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August 2008

F*cking Erick Lindgren

While John Phan may be on a sick run this summer, Erick Lindgren has been on a filthy streak for 31 years.

Fucking Erick Lindgren.

And since it's not human nature to actually be happy for someone else's good fortune (what fun is that?), a bunch of pro poker players and celebs got together to sing about that fucking Erick Lindgren guy's good run.

Maybe the vocals aren't as "in tune" as "I'm Fucking Matt Damon" or "I'm Fucking Ben Affleck," but it's not like Allen "The Chainsaw" Kessler is going to go to choir practice or anything. Dudes like him are too busy on Facebook for shit like that.

Fucking Erick Lindgren

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Is John Phan the New Spectacularly-Breasted J.C. Tran?

John "The Razor" Phan continues his "redunkulous" (trademark Dr. Pauly) summer by capturing his first WPT title by winning the Legends of Poker at the Bicycle CashitholeTM.

Phan defeated Amit Makhija for the title in what Mike Sexton called, "the greatest heads-up match in WPT history."

For the win, Phan banks $1,116,428. Amit takes home $563,320. See Phan try to talk about the win below. We say "try" because like us when eating dinner with our current/first wives, he's too busy on the old iPhone.

Get full final table payouts here.

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John McCain Shuns Cookier, Picks VPILF(TM)

Sarah Palin Vice PresidentIn a shocking reversal, John McCain has dumped one-time VP running mate T.J. Cookier from his ticket and has now opted for VPILFTM Sarah Palin (R-Alaska).

Quote McCain's camp:

"While T.J. Cookier has served his country well for many, many years, his love of craps and inability to win 'the big one' ultimately led us to change course. Plus, we'd much rather look at Sarah Palin for the next 8 years than an old, crumbly cookie. Even if he is delicious."

Cookier could not yet be reached for comment.

Palin has sexily served as Alaskas sultry Governor for the past two years, more than qualifying her for the most important job in the world.

When not governing Alaska, Palin wears skimpy lingerie around the house and gives hot oil body massages.

As reader APOSEC72 has already commented on our site, "Actually, [McCain's] pick could double as a Friday Night Parting Shot."

While we won't go that far, more Sarah Palin pics after the jump. Very hot for teachery...

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BREAKING: John McCain Picks T.J. Cookier as VP Running Mate

Johnmccaintjcookierbw_2 Earlier today, DrudgeReport.com broke that John McCain would leak his VP running mate at 6pm EST. And on cue, he has.

To the shock of many (except us Entities), John McCain has tabbed T.J. Cookier as his VP pick.

McCain and Cookier go waaaaaaaaaaay back and will form the most "senior" ticket in U.S. American presidential election history.

Both also love playing craps. The two promise to be the most craps playing ticket in U.S. American political history as well.

They both will likely drink lots of warm milk at night too.


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WPT Legends of Poker: Amit "Amak316" Makhija, John Phan Gun for First Title

John Phan is almost as hot this summer as Krystal Forscutt and Joanna Krupa. Almost. Ok, not really.

It's been one helluva summer for John "The Razor" Phan.

First he captured two bracelets, being the only person to do so at the 2008 World Series of Poker.

Then he final tabled the first WPT event of Season 7 (Bellagio Cup IV).

We may need to rewrite the Fucking Erick Lindgren song (potentially released today, btw) to Fucking John Phan if he keeps this up. The only thing hotter than Phan this summer is Krystal Forscutt and Joanna Krupa in dueling bikinis (full spread here).

Phan is second in chips going into final table play, stacked at 2,415,000. He only trails Amit Makhija (3,225,000). Amit also had a good summer, final tableing the $10k Pot Limit Hold'em WSOP event won by Nenad Medic.

The rest of the final table is filled out by Zach Clark (2,025,000), Kyle Wilson (1,425,000), Paul Smith (1,130,000), and Trong Nguyen (980,000).

In a bit of karmic retribution for his douchebag performance at the $50k H.O.R.S.E. final table, Layne Flack busted out in seventh place, just missing the TV table.

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Ben Affleck Finds Time To Play Poker, Wins Tournament


That's Ben Affleck in the photo above playing at the Ante Up for Africa poker tournament.  He's the one on the left. Kind of blurry.

Legendary tipper Ben Affleck, who told us over the summer that he no longer plays poker because he's got kids now, has finally found some time to play cards.

Affleck is one of those politically active/annoying celebs at the Democratic National Convention in Denver right now, and he ended up taking down the charity poker tournament held at Coors Field sponsored by the Poker Players Alliance.

The tournament drew around 100 players that included celebs like Sarah Silverman, Richard Dreyfuss and Montel Williams, along with poker pros Andy Bloch and Barry Greenstein.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the PPA covered the $500 buy-in for each player as well as paid for the club house at Coors Field, the dealers, tables and open bar. The event raised around $60,000 for the Paralyzed Veterans of America.

The PPA will do a similar tournament next week at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In related news, you're currently staring at Abi Titmuss' fantastically large breasts right now. See more of them here (NSFW).

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WPT Legends of Poker: Flack, Markholt-Watkinson, Cunningham Among Day 3 Chip Leaders

WptlogoAction got a little more fast and furiousTM at the WPT Legends of Poker yesterday, as the field shrunk down to 27 [to borrow a phrase popular with WPT tournament reporting staff] "runners."

The anonymously named Paul Smith leads the tourney stacked at 946,000. He's followed by Amit "Amak316" Makhija (842,000), Scotty Nguyen's drunken "Grover Dill" Layne Flack (807,000), and Lee Markholt-Watkinson (779,000).

Allen Cunningham isn't far behind, stacked at 420,000.

Finally, Maria Ho!!!!!!!!!! is short-stacked at 158,000. Looks like she needs to don her Wicked Chops tee again and look smoking hot/smoke the field. That shit is like spinach.

Get full chip counts here.

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Maria Ho Showing Some Wicked Chops at the WPT Legends of Poker


Maria Ho wearing the new Wicked Chops tee well on Day of the Legends of Poker.

FOWCP Maria Ho, a woman, is slaughtering the field in the looks department on Day 2 of the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Cashithole. And she isn't doing so bad in chips either as she's stacked at 101,400 with only 79 players remaining heading into Day 3.

The secret to her success so far? She's wearing a Wicked Chops shirt. And she's hot. And she's a good poker player.

Ho, who was The Last Woman StandingTM at the 2007 WSOP Main Event, figured out what Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet already knew. Wearing a Wicked Chops tee is good karma. Apestyles wore his new Wicked Chops threads back in July at the WPT Bellagio Cup IV and went on to finish deep in 29th place for a $38,785 cash.

