salty" Joe Hachem is among the stars in an upcoming poker documentary. Behind him, Vaughn Sandman predicts how many screens the movie will open on.

Hollywood isn't a hard one to figure out. If a movie is successful, you make more like it. Or you make sequels. Deep Impact (great name for a porno) begets Armageddon. Dante's Peak begets Volcano. The Mummy begets another Mummy. Pluto Nash does not beget Pluto Nash Forever.

So why, exactly, are more poker movies being made?

No matter. For those who haven't gotten their fill from Lucky You, The Grand, that shitty Stu Ungar flick, and Deal, here comes Pass the Sugar...a documentary on the final nine from the 2005 WSOP Main Event.

"Pass the sugar," btw, is the phrase that 2005 champ "Salty" Joe Hachem would say after winning pots. Which means after David "Chino" Rheem inevitably wins the 2008 WSOP Main Event, expect a docu called "Ship It" to hit the screens sometime in 2011.

Anyway we're bored writing about this already, so read more about this sure-fire blockbuster that is certain to put Brad Kondracki back on the map here.

In related news, in case you missed it yesterday, poker-themed Vegas shows are also not learning the same lesson.

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Online Poker Cheating Scandals Support Case for Government Regulation, Says PPA

Annie Duke has fought the good fight for regulation of online poker while still supporting UltimateBet which faces allegations of insider cheating

UltimateBet's Annie Duke spoke before Congress last November on behalf of the PPA in support of government regulation.

Chairman of the Poker Players Alliance Senator Alfonse D’Amato has just issued a statement on behalf of the PPA addressing the online poker cheating scandals that haven't so much rocked the poker world as they've just provided good forum fodder for a small group of poker players at a website run by creepy old dudes while having absolutely no negative effect on the bottom line for the folks at Absolute Poker and UltimateBet.

In the statement, which will likely have all the efficacy of a Hans Blix letter to Kim Jong-Il, D’Amato calls for officials at AP, UB and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission to "provide a full and transparent accounting of these breaches of the public trust to help lift the black cloud that has been placed over the industry."

D'Amato then argues that the abuses by insiders at both AP and UB show the need for government regulation as it is the government's "basic responsibility" to "provide assurances" to consumers.

Says D'Amato:

"The recent cheating scandals underscore the need for U.S. licensing and regulation of online poker to help protect consumers" . . .

“The federal government cannot continue to abdicate this basic responsibility to millions of its citizens who choose to play poker on the Internet. The attempt to enforce an outright prohibition of online poker is deeply flawed and unworkable, not to mention it invades upon the personal freedoms of law-abiding adults who wish to engage in a game of skill."

For what Ultimate Bet spokesperson Annie Duke said before Congress on behalf of the PPA last November go here.

Related stories:

:: Russ Hamilton Has Some Explaining To Do About UltimateBet Super User Accounts

:: BREAKING: 60 Minutes Interviews Mark Seif, Mike Sexton, Greg Raymer on Online Poker Cheating Scandal

:: Mark Seif on Absolute Poker Scandal: "I Had Nothing To Do With This"

:: Absolute Poker Says 'Geek' Employee Hacked System, Unicorns are Real

Full statement by D'Amato after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Online Poker Cheating Scandals Support Case for Government Regulation, Says PPA" »

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High Stakes Poker Not 86'd at GSN, Coming Back for 5th Season

Brandon Adams looking at his nose at the 2008 WSOP

Brandon Adams, who could give Scott Clements a run for his money in a staring contest, is one of the pros featured on High Stakes Poker.

More good news for people who like to watch people play poker on television.

While a few months ago it looked like certain death for the popular poker TV show High Stakes Poker, just the other day GSN reps confirmed that they are picking up the option on the 5th season of High Stakes Poker.

Read about it here.

Our story on HSN possibly getting 86'd last May here.

Watch our pilot episode for a show we're pitching GSN called "Jeff Madsen's Human Bowling and Other Stupid Things He'll Do for a Few Bucks or Just for the Hell of It Cause He's Drunk" here.

Video of hot chicks in bikinis handling fresh meat here.

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Another Poker-Themed Stage Show in Las Vegas Announced. . . Seriously

The Real Deal is the new poker-themed show in Las Vegas at the Venetian

Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Hellmuth's ego and others to star in new poker-themed stage show at The Venetian.

And to think we thought All In: The Poker Musical was both the beginning and end of poker-themed productions in Las Vegas.

