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June 8, 2008 - June 14, 2008

2008 WSOP Update: Event No. 28, the $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys event

Phil Laak looking for kiss of good luck from Jen Tilly and her huge rack Phil Ivey (on left) and Phil Laak (on right) are among the notable players in the $5k PLO w/ rebuys event.
As you'd expect with any $5,000 buy-in event with rebuys, the tables were loaded with big name pros tonight for Event No. 28, the $5,000 Pot-Limit Omaha with Rebuys event at the WSOP. A total of 152 players entered, up from last year's event, and there were 483 rebuys and add-ons by the end of the third level, bringing the prize pool up to $3,085,930.

Early chipleaders include Jason Mercier, Andy Black, Gavin Smith, David Benyamine, Phil Galfond, Tony G, Johnny Chan and Jeff Williams.

Others doing well on Day One and we'll just go with first/nick names 'cause we're getting lazy include Erick, Daniel, Dario, Joe, Durrr, Josh and Jesus.

Head here to see a list of the players and their current chip counts.

Click away below for photos from Event No. 28 of Andy Bloch, Erik Seidel and a rare group shot of Chau Giang, Bill Gazes, Tony G and Phil Laak, all from Event No. 28.

Andy Bloch Erik Seidel Chau, Gazes, G and Laak


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2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Ginger deal at the 2008 WSOP


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Catching Up with Erick Lindgren at the 2008 WSOP

For the latest webisode of The Toke with Wicked Chops Poker, we caught up with poker pro Erick Lindgren while he was chilling in the Poker Royalty lounge. Listen to what he has to say about the WSOP so far, including Day 2 of the $10,000 World Championship Heads-Up Hold'em event.

Watch it on RawVegas.tv here.

Relatedly, we believe 6 is the highest number of pros/poker personalities someone has spotted in the Gavin Griffin video blog.

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Daniel Negreanu Discusses His Four WSOP Bracelet Wins

VIDEO: Daniel Negreanu vlogs about his four WSOP bracelets

Relatedly, have fun with Gavin Griffin's video blog here.

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2008 WSOP Update: Blair Hinkle Looks to Be Second Hinkle to Win Bracelet; Allen Cunningham Goes for Sixth

While we already covered some of the current 2008 World Series of Poker events going on here and here, below are a few more recaps.

2008_wsop:: Event #23 ($2,000 NLH) - We own Blair Hinkle SEO, so hopefully he'll keep up the stellar 2008 he's having by joining his bro and capturing his first bracelet today. Hinkle is stacked second overall with 1,030,000. He slightly trails Andrew Jeffreys with 1,051,000. The most anonymous two-time-bracelet-winner-40-time-WSOP-casher ever Chris Bjorin is stacked seventh overall with 247,000. Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #24 ($2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em/Pot Limit Omaha) - Full Tilt Poker pro Allen Cunningham looks to make history by winning a bracelet in 47 consecutive years today (as Dr. Pauly would say, that's "redunkulous"). Cunningham is currently stacked second going into the Event #24 final table with 484,000. He's a blind behind Kyle Kloeckner (494,000). Also at the final table is Max "The Italian Pirate" Pescatori and Ming Ly. Get full final table chip counts here.

2008 WSOP Band of Bloggers: Get full recaps and payouts from WorldSeriesofPoker.com here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on WSOP happenings here. Gary Wise has some thoughts here. Please please don't forget Pokerati here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

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Huck Seed is Our Pick to Win the $1500 Buy-In Razz Event at the 2008 WSOP

Huck Seed boobs

Huckleberry Seed razz-ing it up at the 2008 WSOP today.

Since the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker have vowed to pick Huck Seed to win every major event he enters until he wins a major event, and since that $5k buy-in tournament he won in America's Hat doesn't really count as a major event, we're picking Huck Seed to win Event No. 26 at the 2008 WSOP, the $1,500 buy-in Razz tournament.

Huck's currently stacked at 8,100. Vanessa Rousso, a woman, who went to Duke where she studied at Duke, is the current chipleader with 17,600.

Today's 5 pm start, the Razz event drew 454 players, including a healthy number of old school-ers like Sam Grizzle, Tom McEvoy, Dewey Tomko, Berry Johnston, Thor Hansen and Billy Baxter as well as some top online-ers like JohnnyBax, BeLOWaBOVe and Pearljammer.

The total prize pool is a smallish $622,440 with first walking away with $158,659.

Get the latest chip counts here.

See more of what you're looking at above by clicking the thumbnails below . . .

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2008 WSOP Update: $10k World Championship Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em, Event No. 25

Chris Lee is in this photo going heads-up at WSOP

Chris "Genius28" Lee was among the pros who made it to the second round of the Heads-Up event today at the 2008 WSOP

The $10k buy-in World Championship Heads-Up No-Limit Hold'em Championship of the World at the World Series of Poker is down to 64 from its original 256. Players will play one more heads-up match tonight.

Chipleaders include everyone still in the tournament.

The favorite after two rounds has to be Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, who took down the National Heads-Up Championship in April and has the most wins of any pro in the televised tournament's four-year history.

Others to look out for include Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi, the spectacularly breasted JC Tran, Erick Lindgren, Sammy Farha, Brandon Adams, Kenny Tran, Alex Jacob, Theo Tran and Nam Le.

Chip counts here.

More shots of what you're looking at above (and Eric Liu railbirding?) below . . .

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Phil Gordon Has About-Face on Justin Bonomo, Loses Heads-Up to Him today at WSOP

Phil Gordon goes heads-up against Justin Bonomo today at the 2008 WSOP

Early in 2007, Phil Gordon publicly stated that he wanted nothing to do with Justin Bonomo, saying on his Poker Edge radio show:

'"I don't ever want to have him on the show...I don't want his name brought up on the show."

