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April 12, 2009 - April 18, 2009

Third Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament Red Carpet

Watch 3rd Annual Jennifer Harman Charity Poker Tournament on RawVegas.tv

With most of the poker world in town for the start of the WPT Championship, Jennifer Harman held her third annual charity tournament yesterday. Some of the better interviews from the red carpet are above.

Go herefor WPT Championship updates and check back on WCP for our take daily as well.

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The TOKE Host Dave Farra Gets a New Radio Show Starting This Monday

We met host of The TOKE, Dave Farra, two years ago during Gavin Smith's infamous belly slapping turned porn star getting chowdered prop bet at X107.5 in Las Vegas. Since then, he's been in increasing staple of our poker vids.

This Monday, Farra's DAM Radio replaces Adam Corrolaas the new morning drive-time show on the aforementioned X107.5. If you're up at 6am on the West Coast, or the more manageable 9am on the East, be sure to tune in for the live stream here.

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Daniel Negreanu Is Ready for The 2009 WSOP

Is the 2009 World Series of Poker really just five weeks away? Really? It seems like it was just last week that we were snapping these photos of hot girls on the rail. What do we have in store this year? Among the many new things, let's just say one involves Somali pirates. Leave it at that.

Anyway, or as the girl that Danny Gokey is trying to get with now would say, "anyhoozer," Daniel Negreanu is getting ready for the 2009 WSOP by playing as little poker as possible.

Watch Daniel Negreanu is Ready for WSOP 2009 on RawVegas.tv
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Oksana Pochepa Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl

This week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl is Oksana Pochep, the 24-year-old Russian pop star and model who claims to be getting it on with 53-year-old bigot/actor Mel Gibson, whose wife of 28 years is divorcing him right now for a bazillion dollars.

It isn't known if Oksana is the reason why the couple are splitting or if even Gibson and her are actually in a relationship. It is known that we don't give a damn. We only care about the important things and what's important here is Oksana's insanely hot body. Sure, you could probably order a Russian bride who's hotter in the face and have her on your doorstep in 3 to 5 weeks, but Oksana's ridiculously perfect ass (photo) more than makes up for any of her Fergie-ish facial fug.

Photos of Oksana below. Her music video here. She has the voice of an angel alien.

Continue reading "Oksana Pochepa Is The Friday Night Parting Shot Girl" »

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Layne Flack Might've Blown a .00...

...but he was definitely drinking the night before the NBC National Heads Up Poker Championship when he got the DUI.

Not that it's a shocker. Andrew Robl had already blogged about drinking with him at the event (before deleting that bit from his post). And now Layne admits to some glasses of champagne as well.

Yet he still managed to blow a .00 hours later. Flack's tolerance level for booze is like Superman's for heat. Unbelievable.

Watch Layne Flack Comes Clean on RawVegas.tv
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Brad Garrett Getting Heat for Racial Remarks

Makes-us-wanna-slit-our-throats-open-with-a-rusty-spork-because-he's-somehow-rich-and-famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton is reporting that poker player Brad Garrett made racially insensitive remarks to a paparazzi a couple days ago.

Apparently Perez has never seen Garrett at the WSOP Main Event, where he regularly yells across the Amazon Room for Phil Ivey to go valet his car and takes some jabs at the Jews that aren't fit to print. Point is, that's kind of what he does. He's like a younger, taller, less funny version of Don Rickles.

Anyway, Perez reports:

"Garrett screamed "In English! In English!" to the paps snapping away at the actor!

Before speeding off, Garrett lost verbal control and yelled, "Wear the turban! Wear the turban!"

This isn't Garrett's first bad encounter with a pap either, as he had this run in late last year.

Good for him. If paparazzi have carte blanche to be overly aggressive and get in your face, you should be able to yell at them or punch them with anything you'd like.

Read more here.

In somewhat related but not really at all news, below is a clip from an old Dean Martin Roast with the aforementioned Don Rickles and the Entities' all-time favorite President, (then Gov) Ronald Reagan.

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BREAKING: Andrew Still Not The Father

Just doesn't get old...

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Kevin Smith Plays Poker Too

Model actress Kim Smith (above) shares the same last name as writer/director/producer Kevin Smith.

Since Clerks came out, Kevin Smith hadn't made a movie worth seeing for about 15 years (ok, fine, we'll listen to your Dogma arguments, but we won't listen to your Chasing Amy ones, a movie that fell apart in an epicly bad way in its final 30 minutes). Then Zack and Miri Make A Porno dropped last year, which while not spectacular, was solid and worthy of repeat viewings. So hey, Smith's back on the [Entity] radar. More Zack and Miri and less Jersey Girl, please.

Anyway, like Christian Vieri, Smith is also taking up poker, although not in a professional pursuit kind-of-way.

And like any true poker player, Smith is active on twitter.com, where he recently tweeted:

I feel like playing some poker. Full Tilt, anybody? I play the six-handed sit&go's. Name's askewsme. Please don't identity-theft me.

ThatKevinSmith * Apr 11 * 19:09

Apparently his stats aren't that good, but whose are on Tilt? Russ Hamilton could super-user on Tilt and still probably get two-outered enough that he'd be like, "You know what, fuck this shit. I'm going to go play slots."

