Andrea Tiede

2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood

We don't think it's possible to watch the below video of 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood talking with's Andrea Tiede and not immediately start googling her name to find photos of her in various states of undress.

Unless maybe you're that Tony guy. Tony's gay.

So, to save you the 1.4 seconds it takes to find such photos, here you go (really, really NSFW). Enjoy.

Watch 2007 Playmate of the Year Sara Jean Underwood on

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Ok, The Official Day 1A Number Is Up, Barely, From Last Year

Harrah's has just released the official number for Day 1A of the 2008 WSOP. It's 1,297. That's down from the 1,400 we estimated earlier, but up from the 1,287 from last year's Day 1A. By 10.

Now we're no math majors, but if you multiply that number by four, which is the total number of Day 1's, you get 5,188. While we presume that today will be the lowest of the Day 1's, this isn't a good sign. Most people were predicting 8,000 or more for this year. Day 1B, 1C, and 1D better fucking get working and register some damn people.

While that all kind of sucks, what didn't suck was the Doyle's Room/Bluff Magazine party at Sapphire last night. And what really, really didn't suck was seeing the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones, chat it up with Andrea Tiede and Christina Lindley.

VIDEO: Sapphire Gentleman's Club Las Vegas

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Holly Madison, Andrea Tiede + Girls Wanting to be Playboy Bunnies Makes for a Good Post

Holly Madison of The Girls Next Door was in Las Vegas to judge the 3rd Annual Bunny Hunt at the Palms Pool and Bungalows. The uber-hot and uber-present on billboards around town Andrea Tiede was there to talk with Hef's number one while's camera guy shoots a bunch of half-naked chicks dancing around in their bikinis at the Palms.

Watch the video on here.

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Andrea Tiede is Sarah Larson's Hot Friend

Sarah Larson showing her affection for Andrea TiedeMore photos of George Clooney's hot girlfriend Sarah Larson are floating around the Internet, and with this latest batch people are wondering who the even hotter girl is with Sarah as she simulates sex acts with random people and inanimate objects. Because that's what girls in Las Vegas do.

Well, as we pointed out the other day, it is none other than hostess Andrea Tiede, who is a longtime friend of Larson's.

Check out more of Sarah Larson looking dirty hot and Andrea Tiede looking hot hot in the photos below.


Andrea Tiede kissing Katie Rees
Andrea Tiede photo gallery
Andrea Tiede and Denise Pernula talking dirty
Andrea Tiede on the red carpet with Shanna Moakler


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Sarah Larson is Friendly

Sarah Lawson is George Clooney's girlfriendYou may remember Sarah Larson. She's the former promo model from Las Vegas who is currently dating occasional poker-er George Clooney and who may have lipsticked it to's Jenny Woo during an affiliate convention in Amsterdam two years ago. You may also recall that the UK's Sun published a bunch of photos of Larson back then showing her stuff off for the camera and was seen in one pic cozying up to online gambling publisher and editor Michael Caselli.

Well, more photos of Clooney's girl are popping up online from her "wild" days in Las Vegas, and making an appearance in a couple of shots is's hostess hottie Andrea Tiede. You can see Andrea in the shot above on the left standing next to Larson, who looks to be saying hello to a guy friend by simulating getting banged against the wall. It may all seem a bit risque to those outside Vegas but it's quite a common greeting here. Kind of like a hug or peck on the cheek, only friendlier.

The rest of the photos show Larson at Rehab last summer prancing around in her bikini, showing off her phenomenally perfect backside, getting down on all fours and sand wrestling some other half-naked chick. Again, it may appear somewhat salacious, but Sarah actually is a bit of a prude compared to most chicks at Rehab. Like the eyes-closed-drunk girl we saw last summer being dragged away by security with her thong down to her knees as she mumbled "C&ck, c#ck, I want some c@ck." It was like she was in the desert for days and was in desperate need of water. Except this was the Hard Rock Hotel and she wanted c%ck. We really hope someone helped the girl out.

