2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table

Hot Asian Sex Educator Jenny Woo Dating WSOP Final Tablist Ylon Schwartz?


Gambling911.com reported the other day that its venerable reporter Jenny Woo was dating one of the freed November Nine hostages or not dating but maybe banging. Or maybe they were just having dinner together in Miami. Anyway, Gambling911.com wouldn't say the name of the player but we can confirm that it was...drumroll please....oh wait, we wrote it in the headline. So yeh, WSOP ME fourth place finisher Ylon Schwartz had dinner and drinks the other night with our favorite Hot Asian Sex educator Jenny Woo. 

Good for him. 

Our waiter/source tells us that Ylon dropped about $600 on the dinner, which is about $600 more than what he needed to spend to get Woo naked. 

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Weekend Poker News Link Dump

With the full Entity West Coast migration complete and recovery from Thanksgiving underway, let's catch up on some not just poker news from around the so-called "Internet." Back to full strength on Monday...

:: Can't forget we're just a day away from the 60 Minutes online poker hatchet job. [link]

:: With that in mind, here's Nat Arem's hierarchy of poker cheating. [link]

:: Players are criticizing the WSOP final table broadcast, but ratings were up 47% from last year. [link]

:: Phil Hellmuth's clothing line probably won't sell well in Northern Europe. [link]

:: Daniel Negreanu continues his big year, besting 690 to win the BC Poker Championship. [link]

And a final "thankful for..." before we become ingrateful for the next 360 days or so: Stripper 101 classes to teach girlfriends/fiances/wives how to swing from a pole.

Watch Fawnia's Move of the Week on RawVegas.tv

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Friday Poker News Link Dump

Been a busy week for the Entities. Catching up on some poker news from around the so-called "Internet."

:: Best Tao of Poker post ever? [link]

:: Like this "Poker in Pictures" post on Up for Poker. Reminds us how much we fucking love U.S. America. [link]

:: So maybe there was an attempt to get the November NineTM some more mainstream exposure...they just didn't want it. [link]

:: These Goldman Sachs and Lehman guys have the right idea. [link]

:: After taxes, Peter Eastgate will have earned less from the 2008 WSOP Main Event than Ivan Demidov. Go socialism! [link]

In the meantime, not sure if you've seen the below video. But basically the scenario is this: Andrew was brought on the Maurey Povich Show to take a paternity test to determine if he was the father of this child. Andrew was like, "You know, cute kid and all. But I'm not sure I wanna be a dad, especially to this chick who I just hit it with one night." Then Andrew found out he was not the father and was like, "Whew, that's a relief. That would've greatly impacted my life had I been the father. You know what, I think I'm going to dance now." Then he danced.

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Peter Eastgate Signs with Poker Royalty, Is Going to Be Huge In Europe


On the heels of banking 9 mil and becoming the youngest WSOP Main Event champ in history, Peter Eastgate has signed on with Poker Royalty for representation.

According to the press release, Eastgate will rely on PoRo for "worldwide management and marketing representation across all major platforms, including media, sponsorship, licensing, commercial endorsements and appearances."

Poker Royalty recently opened a European office, which would likely spearhead these efforts, because Eastgate is going to be huge in Europe. He probably already has a best selling album in Belgium.

Read the full press release here or after the jump.

Continue reading "Peter Eastgate Signs with Poker Royalty, Is Going to Be Huge In Europe" »

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Don't Ask Chino Rheem How He Feels After Busting Out of a Tournament

Who knows what they'll show during tonight's 2008 WSOP Main Event broadcast, but emotions were running high for Chino Rheem after he suffered a brutal bad beat from eventual winner Peter Eastgate and busted from the final table.

So when a reporter asked how he was feeling after the bust, let's just say he felt like "poo-poo" and the question itself he thought was "making love" "not too intelligently."