This week Bonomo's name did come up on Gordon's show, but this time the ridiculously tall poker pro (6'9" to all those people who strangely google it and end up on our site) had nothing but praise for the 22-year-old, saying he considers him "extremely bright," "a fantastic player," "respectful and nice," with "a very good attitude," and that he will be a force to reckon with for years to come.

He also said that Bonomo is a much better player than him, something Bonomo was able to prove today when the two ironically faced off during the second round of the World Heads-Up Hold'em Championship at the 2008 WSOP. After being down to under 3k in chips, Bonomo stormed back for the win and will move on to the third round tonight.

As for Gordon, we hear he's ready to have Bonomo on his show. Perhaps next week.

Relatedly, Gordon's wife gave birth to a baby boy a few weeks ago, and word is some of the Tilt Boys have a wager on the kid's eventual height. Over under set at 6'8".

Read our original post on Gordon not wanting anything to do with Bonomo here.

Listen to Gordon talking about Bonomo, among other things, on Poker Edge here.

See a photo of what we think Gordon would look like if he went life busto after the jump . . .

Continue reading "Phil Gordon Has About-Face on Justin Bonomo, Loses Heads-Up to Him today at WSOP " »

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Fun with Gavin Griffin Video Blog

Name all of the notable poker players/industry types who walk by during Gavin Griffin's latest video blog. It's fun.

Or at least more fun than listening.

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2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Eric Kesselman is the Ginger of the Day at the WSOP

Ewww! [Shiver]

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Poker Pro Daniel Negreanu Wins Fourth WSOP Bracelet

Poker pro Daniel Negreanu wins WSOSP bracelet number 4

It's been quite a WSOP-winning dry spell for the man who many consider the best all-around tourney player in the game.

Daniel Negreanu captured 2004 WSOP Player of the Year honors when he won an event and made, to borrow a phrase from Dr. Pauly, a "redunkulous" five final tables.

Since then, he's made a few final tables but no bracelets.

That changed early morning when Negreanu took down Event #20 ($2,000 Limit Hold'em).

While Negreanu banked $207k for the win, the story many are talking about is the side bet he has with Phil Ivey and Ted Forrest. While we're still unclear on the terms with Forrest, Ivey, who likes to gamble, had a $200k-per-bracelet bet with Negreanu for the 2008 WSOP. We told you Negreanu was running hot.

A bunch of guys you never heard of finished 2-9. Get payouts here.


- Learn how to play poker like Daniel Negreanu at Poker VT here.
- Watch
Daniel's video blog before he took down the final table here.
- More pics of the win from the Poker Prof

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Vanessa Selbst, A Wom--, A Woma--, Ugh, A Woman, Wins First WSOP Bracelet

Vanessa Selbst wins bracelt at 2008 WSOP

Yesterday, we said it was inevitable. And while she almost blew it like that loser Big Brown, Vanessa Selbst, a woman, became the first woman poker player to ever win a WSOP bracelet ever in the history of woman at the World Series of Poker.

More or less.

Selbst took a Phil-Hellmuth-sweater's-breast-sized chip lead (in person they're bigger) to the final table, but was actually short-stacked for a time when it was down to three-handed. But Selbst, whose been steadily rising the ranks as a very respected tournament player and probably has a super hot girlfriend, buckled down and grinded out her first WSOP bracelet when she defeated Jamie Pickering heads-up.

For the win, Selbst banks $227,965. Get full payouts here.

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2008 WSOP Update: Grinder Guns for 1st Bracelet in $5k No-Limit Hold'em Event

Grinder Mizrachi at the 2008 WSOP

A week ago, Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi final tabled the Omaha/7CS Hi-Lo event, only to fall short of his first WSOP bracelet by finishing 8th.

Tonight, we're down to 13 players in the $5k buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event at the 2008 WSOP, and he's in good position to make a run again, stacked third in chips with 850,000.

Scott Seiver, who already has two cashes this series, is the chipleader with just under 1.4 mil. Rajesh Vohra is second with just over a mil.

Speaking of Indian, if you're ever stuck at the Rio, the curiously named, not that we're curious, Gaylords is a must. Try the chicken tikka masala with a couple of orders of garlic naan bread. It's good eatin'.

What were we talking about again? Oh ... so yeh we saw this chick again. Damn.

Whaaaaaat? Grinder just busted while we were writing this post. So much for all of the above. They're down to 10 now. Jacobo Fernandez is now in third and Seiver's over the 2 mil mark. Also notable, Scott "SCTrojans" Freeman is still around, stacked at 465k.

Get another look at Grinder below . . .

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2008 WSOP Update: Hellmuth Eyes 64th WSOP Cash

Yep, it's the girl from the Chad Brown post, we need to hire her or something

The $2,000 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event is done for the night, and 11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth (above) is among the 180 or so players who will be returning to the tables tomorrow at 2pm.

Hellmuth is stacked at 47,500 (last report), and will be gunning for his ridiculous 64th WSOP cash and his 12th bracelet.

The chipleader at the end of the day may or may not be Dustin Dirksen, stacked at or around 172,000. Other pros still in include Barry Greenstein, Tim Phan, Allen Le, Jared "The Waco Kid" Hamby and the not very athletic Bill Gazes.

Our favorite Brazilian chica who doesn't model for Victoria's Secret Maridu is stacked just over $50,000.

Get updated chips counts while we're sleeping here.

Click thumbnails below for more hot photos of Hellmuth (and yes it's her again) below. . .

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2008 WSOP Update: Event No. 23 - $2K Buy-In No-Limit Hold'em

David Benyamine is that guy you sort of see on the leftErica Schoenberg off in the distance
Poker couple David Benyamine (top left photo) and Erica Schoenberg (top right photo) were among the pros who busted early in today's $2k buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event.