Check out the photos of Sarah (Andrea is in the first one) below and after the jump, and to see less modest girls doing their thing at Rehab go here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW), here (NSFW) and here (NSFW). Btw, don't click any of those unless you're an adult and are prepared to hate yourself for spending last summer in Des Moines or Sandusky or whatever boring town you live in that isn't Las Vegas.


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Layla Kayleigh Doesn't Have Butt Implants, Won't Pose Nude, Wants to See Denise in Playboy and Can Talk While Walking Really Well's hottie hostess Denise Pernula met up with World Poker Tour hostess Layla Kayleigh recently as the final table for the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic All-Star Spectacular (WPTDBFDWPCASS) was getting underway.

The two walked and talked outside the Bellagio about things such as what's in the headline above and about how Layla got her gig on the WPT. Check out the Layla Kayleigh video at or watch it below.

For a video of Layla alone in her hotel room, go here.

For a video of Denise talking dirty with Andrea Tiede, go here.

And speaking of great breasts...for how to make the sport of boob slapping boring, go here.

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High Stakes Golf: The Sheiky Love Fest Continues's "High Stakes Golf" (aka "The Bash Shawn Sheikhan Show") continues with its latest webisode titled "Hole 15" which we hear took place on the 15th hole.

This week Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu and others continue to do what they have done every week, rail into Sheiky for being such a shit. We almost feel bad for Sheiky, except he's such a shit.

Watch the webisode below or head over to to view. Also new at is a red carpet interview with a confusingly looking-like-crap and wearing-too-much-clothes Carmen Electra and another interview with flame-ous blogger Perez Hilton, which is only worth viewing 'cause the nectarously hot Andrea Tiede is doing the interview. Watch those videos here and here.

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WPT Legends of Poker Update Denise Pernula Lap Dance Video

Day Two of the WPT Legends of Poker at the Bike is underway and last we checked Dutch Boyd was the chip leader with $309,000 and Pokerati pal and 2007 WSOP POY Tom Schneider was sitting in second with $242,000.

In other Legends of Poker news, except not related to the Legends of Poker at all, we discovered today that we're not the only people Denise Pernula lap dances for during casual daytime conversations. Nope. Apparently Sin City's most watched online personality also does the chat and grind on hot chicks like current 944 cover girl Amber Nichole, a model with two first names. The video's fun to watch although we have to admit that seeing Denise do her thing with Amber caught us by surprise. Don't get us wrong, we knew we weren't the only people she let chowder topless, but we thought the casual daytime conversation lap dance was kind of our special thing with Denise. Oh well, at least we still have our afternoon Thai massage status meetings to cherish as our own.

After you watch the video below, head over to to see the lovely Andrea Tiede work the red carpet at some lingerie fashion show hosted by Lux Cassidy. Who's Lux Cassidy? She's a porn star.

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Daniel Negreanu Stars In A.D.D. It Up

Yesterday, the latest webisodes of weekly web sitcom A.D.D. It Up was released, this one containing featured cameos by Daniel Negreanu and Lacey Jones.

The crew is participating in an instructional poker DVD shoot, but series "star" Zachary Freeman screws up the production by becoming obsessed with Daniel's ability to read hands and with Lacey's breasts.

Super hot Andrea Tiede also makes an appearance in boxers in bed. Unfortunately Zach makes an appearance in the same scene without his shirt on. Just close your eyes and listen to the dialogue there.

Click the video player below to watch or go directly to the site here.

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Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN

11-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth stopped by the studio in Las Vegas today, climbed on top of the roof and talked for 13 minutes about his favorite subject, himself. Among the things we learn is that Hellmuth finally won his first Ultimate Blackjack tournament, beating creepy old man Renee Angeli.