Nope, here comes another, this time from the folks at The Venetian, who just announced it will introduce this fall the "first ever live, interactive poker-themed stage show" called The Real Deal! The show, which is a Vegas-style game show of sorts with prizes, will star poker pros Doyle Brunson, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Hellmuth's ego, Gavin Smith, Edward James Olmos Eli Elezra, Jennifer Harman, a woman, Phil Laak, Scotty Nguyen, Todd Brunson and Antonio Esfandiari, who magically continues to make himself relevant somehow in the poker world.

Excerpt below from press release explaining how the show will work:

The Real Deal! will empower the audience to participate both on-stage and from their seats through the use of wireless touch screen devices. The Real Deal! will use a revolutionary multi-player platform with interactive content in conjunction with technology from TimePlay Entertainment, Inc. Playing both against and alongside the pros, audience members will earn points to vie for prizes ranging from The Real Deal! logo'd merchandise to spectacular home electronics and more, including a chance to win a $1 million grand prize.


The large collection of prizes will be awarded to individuals based on their game performance, such as their play of the virtual "ninth hand." However, there will be many other random winning moments! For example, audience members will be able to wager on simple instances that will occur during play, such as the suit of cards dealt on the flop. Every show, audience members will also have the chance to draw for a Royal Flush and win ONE MILLION DOLLARS.

An elimination process will result in the chip-leading pro, the final surviving amateur, and the point leader from the play-along audience, on stage for a three-handed finale.

While we wait for someone to dumb this down for us, check out the show's website here.

Unrelatedly, watch RawVegas.tv's new video hostess Brittney Palmer in action here.

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Poker News Made Better With Eliot Spitzer's Hooker Ashley Dupre in a Bikini

Ashley Dupre bikini photos

Ashley Dupre looking hot and not like a dude on the beach somewhere.

:: State-sanctioned online poker closer to a reality in California? [link]

:: What's that Nat Arem kid up to hiring a web developer to work in Costa Rica? [link]

:: 2008 WSOP Main Event Delayed Final Table Chip LeaderTM Dennis Phillips doesn't want any of that Internet money to wear his hat backwards. [link]

:: In backasswards news, the Lottery Commission in West Virginia declares poker tournament legal. [link]

:: Our favorite sex-educator/web-cam-diddler Jenny Woo has some advice for The Last Woman StandingTM Tiffany Michelle. [link]

:: Guardian writer Charlie Brooker is on to our formula. [link]

:: Texas Hold'em on the iPhone is all the rage. [link]

:: Mike "The Mouth" Matusow calls out the increasingly unlikable David Singer during HORSE game on Full Tilt Poker. [link]

:: The Wicked Chops Poker forum is back up and running. Got something to share? Post it there. [link]

We're too lazy to go back and see exactly what we've said in the past about Ashley Dupre, aka Ashley Youmans, aka Eliot Spitzer's hooker named Kristen, but we're pretty sure it had something to do with how we never know what to make of her. Sometimes the girl's hot, other times not even close, and sometimes she kinda looks like a dude. Well, you can file the below photos of her in a bikini under "hot." Maybe not gubernatorial-sacrificing-ly hot. But about as close as we've seen her come.

Check out our Ashley Dupre mega link for some old photos of her. Got photos to share post them under "Hot Girls" in the forum.

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Dan Harrington's Cousin Wins Second Straight Open Championship

Dan Harrington's reign as most successful member of his family has come to an end.

Until today, it was debatable.

However, Padraig Harrington once and for all put to rest the bitter* argument within his family as to "Who is the Most Successful Harrington."

With his second straight Open Championship (since when did it stop being the British Open? F'in pretentious brits...), Padraig has ascended to the pinnacle of the family food chain, ahead of cousin Dan Harrington and way, way ahead of cousin Joey Harrington.

In related news, watch Barry Greenstein's ultimate fantasy here.

* Unsubstantiated.

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Online Poker Sites Still the Stickiest

Kara Scott should stand more often

The "World's Largest Poker Site" is also the stickiest with the average user logging 10 hours and 37 minutes a month.

A new Nielsen Online study found that online poker sites are the stickiest, more so than Google, Facebook (unless you're that Allen Kessler guy), and even those tasty gooey cinnamon rolls David Benyamine probably had this morning. Read the story here.

What's sticky on WCP right now: comments to Tiffany Michelle's statement, Jeff Madsen human bowling prop bet video, our exclusive video interview with WPT's Steve Lipscomb, WSOP girls on the rail still and Loredana Damato.

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Loredana Damato is the Friday Night Parting Shot

Loredana Damato joins the growing list of Hot Italian models we've found on Italian TV

Loredana Damato is the hottest Italian girl we've seen in the past cinque minuti.

