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Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff Magazine Spread Is Here


Oh look, the new Bluff has a 2008 WCOOP wrap-up. Sweet!

Critical-thinking poker intelligentsia like us know that the true measure of a woman poker player is not the superficial shit like how much money she's won or bracelets she's snagged. No, the real measure of a woman's success in poker is how much clothes she has taken off for our viewing pleasure and how good she looks doing so.

It's something women poker players like Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh (Playboy, FHMonline), Liv Boeree (Loaded), Shannon Elizabeth (Playboy, American Pie, Stuff, Maxim, etc.), Jennifer Tilly (Bound), Erica Schoenberg (Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD), Chantel McNulty (the Internet), Kathy Liebert (Wicked Chops personal collection) and Clonie Gowen (Maxim) have understood.

And perhaps no two girls have appreciated this better than the hottest woman in poker Lacey Jones and her hot poker friend/occasional shower partner Christina Lindley. Sure the two know a thing or two about playing cards. We respect that. But more impressive is their deftness at showing us how unbelievably hot they are in as little clothing as possible (see Lacey's nothing but body paint photo and Christina's lingerie video for examples).

Anyway, all of the above is a long way to get to the point that the much-anticipated Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff issue is out now on magazine stands and you should go get it. Now. You should also close your door and click on the image above for a bigger, hi res shot of the cover.

Kudos to Bluff for the cover and spread. There's a reason why WCP writes for the magazine.

See our ridiculously hot lingerie video of Lacey and Christina here.

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Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Lingerie Photo Shoot Video

Back in September the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones and fellow poker hottie Christina Lindley did a ridiculously hot photo shoot for the cover of Bluff Magazine in nothing but lingerie and high heels, and as promised we have video.

Take the rest of the afternoon off and watch it below or on here.

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Rounder Magazine Cover Shoot with Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer

As mentioned earlier, days like this one are the "fun part" of the job.

Tamara Witmer is a Playboy Playmate who is so cool her website cues "Cherry Pie" upon loading. It might've played "Unskinny Bop" had Bret Michaels not shunned her on Rock of Love. But he did. So consider us the winners since "Cherry Pie" is by far the better song.

Anyway, Tamara is the latest cover model for Rounder Magazine. We were on hand for the photo shoot. Just as we were last week for Bluff Magazine's Lacey Jones/Christian Lindley feature.

Glad to see these poker mags finally learning how to make issues literally fly off the racks. Hopefully this means covers with a grinning Robert Williamson III and the headline "Winning Omaha Hi/Lo Strategies" have come to an end.

Rounder Magazine Cover Shoot with Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer
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Lacey Jones, Christina Lindley Bluff Magazine Cover Shoot Preview

Kicks the shit out of seeing Scotty Nguyen's mug on another cover, doesn't it?

Poker hottie Christina Lindley just posted some preview pics on her blog from the latest Bluff Magazine cover shoot. Joining her is the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones. Joining them is little more than underwear and high heels. Hot damn.

At a minimum, this ranks approximately 100000000000000000000000000000% better than Eli Elezra, Jerry Yang, or anyone other than a shirtless Patrik Antonius on the cover.

Says Lindley:

"Anyways, two days ago something even more amazing happened. I shot for the cover of BLUFF MAGAZINE. They shot me along with my really good friend poker hottie Lacey Jones for the November issue of 2008 cover. Why? Well, they liked the fact that I was such a relative newcomer and had thrown myself in full force. They said they liked my drive, my passion, and my showing so far as an up and coming poker pro."

She goes on to say other stuff but we got distracted by her and Lacey in their underwear and high heels. She could've said she was responsible for 9/11 and we wouldn't have noticed.

We'll have video footage of the shoot up for a webisode of The TOKE around the time the issue drops.

In related news, check out their YouTube channel here.

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Christina Lindley Doing Best Damn Poker Show, Blogging for Gambling911


Christina Lindley, the hot fitness model who debunked our theory that "hot fitness model" is code for "porn star," gave us the heads up today that she's shooting the Best Damn Poker Show this week for Fox Sports.

And as a nod to Wicked Chops Poker, Lindley is going to have  hottie Maria Ho!!!! rail her during the poker reality show, which stars Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth. Look for exclusive pics of the Lindley-Ho girl-on-girl action here soon. If only they were going to be as hot as that sounds.