Not wearing a Wicked Chops tee is chip leader Adam Weinraub (461,900), although he probably brushed against Ho a few times during the day rubbing off some good karma. Other big name big stacks include Max Pescatori (246,500), Mark Seif (242,600), and Erick Lindgren (221,700).

Follow the action at the WPT Legends of Poker over at worldpokertour.com and also check out the live updates from PokerListings' Arthur Crowson and Martin Derbyshire here.

More Maria Ho goodness here and here.

Two more pics of Maria from today below . . .

Maria HoMaria Ho

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Police Have Suspects in Hoyt Corkins Burglary

Photo of super hot Sara Tommasi in lieu of trying to find a new Hoyt Corkins pic to use.

We're getting word tonight that police have suspects in the burglary of Hoyt Corkin's Las Vegas home, and our sources are telling us that they are, and we quote, "f-ing retards."

Corkins seems to be taken the burglary rather well, basically saying life goes on. In an interview with Channel 8, the two-time WSOP bracelet winner commented, "Hey, you got to be lucky through life, and sometimes you're lucky, and sometimes you're not. And lot of it is dealing with your bad luck."

Corkins also said, "I don't really believe it was anybody from poker doing it, but it could have been one of their friends or something that overheard something."

Watch the interview here.

Channel 8 has some more photos of the crime scene, in addition the ones we posted in our forum. Check them out here.

Sara Tommasi as a sexy teacher stripping here.

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Poker Player Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons At Odds with ESPN.com, Rick Reilly

Bill_simmonsIf you're a regular reader of ESPN.com, you're probably wondering what happened to Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons. Easily the website's most popular columnist, Simmons' writing is a staple among 21-34 year-old Corporate America types who need time killers as they grind it out in their cubes.

Simmons you may recall played the 2006 WSOP Main Event where he was eliminated when his K-T flopped two-pair was counterfeited. He was also supposed to have played both last year and this year's Main Event, but didn't end up showing to either. And he was supposed to have Daniel Negreanu on a podcast the week of this year's Main Event, but that fell apart at the last minute.

Aside from an occasional podcast, Simmons has been almost completely missing from ESPN.com this summer.

According to his Page 2 site:

Quick announcement from Bill: ESPN was gracious enough to give me 10 weeks off to finish my second book. My column will return right before Week 1 of the NFL season, just in time for another year of crappy football picks! If you're a fan of the "B.S. Report," we're still doing weekly podcasts, but that's it. Enjoy the summer.

However we've learned from multiple sources at ESPN that there's a deeper issue involved. And his name is Rick Reilly.

It all reached a boiling point around the time Simmons cancelled that aforementioned podcast with Daniel Negreanu before the 2008 WSOP Main Event. ESPN.com "people" (as in, some of the management) are rumored to believe that The Sports Guy's best days may be behind him. That he's lost his fastball, so to speak. Rick Reilly (who lost his fastball around the same time Satchel Page did) had recently been put/heavily promoted on the homepage. This has further steamed Simmons, as the two have certainly taken their jabs at each othere. (read more on the tensions here)

But the real root of the problem may be that Reilly is getting paid a bundle more than Simmons.

Continue reading "Poker Player Bill "The Sports Guy" Simmons At Odds with ESPN.com, Rick Reilly" »

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Some Guy Whose Name Sounds Like an Islamic Salami Leads WPT Legends of Poker Day 1B

Mariaho2_2Day 1B at the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle CashitholeTM brought 212 players, giving the tourney a total field of 373 and respectable first place pay-out of $1,116,428.

Apparently Phil Ivey shares our view of the venue, as he was doing whatever he could to get the f' outta dodge, moving all-in blind frequently during the first level. Ivey eventually got KO'd when his 2-3o under the gun shove got picked off by Brian Rast's pocket Kings.

Other than that, the action was not fast and furious, as the large stacks and small blind levels led to few eliminations.

Ali Eslami finished Day 1B as chip leader with 168,500. Other big named big stacks include Mark Seif (97,000), Allen Cunningham (94,025), half-man, half-amazing Freddy Deeb (93,000), Mark Newhouse (88,175), Maria Ho!!!!!!!!! (83,000, at right, and about the only thing worth looking at in or around the Bike), and Barry Greenstein (82,100), who better get sent to the rail today because he has a date tomorrow at the Democratic National Convention for a charity fundraiser with Ben Affleck and Andy Bloch.

Get full WPT Legends at the Bike chip counts here.

Not-so-relatedly, hot girls in lingerie with a soccer ball here.

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WPT Legends of Poker Day 1A: Weinraub Leads; Smith, Madsen, Lindgren Among Big Stacks

WptlogoThe WPT Legends of Poker at the Bicycle Cashithole kicked off yesterday with 161 playing Day 1A.

Action was not fast and furious, as there was still 105 remaining at the end of the day. Many big names did not play yesterday, but the ones who did are among the big stacks.

The chip leader at the end of Day 1A is not one of the big names we were referring to as Adam Weinraub is stacked at 150,000. 2008 WSOP two-time bracelet winner John Phan has 75,000. Gavin Smith and Erick Lindgren, who had played a marathon golf session the day before, are stacked at 71,500 and 67,000, respectively. Jeff Madsen has 67,700. Also above average-stack are Lorenzo Lamas (66,700) and Erik Seidel (64,000).

And we'll conclude this uninspired recap now by saying get full chip counts here.

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Hoyt Corkins' House Robbed; WSOP Bracelets Stolen - UPDATE w/ PHOTOS

"Kenna, you won't believe this shit..."

Hoyt Corkins has been Hoyt Corkin'd.

The cowboy's Las Vegas house has been robbed. Everything was taken. His bracelets. His cars. His piano. All gone.

We've learned that Hoyt's been vacationing for a month in Florida. While gone, his manager went to go check on Hoyt's Spanish Trails house and discovered the robbery. Apparently a large hole was put in the back of the house to get everything out. The place was gutted.

Now we're no detectives. As far as you know. But Spanish Trails is one of the nicest, upscale, gated/secured communities in Las Vegas. So the term "inside job" comes to mind.


UPDATE: We received photos of Hoyt's house after it was ransacked and a photo of the motorcycle that was stolen. They're posted in the forum here.

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Gavin, Daniel, Lindgren, and Nordberg's $5k Fantasy Football League

In Part I of our latest webisode of The Toke, we followed the $5k buy-in Rounders Magazine FFL draft with Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, Brandon Cantu, and Peter "Nordberg" Feldman, or as Edog calls him, "Feldberg."

The auction draft was mostly just shit talking, with Gavin summing it up pretty well: "These guys have been spending money like a bunch of fucking retards."

Part II--the after-party in Gavin's Palms Kingpin fantasy suite--coming soon. That one will be the Dark Knight to this video's Batman Begins.