It's been awhile since we've had a Friday Night Parting Shot so let's get back to it with sinfully hot Italian model Loredana Damato. We don't know much about her except that she once again proves our theory that if you come across any random hot Italian model on the Internet and head over to YouTube you're guaranteed to find a video of her dancing half-naked on some Italian TV show.

See the one of Loredana we found after the jump.

More photos of Loredana below.

Even better photos here (NSFW-topless).

Lasagna recipes here.

Continue reading "Loredana Damato is the Friday Night Parting Shot" »

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David Benyamine [Does Not] Wins WPT Bellagio Cup IV

Mike Watson not David Benyamine wins WPT Bellagio Cup IV EDITOR'S NOTE: This post was written when it looked like David Benyamine was on track to win the WPT Bellagio Cup IV. When we woke up this morning, it turns out he did not. However, we did not feel like writing a new post on 24 year-old online poker pro Mike Watson winning (who banked over $1.6M), so we're just rolling with this.

David Benyamine is on a roll. A sweet, sticky, yummy, cinammon roll.

Having crushed multiple WSOP events and just missing out on WSOP Player of the Year, Benyamine continued a great '08 by capturing his second WPT title with the Bellagio Cup IV. [Editor's Note: Except he didn't.]

Whether this lands him the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day is yet to be seen, but wethinks he deserves it. Hmmmm...a year supply of almonds.

Regardless, with a hot ass gf in Erica Schoenberg and another WPT title to solidify his status as one of the world's top players, maybe we should consider gaining a few lbs ourselves.

Get full chip counts here.

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Steve Lipscomb on WPT's Move to FSN

Earlier today the WPT announced it's widely speculated move to FSN.

Moments before the announcement we interviewed WPT CEO Steve Lipscomb for his take on the move and on the potential of a World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker collaboration in the future.

For those looking for video of more hot girls doing Wii Fitness, go here.

VIDEO: Steve Lipscomb discusses WPT move to FSN

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BREAKING: Tiffany Michelle's Statement on Poker News and Tony G

Tiffany Michelle issues statement about PokerNews and Tony G Tiffany Michelle Official Statement - Thursday, July 17, 2008

It is with great sadness that I've had to see my accomplishment of finishing 17th in the WSOP Main Event clouded by slanderous accusations and inaccurate information. I have been humbled by the overwhelming support from friends, fans and the media and for their sake as well as mine I feel as if I must respond and bring clarity to the situation.

There is no denying the positive press and exposure I brought Pokernews by wearing their logo and being their representative during the 2008 World Series of Poker main event. After such a successful series, I am greatly dismayed by Pokernews' subsequent actions. No one has ever questioned my integrity before this and I am so distressed that Pokernews is using their powerful public forum to spin such a negative recounting of the facts of what occurred during the final two days of the main event.

Continue reading "BREAKING: Tiffany Michelle's Statement on Poker News and Tony G" »

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ESPN's WSOP Broadcast Starts Tuesday with Star-Studded Event No. 1 Final Table


Patrik Antonius (above) among the big names you'll see at the final table on ESPN this Tuesday.

ESPN will kick off its 2008 World Series of Poker broadcast on Tuesday, July 22, at 8 p.m. with the big-name-loaded final table from Event No. 1, the $10,000 buy-in Pot Limit Hold'em World Championship. This is the first of 17 weeks of consecutive Tuesday-night WSOP programming, all leading up to the semi-live coverage of the $9.1 Million final table main event on Nov. 11.

Among the final nine from Event No. 1 were Andy Bloch (chipleader going into final table), Nenad Medic, Mike Sexton, Patrik Antonius, Phil Laak, Kathy Liebert, a woman, and online phenom Mike "SowersUNCC" Sowers.

Go here for a preview of ESPN's WSOP coverage and broadcast schedule.

Get all the action from this year's WSOP with our 2008 WSOP Mega Link (give it a minute or two to fully load).

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David "Chino" Rheem Downgraded to Potentially Bad for Poker


This one hurts.

Turns out that David "Chino" Rheem, our random pick from the get-go to win the 2008 WSOP Main Event, has a warrant out for his arrest in Florida.

Chino, who got his start in Florida at the same casino as Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (who was sweating him big time en route to the final table), has multiple convictions, including felonies, in Broward County. According to the Sun Sentinal:

Eight years ago in Broward County, Rheem was convicted of dealing in stolen property and burglary, both felonies, as well as larceny and possession of marijuana, court records show. He was sentenced to four months jail time and 30 months probation.

He also failed to appear in court on a 2003 misdemeanor trespassing charge in Hollywood, according to state criminal records, leading to a court order for his arrest. The warrant for his arrest remains active.

