2008 World Series of Poker Europe

Peter Eastgate Dressed Like a Girl

We like this Peter Eastgate kid.

In his press conference interview today, Eastgate says that Ivan Demidov was definitely the player he was most worried about going heads-up against (feeling is mutual), what the hell that "ooga ooga ooga blah blah blah" his fans were chanting meant, and that he dressed like a woman for Halloween.

Just 90 minutes away from final table play now...

WSOP 2008 Main Event Finalist Peter Eastgate on Ivan Demidov and more...
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John Juanda Is Running Good, Does Not Win EPT London High Roller Event

On the heels of winning the WSOPE Main Event, John Juanda, who if he was of Latin decent would be named Juan Johanda, placed second in the £20,000 EPT High Roller Event, banking an additional £327,000 to the £868,800 he claimed last week.

Juanda lost heads-up to Jason Mercier, who is actually running even better than he is. Mercier banks £516,000 for the High Rollers win. Mercier final tabled WSOPE event number three last week and won the EPT San Remo earlier this year. Dude is running so good, we're even giving him his own Category tag. Welcome to the big time, kid.

Others in the money included Scotty Nguyen (fifth, £137,000), Isaac Haxton (sixth, £103,000), David Benyamine (eighth, £69,000), and Isabelle Mercier, a woman who according to some so-called "Internet" forums is still dating Dario Minieri wtf (£51,000). We'd do the U.S. American conversions for you but that would require math.

November NineTM hostage Dennis Phillips was eliminated on the bubble.

In not really related news, below is Daniel Negreanu talking about the High Rollers event. Watch out for Boris Becker, a ginger, at the end of the vid.

Daniel Negreanu Video Blogging in London at EPT High Rollers
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22 Hours Later, John Juanda Wins WSOPE Main Event

Here's what happened during the time it took to John Juanda to play out the final table and win the WSOPE Main Event:

  • The OJ Simpson armed robbery trial finally went to jury, meaning he'll very soon finally do some jail time. [link]
  • Citi was set to acquire Wachovia... [link]
  • ...but that was scrapped when Wells Fargo swooped in with $15B. [link]
  • Sarah Palin had completely lost all credibility with most of America... [link]
  • ...then regained it (somewhat) with an above-average VP debate performance. [link]
  • The Senate passed along an economic bailout bill to the House loaded with pork. [link]
  • California decided they needed a $7B loan too. [link]
  • Rachael Ray might've given "handjobs" a new nickname: buttering the corn. [link]
  • Bill O'Reilly goes after friend-of-online poker Barney Frank, calling him a "coward." [link]
  • Steve Fossett's remains are found after he goes missing...a year ago. [link]
  • And it turns out the main reason men cheat is because we're so sensitive. Wtf? [link]
  • And it's actually business as usual for the Chicago Cubs. [link]

Otherwise nothing happened.

Get full payouts here.

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Here's What Daniel Negreanu Had to Say Before the WSOPE Main Event Final Table

He was knocked out in fifth. 17 hours after it started, the final table is still going on.

Daniel Negreanu at the Final Table of the WSOPE Main Event
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John Juanda, Daniel Negreanu Lead WSOPE Main Event Final Table


The WSOPE Main Event final table is stacked. Sort of. Better than most final tables recently at least.

Kicking it 2004 old school style, John Juanda, who if he was Spanish would be named Juan Johanda, is big stacked at 1,349,000. Continuing his huge year, Daniel Negreanu is third overall with 1,002,000. And in the middle of the pack is ex-Crew member Scott Fischman with 732,000.

Negreanu will be going for his fifth bracelet overall and second this year. Juanda is gunning for his fourth overall and first since 2003.

A victory would put Negreanu just shy of Jamie Gold as poker's all-time tournament money winner.

Bunch of friends and family (from other countries) round out the rest.

Get full final table chip counts here.

Learn all of Daniel Negreanu's poker secrets here.

EARLY MORNING UPDATE: November NineTM hostage Ivan Demidov, released by his WSOP captors for this one event, has surged to the chip lead in early play. Follow the action here.

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John Juanda, Daniel Negreanu WSOPE Main Event Chip Leaders

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008What is this, 2004?

The WSOPE Main Event Day 4 is just underway, and in the top five in chips are overall big stack John Juanda (875,000), Daniel Negreanu (766,000), and Scott Fischman (400,000).

As of post time 20 remain from the initial starting field of 362. Still grinding it out are Justin "BoostedJ" Smith (310,000), Brandon Adams (255,000), Brian "sbrugby" Townsend (215,000), Mike Matusow (127,000), and Erik Seidel (28,000).

Follow the action live here.