He also shares details about a $9 million golf match at the Rio Secco that ESPN is filming this Wednesday and will air in October. The match consists of three teams of three with each player ponying up $1 million cash. Doyle Brunson, Dewey Tomko, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Daniel Negreanu and Vince Van Patten are among the poker players competing.

Hellmuth also talks about a few other things but we skipped the rest to watch a new video of our favorite RawVegas Girls Denise Pernula, Lacey Jones and Andrea Tiede chowing down at Dick's Last Resort. It's a restaurant review so no Denise getting chowdered or Andrea kissing Katie Rees but Lacey does repeatedly talk about eating boners half way through the video and Denise does seductively feed Lacey dessert. We're easy to please folks . . . if you look like Denise, Lacey and Andrea.

Watch the Phil Hellmuth video below or here.

Watch the Denise, Lacey and Andrea video after the jump or here.

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Katie Rees Lip Lock with Andrea Tiede at Birthday Bash

The fantastically hot Andrea Tiede of made it her mission yesterday to lock lips with our favorite scandalicious ex-beauty queen Katie Rees, and she succeeded. Yes kids, let this be an example of what you can do when you set your mind to it, especially if you grow up to look hot like Andrea.

Watch the video of Katie Rees kissing Andrea Tiede at her birthday bash below. For more photos of Andrea Tiede, go here and for pics of Katie Rees poolside at Bare on her 23rd birthday but unfortunately not in her birthday suit, head over to

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Daniel Negreanu, Lacey Jones to Appear in Next A.D.D. It Up's five minute weekly sitcom A.D.D. It Up! will showcase a major OCD vs. OCD battle next week as Zachary Freeman and Daniel Negreanu square off in some poker-related scenes.

Also appearing in this webisode is long-time WCP friend and fave Lacey Jones (seen on left in pic) as well as new-time WCP fave Andrea Tiede.

Watch a preview of next week's webisode (to air on Tuesday afternoon) at the five minute mark in the clip after the jump.

Catch up on past webisodes of A.D.D. It Up! here.

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Cirque Girl Gets Captain Tom'd at Erotica Convention heads to Erotica LA for this week's webisode of "Zumanity Reality," a new web series that follows three of the girls from the sexy Cirque du Soleil show. Hot porn stars, penis mascots and Ron Jeremy-tit-grabbing ensues. Oh yeh, and something along the above headline happens midway through the video.

If you're not Brandi Hawbaker and all the walking penises are a bit too much for you, after the jump is a video of the effervescently hot Andrea Tiede interviewing actress/model/American Idol-er Ashley Hartman on the red carpet in Las Vegas. Damn, if Ashley isn't the hottest 22-year-old blonde hair girl with smashing white teeth and a slight resemblance to Angeline Jolie in the face that we've seen today.

UPDATE: After you watch the Ashley Hartman video after the jump, check out photos of her from the same event over at The girl just might be a nipple slip away from becoming the OWCPG of Fall 2007.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Andrea Tiede

There's a new girl at

Andreatiede15_2Her name is Andrea Tiede, and the model/actress won us over the very first moment we saw her starring as Zach's hot, foul-mouthed girlfriend in the new comedy ADD IT UP! She's now a regular fixture on the web-based comedy show and can be seen in other videos such as the recent Bocce, Bellini and Bikini video starring a few of the Pussycat Dolls.

A 5'8" brunette with gorgeously sinful blue eyes, Andrea Tiede has quickly built up an impressive resume of acting and modeling credits and ranks right up there with Deanna Dozier as a girl who should be famous for something even though she isn't a skanky ho. So far Andrea has been the hot girl in music videos like the All American Rejects "It Ends Tonight" and Jason Aldean's "Johnny Cash", she's hosted Spike TV's bikini fashion show at the Palms, has done runway work for the likes of GUESS, Puma and Love Jones Lingerie and she even scored a speaking role in Ocean's 13.

Catch Andrea Tiede weekly on's ADD IT UP! and expect to see her on other programs this fall.

More photos of Andrea after the jump . . .

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