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May 17, 2009 - May 23, 2009

Dream Team Poker at 2009 WSOP

The last Dream Team Poker event was pretty hot. 

While in a mad rush to get the new WCP site up by mid-next-week (and the new Russian site, not kidding), there is one news item we couldn't let slip by: Dream Team Poker will hold a (non-bracelet) tourney during the 2009 World Series of Poker.

We played in the last Dream Team Poker event, and while the Entities didn't so much do well as they did the opposite of well, we all had a blast and it was a really well put together...and dare we even say...classy?...event.

The Dream Team WSOP tournament will take place on July 12-13. The buy-in is same as last time, $500 + $60 per player ($1,680 per team).

The first 300 registered teams get a personalized jersey, which will either be super-cool (like ours) or super-sleeveless (like Sebok's). So there is a little bit of a risk there.

Anyway, we don't do this much, but the Entities give Dream Team Poker their official endorsement. You should play. It's different and fun. Go to dreamteampoker.com to register/learn more.

Watch our March Dream Team Poker updates:

Interview with WSOP Commish Jeffrey Pollack at March Dream Team Poker Event
Dream Team Poker Pre-Event Party (Update #1)
Dream Team Poker Tournament (Update #2)

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Friday Afternoon Old School Hip Hop: Summertime

Totally forgot about this. Time for our second installment. All we gotta say about this one is, "fuck yeah."

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2009 WSOP Guide: Visit These Sites

We'll be continuing our Girls on the Rail feature this year as well, much to this hot blondes delight.

The World Series of Poker is too big for just one media outlet to cover. Fortunately the powers that be at the WSOP recognize this and do a great job managing and regulating a number of content providers to give poker fans a full view of the happening (even if that full view includes Girls on the Rail). Here are our recommended picks for reading during the 2009 WSOP.

WSOP.com: Get chip counts and full tourney reporting.
BluffMagazine.com: Stepped up their online reporting efforts the past year or so, lots of timely and relevant news.
PokerListings.com: Solid coverage, often with a funny take.
Tao of Poker: Dr. Pauly is the hardest working man in poker, and is a staple and fixture of WSOP reporting.
Pokerati.com: Good scoops and perspective, tons of updates.
PokerRoad.com: More pro perspective than you'll find anywhere else, plus the awesome Poker Beat and other shows.
ESPN.com: Aside from keeping track of the Fantasy Draft (oh crap that's today), the Poker Edge podcast are worth the price of admission (which is free, but whatever) alone.
Poker Stars Blog: Otis keeps this a great source of news for the site that most of you probably won your WSOP entries from.
RawVegas.tv: Between our new episodes of The TOKE (our fave from last year below, the Girls of the GLE), plus Daniel Negreanu vlogs (and many, many more pros this year, more on that later), a great video source of WSOP action.

Watch Girls of the GLE on RawVegas.tv
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Another Video Of That Girl From The Other Videos

As you've noticed we're not posting much this week because of all of the excitement around the American Idol finale our sheer laziness The EconomyTM some site updates we're working on. So for the sake of getting a post up we give you another video of that girl from those other videos, like this one, this one, this one and this one. Enjoy.

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WSOP Champions Invitational: Who's In, Who's Out + Helps Us Track Down The Outs

Autumn Reeser is one of the 6.77 billion people on Earth who did not receive an invite to the WSOP Champions Invitational. However, she looks significantly better in a bikini than the 27 people who did. View more of Autumn in a bikini here.

One of the "buzz worthy" events at this year's World Series of Poker is the WSOP Champions Invitational.

To recap: the event takes place from May 31-June 1 and airs on ESPN (one of the few WSOP events making it to TV this year) on August 4th from 8-10pm ET. The winner gets a commemorative Binion Cup (presented by Jack Binion) and a new car. And bragging rights, which you can't fade, man. Because as any one of our friends whose wife we slept with can attest, bragging rights can go a long way. You can rub that shit in people's faces for years and they literally have no comeback. We love us some bragging rights.

Further recapping: the previous 39 Main Event winners got invites (although four of those have multiple titles: Doyle Brunson, Stu Ungar, Johnny Moss, and Johnny Chan). So that leaves 34 invites, except that none of the departed obviously get an invite either, which sucks actually because we'd probably bet that a dead Stu Ungar could outplay an alive Jerry Yang but whatever. So unless Doyle Brunson loses his Bucket Bet before May 31, there are seven former Main Event champs who have passed on, leaving us with math math math seven less than 34.

Of those 27, there are still a few unconfirmed/disappeared off the face of the Earth.

Straight up NOT playing are Russ Hamilton (who had disappeared off the face of the Earth until this happened, and let's face it, his invite probably got lost in the mail anyway) and Bobby Baldwin, which isn't a surprise.

That leaves just four other former champs who are AWOL and yet to be confirmed: Chris "Jesus" Ferguson, Noel Furlong, Mansour Matloubi (no fly list?), and Jose Canseco Hamid Dastmalchi.

So consider this an APB of sorts. All of you Team Full Tilters who read this site, get Jesus off his ass and in the game. Otherwise it's just Jerry Yang wearing your patch, and like having Scott Lazar involved in your movie, that's never a good idea.

What's funny is this may be the only tournament ever in poker where the most patches you'll see is for Doyle's Room. They love patching up the old guys.

Anyway, if any of you readers know Noel, Mansour, or Hamid, get them to respond already by emailing [email protected]. Proof that you personally got them to personally respond to Harrah's will get you a WCP t-shirt and Skull Candy headphones. For reals.

Get more of the same info over at Pokerati here.

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2009 WSOP Guide: Las Vegas Pools

Watch Summer in Las Vegas at Tao Beach on RawVegas.tv

It's easy to forget that a world exists outside the Rio during the World Series of Poker. And after sitting on your ass for days on end, getting pasty white, and eating meals exclusively at the Sao Paulo and Lucky Strike, the last thing you may want to do is show off your body at a Las Vegas pool. However, while you may look like shit, the girls at said pools don't. So see the light of day and make your way to TAO Beach (featured above) or any of the spots below whenever you get the chance.

Ditch Fridays at the Palms
Rehab at the Hard Rock
Wet Republic for regular shows, like LMFAO

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Weekend Poker News Link Dump

Aside from some 2009 WSOP Guide updates and a few other stories, it'll be a slow week on WCP as we do some technical updates and site maintenance. For now though, here's a poker news update from around the so-called "Internet."

:: Hedge fund manager  Bradley L. Ruderman, 46, is accused of stealing $44 MILLION from investors, of which $5.2M allegedly was used to cover losses at the poker table in a Beverly Hills home game. Any of our high stakes LA readers play against this guy? [link]

:: Poker pro Jody Garaventa (who? stats here) wins the World Series of Golf, banking $300,000, or about $200,000 more than he's won in live tourney play. [link]

:: Funny thread on whether Mike Matusow's taking of prescription drugs gives him an unfair edge. [link]

:: Tom "durrrr" Dwan continues takes another beating in Full Tilt cash games, erasing all the money he made back up. [link]

:: And finally, big thanks to Poker Listings for holding another Run Good tournament, with the winner earning a $1,500 WSOP seat. Entity Chops final tabled, but eventually lost out to Poker Grump. [link]

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