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Full Tilt Poker Pros Seem to Be Doing Well In WSOPE Main Event

Andy Bloch is focusing on his first major title.

Does FTP have some massive WSOPE Main Event bracelet clause we're not aware of? Or are they just out on a mission to takeover what many are calling, with their ubiquitous presence, the World Series of Betfair.

At the end of Day 3, the top 4 stacks belong to Full Tilt pros. In order: Andy Bloch (321,600), Brian Townsend (290,100), Erik Seidel (282,300), John Juanda (252,500).

Also in the top 20 are Brandon Adams (190,000), Mike Matusow (180,300), and Scott Fischman (152,800).

In all, 62 of the starting 362 remain. Other big named big stacks include Justin "BoostedJ" Smith (217,700), Daniel Negreanu (203,700), and that guy who played the aging singer in Love, Actually, Devilfish Ulliott, with 133,000.

Get full chip counts here.

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Daniel Negreanu Leads WSOPE Main Event Day 1B

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008Day 1B of the WSOPE Main Event ended with one of poker's biggest names as the chip leader.

Daniel Negreanu ended the day stacked at 154,050. Jamie Rosen trailed him in second with 139,225.

Some other big named big stacks include Marco Traniello (96,750), Yuval Bronshtein (85,675), Roland de Wolfe (84,000), Brian Townsend (71,950), Nenad Medic (67,650), and Jennifer Tilly, a woman ( 64,975).

Day 2 is currently underway with November NineTM hostage Scott Montgomery an early mover, chipping up to 131,500.

Get live updates here.

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Only 159 People Show Up For Day 1A of WSOPE Main Event

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008If a few thousand Euros can show up for the U.S. American World Series of Poker Main Event, how the hell do only 159 people register for Day 1A of the WSOPE championship? Did Germany invade Poland again? Is there a call to arms we're not aware of? Where is everyone?

Of those who did show, plenty of big names are among early big stacks. Justin "BoostedJ" Smith ended Day 1A as chip leader, stacked at 150,000. On his "march to second"TM overall, Andy Bloch is third overall at 90,175. November NineTM hostage Scott Montgomery (80,000), Andy Black (78,000), Brandon Adams (72,000), and Mike Matusow (71,550) are also among early leaders.

Not among those with chips is Phil Ivey, which is not good news for Phil Ivey. As you may remember, Ivey, who likes to gamble, had some bracelet prop bets that's reportedly going to cost him at least $700k-ish. What is good news for Ivey is he cleared $500k on FTP recently, so as long as he didn't bet on the Georgia Bulldogs for the first half line of tonight's game he should be OK. Way to get your team prepared, Mark Richt.

Get full chip counts here.

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Sorel Mizzi Just Misses WSOPE Bracelet

This Event #3 final table write-up would've been more interesting if either of these two lovely Brits, Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh, had made an appearance. So we're forcing the issue. View more of their photo shoot here.

It was a pretty star-studded final table for WSOPE Event #3 (£2,500 H.O.R.S.E.).

Couple early surprises as Jason Mercier, who had been dominate throughout the tournament and entered the final table second in chips, bowed out in eigth, banking £26,812.

Chris "Jesus" Ferguson seemed zoned in too but went out in seventh (£33,000).

Eventually play came down to Sorel Mizzi and Theo Jorgensen. Jorgensen started as final table chip leader...and...dare we say...ended it that way too?

Jorgensen banked £218,626 for the win. It was another solid showing for online whiz Mizzi, who is approaching $1M in career live tourney earnings now.

Get full payouts here.

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Mizzi, Ferguson, Pescatori Take Aim For WSOPE Event #3 Title

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008_3Some big names final tabled WSOPE Event #3 (£5,000 Pot Limit Omaha).

Among the remaining nine include Sorel Mizzi (290,000), Chris "Jesus" Ferguson (282,000), 2006 Main Event final table-ist Erik Friberg (189,000), and the unfortunately nicknamed "Italian Pirate" Max Pescatori (126,000).

They all trail chip leader Theo Jorgensen (897,000). Jason Mercier, who has been around the chip lead all tourney, is second overall with 650,000.

Couple other dudes fill out the rest.

Get full recaps here.

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Phil Ivey Does Not Win WSOPE Event #2

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008Looks like Phil Ivey, who likes to gamble, has one last chance to win his WSOP bracelet prop bets.

Ivey was up and down all day at the Event #2 (£2,500 H.O.R.S.E.) final table. He eventually bowed out in sixth place, banking £13,750.

Looked like Howard Lederer would cruise to victory as he held the chip lead for awhile, but he was knocked out in third overall, adding £30,250 to his already ridiculous bankroll.

The final two ended up very "friends and family" considering the big names that final tabled, with Sherkhan Farnood winning the bracelet (£76,999) and Ivo Donev taking second (£48,125).