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From the Forum

In case you missed some of the latest threads over at the Wicked Chops Forum - BetaTM edition, here's a few to check out:

:: Plum got a cookie for pegging Sienna Miller.

:: Spaniard with more photos of Paraguayan Olympic javelin-er goddess Leryn Franco.

:: Drunkensailor with Audrina Patridge bikini photos.

:: Chops Lover with photos of Chris Ferguson hitting the skids???

:: Carmel Petresco looking foreigny hot on the World Poker Tour.

:: What's up with the November 9, asks bheptin.

:: We read our first and likely last "suggestions" post.

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Scotty Nguyen Just Ruined His Reputation - UPDATE

Scotty Nguyen proved to be a drunk jackass during the WSOP HORSE EventAfter the 2008 WSOP $50,000 H.O.R.S.E. final table, we heard from a few prominent pros that it was going to be nearly impossible for ESPN to edit this one and make eventual champ Scotty Nguyen look good.

The stream of mf bombs and insults coming out of Nguyen's mouth would've gotten almost any other player a penalty of some sort, but not the Prince of Poker.

By now most people should be over the illusion of poker players as role models. But ESPN and the WPT has done a good job over the years of glossing over the seedier stuff in the industry, and Nguyen was easily one of the biggest benefactors of this treatment.

However, he just flushed all that good will down the toilet.

From his complete disrespect for other players, belligerent drunkenness, attempts at collusion with Erick Lindgren (who obviously wanted no part of it and was distancing himself from/standing up to Scotty throughout the night), and desecrating the memory of Chip Reese (who the night was kind of dedicated to), Scotty will likely never be looked at the same again.

Or Layne Flack, who looked like a big douche too.

Watch a highlight clip of his best moments below.


UPDATE: Scotty Nguyen has issued an apology, sort of. Read it here.

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Catching Up With 2008 WSOP Gingers of the Day

Don't hate on James "mig.com" Mackey. The kid's got game.

We all know that being a ginger is one of the toughest things anyone has to endure in life.

The orange hair. The freckles. The lack of a soul.

While some gingers we featured during the 2008 World Series of Poker have embraced their gingerism, others are just coming to terms with it. (revisit our ginger super-thread here)

Take James "mig.com" Mackey. In a recent $100r tourney on Stars, Mackey was insulted with the following slurs after sucking out with As-9s (posted here on the Pocket 5's thread tilted "I didnt realize people hated gingers so much"):

pykesgoinpro: lol the ginger wins it
BabyGrand [observer]: even a fkn ginger 12 year old can do it
pykesgoinpro: just dont like poepel with aids or gingavitus

On a side note, in the same thread, hats off to poster mathclub for this pmp comment:

"my friend has a ginger brother and sister but he is normal.  talk about dodging bullets."

However, other gingers, like Jon "Pearljammer" Turner (a two-time Ginger of the Day by request) and Super Ginger Cory Albertson have embraced their God-given lack of having a soul.

In his awesomely titled "It's Orange Not Red" blog, Albertson says:

"I take great pride in that my ginger hair, sunglasses, and track jacket were good enough for me to be dubbed the "Super Ginger" of the WSOP. Hey... it's better than nothing!"

Even Last Ginger StandingTM finalist Sean Davis embraced his inner-ginger with an email to WCP. Maybe hit us up again and we'll ship a t-shirt.

We'll keep tracking the progress of all your favorite gingers in upcoming tournaments. Why? Because someone has to.

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WCP Interview with FTOPS Main Event Champ dubbeemin

dubbeemin with his grandpop--who won enough money playing poker while serving in WWII to put a down payment on a house. All while kicking German ass. America f'ing rules!

This past weekend, online poker player 'dubbeemin' took down Full Tilt Poker's FTOPS Main Event for a monster cash of $432,400. Or as we like to call it, "some serious Internet moneyTM." Here's what dub has to say on the win, what he was listening to while playing, and what's up with that pot-sounding handle.

WCP: What's up with the handle? Where'd you get the name?
dub: Most people think it's a pot reference but it's not. A friend of mine abbreviated my given name and called me B-Min for short. There is a character in Any Given Sunday named Willy Beemin. He started calling me that and eventually shortened it to Dub (short for W) Beemin. It wasnt a nickname that stuck but when it came time for a handle, I liked it.

WCP: How long you been playing online?
dub: I'm a product of Moneymaker. I started right around that time.

WCP: What was your biggest cash before this?
dub: Around 13k. I believe it was an FTOP PLH final table that imperium ended up winning.

WCP: How ape shit were you going as you got down to final table play?
dub: Surprisingly not that ape shit. I am an emotional person but truthfully I was just so focused at that point. I had been having some end game issues and botched same deep runs due to what amounted to a lack of concentration. I was just really focused on what was happening in front of me. My brother and his friends were literally behind me at that point so there were a couple of coin flips that had me out of my seat.

WCP: What'd you have on the TV/music playing in the background during the tournament?

Continue reading "WCP Interview with FTOPS Main Event Champ dubbeemin" »

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Chan Poker Closing, Didn't Realize It Was Even Still Running

Johnny Chan, a converted ginger, is shutting down Chan Poker.

We got an email from reader dcMirage this morning that Chan Poker is closing its virtual doors.

This news was shocking to us, as we thought Chan Poker was out of business a long time ago.

According to an email sent to the couple of players who used the site:

We are sad to inform you that Chan Poker will be ceasing operation effective this Thursday, August 21, 2008. Effective immediately we will no longer be accepting deposits. On August 21 our poker clients will be disabled.

Chan Poker was a little late in the game and was relying a little too heavily on Johnny Chan's diminishing stature in the poker world to draw in new users. Or in other words, Chan Poker would've killed it after Rounders came out in '98. Not so much in '06 though.

Read the full email Chan Poker sent to its couple of users here.

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WPT Enterprises Gets Nasdaq Warning, Heads Towards Delisting


Photo above of a hot chick on a boat in lieu of a ship sinking, which is what the WPTE is doing right now.

WPT Enterprises
, the parent company of the World Poker Tour, could soon be delisted from Nasdaq.

After trading below a buck since early July, the Nasdaq stock exchange has issued a Staff Determination Letter notifying the struggling Steve Lipscomb-run company that it has not been in compliance with Nasdaq's minimum stock listing price requirements.

The WPTE, which had a net loss of $3.9 million last quarter, now has 180 calendar days to regain compliance, which will require the bid price of its stock to remain above $1 for a minimum of 10 consecutive business days. If that doesn't happen, the WPTE will then be subject to delisting.

Looking at its current stock trend (closed at 72 cents yesterday), the chances of the WPTE staying above a buck for 10 days is about the same as us not looking at Audrina Patridge's fake fun bags (thanks drunkensailor) or Kerri Walsh's butt in the photos after the jump. Under the right conditions (someone shooting our eyes out right now), it could happen. But highly unlikely.