Chino, come on man. However, since this site is all about the Entities and our agenda, we're willing to overlook this, since he was our pick and all. In fact, we'd be willing to bet that Chino has since learned from his earlier indiscretions and has since set up multiple inner city rec centers to help mold the minds of youths in Florida. "Learn from my mistakes," he probably tells them, "and you too one day can win the World Series of Poker..." is what he says.

Good job, Chino. Readers, if there's a lesson or two to be learned from all this: 1) get on our good side, and 2) have a friendly sounding nickname like "Chino." Can't get mad at a guy named "Chino," can you?

Read the full Sun Sentinal here.

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WPT Bellagio Cup IV Final Table is Set

Mike Watson leads WPT Bellagio Cup IV final table After winning two bracelets this summer, John Phan is focused (unlike the photo above) on winning his first WPT title.

In perhaps one of our shortest news posts in awhile (not because lack of interest, but rather, lack of time), the WPT Bellagio Cup IV played down to its final six yesterday.

Mike "SirWatts" Watson, blogger, takes the chip lead to the TV final table with 5,060,000. He's followed by David Benyamine (4,860,000) and the coming-off-his-two-WSOP-bracelets-still-hot John Phan (3,495,000).

Get full chip counts here

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PokerNews VP Robert Huxley On Tiffany Michelle, Last Sunday Night

PokerNews so proud of Tiffany Michelle, just a day before the shit hit the fan

PokerNews VP Robert Huxley on his Facebook page Sunday night, before he unleashed Tony G's personal piss-storm went public with PokerNews' grievance against Tiffany Michelle, her agent at Suited Connections and UltimateBet.

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David "The Dragon" Pham* Aims for First WPT Title

David The Dragon Pham is among the chip leaders at the WPT Bellagio Cup IV.With 32 remaining at the WPT Bellagio Cup IV, a familiar face is among the big stacks. And let's just say, this dude breathes fire.**

David "The Dragon" Pham*** is currently stacked at 1,622,000, only trailing Mike Watson, who has 2,272,000.

A lot of the major names have been eliminated, but there's still some star appeal. Hevad Khan is among the chip leaders with 706,000. David Benyamine has devoured 376,000 in chips. Must be on a diet or something. Also still remaining are Jonathan Van Fleet (359,000), Ted "Macho Man" Forrest (338,000), John Phan (310,000), Daniel Alaei (170,000), and Barry Greenstein (150,000).

Get full chip counts here.

* Not a real dragon.
** Doesn't really breath fire.
*** Not a real dragon.

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WPT Bellagio Cup IV: Stupak's Chair Fails to Cash as Money Bubble Bursts

Jon 'Apestyles' Van Fleet is showing some wicked poker chops today at the WPT Bellagio Cup IV.

In case you forgot, because there was nothing else going on that might've captivated your attention, the WPT Bellagio Cup IV is in full swing.

The money bubble just burst as Bob Stupak's Chair was KO'd in 100th place. Apparently Bob Stupak's Chair lacks the flair and wicked poker chops of Vinnie Vinh's Chair (rewatch interview with Vinnie Vinh's Chair here).

With the bubble burst, 99 remain. We hope you're sitting down or firmly holding on to something because Jennifer Tilly, a woman, is currently chip leader with 600,000.

Other notable big stacks include but are certainly not limited to Javed Abrahams (555,000), Isaac Haxton (495,000), Todd Brunson (462,000), Jon "Apestyles" Van Fleet (400,000), Ted Forrest (380,000), David "The Dragon" Pham* (370,000), Gavin Smith (280,000).

Get full chip counts here.

* Not a real dragon.

UPDATE: Just got word from maridu that Apestyle's up to 550k now.
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2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table Is Set

2008 WSOP November Nine

These guys are it.

The 2008 WSOP Main Event has it's "November NineTM" as the final table is finally set.

The chip leader for the next four months will be Dennis Phillips, stacked at 26,420,000. Phillips has been impressive and aggressive all today, playing the role of big stack well.

Our pick David "Chino" Rheem was up and down, but will go into final table play 7th overall with just under 11M.

The unofficial chip counts of the other remaining players are Ivan Demidov (23,920,000), Peter Eastgate (19,300,000), Scott Montgomery (19,300,000), Ylon Schwartz (13,040,000), Darus Suharto (13,020,000), Craig Marquis (10,120,000), and Kelly Kim (2,900,000).

All in all, this final table is a major bad beat considering the star power going into the last two days. But hey, that's poker.