In related news, 100 signed up for Event #3 (£5,000 Pot Limit Omaha), and 45 survived to Day 2. Jason Mercier is the overnight chip leader stacked at 209,800. He's followed by Shaun Deeb (190,700). Plenty of big names remain, including Neil Channing (128,000), David Williams (122,400), Phil Laak (111,400), Andy Bloch (109,200), Sorel Mizzi (105,000), and Alex Kravchenko (104,100).

Get full chip counts here.

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Phil Ivey Still Drawing Live for His WSOP Bracelet Prop Bet

Phil Ivey has more on the line than his £2,500 entry fee in WSOPE Event #2.

Phil Ivey, who likes to gamble, made some big prop bets this year with a number of players (Daniel Negreanu for around $200k, Eli Elezra for around $500k) this year. He came up short at the 2008 World Series of Poker. After the WSOP wrapped, he allegedly told everyone that WSOPE bracelets were part of the bet. Fair enough.

Things are still looking good for Ivey in Event #2 (£2,500 H.O.R.S.E.) of the WSOPE. Yesterday he was chip leader for a good part of the day. Play stopped with 11 remaining, and Ivey was mid-stacked. Only 10 remaining now, and he's fourth overall with around 114,000.

The current top three big stacks are Howard Lederer (208,500), Yuval Bronshtein (133,500), and Jeffrey Lisandro (125,000).

In related news, Phil Hellmuth busted in 12th.

Get full chip counts here.

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Jesper Hougaard Wins WSOP, WSOPE Bracelet in Same Year

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008Like Keeley Hazell going topless or Shannon Elizabeth changing online poker sites, it looked like a foregone conclusion that U.S. American Adam Junglen was going to capture WSOPE Event #1 (£1,500 No Limit Hold'em).

At the start of final table play, Junglen, who held the chip lead at all stages of the tourney, had over 700,000 more to his stack then Danish poker pro Jesper Hougaard, who was one of the short-stacks (eight overall).

Junglen flamed out quick though, exiting in sixth place as Hougaard, who won WSOP Event #36 this year, kept climbing.

Chipping up along with Hougaard was Fuad Serhan, who started final table play as the short-stack. While everyone else fell off, including Linda Lee, a woman, who finished seventh, Hougaard and Serhan improbably ended up playing for the title.

Heads-up play lasted all of five hands, with Hougaard taking it down and banking £144,218 for the win.

In related WSOPE news, screw Event #1 as some of poker's biggest names are among the chip leaders for Event #2 (£2,500 H.O.R.S.E.). Phil Ivey is chip leader at the end of Day 1 stacked at 59,200. He's followed by Phil Hellmuth (54,200) and WCP fave Woody Deck (37,500). Only 56 remain from the starting 110, with other big stacks including but not limited to Yuval Bronshtein (31,900), Joe Beevers (31,300), Isaac Haxton (30,800), Gus Hansen (30,600), Daniel Negreanu (30,200), and Howard Lederer (29,500).

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2008 WSOPE Event #1 Final Table Set

(Left to Right) Linda Lee, Neil Channing and Adam Junglen advanced to the WSOP Europe Event #1 final table.

Before we get too deep into this post, quick observation: Vegas railbirds > UK railbirds.

Ok, the big news from WSOPE Event #1 is that Linda Lee, a woman, has advanced to the final table. Lee looks like a mix between J. Lo and a half-Asian. Not a bad mix. View her photo on the WCP forum here. Half-Asian J. Lo brings one of the short-stacks (121,000) to the final table.

Leading the way as he has the first two days is Adam Junglen with 795,000. Junglen seems to either be on a mission or getting a 2002 WSOP Varkonyi-esque good run of cards. Following Junglen is John Dwyer with 511,000.

The remaining stacks are: Yevgeniy Timoshenko (345,000), Daniel Nutt (207,000), Neil Channing (199,000), Ian Woodley (153,000), the aforementioned Half-Asian J. Lo (121,000), Jesper Hougaard (89,000), and Fuad Serhan (61,000).

* Big thanks to Benjo for the pics. Benjo is French btw for "only French guy we like." Be sure to read his blog here.

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2008 WSOPE Event#1 - Daniel Negreanu Holding Strong

British model Keeley Hazell (seen above in one of few non-topless moments) has been surprisingly absent from the WSOPE...thus far.

The consolidated Day 2 is underway for the 2008 WSOPE Event #1 (£1,500 No Limit Hold'em).

Day 1B chip leader Adam Junglen retains the overall big stack with 140,000. Daniel Negreanu is third overall with 108,000.