Chino Rheem's 2008 WSOP Main Event exit interview
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Peter Eastgate Wins 2008 WSOP Main Event; At 22, Becomes Youngest Champion

Peter_eastgate More to come throughout the day but Peter Eastgate defeated Ivan Demidov to win the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

On the final hand, Eastgate turned a wheel, Demidov hit two pair, all the money went in, and that was that.

At 22 years-old, Eastgate now becomes the youngest Main Event champion in history, breaking Phil Hellmuth's record.

For the win, Eastgate banks $9,152,416. Demidov will take home $5,809,595.

UPDATE: Interview below with Eastgate.

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Peter Eastgate Dressed Like a Girl

We like this Peter Eastgate kid.

In his press conference interview today, Eastgate says that Ivan Demidov was definitely the player he was most worried about going heads-up against (feeling is mutual), what the hell that "ooga ooga ooga blah blah blah" his fans were chanting meant, and that he dressed like a woman for Halloween.

Just 90 minutes away from final table play now...

WSOP 2008 Main Event Finalist Peter Eastgate on Ivan Demidov and more...
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Ivan Demidov Isn't Nervous

For our latest webisodes of The TOKE, we talk with Ivan Demidov and Peter Eastgate.

Demidov said he thinks Eastgate was the best of the remaining November NineTM and shares his thoughts on Tiffany Michelle's performance.

WSOP Finalist Ivan Demidov pre- 2008 World Series of Poker final table news conference
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Meh for Poker

Anna_kournikova Helena_christensen_2

Who would you rather?

Well, we're kind of at a loss here.

The 2008 WSOP Main Event will come down to a Russian vs. a Dane, with Ivan Demidov going heads-up against Peter Eastgate sometime around 10pm tonight.

Barring some info on either that we don't know about yet, we can say that neither of them would be categorically bad for poker.

But we're not sure if either would be categorically good for poker either.

Which, like last year when that one guy beat the other guy, they are more likely just categorically Meh for poker.


The good news is that neither appears to be a fluke, like the guy who won last year. Demidov finished third at the WSOP-E Main Event, cementing his poker creds. Eastgate appears to be the real deal too. If Eastgate does win, he'd break Phil Hellmuth's record as youngest Main Event champ, which would get some decent press among the so-called poker media and maybe some mainstream pubs.

But bottomline is neither is a U.S. American, a woman, or a particularly dynamic personality. Daniel Negreanu they ain't. So we can't see either moving the needle much and getting more than a few die hards excited. More likely, the winner will be greated with a collective "meh" and shoulder shrug from the mainstream public.

Outside of the soon-to-be rich Demidov and Eastgate, the big winner in this is really Poker Stars, who can promote the hell out of these guys in Europe, where poker is still booming and where these two may have some broader appeal.

For a more play-by-play recap of the action, go here or to Dr. Pauly's here.

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2008 WSOP Main Event Heads-Up: Ivan Demidov vs. Peter Eastgate

2008_wsopOver 6,800 players. 4 months. 1 hostage crisis. The 2008 WSOP Main Event is finally heads-up.

More information to come, but it's going to be Ivan Demidov (79,500,000) vs. Peter Eastgate (57,725,000).

No real shocker as these two looked the best and got the cards all day.

More to come...

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Scott Montgomery Was Bound to Get Knocked Out Soon


At least a Canadian won't win this year's WSOP. We're tired of those Junior Americans up north winning poker tournaments.

Having just lost something like 23 million chips a few hands earlier to Ivan Demidov, Scott Montgomery was down to around 7M and bound to go out soon. We just can't see Montgomery patiently waiting for a monster. He's the type of guy who would shove with one card and a pretzel if he could and say something with his Canadian accent like "Well I'm pretty sure you don't have a pretzel so I know I have at least one live card even though a pretzel isn't really a card eh but please don't call but even if you do and I get knocked out I can probably afford to buy the Vancouver Canucks now."

