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March 29, 2009 - April 4, 2009

WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic Isn't What It Used to Be

Wpt-logo Only 259 players showed for the 2009 WPT Foxwoods Poker Classic (or basically the same number of tweets David Williams does in an hour).

This means the event will only pay out $731,079 for first. Why does this matter? It doesn't, really. But Foxwoods was home to the first ever WPT million dollar top prize. And just last year, Erik Seidel won $992,890 for taking the title.

So why the decline? First, you gotta blame The EconomyTM. Second, pros freaking hate Foxwoods. And third, the Bellagio prelim events are going on, and a lot of West Coast based pros are hitting that instead (see previous sentence as to one of the main reasons why).

Anyway, at the beginning of Day 2 play, the aforementioned David Williams is chip leader, stacked at 195,000. Hoyt Corkins isn't far behind with 164,000. And overnight chip leader Ken Adams is stacked at 145,000.

Also among the big stacks are Allen "Chainsaw" Kessler (117,000), Jonathan Little (95,000), Steve Brecher (93,000), Mike Matusow (85,000), and Dan Heimiller, a ginger (84,000).

Get full chip counts and live reporting here.

UPDATE: Ryan Fisler ended Day 2 as chip leader with 422,000. David Williams is stacked at 314,300. Also alive are Barry Greenstein 151,200, Hoyt Corkins (144,400), Mike Matusow (93,800), Steve Brecher, who if he wins we say gets to take the nickname "Back To Back" from Layne Flack (68,500), and Jonathan Little (64,600). Only 59 remain.


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Abbey Diaz Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is 21-year-old model Abbey Diaz (aka Cintia Fernandez) from San Juan, Argentina.

Okay, that's pretty much all we got on her. Not that you need to know anything else. This isn't a first date. It's you looking at photos of her ridiculously perfect culo and cleavage. Bonus video after the jump.

Continue reading "Abbey Diaz Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl" »

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Jeffrey Pollack Discusses 2009 WSOP Changes

Last weekend at Dream Team Poker, we caught up with Jeffrey Pollack to discuss the changes (including the f-bomb rule and if we'll ever see the Main Event final table on ABC) coming to the 2009 World Series of Poker.

Watch WSOP 09 Official Changes on RawVegas.tv
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Lady GaGa Poker Face on American Idol

We're in transit mode the past 48 hours so we weren't able to make some lame April Fool's joke. Sorry. Plus we've got to wrap up our next Bluff article, so blame the lack of posts on Bluff Magazine. Go ahead. Blame them.

As filler until we get back to full-posting-mode, below is Lady GaGa's wtf performance on American Idol last night.

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Nicky Whelan Brings You Today's Not Just Poker Links

Like fellow Aussie Elle McPhereson, Nicky Whelan is nicknamed "the body." So having the nickname "the penis" is probably a good thing, right? View more pics here(Whelan's body, not Entity penis).

:: Patrik Antonius builds his lead in the Durrrr Challenge. [link]

:: Two words: Wii Poker. [link]

:: The Shamwow guy does chop chop on some prostitutes' face. [linkand link]

:: We all handle bad news in our own way. [link]

:: Kim Kardashian "backs" her sis Khloe by taking a shot at Annie Duke(about 2:30 in), despite Khloe showing about as much personality on Celebrity Apprentice as Kim did on DWTS. Man we watch too much reality TV. [link]

:: The 10 best slip ups in TV anchor history. And let's just say you don't accidentally say "double penetration" unless you've done double penetration. [link] <-- link has been corrected.

:: And finally, who doesn't love a good flowchart? [link]

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Aced Wins Dream Team Poker

In case you weren't clear of the origins of the above photo, we got it at PokerListings.com.

Jamie Gold and his girlfriend Ashley Nataupsky (cute blonde here) both final tabled this weekend's Dream Team Poker event, capturing a victory for Team Aced.

Those two plus the other guy will split the team prize of $59,000.

Danny Nelson took the individual title, for a chopped up win of $13,000.

Again, a great inaugural open event by Dream Team Poker. Read more about it here.

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Dream Team Poker Girl Photo Dump

While nobody was sure who the cute blonde wearing a PokerVT patch sitting next to Phil Hellmuth was, that didn't stop All-In Magazine founder Casey Thompson from making a $6,000 prop bet that she would last longer than the 11-time WSOP bracelet winner.

No shortage of hotties at Dream Team Poker yesterday. While this doesn't capture all of them, it's enough to get the gist.


LivBoeree LizLieu MariaHo MrsYancey TeamYumYum LaceyJones

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The Entities Out of Dream Team Poker

All of the Entities got knocked out between the second level and dinner break at Dream Team Poker on Saturday. They played down to 27, with pros like Tom McEvoy, Thor Hansen, and Jamie Gold still alive.

Pics of the hottest girls at DTP coming later this afternoon. For now, what ended up being our last vlog from the event. Definitely good times though and a really impressive showing by Dream Team Poker. Looking forward to the next one.

Watch Dream Team Poker Tournament Update on RawVegas.tv
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Girls on the Rail at 2008 WSOP


    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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