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May 3, 2009 - May 9, 2009

Friday Afternoon Old School Hip Hop: Poison

Fridays are kind of filler days on WCP, so before we get to the Friday Night Parting ShotTM, here's a new series of great old school music. We'll start with hip hop until we get tired of it (next week? two Fridays from now?).

Anyway, if there's one thing we learned in 1990, it was to never trust a big butt and a smile. Fortunately black chicks didn't want to date us until a few years later, so it wasn't a problem for a little while.

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Poker News Made Better With Alanna Kolette

We're not necessarily in love with 21-year-old model Alanna Kolette. We save that word for the girls who do our laundry, make us dinner and give us back rubs while we watch the American Idol results show and hold our fists up to the heavens and say "why God? Why must Allison and not Danny Gokey go? Why God? Why?" But let's just we're really digging Alanna Kolette. The girl's freaking gorgeous and has a sick body and just might be the hottest girl we've seen in the past 5 minutes. So skip all the filler links below and just get to the photos of Alanna.

:: Poker players sue LA area card rooms over jackpot. [link]

:: Worm apparently can kick One Eyed Jack Faro's ass at poker but is scared of the Lemur (See, told you this was all just filler). [link]

:: Minnesota resorts to the 48 year old Wire Act that has nothing to do with online poker to ban online poker. [link]

:: PokerStars to be title sponsor of WPT Season 7 in the lands of igloos, porn with poo, hot brunettes and windmills. [link]

:: Clonie Gowen ain't doing so well in court. [link]

:: This has nothing to do with poker but Cassie, one of our past Friday Night Parting Shot Girls, had topless photos "leaked out" on the Internet and by "leaked out" we mean in support of her new album coming out in June. God bless new albums. [link]

:: And finally, Poker Listings publishes their Top 5 Least Popular Main Event Winners ever. See who we think should be on the list. Probably no surprise, nor who made number 1. [link]

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Barney Frank Talks About Online Gambling Ban With Lou Dobbs

Barney Frank's UIGEA-repealing bill that is being supported by Harrah's and will bring in more than $50 billion in revenue to the US government and most importantly stimulate our own economy by bringing the donk-laden PartyPoker back to US soil is garnering decent media attention, including a mention on CNN's Lou Dobbs Wednesday. Watch what Franks had to say above or here.

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That Girl From February Again

Remember that girl back in February from this video, and this one, and this one? Well, here she is again and this time she's really coming on to us, moving all sexy like with her hands running down her body as she stares at us. She must not know we're currently, at this time, for the moment, today, married.

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Harrah's Backing Barney Frank Bill

Barney_frank Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) introduced his only reason why we're still doing this site anti-UIGEA bill at a press conference this morning.

Frank's bill estimates over $63 billion in revenues for the government if it regulated online gaming over the next 10 years. Interestingly, Harrah's Entertainment is also backing the bill, which probably has everything nothing to do with the "maybe" hiring of ex-Party CEO Mitch Garber.

We'll post a video from the press conference if/when it becomes available (readers, please send link if you find it). In the meantime, read about Harrah's backing of the bill here and the press release on today's press conference here.

UPDATE: Good recap of the bill by Bluff here.

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Daniel Negreanu's Big Swing Charity Golf Tournament

If there's one thing we've learned from the Celebrity Apprentice, it's that Annie Duke gives good head Annie Duke is a whore pit viper Annie Duke is Hitler Joan Rivers' face is about to fall off being married to Joan Rivers would deduct about 20 years off your life Melissa Rivers is a 40 year-old baby Clint Black is creepy with squinty beedy little eyes Herschal Walker still fucking rules go DAWGS fuck yeah Jesse James reminds us of Sling Blade poker players are an extremely philanthropic bunch.

One of the biggest givers (no jokes please) is Daniel Negreanu, who yesterday announced his first annual Big Swing a charity golf event to be held at Rio Secco Golf Club on June 25th, 2009. 

The tournament benefits the Lili Claire Foundation and is what Daniel was planning for when he was vlogging from a secret location here (note that 1/3 of the Entities' progen pops into frame around the :58 second mark).

The event will feature 30 amateur teams, each of whom will be paired with one professional poker player.   Poker Stars is running qualifiers for team buy-ins, so try to play your way in there.

Get more information on this great cause here.

Watch Daniel's Big Swing on RawVegas.tv
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Which One Is Not Like The Others?

Katja-thater-banana Johnny_chan_banana_2 Kayden-Kross-banana

Can you spot the porn star with the banana?

Click on the image above that's not like the others for more photos (NSFW) of her servicing a banana. As for the other two, there is absolutely nothing funny about them. Nothing at all. Not even sure why we posted them again. Really, there's no point to it. Sorry.