Continue reading "WPT Enterprises Gets Nasdaq Warning, Heads Towards Delisting " »

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dubbeemin Wins FTOPS Main Event

For all we know dubbeemin is pictured lower left with shaved head. To revist our Girls on the Rail go here.

Full Tilt Poker wrapped the FTOPS yesterday with their $2.5 mil guarenteed Main Event. The tourney drew 4,880 runners people online players for a first place pull of $432,400.

Without Harrah's and ESPN in the way, the final table played down to a winner without a four-month break in between. And just missing out on that final table was a member of The November 9TM, short-stacked and big-boned Kelly Kim. He punched out in 16th place, banking $12,375.

While we're sure Ace-King ran into Aces and some other stuff happened, eventually dubbeemin took down valleyho for the title. dubbeemin banks $432,400 for the win and snags a gold FTOPS jersey and avatar. Although if dubbeemin is at all like us, he'd be requesting a Cookier avatar cause that's just gotta happen.

If you're dubbeemin and reading this and want a WCP interview, hit us up at [email protected].

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Poker Player Michael Phelps Has Most All-Time Gold Medals for a Poker Player

Amanda Beard needs to keep her legs shaven...who the f' does she think she is? Peppermint Patty?

U.S. American Olympian Michael Phelps, star of this awesome Fuck You, France video, broke the all-time gold medal record for a poker player this weekend.

With his 8th gold medal in the Beijing Olympics and 984sidjf47th [gold] overall, Phelps may have put to rest the argument, "is poker a sport?" Even though the medals weren't exactly for poker and stuff.

Anyway, according to hottie swimmer Amanda Beard, who has become suddenly less hot after revealing that she has hairy legs to that weasel Billy Bush (the guy Jeremy Piven once pwned here...seriously Bush ruins everything), that Michael Phelps "literally spends 10 hours a day playing online poker."

Watch the video here.

When that weasel Billy Bush later asked Phelps if he's raking pots from his Olympic teammates while in Beijing, a country that btw doesn't allow such nefarious behavior, the champ said, "Oh, nooo, we haven’t played any poker yet...We played some in Stanford and I won 40 bucks — a 20 dollar buy in and I won 40 bucks — but you don’t wanna lose any friends over this."

He also said they played a lot of Spades, a popular card game amongst 10th graders.

Read the full article here.

UPDATE: So Phelps really is into poker. In this interview in the Baltimore Sun he says, "I think it would be cool to play in the World Series of Poker...My game is a little off right now, so I'll have to start improving it a little bit. But I think that would be cool, and it would be cool to meet some of those poker guys."

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Tao of Poker: Five Years, Five Questions

Kim Kardashian and her big fat booty did this little performance to honor Dr. Pauly's 5 year Tao of Poker anniversary. Fortunately for all, the Tao is way more entertaining than Kim's dancing abilities.

Earlier this month Dr. Pauly celebrated the fifth birthday of the Tao of Poker. We've often referred to Pauly as the "Hardest Working Man in the So-Called Poker MediaTM," and for good reason. It's because he's the hardest working man in the so-called poker "media."

Pauly's WSOP tourney reporting often runs circles around full teams from other coverage providers. Particular the foreign teams. Particularly the Euros. They're all too busy being promiscuous and running through 100,000 condoms in two weeks while we're all eating KFC. Love those Euros.

Along with Iggy's Guinness and Poker, Dr. Pauly's Tao was the entry point for many-a-bloggers in the poker space. To commemorate five years of great poker coverage (and pissing next to pros), here's our "Five Questions (+ One to Grow On) for Dr. Pauly's First Five Years of Poker BloggingTM."

WCP: Does it feel like five years?
Pauly: Today it feels like 2.7 [years]. But some days it feels like I've been doing this for a decade. "Time fliesTM"...as the saying goes. The grind of everyday blogging...it's both an addiction and a job. Countless nights I'm screaming into the void. The real test will be if I'm still around in 2013. Will the world end in December of 2012? Some freaks thought that year will mark the beginning of a new spiritual era, while other  fanatics are afraid that year will signify the beginning of the apocalypse. Either way, will blogs be relevant then? Or will the Tao of Poker just be collecting dust on some server in the farthest corner of the intertubes.

Continue reading "Tao of Poker: Five Years, Five Questions" »

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Man Wins 21 Million Frequent Flier Miles From Continental Playing Poker

Airlines need to start thinking "out of the box" to bring passengers back.

Bill Shiver of Houston banked 21 million frequent flier miles from Continental Airlines by taking down the OnePass 21st Birthday Texas Hold'em Poker Tournament held at the Golden Nugget Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

Hopefully Continental will still be around long enough for Shiver to use all those miles. Not sure if you heard but the airline industry is strug-al-ling (1:00 if you didn't get the reference here).

A casual poker player, Shiver plans to take a "Mediterranean cruise, a trip to Italy with friends, and to road football games of his alma mater, Texas A&M University" with the winnings.

Not mentioned was (warning: major plug coming) booking discounted Las Vegas hotel rooms and more trips in general to Sin City. Ingrate. Come on Bill, don't you want special deals on Las Vegas hotel rooms? Who doesn't want cheap Vegas hotel rates, Bill?


Read the full press release here.

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Swedish Olympian Sara Boberg One Ups the Germans with Candid Nudes - UPDATE

Swedish archery team member Sara Boberg nude photos are solid gold Swedish archery team member Sara Boberg nude photos are solid gold

Swedish crossbow-er Sara Boberg looking relaxed before and after a competition.

While the German girls go pro by posing nude for Playboy, super cute Swedish arrow slinger Sara Boberg has remained true to the amateur spirit of the Olympics by posing naked for her boyfriend and having the photos posted for free all over the Internet for mass global consumption. It's the kind of selfless act and love of sport that makes us tear up and would make for a great Visa commercial, Morgan Freeman voice over and all.

Since we're a family-minded site, we're not gonna post the photos but you can see them in all of their amateurish, dirty hot glory here. They're NSFW of course, and fantastic!

After the jump, a SFW shot of Boberg in a bikini . . .

PS - An Alicia Sacramone sex tape has to be next. Has to be. The girl loves doing fun stuff on video.

UPDATE: The smarty over at WithLeather.com points out that Boberg isn't on the Swedish Olympic archery team. We point out, once again, that facts are things that just get in the way of telling a good story, or in this case, sharing hot naked photos of a  21 year old Swedish girl.

Continue reading "Swedish Olympian Sara Boberg One Ups the Germans with Candid Nudes - UPDATE" »

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UltimateBet to Hold Charity Event But Not For People They Robbed Blind

The only time UltimateBet has recently looked good was when patched on Tiffany Michelle.