So he shoved with A-3 and was called by Peter Eastgate's 6-6. Montgomery flopped an Ace and turning a set, but a 6 fell on the river giving Eastgate a boat.

Montgomery is gone in 5th place, banking $3,096,768.

Follow the action here or with Dr. Pauly here.

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Darus Suharto Didn't Need to Go All-In

For some reason, every final table someone who doesn't really need to go all-in with some Ace-rag does and gets knocked out.

This year's winner is Darus Suharto.

With blinds at 250,500 and 8,550,000 in chips, Darus re-raised Scott Montgomery all-in with A-8. Now open shoving with A-8, ok. Or repopping with two cards that are likely live, great. But A-8 you're just asking for it. Montgomery went in the tank (Darus had molded a tight table image) and eventually called with A-Q, which held when the board turned the nut flush.

Suharto's A-8 now joins last year's winner, Lee "The Panther" Watkinson-Markholt's A-7, as hands that didn't need to be re-raised all-in leading to eventually elimination something something.

With Suharto's elimination, the stacks are getting pretty closely lumped together.

Chip counts: Peter Eastgate - 40,500,000, Scott Montgomery - 31,950,000, Ivan Demidov - 25,125,000, Ylon Schwartz - 19,375,000, Dennis Phillips - 19,275,000.

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Chino Rheem Will Not Win the 2008 WSOP Main Event


Well, it was still a sick call.

When we picked "David" Chino Rheem to make a deep run in the 2008 WSOP Main Event, most people (like Andrew Feldman at ESPN.com) thought, "who"?

6,800+ eliminations later, Chino, the most experienced pro in the field, was knocked out of the 2008 WSOP Main Event in seventh place. Chino's A-K was sucked out on by Peter Eastgate's A-Q.

But thanks for making us look smarter than we really are, Chino.

Actually, we're pretty f'in smart, so thanks for validating that.

At the dinner break, the chip stacks are: Ivan Demidov 30,725,000, Peter Eastgate 27,175,000, the back in contention Dennis Phillips 26,950,000, Ylon Schwartz 20,475,000, Scott Montgomery 20,300,000, and Darus Suharto 10,600,000.

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Kelly Kim Can Now Go Home

Having clung on to a "redunkulous" short-stack for the entire final table without ever doubling up, Kelly Kim finally went all-in and all out of the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Having nitted it though for over 50 hands and watching Craig Marquis bow out before him, Kim was able to earn an extra $386k or so.

Chino Rheem is now the short-stack with 2,900,000. Dennis Phillips is making a comeback with 11,550,000.

Follow the action here or with Dr. Pauly here.

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Screw You Russ Hamilton

Hey Russ, go screw yourself.

We are some spite-loving mofo's at Wicked Chops Poker. So even better than NOT including Russ Hamilton's WSOP championship banner in the Penn & Teller theater for today's final table is including it--but sticking it behind the escalators. It's like a big middle finger to a big cheating slimeball.

Nice work, Jeffrey Pollack or whoever did that.

Great job by Pokerati for noticing it. See their full photo dump here.

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Craig Marquis Busts First

As we wrote in our "Good / Bad for Poker" article on espn.com, Craig Marquis definitely fell into the "Good for Poker" hole and one (or three, as in, the Entities) might argue that of the November NineTM, he might've been the best for poker if he won (definitely the most marketable).

Well that ain't happening.

Marquis busted out first, falling to Scott Montgomery.

In a hand you'd typically only see on Full Tilt, Marquis was all-in pre-flop with pocket 7's. Montgomery called with A-Q. Marquis flopped a set, but Montgomery runner-runnered broadway for a straight.

Kelly Kim, who is clinging on to dear life with only 600,000 in chips now, did this upon Marquis' busting, as he's now a millionaire.

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Dennis Phillips Is Shell-Shocked

Has anyone down there seen Dennis Phillips' chip lead?