Other big names still alive include Andy Bloch (44,000), Juan Juanda (42,000), Neil Channing (24,000), Erik Seidel (19,000), and Surinder (French?) Sunar (16,000).

Get live updates throughout the day here.

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Daniel Negreanu Leads WSOPE Event #1 Day 1A

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008This first WSOPE event of 2008 is shaping up to be a good one.

Daniel Negreanu ended Day 1A of WSOPE Event #1 (£1,500 No Limit Hold'em) as the chip leader, stacked at 74,900. He's followed by Jason Gray with 72,800. Brandon Cantu is not far behind with 54,200. Among the other 42 who survived to Day 2 include John Juanda (27,000), Surinder (French?) Sunar (14,200), and Erik Seidel (7,000).

Day 1B has started and lots of big names are among the early chip leaders. The awesomely named Azzy Asghar is current chip leader with 15,000. He's followed by Howard Stern's love-child Isaac Haxton (14,975), Jean-Robert Bellande (14,100), Allen Cunningham (12,600), and the absolutely positively must be Britishly named Simon Higgins (12,500).

Get full chip counts here and live reporting here.

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Bodog Doesn't Think a Woman Will Repeat as WSOPE Champ + The WSOPE Has Started

Bodog doesn't think Joanna Krupa (or any other woman) will make the WSOPE final table...or as we like to call them, the September NineTM.

Bodog has put odds on whether or not one or more women will make the WSOP Europe Main Event final table (again) this year.

We think their odds are very, very generous.

Currently, "No" is listed at -750 (Yes at +450). We see "No" going to -eleventybillion after every person who bets on sports takes "No." Come on. Can't you only catch lightning in a bottle once? Then again, it's not like the U.S. American version of the WSOP, and with a field of likely 350-400, the odds are a little better in woman's favor.

A little.

In related news, the WSOPE is underway with Event #1 (£1,500 No Limit Hold'em) today. Only 191 signed up. Bellagio gets more than that on a Friday night. Anyway, Daniel Negreanu is currently among the chip leaders, stacked second overall at dinner break. Brandon Cantu continues his good run and is among the big stacks as well.

Get full chip counts here and live reporting here.

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2008 WSOP Europe Schedule Announced

The 2008 WSOP Europe will take place at LCI London locations, which is in the UK, which is where GQ UK is published, which is where the above Marisa Miller photo appeared.

With the U.S. American version of the WSOP wrapped for a couple of weeks and The November 9TM still months away, the WSOP-E is ready to take center stage.

Set to begin on September 19th, this year's WSOP Europe will have four bracelet events. They are:

Sept 19 - Event #1: £1,500 - No-Limit Hold'em
Sept 22 - Event #2: £2,500 - H.O.R.S.E. 
Sept 24 - Event #3: £5,000 - Pot Limit Omaha 
Sept 27 - Event #4: £10,000 - Main Event

Last year, Annette Obrestad, a woman, almost single-handedly ended humanity by capturing the Main Event championship.

Get more WSOP-E details here. Get the full Marisa Miller GQ UK spread here. See a Marisa Miller video photo shoot here.

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Phil Hellmuth's Ego Exits the 2008 WSOP Main Event

Hellmuth exits 2008 WSOP Main Event
Phil Hellmuth during happier times at the 2008 WSOP.

The 2008 WSOP Main Event has suddenly become much less interesting, as Phil Hellmuth's ego's impressive run for bracelet #12 and world championship #2 has come to an end. Phil Hellmuth's ego has been eliminated in 45th place.

The biggest name now left in the field is Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, who has run his stack up to 3.2M. Nikolay Losev has regained the chip lead with just over 10M.

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2008 WSOP Europe Dates Announced, Jeffrey Pollack Challenges U.S. Americans

Doutzen_kroesYesterday the World Series of Poker Europe (WSOPE), which will be in Europe for some reason again this year which is the home continent of Doutzen Kroes (at right, must watch commercial here, schritting never seemed so sexy) announced that it will run from September 19th to October 1st, 2008 in London, England. This year's WSOPE is presented by Betfair. Last year's WSOPE Main Event was won by Annette Obrestad, a woman.

Like last year, the tournament will be hosted by London Clubs International and will be held at St. James (Fifty), Leicester Square (The Casino at the Empire) and Marble Arch (Sportsman).

WSOP Commish and famed blogger Jeffrey Pollack even threw a bit of a challenge to U.S. American players, who more or less avoided the European extravaganza like it was the Great Plague of London in 1665:

“It was a clean sweep for the Europeans last year. There are many, many talented players in the European poker community and I think it caught some of the world’s best known poker players by surprise. It’s safe to say the pros haven’t forgotten about last year and the young guns should expect a tougher fight in 2008.”

The schedule of events is still being finalized.

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    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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