UltimateBet (one half of the super-cheating CEREUS poker network) is holding a charity event this weekend for Ante Up for Africa. On UltimateBet. So the proceeds are definitely all going to charity. If by "charity" you mean "Russ Hamilton."

The online poker site, which for some reason people still play on despite the fact they cheated their players out of millions of dollars and could potentially sink the industry because of it, will still likely get a decent turn-out because, again, for some unfathomable reason people still play on it.

Expected to be in the tournament are Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, Shawn Rice, Tiffany Michelle, and "Cliff" JohnnyBax "Josephy." Also expected [to play] is Don Cheadle, who once was one of our favorite actors but after a couple of red carpet experiences he actually seems like a humorless prick. Lighten up dude.

So basically UB is now 10,000 charity events away from making up for the fact that they're cheating shady douchebags who haven't gotten anywhere near the level of shit they deserve.

Read more about the event here.

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Guess Who 2

Take a stab in the forum here. Winner gets a cookie.

See the first Guess Who thread here.

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Poker Player James Blake Upsets Top Ranked Roger Federer at Olympics


U.S. American poker player James Blake, who is not Phil Ivey,  served up the biggest upset of the Olympics so far by defeating the number one-ranked tennis player in the world (til Monday)  Roger Federer in straight sets today. Blake is now guaranteed a chance to play for a medal in Beijing.

After the match, Blake told reporters, "This is almost as great as the day I won $5,000 in an online poker tournament."

Known to toss cards regularly online and in casinos around the world in between tennis matches, Blake joins the growing ranks of poker players finding success away from the tables and in more "mainstream" sports. Just this past June, poker player Rocco Mediate finished second in the US Open to Tiger Woods, and poker player Orel Hershiser, who made the quarterfinals at this year's National Heads-Up Poker Championship, was apparently good at baseball once.

Relatedly, Blake also joins the ranks of pro athletes who get to bang the hot girl of their choice, including his most recent  exploits volleyball player Jennifer Scholle (on left below) and US Olympic soccer hottie Heather Mitt (on right). And probably the two Australian chicks in the photo above.

* He actually said, "Anything can happen. And when I’m playing well I can hopefully play with the best in the world, and I do believe I proved that tonight.” So we were sort of paraphrasing.


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Hot German Olympians Get Naked for Playboy, Strip Leryn Franco of Hottest Olympian Title

Katharina Scholz, Nicole Reinhardt, Petra Niemann, Romy Tarangul are the German Olympians who stripped for Playboy

 Romy Tarangul (l.) and Katharina Scholz (r.) are two of the four German Olympians who stripped for Playboy.

Hot chick athletes continue to pile up in Beijing like gold medals in Michael Phelps' swim bag.

The latest, and shall we say greatest, news from The Asian Countries is word that four hot Olympians from Germany, so they're into freaky porn with poo, have posed nude for the latest issue of Playboy Germany.

The girls and their respective sport are as follows: Petra Niemann (sailing), Nicole Reinhardt (kayaking), Romy Tarangul (judo) and Katharina Scholz (field hockey). See the Olympic schedule here so you can set your TiVo accordingly.

Check out NSFW shots of the foursome on the German Playboy site here. As you'll see, these girls aren't just athletic hot, they're hot hot, and by getting naked, have officially dethroned Leryn Franco as the hottest Olympians in 2008. Way to go girls. Barring an Alicia Sacramone sex tape, the title should stay yours.

Hat tip to TheSpoiler and WithLeather.com. Both sites are all over hot chicks at the Olympics like Sacramone's fist on some tool's face.

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Aussie Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice Ain't Bad Either


Swim star Stephanie Rice is a stroke above the rest in the hot girls with gold medals department at the Olympics.

While javelin thrower Leryn Franco is pants down the hottest chick at the Olympics, Australian swimmer Stephanie Rice is killing it when it comes to hot girls who have won gold medals. The 19-year-old swim star has already grabbed two golds in Beijing in the IM events.

Even more impressive than her accomplishments in The Asian Countries though are the "fun" photos from her Facebook page that have hit the Internet, her recent FHM spread and some ad campaign she did for an underwear company.

See photos of the latter after the jump.

Relatedly, Almudena Cid wins the gold for the hottest buttaface at the Olympics. Congrats.

Continue reading "Aussie Olympic Swimmer Stephanie Rice Ain't Bad Either" »

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Super Hot Olympian Leryn Franco FTW

Paraguay's Olympic javelin-er Leryn Franco making the month of August even hotter.

Benefiting from the non-appearance of Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres, Paraguayan spear tosser Leryn Franco is officially the hottest chick athlete at the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Leave it to the third-worlders south of us to dominate this event.

The 26-year-old, who is a part time model, is competing in her second Olympics, and according to Wikipedia she runner up'd in the 2006 Miss Paraguay competition and the Miss Bikini Universe pageant.

While we look for photos of this mythical Miss Bikini Universe pageant, check out some fantastically hot photos of Franco from her 2007 calendar (and one of her tossing the spear).

For more shots, go here and here.

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Yuval "yuvee04" Bronshtein Had a Good Night

Our friend Yuval "yuvee04" Bronshtein might be good at this poker stuff.

The Atlanta-based poker pro, who made two WSOP final tables last year, one in Las Vegas and one in London, just made online poker history  last night by taking down two consecutive FTOPS events: the $535 buy-in HORSE event and the $216 buy-in NLHE Turbo.

The back-to-back wins earned the 24-year-old Bronshtein more than $170,000  and the right to bang senselessly any of the number of hot girls on his Facebook page. He now sits high atop the FTOPS IX leaderboard with 407 points.

Congrats Yuvee. We hate you.

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Poker Pro/Porn Guy Scott Obst Guilty of Being a Crappy Dad

Scott_obstLas Vegas poker pro Scott Obst, who was arrested this year for failing to pay more than $150,000 in child support despite banking  $400k a year from playing cards and some porn distribution biz he owns, has pleaded guilty to a felony count of non-support and two counts of misdemeanor failure to pay child support. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says:

"Under the three-year agreement that has Obst paying about half of the back child support, Obst must pay $1,000 per month until his son turns 18 in May 2009, pay $10,000 by the time he is sentenced Dec. 19 for the two misdemeanors, pay $33,000 within three years, and pay $2,667 to Waukesha County Child Support Enforcement Office for extradition costs. During the time of the agreement, Obst must notify Waukesha authorities of any change of employment or address.

Also, $5,000 of the $25,000 bail Obst posted must go to the District Attorney’s office, which will give $3,000 to the mother and $2,000 to the county’s child support office. The remainder of the bail will go toward child support arrears once Obst is sentenced in December."