Somewhere, difficult to tell in this photo but in the stadium seating behind the final table, there are about 200 white-shirt-wearing, St. Louis Cardinals ball capped Dennis Phillips fans. Outside the Penn & Teller theater, there are probably 100 more.

All are there, of course, were brought there by Dennis Phillips.

So it kind of sucks for him that he's gone from chip leader to near short-stack, dropping to around 4M in chips.

Phillips lost a monster pot to Ivan Demidov, and has continued to slip. The once vocal Phillips minions (who we spoke with many, all good, friendly people) have gone silent.

That party Phillips promised for all if he won looks highly improbable now.

Phillips in general looks shell-shocked and a little lost. Maybe he's feeling the pressure of not having to disappoint so many supporters out there.

Follow the action here or with Dr. Pauly here.

UPDATE: Ok as soon as we posted this Phillips doubled up through Chino Rheem and is now stacked at 9M. Chino is down to around 6M.

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Bluff Magazine Pre-WSOP Main Event Final Table Party

The big party last night in Las Vegas was Bluff Magazine's 4th anniversary/WSOP Main Event final table party.

And now we're off to the final table...

Watch Bluff Magazine Anniversary Party at The Bank Nightclub - Raw Red Carpet on RawVegas.tv
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Interview With Dennis Phillips, 2008 WSOP Main Event Chip Leader

Here's what 2008 WSOP Main Event chip leader Dennis Phillips has to say right before play begins.

Watch Dennis Phillips Chip Leader Challenge at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge on RawVegas.tv
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The 2008 WSOP Final Table Is Tomorrow...Does Anyone Care?

After four months in captivity, November NineTM hostages are finally ready to be released.

We are less than 24 hours away from the 2008 WSOP final table. Do you care?

What happened to all the promised ESPN build-up? Where's the hype? Where's the PR push around the fact that somebody, perhaps a 50-something truck driver or 23 year-old whiz kid, is about to win $9M? People lose their mind after watching the seventyeththousandth Survivor winner bank just one mil. Why not give this some more reality treatment during the lay-off?

This is a great story, yet it hasn't seeped into the mainstream at all.

Why hold these nine people hostage for four months if you're really not going to do anything that much outside of airing the episodes like you'd normally do to hype it?

So we ask...are you really excited about this final table tomorrow? Anyone?


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More November Nine(TM) Love On ESPN

One of the worst things that ever hit our ears was when Tommy Lee, during an episode of Cribs, thanked Starbucks for hooking him up with some "coffee love" when they installed a bean machine in his basement.

The only thing that really has ever sounded worse than that are those horrible Carl's Jr commercials with people loudly eating their disgusting hamburgers. So many letters/emails were written to Carl's Jr's ad agency about our hatred of the campaign, we're surprised a restraining order wasn't filed.

Anyway, along with the words "plethora," "synergy," and "philanthropy," anything "love" was officially banned from the vocabulary of the Entities.

However, we're brain-dead today and getting a little bit lazy. So with the November NineTM just days away, here's some more love for espn.com's coverage of the happenings:

  • Hey, it's the first Wicked Chops article on espn.com. [link]
  • Listen to the Poker Edge: Predictions and analysis Friday and find out how to enter in and win a free 30 minute poker lesson from Phil Gordon. Also listen to all the N9TM interviews. [link]
  • We don't believe in philanthropy but Dennis Phillips does (we're covering the event as a TOKE tomorrow too). [link]
  • Most think Scott Montgomery is a maniac. He would agree. [link]
  • If you have a lot of time on your hands... [link]
  • Great video interview of a surprisingly interesting and candid Ivan Demidov. [link]
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Only 159 People Show Up For Day 1A of WSOPE Main Event

World_series_of_poker_europe_2008If a few thousand Euros can show up for the U.S. American World Series of Poker Main Event, how the hell do only 159 people register for Day 1A of the WSOPE championship? Did Germany invade Poland again? Is there a call to arms we're not aware of? Where is everyone?