The first tournament to kick off today at the 2008 WSOP was the $2K Buy-In No-Limit Hold'em event (Event No. 23).

1,344 runners entered--about 300 less than last year--bringing the total prize pool to $2,446,000. First place walks with $507,613.

Players are currently on dinner break, and only 350 remain. It's Barry Greenstein who leads with 53,000. Swede Simon Lindqvist is close behind with 51,000. Other big names who are up early include Men Nguyen, Young Phan, and TJ Cloutier.

Maridu11-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth is still among the crowd, stacked at 13,000. He's been 'dodging some bullets' today, surviving an all in early with KK against AA when he spiked a set on the river.

Our crazy Brazilian friend Maridu (photo at right) is up there near the top with 40,000 at the dinner break.

Chip counts here.

Guess whose boobs are whose here.

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Daniel Negreanu vs. Patrik Antonius High Stakes Golf Match

Finally got the video of Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius' high stakes golf match. After going down large early, Negreanu stormed back, scooping many of the back 9 holes en route to banking some $160k or so from Antonius (and a side bet with Phil Ivey, who likes to gamble).

VIDEO: Daniel Negreanu vs. Patrik Antonius high stakes golf

In somewhat related news, cyber-sweat Daniel in the Event #20 final table, where he's currently the chip leader, here.

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2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Scott Ian of Anthrax is today's ginger at the 2008 WSOP


Get Carrot Top's pubes off your face!

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Poker News Made Better with Ana Beatriz Barros in GQ Italy

Ana Beatriz Barros in GQ Italy

• Poker pro Patrik Antonius calls out Durrr and other top online-ers on his blog for some heads-up action. (link)

• Cautionary tale - watch your back the next time you leave a casino with some winnings and make sure your mommy isn't interviewed by the local daily 'cause she'll make you sound like a wuss. (link)

• Yeh we think the son did it too. (link)

• Playboy bra and panties dropper Jennicide is all the rage with World of Warcraft-ers too. (link)

• Who you got? Man vs. Machine II coming to the Rio. (link)

TV Poker Marathon on GSN this Father's Day . . . relatedly will the kid in Texas who sends snake a Father's Day card every year please cut it out. (link)

• FOWCP and journalist extraordinaire Michael Kaplan gets schooled in online poker by Alan Sass. (link)

• The schedule for Season 5 of the European Poker Tour, aka the poker tour that gives us an excuse to post photos of a bunch of hot European chicks with names we can't pronounced, has been officially announced. (link)

• The story about Phil Ivey watching the Lakers game from the tournament floor, in French. (link)

Click photos below of Brazil's sexiest, Ana Beatriz Barros, in the Italian GQ.


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2008 WSOP Update: Mike "The Mouth" Matusow Takes a Deuce; Daniel Negreanu Goes for Fourth Bracelet

The 2008 World Series of Poker has been going on for almost two weeks. Lots of action. Tired...interest waning. Then watched this video. Suddenly awake. Recharged. Let's go.

Mike The Mouth Matusow wins his third WSOP bracelet and Daniel Negreanu goes for his fourth:: Event #18 ($10,000 2-7 Lowball w/ Rebuys) - The Deuce-to-Seven list of winners is a "who's who" of poker greats. So how the hell does Full Tilt Poker pro Mike "The Mouth" Matusow get to add his name to that list? Mike defeated a star-studded final table, out-dueling a final four that included Erick Lindgren, Barry Greenstein, and Jeffrey Lisandro to pick up his third bracelet and $537,862. Get full payouts here. Photo of Mike "The Mouth" Matusow after the win from the Poker Prof here.

:: Event #19 ($1,500 Pot Limit Omaha) - Like Big Brown winning the Triple Crown, this one is a "foregone conclusion." Vanessa Selbst, a wom--, a woma--, ugh, a woman, to borrow a phrase from Dr. Pauly, has a "redunkulous" chip lead. Selbst is stacked at 1,047,000. The closest competitor, Jamie Pickering, has 329,000. A bunch of people you've never heard of and who aren't winning the bracelet anyway follow. See their names here.

:: Event #20 ($2,000 Limit Hold'em) - The big story here is "Can Daniel Negreanu win his fourth bracelet?" Cause there's really not that much intrigue after that. Daniel seems primed and ready and as we wrote yesterday, is running hot right now. Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #21 ($5,000 NLH) - Day 1 saw 731 entrants whittle down to 121. Some dude named Alex Melnikow is the chip leader, stacked at 248,800. A surprising lack of big names are among the big stacks, with a few exceptions including the wildly marketable Hasan Habib (140,200), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi (103,100), this insufferably annoying Humberto Brenes (101,000), Anna Wroblewski, a woman, (100,000), and Dmitri "Where You Been Lately" Nobles (100,000). Gavin Smith, who we hope will help us starting finding some hot railbirds with THOs for pics, also remains with 25,500. Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #22 ($3,000 H.O.R.S.E) - The last tournament of the day brought in a respectable 414 runners. Only 160 remained at the end of play. Alexander Jung leads the way, stacked at 51,000. Lots of big names follow, including Todd Brunson (41,000), Kevin 'BeL0WaB0Ve' Saul (38,600), get this...wait for it...Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth (34,500), Steve Zolotow (30,000), James Mackey, a ginger (30,000), and Phil Ivey (28,000). Get full chip counts here.

2008 WSOP Band of Bloggers: Get full recaps and payouts from WorldSeriesofPoker.com here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on WSOP happenings here. Gary Wise has some thoughts here. Please please don't forget Pokerati here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

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Daniel Negreanu Is Running Hot

Times are good for Daniel Negreanu.

