Ante Up for Africa

Ante Up For Africa Fundraiser at EPT Grand Final


On Monday night at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo, Poker Stars hosted a celebrity charity poker tournament to benefit Ante Up for Africa. A bunch of celebs attended, including Nelly, Christina Milian, The Dream, Joel Madden, James Kyson Lee (Heroes), and Jason Lewis (Sex & the City, Brothers and Sisters). It was a $5,000 buy-in tournament and raised a pretty impressive $341,500 for the cause. Some pics from the event below and above.

EPT_Kirsty_Gallacher_AUFA_Neil_Stoddart EPT_Vanessa_Rousso_AUFA_Neil_Stoddart EPT_Nelly_Dealers_AUFA_Neil_Stoddart

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Adam Sandler Also Played the Ante Up for Africa Charity Poker Tournament

Adam Sandler at the Ante Up for Africa Charity Poker Tournament

Adam Sandler couldn't hide his excitement of playing in the Ante Up for Africa charity poker tournament yesterday

Not much more to say than the headline above. We have tons of photos from the first 3 and a half minutes of the event yesterday before all the celebs busted, so we're dumping some more on you.

See a few more shots of Adam from a different angle by clicking thumbnails below.

And oh yeah, Johnny World Hennigan took down the event and won a bunch of money. He was asked to give 50% of it to charity and he ended up giving it all away because apparently pros like him and John Phan are out to make us seem like bigger assholes than we already are.

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Don Cheadle and Mekhi Phifer Have Similar Taste in Ed Hardy Shirts

Don_cheadle_wsop Mekhi_phifer_wsop
If we were the type of guys who posted on a poker forum run by sanctimonious old douchebag pricks, we'd probably make a Phil Ivey joke here.

But we're far better than that.

Seriously, we are. Don't laugh.

So yeah, Don Cheadle, aka one of the coolest dudes alive, and Mekhi Phifer were among the celebs who played today in the Ante Up for Africa poker tournament and incidentally both showed up wearing the same not-so-limited limited edition Ed Hardy t-shirt (which apparently runs about $2k).

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Matt Damon Among Celebs Playing Today in the Ante Up for Africa Poker Tournament


Matt Damon (above), the actor who starred in the only decent poker movie in the past decade and who stole the show in Team America, joined his bud Ben Affleck at the tables today in the Ante Up for Africa poker tournament at the 2008 WSOP.

Another shot of Matt similar to above and one for the ladies after the jump . . .

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Ben Affleck Among Celebs Playing Today in the Ante Up for Africa Poker Tournament

Actor Ben Affleck was among the A-list celebs who played in today's Ante Up for Africa poker tournament today at the 2008 WSOP. Click away below to see the rest of the photos our trusty photog got of Ben playing today.

For more girls on the rail, at the table, or within eyeshot of some notable pro at the 2008 WSOP, go here.

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Google Image Photo Dump of Some Celebs Playing the Ante Up for Africa Event Today

Don Cheadle and Annie Duke's Ante Up for Africa poker tournament at the 2008 WSOP got underway today. Lots of celebs ponied up the $5,000 buy-in to play for something called "charity".

We'll have some pics from the event shortly but until then below is a photo dump of google images we found for some of the celebs in attendance.

Scott Ian Charles Barkley Shannon Elizabeth
Jerry Cantrel Adam Sandler Jennifer Tilly
Matt Damon Joe Reitman George Lopez
Montel Williams Shane Warne Sully Erna
Don Cheadle Ben Affleck Ray Romano
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Girls on the Rail at 2008 WSOP


    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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