Of those who did show, plenty of big names are among early big stacks. Justin "BoostedJ" Smith ended Day 1A as chip leader, stacked at 150,000. On his "march to second"TM overall, Andy Bloch is third overall at 90,175. November NineTM hostage Scott Montgomery (80,000), Andy Black (78,000), Brandon Adams (72,000), and Mike Matusow (71,550) are also among early leaders.

Not among those with chips is Phil Ivey, which is not good news for Phil Ivey. As you may remember, Ivey, who likes to gamble, had some bracelet prop bets that's reportedly going to cost him at least $700k-ish. What is good news for Ivey is he cleared $500k on FTP recently, so as long as he didn't bet on the Georgia Bulldogs for the first half line of tonight's game he should be OK. Way to get your team prepared, Mark Richt.

Get full chip counts here.

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No One Knows The November Nine(TM) Hostages

Ok, maybe the pros themselves don't follow poker as closely as we all do.

Pro Poker Players Talk About Their Picks for the November Nine
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Odds on 2008 WSOP November 9(TM) - UPDATE


Editor's Note: When Harrah's came to us back in April this year and said, "Hey Entities, we're going to do this thingy with the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table were we delay it till November. Can you help us come up with a cool way to brand it?" we said "Ok...but it will be our trademark." They said, "We guess that's aieght." So we said, "All right well we're naming it 'The November 9TM'." And Harrah's was like, "Coolio. We're Audi 500." *

It took a little longer than we would've expected, but we finally have some odds on The November 9TM for the 2008 WSOP Main Event.

Dennis Phillips, who we are slowing changing our opinion on and possibly upgrading to "Good for PokerTM," leads "theTM" way at 3/1. He's followed by Scott Montgomery at 4/1.

Our pick to win from the get-go, the guy you just can't get mad at although we may be downgrading to "Bad for PokerTM" David "Chino" Rheem, is at 15/2. And with eight big blinds left, Tommy Rocky Horror Kelly Kim brings up the rear at 25/1.

Head over to Bodog Life here to view the rest of the odds. Discuss the odds or who you think has the best value in the WCP forum here.

* Conversation didn't quite happen like that. Or at all.

UPDATE: Tell us who you think will take it down. Head over to the WCP forum and cast a vote in our poll here. (Btw, the correct answer is Chino Rheem).

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Poker News + Other Links Because Agne Stankunaite Is Another Hot Chick on Italian TV

Agne Stankunaite is a Lithuanian supermodel
Let us dumb this down. Italian TV is loaded with insanely hot chicks. Perhaps the hottest in the world, all with ridiculously perfect culos that rank right up there with Brazil's best, long, stately legs that make Shannon Elizabeth look like an amateur and gorgeous faces that ... well, who really cares about faces. And Lithuanian supermodel Agne Stankunaite (yeh, unfortunate last name) is hands down the hottest one we've seen in the past cinque minuti. See photos of Agne below, and a super hot video of her on Italy's Ciao Darwin TV show here.

First, some poker news links and other stuff worth a click ...

• Dark clouds over Ultimate Bet as lightning strikes twice for "dhc2lovr". (link)
• 5:46 of Daniel Negreanu talking about the delayed WSOP Main Event final table. (link)
• LV Sun's Jeff Haney breaks from his poker purist propensities to support Harrahs' final table experiment. (link)
• We now know what a scofflaw is. (link)
• If it's only being held in one city, is it really a "poker tour"? (link)
• A poker player begging to be staked gets him a news feature in New Hampshire. (link)
Josh Arieh is upbeat, optimistic after Bodog split. (link)
Pokerati-ers discuss Bodog's move. (link)
• Is the annoying "You're not Johnny Chan" chick still running this Playboy charity poker tournament? (link)
• Speaking of, 2008 Playboy Playmate of the Year Jayde Nicole's fagina commands your "respect". (link)
• A dude "Hoyt Corkins" a rocket up his ass, and has video to prove it. (link)
• Did we mention that Kimberly Lansing looked smoking hot at the WPT Championship? (link)
Mike Matusow rammer det røde felt. (link)
• Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr has the gams for Italian TV. (link)
• Can we get better photos of Miss Asian Poker Tour please? (link)
• Barely legal poker ok'd on Indian res in Iowa. (link)


