2008 WSOP Guide

2008 WSOP Guide: Get the F' Outside and Go to Lake Mead

Whew. 30 consecutive days of writing 2008 WSOP Guide updates. That was exhausting.

Well, less than 24 hours before the 2008 World Series of Poker begins and we're already thinking about reasons why we can get out of the Rio. As members of the so-called "media," we, along with the poker players, turn into figurative vampires during the WSOP. After six weeks we all end up like milky white schlubs.

Which is why getting outside every now and then is so important.

And what better place to go than Lake Mead. Get a boat. With hot girls. And you're set.

[Bedlam Ensuing Warning] With the remaining two Entities Snake and Addict's arrival in Las Vegas, our official 2008 WSOP coverage begins tomorrow...so check back regularly for updates galore.

Las Vegas Lake Mead video

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2008 WSOP Guide: Getting By on the Cheap

Most of you will probably lose money at the 2008 WSOP. Nothing against you, personally. But most likely you're not leaving in the red. Or is it the black? Whatever you're not leaving with more green.

So if you're stuck with little dough, watch Cheap Vegas and learn where to go and what to do before you leave.

Watch Cheap Vegas video here

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2008 WSOP Guide: Get Your Testosterone Booster from Gamma-O

Poker players at 2008 WSOP can raise testosterone with Gamma-O or naturally with Adriana KarembeuLike the sun rising in the East and setting in the West, you can count every single day on our 2008 WSOP Guide.

Today, something for our male readers and male readers only: the official 2008 WSOP testosterone booster.

On Friday last week the WSOP announced that Gamma-O Plus Pomegranate will be its official natural testosterone booster.

Maybe this will lead to more aggression and faster moving tournaments...if anyone actually uses the stuff.

Says a Gamma Labs' CEO:

"Unlike some testosterone boosters, Gamma-O does more than develop muscles and increase strength. This unique product also improves focus and concentration, making it a natural tie-in for an event like the World Series of Poker."

Read more about the official 2008 WSOP testosterone booster here.

* Adriana Karembeu also provides natural testosterone raises and enhancements. See the full photo above after the jump (NSFW-ish) . . .

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2008 WSOP Guide: Sexxpresso Will Give You A Little Boost

Our next entry in our 100% guaranteed daily 2008 WSOP Guide is a place that seems tailor-made for scarf-wearing Euros, non-scarf-wearing Euros, or just dudes who like hot chicks wearing lingerie...and who also enjoy coffee.

Between the tourneys, satellites and "juicy cash games," all 2008 WSOP runners will need a little extra energy boost to keep them going. Some will opt for cocaine. Some pills. But if for some reason you're not into that kind of stuff (missing a nose? fear of swallowing capsules?), there's the hottest coffee shop in Las Vegas, Sexxpresso.

Located at 670 E. Flamingo Ave (a block east of Paradise), Sexpresso is a relatively short cab ride away from a much more appealing coffee experience than what you'll get at the Starbucks next to Sao Paulo...or Sao Paulo.

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2008 WSOP Guide: You Can Probably Get Laid at Rehab

Much like our bedrooms were to single women in the 90's, there's something about Rehab at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas that makes the ladies do absolutely vile things they'd never even consider doing at any other time.

And we're not just talking about anal here.

Sex in pools. PCB Spring Break levels of drunkenness. Hotly licking the cover of Racket Magazine with a near perfect ass.

All of this makes Rehab the absolutely perfect place to drown your 2008 WSOP sorrows. Or just be a totally decadent-sex-in-pool-having-really-hope-they-don't-have-video-of-this-degenerate.

Rehab Las Vegas video

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2008 WSOP Guide: Best Strip Clubs in Las Vegas

If you're coming to Las Vegas to play some poker at the 2008 WSOP, chances are you'll likely have some free-time on your hands after you got knocked out of a tourney or in between events.

And since you're in Vegas, you're almost contractually obligated to visit one of the city's fine strip club establishments.

With so many choices, where should you go? Below is a video featuring the Best Strip Clubs in Vegas. It's a list that would make anyone over at Bluff Magazine proud.

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2008 WSOP Guide: Win a Free Seat to the Main Event on ESPN.com

Keeley Hazell topless

Seriously, is there a better way to start the 2008 WSOP Guide than with the latest Keeley Hazell naked topless pic? (click image above for NSFW version)

Keeley posed for Nuts, the awesome UK publication that brought you topless Wii last year, which was way sexier than watching Gavin Smith and Daniel Negreanu play high-stakes Wii bowling matches against each other in the Poker Royalty player's lounge.

In somewhat related although really completely unrelated news, for the fourth consecutive year the ESPN Poker Club is offering a trip to the World Series of Poker Main Event. The winner will receive airfare from his or her (ok, his) local airport to Las Vegas and hotel accommodations during the tournament.

Basically you get three chances to qualify for the final tournament. The satellites are every Sunday for three weeks. Finish in the top 25 in any Sunday qualifiers and you're in the finals.

So go to the ESPN Poker Club to get more details and start playing today for your chance to win.

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