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Jeff Madsen Goes Human Bowling

In the Rio Amazon room late last night during the 2008 WSOP Main Event, white rapper Jeff Madsen took on a prop bet from Tom "durrrr" Dwan. Don't know the stakes, but the bet was Madsen setting up a bunch of inflatable Milwaukee's Best Light cans and plowing them down...with his body.

See below how Madsen did before "the law" got involved.

VIDEO: Jeff Madsen human bowling prop bet

Video a Wicked Chops Poker/Shelley Rubenstein joint production. All rights reserved.
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David "Chino" Rheem Gets Sucked Out On, Then Sucks Out

In a hand you'd only typically see on Stars, David "Chino" Rheem called an all-in against Ivan Demidov. Rheem had 10-10, the Russian guy 9-9.

The flop gave Chino a set, but the turn gave Ivan a flush. The hit cut Rheem's stack in half, as he's got 8.4M and Demidov now has 18.7M.

That hit was very Bad for PokerTM.

Our very first vlog from Rheem coming soon. (vlog now below)

UPDATE: Just a few hands later, Chino sucked out a straight against Joe Bishop on the river. Another Stars hand. We're down to 10.

VIDEO: David "Chino" Rheem at 2008 WSOP Main Event

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Gert Anderson Was Actually The Last Ginger Standing(TM)


All right, we prematurely called The Last Ginger StandingTM not once but twice, mostly because we just wanted to stop writing about those creepy fuckers.

But alas, what's fair is fair, what's right is right, and what's ginger is ginger. So Gert Anderson actually was the The Last Ginger StandingTM at the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Congratulations, Gert. You stole approximately 6,800 souls on your quest. Way to go.

Photo credit: WorldSeriesofPoker.com

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David "Chino" Rheem - Good for Poker(TM)?

We picked David "Chino" Rheem to win the 2008 WSOP Main Event almost two weeks ago.

On the surface, this one is a no-brainer.

Having randomly picked David "Chino" Rheem from the get-go, we're naturally inclined to say he's definitely Good for PokerTM. And by "Good for PokerTM" we mean "Good for Wicked Chops Poker."

However, it's not such a clear-cut case.

We all know that the Asian countries are better poker players. Kind of like how Arabs make better terrorists. It's just in their DNA. So really, do we need any more over-confident hyper-loose-aggressive Asians from Commerce flooding the scene?

On the other hand, Chino is definitely one of the more charismatic figures left. He's a good sport. And we picked him from the beginning. He should make good TV. And he was our pick from Day 1.

Chino is looking good for the final table now, as at 10:15pm PST we're down to 11 and he is third overall with just shy of 14M.

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Tiffany Michelle Goes Down, Out of 2008 WSOP Main Event

Tiffany Michelle wins the coveted The Last Woman StandingTM title at the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

In what is definitely a Bad for PokerTM moment, FOWCP Tiffany Michelle, a woman, and easily the most marketable (read: hot) and Good for PokerTM player left in the field, was eliminated a couple hours ago.

However, let's not overlook Tiffany's accomplishment. On percentages alone, her elimination in 17th place was the best finish ever in the history of the WSOP Main Event.      

Sure, Annie Duke finished 10th while 8 months pregnant, but let's just say that we're working on that too, if you know what we mean. Eh? Eh?

Anyway, Tiffany Michelle is now the best female poker player in the world.

Girl on Girl with Tiffany Michelle
Tiffany Michelle on Kara Scott on Tiffany Michelle on Kara Scott


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Dennis Phillips - Bad for Poker(TM)?

Dennis Phillips wouldn't so much have a "Moneymaker Effect" as he would have a "Jerry Yang Effect."

Listen, Dennis Phillips may be the nicest guy in the world. He may have 12 super hot college-aged daughters who give bjs to all house guests. He may have created the polio vaccine. He probably stormed the beaches at Normandy. He could very well be a great U.S. American.

But if Dennis Phillips ends up the winner of the 2008 WSOP Main Event, that would probably be Bad for PokerTM.

Again, no offense to Phillips. He could've invented the Internet for all we know. Or at least Internet porn. Perhaps he gives really sensual foot rubs. With lots of oil. Then softly kisses your neck. Caressing your hair...while blowing...in your ear.

Oh Dennis! You are such a bad, bad boy!


But Phillips has more of that earthy "just won the lottery now going to buy a 14 acre farm in Iowa" than that "let's go pop bottles with models for the next year and promote poker like a rock star" kind of look.

Whatever the case, we'll know in four long freaking months soon, as Phillips looks primed for a final table appearance, currently stacked over 11M.

Owen Crowe, who would've been Good for PokerTM, was just eliminated in 15th place...

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