The case apparently goes all the way back to 1991 when Obst was declared the father in a paternity suit and was ordered to pay child support. So he isn't like the kid's dad dad. He's just the one who knocked up mommy.

In related news, whoever this Jeffrey kid from Texas is who keeps sending us Father's Day cards every year, please cut it out.

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New Full Tilt Poker Avatars Targeting... Um...Younger Demographic; Still No T.J. Cookier


Editor's Note: So it's come to this. There is such a void of good poker news right now that we're talking about fucking avatars. Can any of you pros reading this stab someone in a poker room please?

Apparently Full Tilt Poker ignored our recent advice suggesting that they add a T.J. Cookier avatar to their roster. It's not like they don't already have Jerry Buss, Sammy Sosa, and stupid sexy Helen Mirren. Not asking for too much there.

Instead, we get the above. These avatars would've been awesome when we were 10 and dreaming of owning a Lamborghini one day while watching Cannonball Run. Not so cool when north of 30 though. Or north of 10.

Regardless, we've seen some penguins popping up, which maybe is acceptable if you're from Canada since you've got penguins in your backyard like we have squirrels, but that's about it. Haven't seen any cops. Very few leprechauns and Merlins...probably cause that demo is too busy playing Dungeons & Dragons.

To FTP's credit, that panda one will definitely appeal to the Chinese market if and when they open to their doors to online poker. Steve Lipscomb probably just commissioned his graphic design department to come up with a rickshaw for ClubWPT.com.

In related news, 2+2'ers everywhere creamed their pants with the release of Patrik Antonius' new avatar (below). However, and we never thought we'd say this, but looking at that juxtaposition, see how it lacks the sheer sexual magnetism of Cookier. That Cookier pulls more ass than a toilet seat.

Read more about the avatars if you truly hate yourself here.

Patrik_antonius_full_tilt_avatar Tj_cookier_2

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Poker News Made Better with Czech Model Veronica Varekova

We're uncomfortable with the fact that we're looking at Veronica Varekova's shoes in the photo above.

:: Poker pro Mark Teltscher's sister comes clean and "VOids" lawsuit against PokerStars. [link]

:: All In Magazine is giving away $2,500 in prizes in freeroll tournament. [link]

:: Another story about online poker bots. [link]

:: Some country singer we've never heard of is hosting a poker tournament at ESPN.com tonight. [link]

:: Tree huggers in California get poker chips manufacturer to go unleaded. [link]

:: The Excalibur in Las Vegas has gone from crappy to crappier as they 86  poker dealers in favor of electronic poker tables. [link]

:: Poker Player's Alliance is invading the Democratic Convention to host poker tournament at Coors Field. [link]

:: Full Tilt Poker goes down twice in two weeks. [link]

Click away below at photos of SI Swimsuit and Victoria's Secret model Veronica Varekova.

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Antonio Esfandiari Participating in Cannonball Run Gumball 3000

The Fuel Girls should be a mandatory part of all races involving cars, bikes, humans, or horses.

Driving from Los Angeles to Las Vegas earlier today, a bunch of cars that we worshiped when we were like 10 drove by: Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Rolls.

"Wtf is that? The Cannonball Run?"

The decals on the cars said: Gumball 3000.

"Shitty name for a Cannonball Run. They should just call it 'Cannonball Run.'"

Anyway, didn't think much of it until perusing that forum run by the creepy old guy to see that poker player Antonio Esfandiari is a celebrity participant in the U.S. American leg of the race. (read full thread here)

Turns out that:

The Gumball 3000 is an annual 3000 mile (5000 km) international rally which takes place on public roads, which travels around the world.

The U.K. leg of the race appears to be exponentially sexier. Because the Fuel Girls participate in it. And because Europeans are generally more sexually promiscuous than us so almost everything they do is sexier.

If you just gotta know more about the Gumball 3000, go here.

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F' You France

The video above eloquently sums up how we feel about the US Americans' victory over the French in the 4x100 relay yesterday.

This has nothing to do with poker and everything do with hating arrogant French fuckers, but screw you France for your "We're going to smash them" comment to the U.S. American swim team before the 4x100 free relay then losing to said U.S. American swim team.

You just got f'ed in the A, which is apparently the way you like it.

If you missed the greatest relay race ever, watch it here.

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Padraig Harrington Offically Greater Than Dan Harrington

Padraig Harrington has now made about $25 mil more than cousin Dan in career earnings.

We're kind of sick talking about this too but since most poker players are golfers and as noted earlier it's pretty f'in slow around here, what the hell.

Dan Harrington's cousin, Padraig Harrington, won his third overall major and second this year by capturing the PGA Championship.

If there was any doubt before the weekend as to who the greatest living Harrington is, Padraig just slammed the door shut on that argument. Dan Harrington does have two major titles (a WSOP Main Event and WPT), but Padraig has now has three. And with this weekend's win, Padraig has a makes-you-wanna-throw-up-in-your-mouth $30+ million in career earnings. Dan has over $6M.

In somewhat related and definitely sexier news, it's the hottest of the clan (although not related as far as we know), Amanda Harrington! And actually, after consulting our penises, she's the greatest living Harrington! Watch a video of Amanda in action after the jump and some photos here!

Continue reading "Padraig Harrington Offically Greater Than Dan Harrington" »

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Nothing to Do With Poker Links

Kind of the dog days of summer right now, with only a blah PokerStars.net LAPT final table to write about (get results here). So with a general lack of poker news (warning, everytime we say this some big and usually bad happens soon thereafter), here's some weekend time killer links.

:: An awesome prank call using the voice of Wanderlei Silva. [link]

:: Pineapple Express was great and hottie Amber Heard is greater. [link]

:: About time someone made a documentary on the March of Shame. [link]

:: Don't need to say much more than: Brazilian bikini contest catfight. [link]

:: All right a small bit of poker news, thanks to SomethingAboutPoker (via the WCP Forum) for about the only video interviews you can find on The November 9TM. [link]

:: The digitally altered voice of Batman sings the classics. [link]

:: Dominos Pizza testing the limits of what you will eat. [link]

:: Sometimes finding your car keys isn't a good thing. [link]

And finally below in our continuing "thanks to Kid Dynamite for this one series, " it's the best Guinness ad ever made (although it was not actually made by Guinness).

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Bia and Branca Feres are the Friday Night Parting Shot

Super-friendly-with-each-other synchronized swimmers Bia and Branca have double-handedly destroyed our productivity this week.

The US American Gold Medal BonanzaTM, known otherwise as the 2008 Beijing Olympics, officially began today, and we're still not sure if super hot Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres will be competing. Some resourceful folks have discovered that their names don't appear on the official list of Olympic competitors. Others, like us, are too busy making a sport out of finding photos and videos of the two 20-year-olds in various states of nearly naked-ness to care. Check out the fruits of our labor by clicking away below and after the jump.