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Annie Duke Talks Celebrity Apprentice on Ellen

Annie Duke tells her Celebrity Apprentice story on Ellen today. While we don't watch Ellen, The View, Rachael Ray, or any talk show that doesn't involve Andrew not being the father, we had to catch Annie's explanation. Good line about the Celebrity Apprentice: ''It's a fake job and you get fake fired.''

She also says she asked WSOP commish Jeffrey Pollack if "whore pit viper" is acceptable as table talk under the new Code of Conduct. Seems like the audience kind of agrees with her points. See what you think by watching the below vid.

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Annie Duke Goes Heads Up Against Joan Rivers in Celebrity Apprentice

We broke last November that Annie Duke finished at least in the top two on the Celebrity Apprentice, and sure enough she did, making the finals with Joan Rivers on Sunday night's episode.

As we wrote last week, Annie is kind of like the Richard Hatch of the season. She's easily manipulating and playing the game better than anyone. But she's also raised the most money for charity and she's won the most challenges as project manager. It'll be hard to make a case against her winning the whole thing, but given Donald Trump's sometimes arbitrary way of judging things, and also given that coming into this Annie was nowhere near the level of celebrity as Joan Rivers (pictured here) was, well, it's probably still up in the air.

We've heard everything from two different versions of the final were already taped (one with Annie winning, one with Joan), to the finale hasn't even filmed yet and it's live (which we think is right), but if we do catch advance word on what the deal is, we'll let you know.

Below is Annie's Chicken of the Sea jingle/commercial that defeated Clint Black for the final challenge victory.

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Pieter de Korver Wins PokerStars EPT Grand Final

EPT_Grand_Final Dutch poker player Pieter de Korver captured the EPT Grand Final yesterday, defeating Matthew Woodward heads-up for the title.

Amazingly, de Korver won his way into the event via an online freeroll, and banked €2,300,000 for the win. While we're pretty sure de Korver's win won't have the same impact in...um...Dutch, er, country...as Chris Moneymaker's 2003-turning-a-$39-online-satellite-win-into-$2.5M did in U.S. America, it's still an impressive story.

Unless you live near a fjord, you probably don't know anybody else at the final table (outside of maybe fourth place finisher Dag Martin Mikkelsen). But if you want to know results and payouts, go here.

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Vanessa Rousso Wins WPT Grand Final High Rollers Event

It appears as if all of Vanessa Rousso's prayers have come true in 2009.

Vanessa Rousso

is having a Tina Fey-esque year. She has the midas touch. She can do no wrong. She should just stop right now because it can't get any better than this.

Rousso, a woman, defeated a field of 79 of the top players in the world to capture the €25,000 buy-in EPT High Roller Championship.

The win banked Rousso € 720,000, or as we like to call it in U.S. America, about $1,071,388. It's easily her biggest (live) cash to date. Her previous big (live) take downs happened this year when she won $250,000 for finishing second at the NBC Heads Up Poker Championship, the $285,450 she banked for a Borgata victory in 2006, and $263,625 for a 7th at the WPT Championship (also in '06).

Add in the GoDaddy.com sponsorship, whatever that is worth, and Rousso is making a mockery of The EconomyTM.

The bigger storyline in all of this is the ramifications Rousso's win is having on the whole "women can't be successful at poker" thing. Between her year, Clonie Gowen's success last year, Annette Obrestad's WSOP-E win, and (we think) Amanda Baker final tabling the 7pm Caesar's nightly with us on Saturday, maybe girls really can compete in this crazy little game we call life poker.

Just maybe.

Get full final table payouts here. A list of more women who bucked the odds here. Pictures of Argentine model Jesica Cirio's absolutely flawless body and booty here.

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Face the Ace, New Poker Reality Show, to Air on NBC This August

Poker player Jamie-Lynn Sigler co-starred on The Sopranos with Face the Ace host Steve Schirripa.

This one could end up being interesting.

Poker Productions, the team responsible for bringing you Poker After Dark, is launching another Full Tilt underwritten TV show, Face the Ace.

Hosted by former Las Vegas VIP host and The Sopranos star Steve Schirripa, Face the Ace will pit amatuers against pros in a gameshow like format that's sort of like Who Wants to Be a Millionaire meets some other gameshow. From one of the many sites that picked up the story

The game is set up with four professional poker players hidden behind smoky windows. The contestant chooses a window, the poker player is revealed, and then the two face off in a game of heads-up no limit Hold'Em. If the contestant wins, he or she can then walk away with his or her winnings, or choose another window to continue. Contestants can win a million by beating three consecutive pros, but if a game is lost then the prize money is zilch.

The show will air Saturday afternoons on NBC.

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