In related news, Lindley, who is friends with the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones (video of them together here), is also now blogging over at Her first post is about her exploits at the table ever since the WSOP, and she also reveals that she and a few other female card players have started a "crew" of sorts.

As she puts its, "I started working with a group of girls, we decided to form a lady crew or team, if you will. We even came up with a name, TWC. Don't even ask."

Check it out here.

Lastly in other Lindley news, she has incredible breasts. Really, they're phenomenal. Okay this isn't really news but it's all we've been thinking about while writing this post.

Click away below for more shots of Lindley.

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Ok, The Official Day 1A Number Is Up, Barely, From Last Year

Harrah's has just released the official number for Day 1A of the 2008 WSOP. It's 1,297. That's down from the 1,400 we estimated earlier, but up from the 1,287 from last year's Day 1A. By 10.

Now we're no math majors, but if you multiply that number by four, which is the total number of Day 1's, you get 5,188. While we presume that today will be the lowest of the Day 1's, this isn't a good sign. Most people were predicting 8,000 or more for this year. Day 1B, 1C, and 1D better fucking get working and register some damn people.

While that all kind of sucks, what didn't suck was the Doyle's Room/Bluff Magazine party at Sapphire last night. And what really, really didn't suck was seeing the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones, chat it up with Andrea Tiede and Christina Lindley.

VIDEO: Sapphire Gentleman's Club Las Vegas

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Ladies Event Update, Photo Dump

They're down to under 200 players in the Ladies event at the 2008 WSOP and someone who isn't Lacey Jones is the chipleader because Lacey is out.

Notables still in include Men Nguyen's wife, Kathy Liebert, our crazy Brazilian friend Maridu who will probably take this event down, Robert Varkonyi's wife, Evy Ng, Glum Girl Gromenkova, and Amanda Leatherman.

Latest chip counts here.

Below are some of the girls who played in today's event and caught are attention for one reason or another. In order below, they are:

(1) Florida cutie who we thought was Eastern European and didn't get the best picture of but she's really darn cute, (2) Famous frog Patrick Bruel's pretty French girlfriend in the hat whose name we found out is Celine, (3) tiny cute girl with hand on her face and crimped(?) hair, (4) Perfect 10 girl who was about an 8, (5) the buttaface messy blonde with the killer rack, (6) Diane Nguyen, (7) Amanda Leathermen, (8) cute chick with the Guantanamo looking get up, (9) hot Asian chick until she put on the big goofy sunglasses, (10) Lacey Jones, (11) black-hair girl we see everywhere every year, (12) Tiffany Michelle, (13) JennFox chick who posts on 2p2 and did the Brandi RIP video, (14) Patrik Antonius' hot wife Maya, (15) hoop earring chick with the the big'uns and pretty eyes and (16) that Christina Lindley fitness model girl from this post.

Click on the images below and pick your faves.

2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_212008_wsop_ladies_poker_girl_052008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_girl_92008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_102008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_11 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_122008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_13 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_14 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_152008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_162008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_172008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_19 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_202008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_22 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_232008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_25

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This Girl Will Be Here Soon at the 2008 WSOP

Christina_lindleyWe just got word that Christina Lindley, the Playboy/Maxim model we wrote about in this post, will be here at the Rio in Las Vegas sometime this week and will be playing in the 2008 WSOP Ladies Event on Sunday, June 8.

This is good news because Lindley looks pretty hot and her website says she is a "fitness model" and based on a random encounter two of us Entities had a few years ago with a girl named Tanya Taylor we can 100% confirm that when a girl says she is a "fitness model" it means she likes to get naked and freaky, and does porn.

Speaking of, Gambling 911's try-sexual reporter Jenny Woo just told us that she recently interviewed Christina Lindley. Check out the girl-on-girl chat here.

And watch a video of Christina Lindley doing some lingerie shoot with another chick below.

Okay . . . we actually read the Jenny Woo interview and apparently Lindley doesn't do porn. She doesn't even do the drop-the-top thing. Maybe she is a Mormon. Or perhaps that fitness model/porn correlation was just a Tanya Taylor thing. We'll look into it.

Also, apparently Lindley is taking this whole poker thing seriously and has been getting some lessons from Jeff "Prairie Dog" Madsen and Hollywood Dan Dave. In her interview with Woo she also doesn't seem to think much of Shannon Elizabeth and says Barry Greenstein and Sammy Farha are the pros she "looks up to" the most.

Again, check out Woo's interview here.

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