More photos and video of Bia and Branca here and here.

Bia_branca_feres_13 Bia_branca_feres_1 Bia_branca_feres_10

Bia_branca_feres_11 Bia_branca_feres_12 Bia_branca_feres_14

Continue reading "Bia and Branca Feres are the Friday Night Parting Shot" »

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Another Online Poker Is Doomed Story, This One About Poker Bots


From online poker rooms to the bedroom, bots are taking over.

In what may be the most ridiculously overstated story we've seen yet in the "sky is falling on online poker" category, or since the Flight of the Conchords predicted the death of humans by the year 2000, Dallas Observer tech blogger Andrew Smith argues that "online poker sites seem doomed" because of poker bots that he claims "can beat any human player."

Smith says:

"Why? Because there's no real way to tell a program from a person. Crooks will enter programs -- or poker bots --as people. Human players will consistently lose. Eventually, all but the stupidest humans will just stop playing."

To support his claim that bots "can beat any human player" Smith points to the recent Man-Machine Poker Competition in which Polaris, a poker bot created by the University of Alberta Computer Poker Research Group, beat a few of the guys from Stoxpoker.com in a series of heads-up matches at the WSOP.

Yep, win one tournament and that's proof you can beat 'em all (eg. Jerry Yang, Jamie Gold, Chris Moneymaker, Robert Varkonyi)

Interestingly enough, one of the guys who helped develop Polaris, Dr. Darse Billings, responded to Smith's article calling his conclusion "ridiculous." Says Billings:

"[T]his is not a catastrophe for online poker . . . Modern programs are not strong at No Limit or multi-player games. Secondly, it is not difficult to identify a known program. If you use the Fritz chess program to play chess on an online server, it will be obvious to everyone. The same applies for poker. Since using programs is against the poker site's terms of use, if you do it you will have your account closed permanently. I started the research into poker AI in 1992, and we have had a very large team of excellent researchers working on the problem for many years. We have made a lot of progress over the past 16 years, but i can assure you, the sky is not falling."

Okay, that wasn't really as interesting as much as it was long and didn't include any pictures to keep our attention but Billings seems really smart--he juggles rubiks cubes for crying out loud--so we'll take his word for it that bots aren't going to bring down online poker anytime soon.

Relatedly, the Keeley Hazell of sex bots (NSFW?).

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Poker Links Made Better with Joanna Krupa All Wet and Topless in Maxim Germany


The insanely sexy Joanna Krupa gets wet in the latest issue of Maxim Germany.

:: What's more disgusting? The 2 Girls 1 Cup video or  a video of the UltimateBet pros watching the 2 Girls 1 Cup video? [link to forum post, link to video]

:: What's more entertaining to watch? Video of paint drying or Evelyn Ng's tour of her new condo. [link]

:: Cast your vote for who you think we'll take down the 2008 WSOP Main Event in the WCP forum. Btw, the correct answer is Chino Rheem. [link]

:: Admo, a regular on that forum run by creepy old dudes, comes out swinging against former forum mod Cornell Fiji (aka Steven Ware, a ginger) over a $30k rolling by launching www.stevenwareisathief.com. [link]

:: Don't hold your breath if you're waiting for online poker to become legal in California. [link]

:: Daniel Negreanu on the rise of Ruskies in poker. [link]

:: WCP forum member DonkeyHerder's knowledge of hot celebrity asses earns him a brand spanking new Wicked Chops t-shirt. Congrats! [link]

:: Some article about poker enriching your vocabulary. Whatever. [link]

:: London's Poker in the Park sounds like a cool event. [link]

:: Evy Ng's WSOP man bitch Garry Gates takes down Tao of Poker's 5th Anniversary online poker tournament. [link]

:: Double dumb - some company duplicates the whole Duplicate Poker thing. [link]

:: FOWCP Owen is down in Uruguay covering the Third World Poker Tour for our friends over at PokerListings. [link]

Click away at the thumbnails below for Joanna Krupa Maxim pics. For the topless NSFW good stuff go here, here and here.

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Brazilian Synchronized Swimming Twins Bia and Branca Feres Make for a Good Post


Where were Bia and Branca when we were making a sport out of banging synchronized swimmers back in college?

Kudos to Kid Dynamite for passing along some photos of super hot, super touchy-feely Brazilian synchronized swimming twins Bia and Branca Feres. If they aren't proof of God's existence and that He's a man, we don't know what is. Seriously, hot Brazilian twins who are synchronized swimmers named Bia and Branca and who like to rub up against each other a lot. You can't make stuff like this up. Actually you could but it would sound like a total lie.

If you're hoping to see Bia and Branca over there in The Asian Countries when the Olympics (aka The US American Gold Medal BonanzaTM) get underway, you may or may not be in luck. Some say they're going. Others say nope. We say watch the video of the two in tiny bikinis touching each other below. It's amazing!

Also, head over to the Wicked Chops forum for lots and lots of photos of the twins not wearing much of anything. Thanks to madprairiedog (Jeff Madsen?) for the pics and links.

Watch it on YouTube here.
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F*cking Erick Lindgren

Some of you may of heard about this being in the works and it's almost complete. Basically, this is what happens when you run insanely good for about 31 years and cap it off by winning the 2008 WSOP Player of the Year. Pretty sure you'll get the gist.

"Fucking Erick Lindgren" preview video

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Rep. Pete Sessions Still Good for PokerTM, His UIGEA Bill Not So Much

This one is complicated so we'll do our best to break it down.

Pete_sessions_uigeaRepresentative Pete Sessions (R-Tex) recently introduced a bill intending to clarify the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. In the bill, Sessions attempts to single out sports gambling as the sole focus of the UIGEA, creating a potential carve-out scenario for online poker. However, in doing so, Sessions suggests in his bill that online poker is considered an illegal activity under existing law, stating:

"Federal Internet gambling prosecutions have involved sports betting, creating a lack of authoritative court decisions on the applicability of other federal criminal statutes to Internet poker and casino-style gambling."

Full text of bill here

This despite the fact that neither the UIGEA nor any other legislation has made reference to online poker before. The Poker Players Alliance (PPA) is obviously disappointed with the bill and has come out with a strong statement against it saying:

"We are...puzzled by the introduction of H.R. 6663 and by the purpose of this legislation...Previous federal case law (re: Mastercard 2002) made it clear that existing federal criminal law (WIRE Act of 1961) applies only to sports wagering, and not to internet poker. Further, the UIGEA itself states, 'No provision of this law shall be construed as altering, limiting or extending any Federal or State law.' Thus, H.R. 6663 only confuses a clear judicial standing on this matter."

