Chantel McNulty

Not Necessarily Just Poker News Brought to You By Steve Sanders' Wife

Nikki Ziering has aged well. She's on a Jennifer Tilly-esque aging continuum. 37? Wow. View more pics here.

:: This new poker rap is > "Poker is Fun" (not hard) but < "The Poker Rap." [link]

:: Fernanda Ferrari has gotta be a fake name and her boobs have gotta be fake too but ultimately who cares. [link]

:: Dr. Pauly is a professional cooler. [link]

:: Prepare to projectile vomit at the thought of/image of sentence number two of Doyle Brunson's latest blog. [link]

:: Vote for who you're blind shoving with this November...even though they all kind of suck. [link]

:: The greatest insurance video of all time, hands down, nothing even remotely comes close. [link]

:: Lesson learned from Chantel McNulty's plastic surgery: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. [link]

:: The Sarah Palin porno, awesomely titled "Nailin Paylin," is cumming. [link]

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Gavin Smith is Day 2 Chipleader in Joisey

GavinsmithpokerDay 2 of the US Poker Championship has wrapped in the land of IROC Zs and muscle tees, and leading the field is Gavin Smith with $350,300 in chips. Jeff "Prairie Dog" Madsen (291,000) and Tommy Wang (282,500) round out the top three.

At stake is a $606,095 first plaze prize and $1.6 total prize purse, ~$400,000 of which the US government wants to take away immediately from those who cash.

Other notables still in include Victor Ramdin (146,600), Cliff Josephy (119,8000), Bill Gazes (105,000), Allen Kessler (56,900), Matt McCullough (48,900) and Tony Cousineau (29,900).

Also making it to day 3 is local fave Will "The Thrill" Failla, who if we had to guess eats a lot of spaghetti and has a gold chain trimmed license plate and fuzzy dice hanging from his rearview mirror. We're also guessing he could kick our asses.

Defending champ Alex Jacob started the day off with a decent stack but was chiseled down throughout the afternoon and finally got knocked out by McCullough, the Bodog player who was the last American standing at the recent WSOP Europe.

Also eliminated was a girl who slightly resembles Chantel McNulty named Ebony Kenney. And if a MySpace search is to believe, she is 25-years-old, lives in Ft. Myers and has a kid or two, and may be bi.

Action starts up today at 1:15 pm at the Gar'baj Mahal and Owen Laukkanen of PokerListings will be there to report on the action, barring getting mugged by some meth addict. Check out his daily blog here and live reports here.

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Erica Schoenberg is Nice to Look At

EricaschoenbergpokerSure, we could direct you to the NeverWinPoker thread or 2+2 thread that show screen grabs of Erica Schoenberg dropping the top on Carmen Electra's Strip Poker DVD, but that wouldn't be right. Unlike the Brandi Hawbakers and Chantel McNultys of the poker world, Erica's a classy girl. She's a sweet, small-town Midwesterner who won math competitions as a youngster, played volleyball competitively and had the courage to head off to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting and modeling. She's bright, poised and is certainly in no way superficial as evidenced by her faithful devotion to her much, much older and much, much rounder poker playing fiance, David Benyamine.

And while we're aware that most of what we just said sounds like the bio of the average porn star, Erica's far from the average porn star. She's a soft core porn star, if a porn star at all. Not that we think of her as a soft core porn star but if we did, she'd be the crème de la crème of soft core porn stars, the kind of porn star you'd be fine with dating 'cause she wasn't the penis receptacle kind of porn star but the . . . crap, what was the point we were making . . . oh yeah, the point is that whether Erica's appearance in the Strip Poker DVD was a regrettable act of naive ambition in the hopes of making it big in Hollywood or, paraphrasing Shaniac on 2 + 2, something she's probably proud of having participated in, we're not sure. What we do know is Erica Schoenberg is really nice to look at as evidence by the Wicked Chops Poker photos after the jump from yesterday's $1,000 Rebuy NLHE event at the 2007 WSOP.

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Chantel McNulty is Easy

As we mentioned yesterday when we listed out the WC7RaPTMoLGOL, we ALWAYS judge a book by its cover. Always.

Case in point, when we were flying to New Zealand last December and that Arab man boarded the airplane. We KNEW he was a terrorist. Sure he just slept the whole time, didn't do anything out of the ordinary and when he wasn't sleeping he was reading the first chapter of "1000 Things to Do Before You Die", but that was just his ruse to lull us into a false sense of security during the 12 hour flight from San Fran.

Anyway, we landed safely and the trip to New Zealand was great. The terrorist even helped us with our luggage and told us about a superb 5 star restaurant in Auckland to try but the point is that without a doubt he was a terrorist.

So while we don't actually have proof that Chantel McNulty is easy, we can say without a doubt that Chantel McNulty is easy.

Video of Chantel McNulty, who just finished 17th at the the WPT Mandalay Bay Poker Championship, talking without marbles in her mouth about being touched by girls at the poker table.

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Chantel McNulty Is Stuck-In-An-Elevator Hot

You know when you're on an elevator with a bunch of strangers and none of the chicks are that hot but you still try to figure out which one you'd bang if you got stuck for a few hours? Well, 22-year-old poker player Chantel McNulty is that kind of hot to us. Marginally buttaface with a doable body but definitely not anywhere close to being in the same league as Angelina Jolie, as a few of the hard-ups over at 2+2 are claiming, or even on par with Erica Schoenberg for that matter.

Chantel_mcnulty_fakeboobsWith that said, we still thought a video of PokerWire cutey Amanda Leatherman feeling up Chantel McNulty's newly implanted breastesses at the World Poker Challenge would be hot but it wasn't. Not exactly sure why not. Perhaps it's because Chantel (seen in pic modeling her new salines) talks like she has marbles in her mouth the whole time, which would be hot if she had actual marbles in her mouth and you were up to something. Or maybe it's her burgeoning Brandi-like narcissism shining through for no apparent reason other than she's a poker player with boobs who's not Crazy Bitch Williamson.

Either way, view the video and decide for yourself.

To remind yourself of what is hot, after the jump is a video of our last Friday Night Parting Shot Girl, Karen Carreno. We must warn you it's quasi NSFW and at times features a gay man unconvincingly pretending to be her lover.

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