Last week he launched his new business venture, Poker VT.

Yesterday he took down a big high stakes golf match against Patrik Antonius (and side bets with Phil Ivey, who really likes to gamble). RawVegas.tv will have exclusive video of the match tomorrow, but the gist is Negreanu was down about $300k on the back 9 and ended up around $150k when it was all done (watch Daniel's vlog about it below).

And today, Negreanu has a massive chip lead in WSOP Event #20 ($2,000 Limit Hold'em). The bubble just burst and players are in the money, with Negreanu stacked at 122,000. He's followed by Derek Lerner with 89,000.

Just missing an absolutely insane 64th WSOP cash was Phil Hellmuth. Get full chip counts here.

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2008 WSOP Update: Event No. 22 - $3K Buy-In H.O.R.S.E. Underway

Poker pro Chad Brown is the guy with headphones

It's a pro heavy field in today's $3k buy-in HORSE event at the 2008 WSOP, and we're not just saying that because David Benyamine and Greg Raymer are playing. Like any tournament that involves anything but just Hold'em, tonight's HORSE event has drawn a who's who of big name pros ... way too lazy many to be named.

We're picking Chad Brown (photo above) as our early favorite, because he's a solid all-around player and our photog snapped the great shot of him above before he busted in the $5k NLHE event. He's the one wearing headphones for those who don't follow poker and may not recognize him.

Early chip leaders in the tournament include Allen Kessler, who, as a side not, really needs to lay off the Facebook crack, Chau Giang, and Perry Friedman.

Annie Duke, a woman, is also off to a decent start while Shannon Elizabeth isn't so much. She's down almost 2k from the start and is bundled up in a jacket trying to stay warm in the Amazon Room. It's a bit nippy in here right now, you may have noticed.

Get current chip counts here.

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Erick Lindgren is Freakin' Tired, Gunning for Second WSOP Bracelet

Poker pro Erick Lindgren stopped by to chat right before he took his seat as the chip leader at the final table of Event No. 18 - the $5k buy-in No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys tournament at the 2008 WSOP. After two long days of play, Lindgren is in prime position to win his second bracelet of this year's series, or at least he is in as good as position as one could be in the toughest field so far.

A quick glance over at the table, Lindgren has maintained his chip advantage so far, leading with just over a million in chips. In second is Barry Greenstein with 935k. Mike Matusow, Jeffrey Lisandro and 2007 POY Tom Schneider round out the final five remaining.

See what Edog had to say in the video below.

Other recent RawVegas.tv poker player video blogs:

Joe Hachem
Gavin Griffin
Vanessa Rousso
Evelyn Ng

UPDATE: Schneider out. Lindgren up to 1.35 mil. Matusow second w/ just over 1 mil. Chip counts here.

UPDATE: Shocker. Lindgren out. Lisandro leads.

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2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Actress and poker player Jennifer Tilly at the 2008 World Series of Poker

Usually gingers creep us the fuck out but Jennifer Tilly as a ginger kind of turns us on. Internally it's causing this weird dynamic where the mind is terrified but the penis has stood up and is now smiling.

Tilly's change of hair color is supposedly for a movie role. Must be a horror flick.

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Phil Ivey Likes to Gamble

Phil Ivey is rumored to have $2 million on the LA Lakers.

You may know this already, but Full Tilt Poker pro Phil Ivey kind of likes to gamble.

It's one of the reasons why he's one of our favorite guys on the circuit.

Word on the street Amazon Poker Room floor (and this is still somewhat unsubstantiated so far so take it for what it's worth) is that Ivey has $2M riding on the Lakers to win the NBA Finals.

As seen above, Ivey was playing the $2,000 Limit event last night, sometimes playing and raising hands without looking at his cards as he watched the NBA Championship game on the flat screen.

For more on Phil Ivey liking to gamble, watch Phil Ivey play Craps for a million on the Life of Ivey on PokerRoad.com.

All photos courtesy of the one French guy we dig, Benjo.

Phil_ivey_lakers_bet2 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet3 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet4 Phil_ivey_lakers_bet5

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2008 WSOP Update: Poker Pro Erick Lindgren Goes for Bracelet #2 + Some Dude Gives a Lot of Money to Charity

Full Tilt Poker pro Erick Lindgren goes for second 2008 WSOP bracelet

We didn't do a full update yesterday from the WSOP, mostly because one development truly left us horrified. We didn't know how to report it. Because it surely had to have been made up. Seriously, who does what we are about to report? What kind of a person would do this? Definitely not anybody we know, that's for sure.

:: Event #14 ($10,000 Seven Card Stud) - We spent a good portion of the day yesterday trying to verify this story because it seemed like something out of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie. A very bad Jerry Bruckheimer movie with no explosions. But apparently it's true. Eric Brooks won his first WSOP bracelet (and making his first cash too) in Event #14, the Seven Card Stud World Championship. He subsequently then GAVE ALL OF THE PRIZE MONEY--$415,856 TO BE EXACT--TO CHARITY. Read that last sentence again. Is he flipping crazy? Aren't there laws that prevent mentally deranged people from doing shit like this? We're not sure what this country is coming to, but we are sure it's a place we don't want to be. Full results here.

:: Event #15 ($1,000 Ladies Only) - Read about Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova and her thrilling victory here.

:: Event #16 ($2,000 Limit Omaha Hi-Low) - Chalk up yet another Omaha final table to The Intense Stare of Scott Clements. However, do not chalk up another bracelet. He finished seventh, banking $36,232. Instead, the tourney was taken down by Justin Guarini Andrew Brown. This is Brown's first WSOP bracelet, banking $226,483 and denying Ted Forrest, who finished second, his sixth. Get full results here.