Full statement here.

While ripping his proposed legislation, the PPA does stress that "Congressman Pete Sessions has been and continues to be a good friend to poker players who want the freedom to play America’s greatest card game." Sessions has been a long time critic of the UIGEA and supporter of poker, and according to PPA board member Rich Muny, he still maintains an A+ grade as a friend of online poker.

Also considering Sessions a friend of online poker are a host of notable poker players who have donated thousands to his Political Action Committee "PETE." They include Andy Beal, Doyle Brunson, Howard Lederer, Chris Ferguson, Linda Johnson, Barry Shulman, Andy Bloch and the PPA's John Pappas. See for yourself/read more about his donors here andhere.

Even more interesting, Sessions is currently getting flack for holding a fundraiser at the Forty-Duece burlesque club in Las Vegas. So the dude knows how to party, probably likes to gamble, and definitely likes him some boobs. Read more about that here.

We'll see how this shakes out. Most seem to think that not much will amount from this bill, and we tend to agree. Seems like we won't see much action until after the Presidential election/The November 9TM/60 Minutes hatchet job. Hopefully those Absolute Poker/Ultimate Bet/CEREUS scumbags can keep from fucking up and giving Congress another reason to specifically lump online poker in with sports wagering.   

Got something to say about the above? Start a thread and discuss over at the Wicked Chops Poker forum. All the cool kids are there, or at least the ones looking for a free Wicked Chops t-shirt.

Continue reading "Rep. Pete Sessions Still Good for PokerTM, His UIGEA Bill Not So Much" »

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Watch Erick Lindgren Win His First Bracelet on ESPN Tonight

Erick Lindgen was among many big names pros who may have won tonight's ESPN 2008 WSOP broadcast.

Now we don't want to spoil who won tonight's 2008 World Series of Poker broadcast, so let's just say this: you may or may not have heard already, but this year ended up being officially tagged The Year of the ProTM.

In tonight's broadcast (Event #4 - $5,000 Mixed Hold'em), the pros really helped drive home the point that it was the year of them, with a final table that included in no particular order of where they actually finished: 2008 WSOP Player of the Year Erick Lindgren, Justin Bonomo, Andrew Robl, Roland de Wolfe, David "ChinoTM" Rheem, Howard Lederer, David Williams, Pat Pezzin, and Isaac Haxton.

It's probably a good idea for you guys to vote on who you think will win tonight's ESPN broadcast on the WCP Forum here. Since you have no idea who won it. Vote here.

Also in case you missed it, vote for who you think will win The November 9TM here.

In related news, here's a preview of a feature ESPN is doing on Erick Lindgren from his golf prop bet last year. We mention this because 1) it's cool to see that make the ESPN broadcast, and 2) it appears as if ESPN has failed to give RawVegas.tv credit for use of the footage (at least during the segment). Watch the entire Erick Lindgren golf prop bet here and here.

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Win a Wicked Chops T-Shirt


Your knowledge of celebrity backsides could win you this Wicked Chops tee.

Head over to the Wicked Chops Poker forum here to find out how you can snag one of our new, limited run Wicked Chops t-shirts.

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Screw You George Clooney

Sarah Larson used to be funClooney's ex Sarah Larson dancing like a nun at TAO the other night while NOT getting it on with any of the numerous random chicks standing behind her.

When we saw Sarah Larson last week hosting a night at TAO in Las Vegas dressed conservatively, sitting with her legs crossed, acting all proper and stuff and talking about dumb things like charity we were going to go off on her ex boyfriend and occasional poker-er George Clooney for ruining our favorite former Las Vegas promotional model/party girl.

But we decided to let it go. Let cooler heads prevail. Turn the other cheek. Let bygones be bygones and other sayings that may or may not suggest we were going to let it go. That was until we saw George this past weekend hopping on Cindy Crawford's yacht off the coast of France with that silly cocky grin of his. Damn the dude is smug. And so handsome.

So screw you George Clooney. You know, Sarah used to be a really sweet, self-assured, and confident girl before you came along, and by sweet, self-assured, and confident we mean she liked to go out and party and simulate sex acts in public with random dudes, hot girls and pretty much anything she can get her hands and tongue on. But now, since dating you, the girl's all "sophisticated" and "demure." We're not sure we even know what those things mean. But we know they suck.

After the jump some reminders of when Sarah Larson was a really sweet, self-assured and confident Las Vegas promotional model/party girl. Let's all hope she finds her way again.

Continue reading "Screw You George Clooney" »

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2008 WSOP Europe Schedule Announced

The 2008 WSOP Europe will take place at LCI London locations, which is in the UK, which is where GQ UK is published, which is where the above Marisa Miller photo appeared.

With the U.S. American version of the WSOP wrapped for a couple of weeks and The November 9TM still months away, the WSOP-E is ready to take center stage.

Set to begin on September 19th, this year's WSOP Europe will have four bracelet events. They are:

Sept 19 - Event #1: £1,500 - No-Limit Hold'em
Sept 22 - Event #2: £2,500 - H.O.R.S.E. 
Sept 24 - Event #3: £5,000 - Pot Limit Omaha 
Sept 27 - Event #4: £10,000 - Main Event

Last year, Annette Obrestad, a woman, almost single-handedly ended humanity by capturing the Main Event championship.

Get more WSOP-E details here. Get the full Marisa Miller GQ UK spread here. See a Marisa Miller video photo shoot here.

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Odds on 2008 WSOP November 9(TM) - UPDATE


Editor's Note: When Harrah's came to us back in April this year and said, "Hey Entities, we're going to do this thingy with the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table were we delay it till November. Can you help us come up with a cool way to brand it?" we said "Ok...but it will be our trademark." They said, "We guess that's aieght." So we said, "All right well we're naming it 'The November 9TM'." And Harrah's was like, "Coolio. We're Audi 500." *

It took a little longer than we would've expected, but we finally have some odds on The November 9TM for the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Dennis Phillips, who we are slowing changing our opinion on and possibly upgrading to "Good for PokerTM," leads "theTM" way at 3/1. He's followed by Scott Montgomery at 4/1.

Our pick to win from the get-go, the guy you just can't get mad at although we may be downgrading to "Bad for PokerTM" David "Chino" Rheem, is at 15/2. And with eight big blinds left, Tommy Rocky Horror Kelly Kim brings up the rear at 25/1.

Head over to Bodog Life here to view the rest of the odds. Discuss the odds or who you think has the best value in the WCP forum here.

* Conversation didn't quite happen like that. Or at all.

UPDATE: Tell us who you think will take it down. Head over to the WCP forum and cast a vote in our poll here. (Btw, the correct answer is Chino Rheem).

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Girls on the Rail at 2008 WSOP


    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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