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Dee Dozier Video Had Us at 'Dirty White Bitch'

If we haven't said it before, we sort of have a crush on actress/singer Dee Dozier, who you may recall as the ridiculously pretty/cute/hot girl playing in the World Series of Poker Main Event last summer and who you probably don't recognize as the dead girl Robert Downey Jr. took a whiz on in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang.

The last we talked with Dee she was focusing on her main passion, music, and was recording some new tunes out in Los Angeles (listen to songs here). Dee recently released a music video for one of the songs "Beautiful Lies," and you can watch it below (check her shirt out in the opening scene to make sense of headline above).

Get to know Dee better here.

Video on YouTube here

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The Dee Dozier Interview

DeedozierpokerlistingsShe was the belle of this year's WSOP Main Event. Winning over her table mates and the media with the kind of looks and charm that could melt an iceberg, or Canada, Dee Dozier was the pretty girl everyone was talking about during the early days of the tournament as she sat sweetly at her table in a dress more appropriate for a casual summertime date than poker's premier event.

But Dee Dozier wasn't there just to look pretty. This southern girl who spends her time between New York and LA as a singer/songwriter and actress was in Las Vegas to play poker. Taking out Jen Harman early on, Dozier accumulated a healthy stack quickly on Day 1 and made a run late into Day 2 until . . . well, you can watch her on ESPN tonight to find out what happened (hint: she won't be on next week).

We had the chance to catch up with Dozier a few weeks ago as she was heading into the studio in LA to record some new songs. We talked about her experience at the 2007 WSOP, what she thinks of Brandi Hawbaker, what poker pro she has a mad crush on and if we should expect to see her at more tournaments. We also asked about her roles in movies like Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang, where she played a dead girl who gets peed on by Robert Downey Jr. Finally, we talked about Dee's main love and focus, music, and why such a happy girl sings such sad songs. Really, we cry when we hear them. But we're sensitive guys.

WCP: So we heard you were at last year's WSOP but didn't play. What were you doing there and how the hell did we not meet you then?

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WSOP Main Event Premieres Tonight on ESPN, Dee Dozier Will Be the Star

DeedozierThe 2007 World Series of Poker Main Event finally debuts tonight on ESPN, with the coverage focused on the first few days of the tournament when poker's premier event seemed to hold so much promise to not suck and possibly catapult the game into the mainstream spotlight at a time it desperately needs it.

Celebrities like Tobey Maguire, Montel Williams, Sully Erna, Brad Garrett and Old School director Todd Phillips built up impressive stacks early, big name pros were among the chip leaders, and despite Joanna Krupa being a no-show, new WCP fave Deanna Dozier (aka "Dee" - in photo at right) and Maria Ho more than made up for Krupa's absence as they proved to be multi-talented both in good looks and good play at the table.

But in the end, like tennis star Maria Sharapova in bed, the Main Event ended up disappointing despite all signs suggesting it wouldn't (seriously, how can a long-legged Russian girl that screams every time she hits a tennis ball be like a "dead frog" in bed?). Spidey shunned ESPN cameras and the media as he went deep. The pros, despite five past champs being still in the hunt with just over 200 players left, began to drop one by one as the final day neared, Maria Ho turned the field ugly when she went out in 38th and perhaps most disappointing, Scotty Nguyen went busto in 11th place, turning what could have been the most memorable final table in recent Main Event history into one of the most lackluster and unremarkable ones ever.

As the headline says, our pick for the star of tonight's coverage is singer/songwriter and actress Dee Dozier, who's about as pretty as they come and whose precious demeanor at the table captivated both those around her and the media early on and has repeatedly been shown on ESPN's promos for tonight's coverage.

We asked Dee yesterday what it was like playing in her first Main Event:

"I was a nervous wreck. I have a feeling when they air the coverage on ESPN people are going to think I'm like a freaking jumping bean. I can't sit still, even if I'm not involved in the hand, I'm nervous for everyone at the table. My gosh it's such a rush. I never bore. Not once was I bored during the Main Event."

And what it will be like seeing herself on TV tonight:

"I'm so excited but I'm so weird and goofy that I'm pretty sure that I will say some stupid things and make funny faces and really embarass myself. Could be entertaining!"

Entertaining likely, but we're guessing her nervousness at the table will come across more endearing than embarrassing. Stay tuned as we'll be featuring an interview with Dee soon on Wicked Chops Poker.

So again, it all starts airing tonight on ESPN, and this week and next just may be about as interesting as it will get. For our coverage of the early days of this year's WSOP, go here and here.

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Deanna Dozier Should be Famous for Something

Deannadozierwsop1We sort of forgot to post something about Deanna Dozier during the 2007 WSOP Main Event but we weren't really so much there covering the action at the poker tables early on as we were covering our bodies in baby oil and doing the naked slip and slide on the plastic sheets in our Caesars suite (photos coming soon as part of our epic six-part WSOP report, as soon as it makes the legal rounds).

Deanna, for those who don't know, which is likely most, is a poker playing actress who is not yet famous for either playing poker or roles in movies but she should be if being ridiculously cuddly cute counts for anything. But we know it doesn't. You have to be a skanky tubby ho to be famous these days. And if not that, a skanky skinny ho. And if not that, a skanky drunken cokehead ho. Somewhere here there's a common denominator--not sure what it is--but any serious aspiring actress should consider it if she wants to be famous.

Anyway, below are some of the photos we have of Deanna from the WSOP Main Event. We can't tell if they're really flattering or not. You decide. Better yet, check out this painfully sweet photo of Deanna taken by one of the PokerListings guys and lie to your mom and say she's the nice girl you met in Vegas this summer.

Also, for WSOP coverage of Deanna, check out page 1 and page 2 from this report. Word has it that you should also expect to see lots of Deanna when ESPN airs coverage of the Main Event.

Finally, for proof that Deanna is an actress and looks just as nice as a brunette, go here.


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