:: Event #17 ($1,500 NLH Shoot-Out) - "Friends and family" final table won by Jason Young. Full results here.

:: Event #18 ($10,000 2-7 Lowball w/ Rebuys) - Always a "who's who" event with big names galore. Full Tilt Poker pro Erick Lindgren, who could easily run away with 2008 World Series of Poker Player of the Year honors, takes a massive chip to the final table, stacked at 1,104,000. He's followed by Barry Greenstein (541,000), super skinny Mike Matusow (520,000), Jeffrey Lisandro (461,000), David Benyamine (410,000), Tony G (394,000), and last year's POY, Tom Schneider (162,000). First place pays $537,682. Get final table updates starting at 3pm PST here.

:: Event #19 ($1,500 Pot Limit Omaha) - Fast play in this one, as 759 entered and only 46 remain. Vanessa Selbst, a woma--, a woma--, ugh, a woman, is big stacked with 203,600. Other big name big stacks include Nam Le (59,500) and Chau Giang (58,300). Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #20 ($2,000 Limit Hold'em) - The last tourney of the day saw 479 enter. Play concluded with 125 remaining. The chip leader is Daniel Makowsky, stacked at 49,200. World renown cougar and WCP guest blogger Michele Lewis was eliminated towards the end of the day, but gave us some "big ups" (her words) in this interview with hottie Tiffany Michelle. Also in the event but eliminated was NWP's Bryan Micon. Watch his latest Degenerate Update below. Get full Event #20 chip counts here.

2008 WSOP Band of Bloggers: Get full recaps and payouts from WorldSeriesofPoker.com here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on WSOP happenings here. Gary Wise has some thoughts here. Please please don't forget Pokerati here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

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2008 WSOP Update: Day 2 of Event No. 18 - No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys

Layne Flack is the blurred head in this photo at the 2008 WSOP Shawn Sheikhan is the chubby in jeans in this photo at the 2008 WSOP
The big-name, big-bankroll poker pros in the $5,000 buy-in No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys event at the 2008 WSOP are nearing a final table on Day 2.

18 of the 85 players remain with David Benyamine holding an ironically slim chip lead over a newly slim Mike Matusow, 2007 WSOP POY Tom Schneider of Pokerati fame, and 21-year-old Tom "Durrrr" Dwan. All are over the 400k mark.

Others still in include Barry Greenstein, Jeffrey Lisandro, Erick Lindgren, David Grey, Chad Brown, Tony G, Nick Schulman and Michael Binger.

Busts before the bubble include Layne Flack (top left photo) and Shawn "Sheiky" Sheikhan (top right photo), and going out just before the money was poker legend and blogger Doyle Brunson.

Chip counts here.

Click thumbnail for another, better look at what you're looking at above. . .

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Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova Grabs Ladies Title at WSOP, Cracks Smile

Svetlana Gromenkova wins Ladies event at World Series of Poker

She finally did it.

After three days of battling out against more than one thousand other female and female-ish poker players, including hotties, cuties, butchies, MILFs, GILFs, soccer moms, and one lone tranny, Svetlana Gromenkova, aka Glum Girl, finally cracked a smile. Albeit a small one.

The Russian from Brooklyn took down the Ladies No-Limit World Championship at the 2008 WSOP, and in accepting her bracelet from WSOP commish Jeffrey Pollack, Glum Girl said sheepishly that she was "Happy . . . Excited." And then for one fleeting second the corners of her mouth turned up and a twinkle could be seen in her eyes.

Or maybe that was just the lighting from the ESPN final table set.

Glum Girl nets $244k for her win.

Anh Le, a woman, who you may remember for finishing second in the Ladies Event when Jennifer Tilly won, finished second.

In third was Patty Till, a woman, who like last year's lady winner, just attended poker camp at the WSOP Academy the day before the tournament.

In not really related news, we're big fans of the hot Russian girl dancing video below.

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2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Johnny Chan is the Ginger of the day at the 2008 WSOP

We're kind of confused on this one because everyone knows that the Asian gene is immune to gingervitis. But somehow Johnny Chan has red hair. How is this possible? It defies science.

Past "Gingers of the Day" here, here, here and here.

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Why J.C. Tran Has Spectacular Breasts and Explaining Some Other Nicknames

Kelly Carlson is not J.C. Tran at the 2008 WSOP

So over the past few days we've been asked on a number of occasions why we refer to J.C. Tran as the "spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran" (above) as well as "What's up with 'Salty' Joe Hachem?" and "Hey is Lorenzo Lamas really in the Seven Card Stud Championship?"

With a bunch of new readers during WSOP time (and many more non-traditional as we welcome withleather.com, the Beer Goggler, NY Times Freakonomics blog, SportsbyBrooks, Rock 107, Drunken Stepfather, and errr, Google)

Here's the where/why breakdown on some of our favorite nicknames and general Cliff Notes on the WCP lexicon.

:: The spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran - Flash back to May of last year. Nobody on the poker circuit was hotter than J.C. Tran. In fact, here's what we said when we first introduced the world to J.C. spectacular breasts:

"Nobody's breasts are hotter right now. We think it should be fairly easy for us all to agree upon this fact, give or take a Keeley Hazell. His breasts strike fear in the hearts of men. When his breasts sit at a poker table, everyone stares. His breasts mesmerize."

Fortunately for us, J.C. kept kicking ass, which meant we got to keep putting up pics of girls with spectacular breasts in our posts. So really, J.C. Tran should be your favorite poker player, because he's personally responsible for about 25% of the killer racks you see on our site.