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Soccer Star Christian Vieri To Take Up Poker?

Soccer players pull crazy mad ass. If you're a soccer player in Europe, you could look like Joan Rivers and still bang 10's. Take Christian Vieri. No Patrik Antonius in the looks department, Vieri is married to Italian model/actress Elisabetta Canalis (above). View more pics here.

Little known fact: one-third of the Entities had a soccer scholarship in college and all three Entities played on a rec soccer team in our 30's (named Bling Bling United, no less). So we kind of now a thing or two about soccer.

For example, no matter what you look like, if you're a soccer star in Europe, you're dating models. It's like a law over there.

Christian Vieri is a (currently teamless) Italian striker who is (currently homely and) married to a model and is planning on taking up poker when he retires from non-U.S.American-football:

"I enjoy cards a lot, but my future is still in football. I will stop when I'm fed up chasing after a ball and I am not bored yet. When I'm retired, who knows, I could become a professional poker player."

In related news, Poker Stars probably just jizzed in their pants and are probably already drafting a contract for him.

Read the full Vieri article here. Get more soccer news here.


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Daniel Negreanu in X-Men Origins: Wolverine

About a year ago we learned that Daniel Negreanu may have a brief cameo in X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

Looks like Daniel's footage made it off the cutting room floor and into the movie. Not sure if this is all there is, but hey, if that was any one of us Entities, we'd have it on imdb.com faster than Jason Biggs blew a load on Shannon Elizabeth in American Pie.

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TOMS Chief Shoe-Giver Once Started Online Poker Site

If you watched the MastersTM at all last week, you definitely saw the AT&T commercial for TOMS with "Chief Shoe-Giver" Blake Mycoskie (video below).

Talk about a turn-around. Four years ago this same guy was a driving force behind GreenTiePoker.com (read more about it here), a site that gave "men what they really want: the green, the girls, the glory." Started in conjunction with UltimateBet, it eventually went the way of other poker DoDo bird sites like Poker Blue and Duplicate Poker

Blake used to walk around in nice suits wearing a green bow-tie (which, much like having Scott Lazar involved in producing your film, is never a good idea). Now embracing his inner-tree-hugger, Blake is giving away shoes to needy kids.

Good stuff/good for him. Hopefully this means the unfortunately-named Anurag Dikshit will be curing cancer soon.

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Doyle Brunson Beer Pong Challenge II Was Fun

It's almost impossible not to have fun playing beer pong. You're about as likely to hear, "Yeah, that was a boring night of beer pong" as you are "I just wasn't a fan of that blowjob."

Throw some sick gambling in there to boot, and the experience is even that much better (would hold true for both the beer pong and the blowjob, actually).

With that in mind, the Doyle Brunson Beer Pong Challenge II happened on Monday. Some highlights you'll find in the below vid: 1) Whoever developed the use of trick mirrors and CGI to create the Lee Watkinson/Markholt team should win an Oscar...impressive stuff, 2) Liv Boiree is hot, cool...and possibly dating Jon Friedberg? Really? Nice enough guy but really wtf? Is this true?

Anyway, this is one of our favorite poker videos so far this year. Enjoy.

Watch 2nd Annual Doyle Brunson Beer pong Tournament on RawVegas.tv
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Ok Now We're Done Watching Celebrity Apprentice

So the "blow-up" between Joan Rivers (pictures here) and Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice wasn't really that big of a deal. Joan (seen here) is a bit of a drama queen and over-protective of her daughter (as she should be).

Annie caught some shit for not being a project manager yet, but stepped up for this week's episode, even though for all intents and purposes she's PM'd every challenge.

Otherwise Donald Trump, who we used to love and even played his board game, is too annoying of a TV personality to handle the show anymore.

And we're done. To paraphrase Daniel Plainview, "We're finished."


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Harrah's Hires Ex-Party Poker CEO Mitch Garber to Head Up WSOP.com

Spanish model Marisa Jara is probably unfamiliar with Mitch Garber.

Read in between the lines on this one, but Harrah's has hired ex-Party Poker CEO Mitch Garber to run it's wsop.com website.

Reports the Times Online:

"HARRAH’s, the Las Vegas gaming group that owns Caesars Palace is to install Mitch Garber, a former chief executive of Party Gaming, as the head of a new company formed to house its internet operations and the popular World Series of Poker.

The gaming giant is spinning these businesses out into a newly-created [non-Wicked Chops] entity. The move is likely to fuel speculation over the possibility of Harrah’s making acquisitions in the online-gaming sector."

So...the unfortunately named Anurag Dikshit settles with the U.S. American government. Then Party Poker does the same. Then Harrah's hires ex-Party CEO Mitch Garber to run the wsop.com.


Read more here and here.

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Rick's Cabaret Strippers Playing Poker at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge

The Hard Rock Poker Lounge held a Stripper Poker tournament last Friday. To paraphrase Dennis Green, "It was what you thought it was." Pretty much a bunch of strippers from Rick's Cabaret showed up for a regular tournament that included way more old old old people than we expected.

Says one of the exotic dancers there on if she even knew how to play poker, "I had a cram session this morning." We bet you did.

Watch Ricks Cabaret Strippers Playing Poker at the Hard Rock Poker Lounge on RawVegas.tv
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