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60 Minutes Online Poker Cheating Expose - What Did You Think?

Absolute Douchebags: Potripper and other online poker cheaters were finally featured on 60 Minutes last night.

60 Minutes aired its online poker cheating story last night. Some initial thoughts:

  • Could've been worse.
  • Especially when Steve Kroft started it off by saying that you can simply access an on site by logging on to the "world wide web..." At least he didn't go with "Information SuperhighwayTM."
  • Come on, Todd. You could've at least told them to refer to you as Todd "Dan Druff" Witteles. Nice NWP representing nonetheless.
  • The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is absolutely useless.
  • The fact that no criminal action has been brought against Russ Hamilton is disgusting.
We're currently working on a major Russ Hamilton story, and like 60 Minutes, tried contacting him about a month ago and had similar results. We know of a few big name pros who Hamilton personally stole money from through a super-user account. The dude is a slimeball.

More to come...but read more on the scandals here, here, and here.

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Joe Schmo

I see they didn't use the Sexton/Rayner interview that you showed the picture of more than once.

I think the scam isn't in the high dollar games, it is i the low dollar games, where no one really has the incentive to complain. I have seen way too much unexplainable stuff in those games that tells me fix. There are idiots yes, but I got so tired of "people" calling with no hand and going runner-runner. And, my absolute favorite, which you see way too much of for it to be lgit games, you have a made hand on the turn and the other "player" goes all-in on a one or two-outer and hits it nearly everytime. I know people say "oh, it's internet style" but I saw more unexplainable things in one night than I did in 15 years of live play. One good example, 3 hours into a tourney I was 2nd in chips and I flopped the nut flush. I wound up going all in and being called with 9-5 offsuit. Of course, "player" went runner-runner nut flush and I am out. No way anyone who can last 3 hours in a tourney calls there. No matter how crazy. Had to be a bot and it had to be set up to come up straight flush. I emptied my account and haven't played online since.

Ted O'Neill

60 Minutes Delivers 12 Useless Minutes For Poker Players

Here is what I took away from last night's 60 Minutes piece on cheating in online poker: Lara Logan is one hot, sexy journalist. That and the revelation that bad players could beat really good players if the bad players could see every other player's cards was startling. The bad players would win most of the time in such a case. Really? I had no idea. I can't quite believe that they repeated that sound bite two or three times... Continued on RB+P.

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