::  "Salty" Joe Hachem - Flash back to the 2006 WSOP. A media event was held the day before the Main Event started featuring Curtis Hanson and Drew Berrymore (pimping the worst poker movie ever, Lucky You), and the previous year's WSOP winner, Joe Hachem. A so-called "media" member in the audience asked Hachem a question about qualifying for the Main Event online through Poker Stars. Hachem didn't hesitate to pop off on the guy for no reason, essentially telling him to, "Get your facts straight. I did not qualify online I bought my way in." So Entity Chops turned to Entities The Addict and Snake and said something to the effect of, "Man, that guy is salty..." And from then on we just ran with it. Fortunately the heavens really aligned on this one, from the perfect peppery hair to the fact that "Salty" Joe has gone salty on multiple occassions in major tournaments.

:: The Intense Stare of Scott Clements - Comes solely from this and this (and this) photo. That's some scary shit.

:: Chad/Brown Lorenzo Lamas - Seriously, look at this post. The similarity between Chad Brown and Lorenzo Lamas is uncanny. It probably actually is Lorenzo Lamas and we just blew his cover. Lorenzo probably hates us for that. At least he can still pull nice tail, as his fiance Vanessa Rousso isn't a bad score, even if she did go to Duke.

:: The Davidson Matthew Club - Favorites time-all our of one. Winners predicting accurately us of trend a began it because just not and. Backwards post entire an (read to have you and) write can we, last a for and first a for name last a with guy a have you whenever because.

Continue reading "Why J.C. Tran Has Spectacular Breasts and Explaining Some Other Nicknames" »

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BREAKING: Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius Playing High Stakes Heads-Up Golf Match

Patrik Antonius and Daniel Negreanu heads-up golf match

Daniel Negreanu and Patrik Antonius are in the midst of a large cash sum (amount unconfirmed) match of high stakes golf.

The match is taking place at TPC Summerlin. Just yesterday in his vlog Patrik said that he still "sucks at golf...but still gambles big."

Guess he didn't waste any time putting his wallet where his mouth is.

He also said that he'd never take any golfing advice from Daniel. Maybe that'll change after today?

RawVegas.tv will have video footage of the match available tomorrow. In the meantime watch Erick Lindgren's legendary golf prop bet from last year's World Series of Poker.

UPDATE: Daniel was down around $85k on the front 9 but came back and is now up $55k. Developing...

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2008 WSOP Update: No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys (Event 18)


Tom "Durrr" Dwan (above photo, on left, seated next to Robert Mizrachi) is the chipleader at the end of level 6 in the $5,000 buy-in No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys event at the 2008 WSOP.

Mike Matusow, Todd Brunson, Shawn Sheikhan and Phil Ivey round out the top 5. Word is that Ivey is invested $140,000.

The event drew a total of 85 players, all big name, big bankroll players. A total of 272 rebuys and add-ons hiked the total prize pool up to $1,735,020.

Get latest chip counts here.

A closer, better look at the above after the jump . . .

Continue reading "2008 WSOP Update: No-Limit 2-7 Draw Lowball w/ReBuys (Event 18)" »

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GSN Says No to Season VII of the World Poker Tour

It's the end of an era for the World Poker Tour.

The once popular poker show announced today that GSN has let its option for exclusive broadcast of the tour's seventh season expire. GSN says it is still considering broadcasting parts of Season VII.

According to a press release issued by the WPT today, the tour is "in discussions with several major networks to broadcast programming" from its next season and is looking to possibly broadcast events on multiple networks.

Press release after the jump.

Continue reading "GSN Says No to Season VII of the World Poker Tour" »

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Glum Girl Gromenkova Killing the Ladies Event

Svetlana Gromenkova at the WSOP Svetlana Gromenkova at the WSOP Svetlana Gromenkova at the WSOP

Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova, a woman, seen above in various stages of glumness, is destroying the field right now in the Ladies No-Limit Hold'em World Championship at the 2008 WSOP. With 21 players left, Glum Girl is stacked at 320,000, with her nearest competitor, Christine Priday, a woman, stacked at 180,000.

Patty Till, a woman, who just attended the WSOP Academy Ladies Event, is in third right now with 148,000. Till will be looking to do what Sally Ann Boyer did last year -- go from poker camp to poker champ in a matter of days.

Of note, Hoa Nguyen, a woman, is still in and still not a man, despite what the NY Times Freakonomics Blog reported today. Understandable mistake considering the WSOP site links to this Hoa Nguyen, a man, who finished 34th in the WSOP Main Event last year.

UPDATE: Steven Levitt just updated his Freakonomics blog with an addendum and also links to the old Tilt Boys photos of Rafe Furst and Phil Gordon dressed as chicks. Check it out here.

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2008 WSOP Update: $1,500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout

Hot railbird girl at the 2008 WSOP poker tournament

Neil Channing and Tom McEvoy (above) were among the poker pros playing in today's $1500 No-Limit Hold'em Shootout (Event #17) at the 2008 WSOP, which drew 1,000 players and a $1,365,000 total prize pool. First place will walk with $329,872.

More than six hours after the start and all but maybe two or three of the first round of shootouts are done. Everyone moving on cashes. Some of the notable players advancing to the second round of shootouts include Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Antony Roux, Thor Hansen, and Noah Boeken.

Chris Vaughn from this scandal is also among those advancing.

Get the latest here.

More photos after the jump . . .

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Patrik Antonius to Quit Tennis, Talks a Lot in Finnish

For Patrik Antonius' latest video blog, RawVegas.tv caught up with him away from the World Series of Poker at Bear's Best where he was playing golf with some friends. The Full Tilt poker pro talks candidly about giving up tennis this year, extreme props like Erick Lindgren's golf bet last summer, what he thinks about Daniel Negreanu's golf tips and the rest of the video was in his native tongue Finnish, which sounds Greek to us. Speaking of, Greek singer/actress/model Julia Alexandratou is all kinds of hot. Damn.