Continue reading "Poker News + Other Links Because Agne Stankunaite Is Another Hot Chick on Italian TV" »

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2008 WSOP Main Event Final Table: What People in the "Industry" Are Saying

The delay of the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table has been a source of major debate within the poker world the past week. Most hate it and never liked it, some hated it and then liked it, and some liked it all along.

Just like anal.

Another anal joke? Really?

In our latest webisode of The TOKE, we talked to some "industry" and so-called "media" types for their take.

Opinions on the 2008 WSOP ME Final Table delay

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Poker News: Latest on Ultimate Bet Superuser Scandal, Bloggers on WSOP Final Table, ZeeJustin Joins Bodog + More

:: Nat Arem stands by Ultimate Bet on superuser scandal (Click here)

:: Up for Poker's Otis makes case against WSOP Final Table delay (Click here)

:: Haley's Poker Bl-Aughh! cuts through some of the Harrahs BS (Click here)

:: Short-stacked Shamus asks the "bastardization" question (Click here)

:: Micon thinks Jeffrey Pollack is monkey fuck-ing around (Click here)

:: Justin Bonomo zeejoins Team Bodog (Click here)

:: Poker Players Alliance to p-diddy for voters with "If You Play, Have a Say" campaign at WSOP (Click here)

:: Redada en un club de póquer de Barcelona (Click here)

:: Coast to Coast Poker Championship kicks off in America's Hat (Click here)

:: Curb Your Enthusiasm's Cheryl Hines pretties up the Borgata's Sunday $500k guaranteed event (Click here)

:: Vind en nat med Philip Hilm på eksklusivt hotel (Click here)

:: Photographic evidence of Bar Rafaeli's hotness in a bikini (Click here)

:: Video evidence that kids walking around dizzy can be hazardous to poles (Click here)

Summer is just about here...which means it's t-shirt time, unless you live in Canada where it's light parka season still. Check out some of the new tees over at snorg by clicking on the banner.

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2008 WSOP Schedule of Events Brought to You by Miranda Kerr


Miranda Kerr is a 25 year-old Victoria's Secret Angel. She's from Australia, which means she also has a super-cute Australian accent. Australia is the home of 2005 WSOP Main Event champ "Salty" Joe Hachem. "Salty" Joe Hachem is called "Salty" Joe because he's salty. We have no idea whether or not Miranda Kerr is salty. However we do now she is smoking hot and looks even better in a bikini. We also know that by 1997 Kerr won a nation-wide model search hosted by Dolly Magazine and Impulse fragrances, which despite how hot she is, probably wasn't hard because Australia only has like 100,000 people and half of those are Aboriginese.

As you've likely figured out by now, Vanessa Rousso went to Duke Miranda Kerr is bringing you today's 2008 WSOP Guide. Today's helper: a schedule of all 2008 WSOP bracelet events. There are 55 of them. Please note that the we've updated the 2008 WSOP Main Event final table to reflect the new November dates.

Continue reading "2008 WSOP Schedule of Events Brought to You by Miranda Kerr" »

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Live Blogging from the 2008 WSOP Media Conference Call

WSOP commish Jeffrey Pollack officially announces delayed WSOP Main Event final table11:05am PST: Ok, we never do this and never will again, but here's some "live updates" from the 2008 WSOP media conference call.

Jeffrey Pollack (at right) says that the "very exciting innovation" of the 2008 WSOP Final Table is good to go. The Main Event final table will be held as you know in primetime on November 11th. Pollack calls this "must-see appointment television." On November 9 they'll play down from nine to two. On November 10 they'll play the final heads-up match. Then on the 11th the final table will be shown on ESPN.

