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Calvin Ayre to Make One Lucky Bastard His Heir on Reality Show

Putting an end to our current streak of posts soley about hot girls is news that our pal Calvin Ayre is starring in a reality show called "Calvin's Heir," in which the Bodog founder knocks up nine women and picks one of the bastard children to become the heir to his billion dollar fortune.

The show has long been rumored to be in development, and it looks like it's finally slated to hit television sets in North America this summer.

Says the show's official website:

"What do you get when a billionaire playboy impregnates 9 different women? The most controversial TV show of the summer. Reality TV is about to get its ass kicked, as Calvin Ayre goes to extraordinary lengths in his search for an heir.

For 12 episodes, beginning June 21, 2008, join Calvin and 9 very sexy and very pregnant women as they shack up and prepare for a whole lot of water to break. And once all 9 kids are born, Calvin will choose one as heir to his billion dollar fortune!"

Watch the Calvin's Heir video preview below:

In related news, we dig this video of Natalia Vodianova laying around in her Calvins before she got knocked up three times by some Russian real estate heir.

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Vikki Blows Brings You Today's Poker News

Vikki Blows lingerie photo

:: Phil Hellmuth got booted from some swanky London restaurant for wearing his hat...stay tuned for more breaking and shocking news here (Click here)

:: Bodog is tossing $75k into the pot during its inaugural Bodog Poker Open series (Click here)

:: Speaking of, apparently Bodog's Calvin Ayre and Babette Pepaj are still squabbling, this time about his Calvin Ayre Foundation (Click here)

:: The Asian Poker Tour, the first and largest poker tour in the Asian Countries, is being bought by online and land-based gaming company AsianLogic (Click here)

:: The Heartland Poker Tour keeps rolling, now in its third year and already awarding $8.2 mil (Click here)

:: A Steve Rosenbloom poker's been awhile (Click here)

:: Noted antitrust lawyer Ken Adams has been added to the World Poker Association's board of directors (Click here)

Below and after the jump photos of the wickedly hot Vikki Blows surprisingly wearing a top most of the time. To WCP reader Justin, a big Vikki Blows fan, we think you're gonna like the NSFW one after the jump.

Vikki Blows photo Vikki Blows photo Vikki Blows photo

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Bodog's Calvin Ayre to 1st Tech's Scott Lewis: Let's Duke It Out for a Million Bucks


On his personal blog, Bodog's grand poobah Calvin Ayre is challenging 1st Technology's Scott Lewis to a 3-round MMA-style fight. On the line for Ayre would be a million bucks, and for Lewis, the Bodog domain names his company swiped in a default judgment this past summer.

The challenge is in response to a series of emails Lewis sent to Ayre this week as well as the recent federal court decision upholding 1st Tech's $49.9 million judgment. The court is also ordering Ayre to appear under oath in the U.S. on November 2 or face an arrest warrant.

While we're not so much fighters as we are guys who pay other people to do our dirty work while we lounge around lazily on expensive furniture, we kind of like the idea of Ayre and Lewis settling their dispute with their fists, kind of how we liked the idea of Jamie Gold and Crispin Leyser settling their dispute last year with a good ol' fashion slap fest, because that's how bitches fight.

All right, read Calvin's post here.

In marginally related news, there is a new Bodog Girl pictorial. Her name is Pressely, she rides a horse and freakishly looks like a manequin, which is kind of hot in a Kim Cattral 20 years ago kind of way. Some of her pics below. See the rest here.

Photo above courtesy of Bodog Fight. To see more of WCP fave Katie Nault and her sister check out the naked choke hold pictorial here.


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Saving One Naked Girl at a Time

SavebodogIn a marketing gimmick that we swear we had nothing to do with, a group called the Coalition Against Patent Trolls has launched the "Save" campaign, demanding the return of from the so-called "patent trolls" at 1st Technology LLC, which had swiped the URL away from Bodog after it obtained a default judgment in a Nevada court.