Patrik Antonius Video Blog

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2008 WSOP Update: Vinnie Vinh Doesn't Win; Erik Seidel Goes for Number 9

Plenty of other World Series of Poker tourneys to recap other than Phil Tom, father of Absolute Poker founder Scott Tom, winning Event #11 (read here). Let's get going.

2008 World Series of Poker tournament reporting and other poker news.:: Event #12 ($1,500 Limit Hold'em) - Whether for the train-wreck potential or the redemption story, kind of hard not to root for Vinnie Vinh. Or his chair. Vinnie stuck it out and played this one through himself, and ended up with a third place finish cashing just shy of a hundred grand. Jimmy Schultz took eventually took it down, banking $257,049 and scoring his first bracelet. Get full results here.

:: Event #13 ($2,500 NLH) - One of those "friends and family" final tables. Get chip counts here.

:: Event #14 ($10,000 Seven Card Stud Championship) - This one was shaping up to be a huge final table but fizzled a little. David Oppenheim is the chip leader, stacked at 508,000. While short-stacked with 273,000 Erik Seidel will gun for his ninth WSOP bracelet. Just missing the final table were Phil Ivey (ninth) and Daniel Negreanu (eleventh). Watch Daniel give his thoughts deep into the tourney here. Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #15 ($1,000 Ladies Event) - Best to read some of our "real-time" updates here and here, but Shavonne Mitchell, a woman, is the overnight chip leader with 94,000. Some notables remaining include Olga Varkonyi, a woman, (83,800), Evelyn Ng, a woman, (55,300), Glum Girl Svetlana Gromenkova, a woman, (48,000), Van Nguyen, a woman, (45,200), Kathy Liebert, a woman, (22,500), and Amanda Leatherman, a woman, (11,500).

Event #16 ($2,000 Omaha Hi/Lo) - The last tournament of the day had 551 entrants. Only 178 remained when play concluded. Lots of big names are among the chip leaders. The top chip counts are Marc Goodwin (33,500), Barry Greenstein (27,000), Jimmy "gobboboy" Fricke (27,000), Men "The Master" Nguyen (26,000), The Intense Stare of Scott Clements (25,800), Dutch Boyd (25,300), David Williams (22,600), Victor Ramdin (22,000), David Chiu (22,000), "Miami" John Cernuto (20,000), Ed Fernandez (18,000), and John Juanda (16,500). Get full chip counts here.

2008 WSOP Band of Bloggers: Get full recaps and payouts from WorldSeriesofPoker.com here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on WSOP happenings here. Gary Wise has some thoughts here. Please please don't forget Pokerati here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

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Dad Who Bankrolled Absolute Poker Wins Event #11

Phil Tom, dad of Absolute Poker founder, wins 2008 WSOP Event #11.

Phil Tom (above) is not your typical WSOP bracelet winner.

And that's not just because he's a newly elected Davidson Matthew Club member.

Or that he denied Greg "FBT" Mueller his second bracelet in two years.

No, Phil Tom is one of the dad's who bankrolled the launch of Absolute Poker back in 2003.

According to Absolute Detectives:

"AP was started by Scott Tom and a few Ivy league friends back in 2003. Phil Tom and the other fathers of these kids bankrolled the venture, and Absolute Poker was born. Phil Tom is Scott Tom's FATHER, not his brother. The IP address that this 'other' account was logged in from was traced to the home cable modem of Scott Tom, CEO of Absolute poker. [email protected] is apparently the CEO, and is also the owner of account POTRIPPER. Scott Tom is also apparently the owner of the STEAMROLLER account."

Read the full Absolute Detectives "who's who" report on Scott Tom here.

While none of this at all implicates Phil Tom in any of the Absolute Poker scandal from last year, it's an interesting wrinkle that's not widely being reported by the so-called poker "media."

For the win, Tom banks $477,990, or just a few mil shy of what Potripper stole from people in high-stakes games.

Get full payout and results here.

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Lacey Jones on the Ladies Event, Her Body Paint Photo and Something About Her Nails

Lacey Jones at 2008 WSOP video

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Ladies Event Update, Photo Dump

They're down to under 200 players in the Ladies event at the 2008 WSOP and someone who isn't Lacey Jones is the chipleader because Lacey is out.

Notables still in include Men Nguyen's wife, Kathy Liebert, our crazy Brazilian friend Maridu who will probably take this event down, Robert Varkonyi's wife, Evy Ng, Glum Girl Gromenkova, and Amanda Leatherman.

Latest chip counts here.

Below are some of the girls who played in today's event and caught are attention for one reason or another. In order below, they are:

(1) Florida cutie who we thought was Eastern European and didn't get the best picture of but she's really darn cute, (2) Famous frog Patrick Bruel's pretty French girlfriend in the hat whose name we found out is Celine, (3) tiny cute girl with hand on her face and crimped(?) hair, (4) Perfect 10 girl who was about an 8, (5) the buttaface messy blonde with the killer rack, (6) Diane Nguyen, (7) Amanda Leathermen, (8) cute chick with the Guantanamo looking get up, (9) hot Asian chick until she put on the big goofy sunglasses, (10) Lacey Jones, (11) black-hair girl we see everywhere every year, (12) Tiffany Michelle, (13) JennFox chick who posts on 2p2 and did the Brandi RIP video, (14) Patrik Antonius' hot wife Maya, (15) hoop earring chick with the the big'uns and pretty eyes and (16) that Christina Lindley fitness model girl from this post.

Click on the images below and pick your faves.