Some other new rules:

:: No tents for poker this year.
:: Separate satellite room.
:: Five rooms inside convention center for poker with 2,740 player capacity.
:: No alternatives allowed this year.
:: New rules for unsportsmanlike conduct and new code of conduct.
:: New cell phone rule...must be silenced during tourney play. Need to be one table length away from assigned table to use it.
:: Opening day registration will open Wed May 28th.
:: More room between tables this year.
:: Introducing a WSOP concierge service.
:: Enhanced food choices and expanded hours at Sao Paulo (yes!!!) and expanding restroom facilities.

11:20am PST: Someone wants to know how the dealers will be compensated since the Main Event final table will be held 16 weeks after the tourney first wraps. Tuning this one out...don't really care. Somebody said something though. 

11:22am PST: The "collusion and deal-making" question was asked and this will be addressed in the new code of conduct, so looks like that definitely won't happen now, right? No way.

11:25am PST: Some old dude wants to know about playing too many hours because he's old and doesn't like playing too many hours. However they did say that there will only be 5 levels played each day. Maybe. Got Flight of the Conchords on right now and they're singing "Leggie Blonde" and it's pretty funny.

11:28am PST: Trying to figure out what is needed to ask a question. Wasn't paying attention at that part. Just speak up? Don't think so. Damn you attention span!

11:32am PST: None of the Entities is entirely sure how to submit a question either.

11:34am PST: Kathleen Hennessey from the AP sounds kind of cute.

11:37am PST: No pay-per-view this year for the Main Event. Really questioning the whole "live blogging" concept right now.

11:40am PST: Greatest valedictorian speech ever? Oh yeah they're still talking about why the 16-week WSOP delay is great.

11:42am PST: This is brutal. Seriously questioning motivation of doing this more and more. Thank goodness we don't do hand updates, recounts, chip counts, and things of that nature.

11:45am PST: Gary Wise chimes in with question #2! We laid odds earlier that Wise would lead the question-asking tally. +/- was 3.5...come on Gary get a couple more in!

11:46am PST: Trying to find Kathleen Hennessey on Facebook or somewhere. Pic anyone?

11:46am PST: Whew...only 3 more questions to go!

11:48am PST: Steve Rosenbloom enters the fray! We are big Rosenbloom fans. Read his Rosenblog here. He asked a question that gets an answer about "being good corporate citizens" so glad that we missed yet another question. Really not good at this. However now they're answering a question where the answer included the phrase "12 square inches" so maybe they're talking about one of the Entities now. Did someone ask about us?

11:52am PST: Ah man! Last question and it's not from Gary Wise! Looks like the under wins. Knew 3.5 was too ambitious.

11:54am PST: Just found out how to enter a question...seriously.

11:59am PST: Call is concluding. All in all Jeffrey, new PR chief Seth and crew did a great job of moving it along. Tons of "explaining" on the new final table format. Someone's cell phone just went off on the call as they're wrapping up. Ok, they're asking more questions even though they said that was it. Someone's cell phone just indicated a voice mail was left. But that's it for us and our first and last "live blogging" experiment.

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WSOP Officials to Conduct Media Conference Call Today, Will They Announce Delayed Main Event Final Table?

The Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker will be on a so-called "media" conference call today at 2pm EST where world renown blogger Jeffrey Pollack and equally renown tourney director Jack Effel will preview the 2008 World Series of Poker.

So will this be when WSOP officials announce the big news that Wicked Chops Poker first reported, that the Main Event final table will be delayed until after ESPN airs all of the episodes up to the final nine players?

Or will this big news be announced today even ahead of the conference call?

We think we know the answer, but we'll have to wait and see...

UPDATE: And yes, we were right. Read more at ESPN's Poker Club here.

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