Billed as a "non-profit sector of CAPT," the Save group has its own website,, that is blogging their photoshopped images well-orchestrated activities as well as providing links to a petition you can sign, t-shirts you can buy and even a "protester kit" you can download.

In a move straight out of PETA's handbook, so much so that they are using the exact same naked girls on the exact same street corner posing the exact same way with the exact same "muffs" as PETA, the campaign has Bodog Girls getting naked and hitting the streets of New York City wrapped in signs that say "Save"

Says one distraught Bodog Girl, "It's like, without I feel totally naked. Before all of this, I always felt safe behind our URL. Now it's been stolen and locked away by some slimy rat bastard lawyer. Do you know how exposed that makes us feel? That's why we’ve organized this naked protest. We want the world to see what we’re going through."

Uh, drop the sign sweetie and then we'll see what you're going through. Or better yet, how about getting Joanna Krupa to go naked for the cause, as we've been calling on Bodog to do for two years now.

In related news, Bodog's man-in-charge Calvin Ayre is using his personal blog to comment on a recent post by Frank Schilling, who thinks the whole to to was a poor move and that Calvin should have bought some generic domain like instead.

We thought long and hard about what Schilling had to say, and our counter-argument is that Schilling's a dumbass. There was something else we had to say in response but it pretty much drew the same conclusion, that the guy's a dumbass.

Ok, go look at some real Bodog Girls.

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Bodog Makes Its New Permanent Home

Bdgirlschasta11In a move similar to when Coca Cola introduced New Coke then launched Coke Classic, but completely different because that didn't involve a patent troll but instead a new soda that tasted like Pepsi crap, Bodog unveiled yesterday that its new permanent domain name is, which it says more accurately captures what the Bodog brand is all about.

"Hey, the world changes, and if you don't change with it, you get left behind. We've been leading the good times for a long time, and nobody will leave us behind," said Bodog's Calvin Ayre. "That said, although the Bodog address is changing the bottom line is: at Bodog, it's business as usual. Same great site, just a new Web address."

The new address now replaces as Bodog's main domain name, which was the URL Bodog had initially switched to after a patent troll swiped with the help of some shady shyster named Raymond Niro.

Those with bookmarked will be automatically redirected to, and it appears Bodog branded sites like the Bodog Beat, Bodog Fight, Bodog Music and the Bodog Nation, home to the Bodog Girls, are keeping their "new" domain names for now, although they can be accessed directly from

For Calvin's personal take on the new domain name go here and for videos of him living the Bodog Life, which is exactly the same as the Wicked Chops Poker Life minus current/first wives, go here.

Bodog's press release on the new home on the Internet after the jump.

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Dr. Scott Lewis, Not Mel Molnick, Behind Bodog Domain Names Swipe

Less than a day after Bodog's domain names were shutdown per a court order out of the Superior Court of Kings County in Seattle, Washington, online gambling news sites pinned opportunist Mel Molnick, the Al Gore of online gambling, as the culprit even though the Las Vegas resident wasn't even a party to the lawsuit.

Bdgirlsmeghan11Today, media outlets like Gambling911 and Points Spread, who are all over the news like Jenna Jameson's duck lips on Tito Ortiz's tongue, are clarifying that it isn't in fact the man who claims he invented online gambling but instead it's Dr. Scott Lewis, the CEO of 1st Technology LLC, who is the thorn in Calvin Ayre's arse.

Lewis, who's probably not the same Dr. Scott Lewis who is a Las Vegas hypnotist, apparently led the development of some thing-a-ma-jigger that involved a circuit chip and some other technology stuff and had sued Bodog over his patent for "Method and System for Interactively Transmitting Multimedia Information Over a Network which Requires a Reduced Bandwidth."

For those who like to read legal stuff, head over to Major Wager for links to all the court documents involving the default judgment granted by the US District Court in Nevada.

What's interesting in looking at the documents (we read the first page) is that Rational Enterprises LTDA and Rational Poker School Limited, the companies behind, were also named as defendants alongside Bodog in 1st Technology's initial patent lawsuit but weren't a part of the default judgment.


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