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April Scott Video at Jet Las Vegas Makes for a Good Post

Like Keeley Hazell, we're not used to seeing model/actress April Scott wearing much more than nothing. But there she was the other night in Las Vegas at Jet in the Mirage wearing some purple-y silky dressy kind of thing that went up to her neck that can best be described as what we just described.

Scott, who is distinguished as the first girl we ever featured on Wicked Chops Poker back in 2005, was celebrating her 2008 Calendar release and in the video looks a lot like a hot, younger, waify-er version of Denise Richards. As the video above doesn't give you a whole lot of April, check out the links below and more than a handful of new photos of April Scott after the jump . . .

April Scott 2008 Calendar Release in Las Vegas Video

Friday Night Parting Shot: April Scott

April Scott as Daisy Duke Makes for a Good Post

Keeley Hazell in Clothes?

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April Scott as Daisy Duke Makes for a Good Post

April Scott is a longtime Wicked Chops Poker fave for a number of reasons, six of which you can view here or head over to GorillaMask.net for these 12 reasons, and so we're proud to show you the best and only 30 seconds worth watching from her new film Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning, which went straight to DVD ABC Family, which means this video is totally NSFW, if you're a Muslim, Mormon or Mennonite.

After the jump, a few shots of April as Daisy and one of April with fellow Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, Miss USA Tara Conner, who we'd still bang despite the bangs.

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For the Hump, Keeley Hazell + More After the Jump

Keeleyarena5In advance of Harrahs' announcement that Bluff Magazine will be the official digital media provider of the World Series of Poker and in what may or may not be a weekly hump day tradition, we offer AFTER THE JUMP a Keeley Hazell video moment of her on the beach in LA, once again showing her aversion to bikini tops (yes it's NSFW), followed by links that have nothing to do with poker and everything to do with Sophie Anderton, Daniela Pestova, April Scott, the Australian Bikini Cricket Team, and a video of Olivia Munn talking oral with Anna David.

Happy Wednesday.

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Before Keeley There Was April

Aprilscott1It's a little known fact that April Scott (that's her above, go ahead, don't read anymore, just click the banner to see more of April) is the first girl we posted a photo of here at Wicked Chops Poker that had absolutely nothing to do with poker. Or put another way, without April Scott, there may have never been a Keeley Hazell, or at the least, thousands of people hitting our site yesterday and today looking for a link to Keeley's sex tape would be left wandering around the so-called Internet with absolutely nowhere to go, except for the thousands of other sites also linking to Keeley's sex tape.

Not to get all spiritual here but thank God there is an April Scott. She does exist. And if faith isn't enough for you, GorillaMask.net posted 12 photos of April Scott in lingerie today as proof.

And to that we say "Hallelujah!"

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Friday Night Parting Shot: April Scott

April_scott1Listen. It's hard to follow up last Friday Night's Parting Shot girl Keeley Hazell. Really it is. It's like being the President. It's hard work. In fact, we're tempted to feature Keeley again tonight, and probably would if we could find a few new photos of her with at least some semblance of clothing on. We're a respectable site here though. Or at least try to be.

And anyway, we're glad to be featuring model/actress April Scott, who holds the distinction of being the very first girl we posted about that had absolutely nothing to do with poker. Yep, it was almost exactly a year ago that we first featured the 5'7" dark-haired beauty from Southeast Missouri for no other reason than being unbelievably hot. Scott, who can attribute her exotic looks to French, Native American and Spanish ancestry, was just arriving on "the scene" then with brief stints on the Shield and CSI: Miami, and photo spreads in magazines like Maxim and Shape. Scott has since gone on to co-host "Ripley's Believe it or Not" and host the ESPN2 show, "The Hook." She also appeared in two episodes of "Entourage," and has lately been holding briefcase #14 on NBC's hit game show, “Deal or No Deal."

Most recently, Scott got word that she'll star as Daisy Duke in the upcoming, straight-to-DVD, prequel to the Dukes of Hazzard. It's still not the big screen but it does mean that we'll be seeing a lot more of Scott in the near future as the the girl who's stepping into Jessica Simpson's shorts, so to speak. If the near future seems like an eternity right now, you can see more of April Scott after the jump....

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Speaking of April...

April2_1They're down to just three players at the final table of event #2, with Allen Cunningham the big stack at the table with $1,945,000 in chips, followed by Devilfish Ulliott ($845,000) and Scott Fischman ($680,000). Just as Devifish doubled up courtesy of Cunningham when his 8-8 held up against 6-6, we received an email from a Wicked Chops reader sharing with us another connection model/actress April Scott has with poker. Well, it isn't really related to poker directly but it involves a casino. That's good enough right? Anyway, apparently April was a finalist in the "Palms Girl" contest held last year at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. She made it down to the final 12 out of 500 or so but identical twins Ruth and Ryan were eventually selected as the winners. From the looks of it the competition was fierce and we're left wondering why we're covering event #2 of the WSOP and not equally intriguing and competitive events like the "Palms Girl" contest. While we ponder this and find out the latest over at the final table, we'll go ahead and share another pic of April. See more at AprilScott.com.

Update 1: Just as this was being published, Devilfish was knocked out in third place. We're not sure yet by who but guessing Cunningham who now has about two thirds of all the chips they started with 2 days ago. Devilfish was our pick for this event and we're disappointed he didn't take the bracelet here. But congrats to him for a great start to this year's WSOP. Also, congrats to Atlanta's own Richard Boutwell, who started today in 7th position but went out in 9th place winning $54,075.

Update 2: ALLEN CUNNINGHAM WINS EVENT #2 AT THE 2005 WSOP. Cunningham flopped two pair and Fischman, who won this event last year, found himself with an open-ended straight draw. On the turn, Fischman connected to give himself a pair with his draw and re-raised all-in. Cunningham called and the river gave Fischman no help and Cunningham the title. Cunningham, who has done well in the WSOP circuit events this year, outlasted the second-largest field in poker history to win the $1,500 NLHE world championship bracelet and $725,405. Fischman will take home $352,125.

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