2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_212008_wsop_ladies_poker_girl_052008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_girl_92008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_102008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_11 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_122008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_13 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_14 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_152008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_162008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_172008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_19 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_202008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_22 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_232008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_25

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Debut Webisode of The Degenerate Update with NeverwinPoker.com

The Degenerate Update with NWP at the WSOP

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Poker Hottie Lacey Jones Stacked at the 2008 WSOP

Poker player Lacey Jones at the 2008 WSOP Ladies Event

Yeh, that headline was too easy but we're lazy and plus it's true that the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones is stacked right now in the chips department with well above the chip average in the Ladies No-Limit Hold'em World Championship today at the 2008 World Series of Poker. She's got about 9,000 after the second break.

Starting with 1190 entrants, they're down to 420 players, all women, except for maybe this one. Totally is/was a dude. No idea if post-op or not. Ain't checking.

Photos of Lacey Jones playing today in the Ladies Event below.

See Lacey in nothing but body paint here.

Our first interview with Lacey and Exhibit #49 why she's the coolest hot chick we know here.

All photos in this post, and others posts here on the WSOP, taken exclusively by Wicked Chops Poker. If you snag, please link back to this post. Thanks.

Lacey_jones_top_wsop_2 Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_2Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_4Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_7Img_0275Img_0259Img_0257Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_5

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Vinnie Vinh's Chair Contemplates Its Next Move

Vinnie Vinh's chair at 2008 WSOP

Vinnie Vinh must've been in limbo on whether or not to let his chair take over for him in the $1,500 Limit Hold'em event, which he ended Day 2 as the chip leader. With Vinh failing to show up during the first 30 or 40 minutes of play today, his chair took over and outlasted three players before Vinh eventually showed up. He is currently fifth overall in chips. Erick Lindgren has climbed up the leaderboard and is currently sixth overall. Get full chip counts here.

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Ladies Event?


One of our favorite events each World Series of Poker is the $1,000 NLH Ladies championship: 1) it's the one event guaranteed to be won by a woman, 2) there's usually some smoking hot girls who play (lots of pics from this later in the upcoming hours), which when you're surrounded by a bunch of ugly dudes for six weeks, is a nice change of pace, and 3) revisit point #2.

Now WSOP commish and renown blogger Jeffrey Pollack has emphatically stated that he intends to keep the integrity of the ladies event by making sure no men enter it.

So we ask him to double-check the gender of the above entrant. We're not trying to be mean, but "she" has facial hair. We saw it. Maybe "she's" a tranny or something, but man oh man...

...anyway this year has 1,190 entrants for a top prize of $224,753. More to come...

UPDATE: Confirmed. Totally a dude.

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2008 WSOP Update: Vinnie Vinh!!! + Some Other Stuff

Unfortunately for the aesthetics of this post, we have no news to report on the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran. However, we've received a number of questions the past few days on what exactly is up with that nickname, along with a few others ("Salty" Joe Hachem, for example). So sometime in the next day or so we'll review the origins of some of those names. Now on to the recaps as there were six tourney in action yesterday.

Event #9 ($1,500 NLH 6-Handed) - Unless you're friends and family, you probably don't care about that Rep Porter won this, banking $372,929. Read the final table recap here.

Event #10 ($2,500 Omaha/Seven Card Stud Hi-Low-8 or Better) - With Erick Lindgren's bracelet win (Video: Lindgren discuss WSOP bracelet), Michael "The Grinder" Mizrachi is among the leaders for the title "Best Without Bracelet" now. He had a chance to shed that monkey off his back in Event #10, but was the first out at the final table. Farzad Rouhani took the title, besting a field of 388 to bank $232,911. Get full tourney results here.

Event #11 ($5,000 NLH Shoot-Out) - Only one of the "big names" from the remaining 36 made it down to the final 6, as Greg "FBT" Mueller will gun for his first WSOP bracelet. Joining him at the final table are Sirous Jamshidi, Thomas Roupe, newly elected Davidson Matthew Club member Phil Tom, Tim West, and Leo Wolpert.

Vinnie Vinh oranges at WSOPEvent #12 ($1,500 Limit Hold'em) - In a grueling day that tourney officials decided to halt at 18 since there was no way of getting to 9...wait for it...Vinnie Vinh!!! is the chip leader, stacked at 345,000. Vinnie Vinh!!! The potential for something awesome happening here is a full 14 on a scale of 1-10. Also still in contention is Erick Lindgren, stacked at 90,000. Get full chip counts here.

Event #13 ($2,500 NLH) - Huge turn-out of 1,397, creating a spectacularly evil-and-lucky first place prize of $666,777. Edwin James Olmos Eli Elezra ended the day as chip leader, stacked at 147,500. The absolutely red-hot Theo Tran continues his run at 2008 WSOP Player of the Year and is in second overall with 134,900. Other notables among the 137 remaining include Lee Watkinson/Markholt, Vanessa Selbst, Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, and Liz Lieu, a woman. Get full chip counts here.

Event #14 ($10,000 7CS) - A total of 158 bought in to this marquee event, creating a first place prize of $415,856. 80 remain after Day 1. Leading the way is Alexander Kostritsyn with 121,100. Other big name big stacks include Lorenzo Lamas (89,100), Daniel Negreanu (watch Daniel's vlog on the event below) (79,700), Ralph Perry (76,100), and Cyndi Violette, a woman (70,300). Plenty of notables remain, get the chip counts here.

VIDEO: Daniel Negreanu discusses Seven Card Stud Championship

2008 WSOP Band of Bloggers: Get full recaps and payouts from WorldSeriesofPoker.com here. Get Dr. Pauly's take on WSOP happenings here. Gary Wise has some thoughts here. Please please don't forget Pokerati here. And get Poker Prof's recap and more photos here.

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