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Girls in Bikinis Dancing at Tao Beach Also Makes for a Good Post

With poker hottie Liz Lieu's interview and Andrea Tiede going heads-up with Playboy bunny Holly Madison, today seems like it's just one big on-going tribute to the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran's first bracelet win.

So let's keep that trend going with the premiere webisode of this season's Denise's Endless Summer.

Host of our The Toke and Playboy model herself, Denise Pernula has a knack for finding places where hot girls wear nothing and shake their ass in Las Vegas. This week's stop: Tao Beach.

While it might not be as over-the-top-fall-of-Western-civilization as Rehab, it ain't bad either.

VIDEO: Tao Beach in Las Vegas

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Layla Kayleigh Doesn't Have Butt Implants, Won't Pose Nude, Wants to See Denise in Playboy and Can Talk While Walking Really Well's hottie hostess Denise Pernula met up with World Poker Tour hostess Layla Kayleigh recently as the final table for the World Poker Tour Doyle Brunson Five Diamond World Poker Classic All-Star Spectacular (WPTDBFDWPCASS) was getting underway.

The two walked and talked outside the Bellagio about things such as what's in the headline above and about how Layla got her gig on the WPT. Check out the Layla Kayleigh video at or watch it below.

For a video of Layla alone in her hotel room, go here.

For a video of Denise talking dirty with Andrea Tiede, go here.

And speaking of great breasts...for how to make the sport of boob slapping boring, go here.

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Some Things We're Thankful For...

From what we gather, Thanksgiving is a time to "give thanks."

And if there's one two three things the Entities who comprise Wicked Chops Poker are thankful for, it's morally casual girls with big boobs who know how to work a stripper's pole. resident hottie and Playboy model Denise Pernula was on hand at JET NIGHTCLUB to find out what Vegas girl can work a pole the best (below).

And after the jump, learn what it's like to work in an office with a girl who has been in Playboy.

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Denise Pernula Showing Sexy Halloween Costumes Makes for a Good Post

While we wait for Dan Druff's response to Mark Seif's vid on later this morning, now is a good time for 2007 November Playboy model Denise Pernula to remind what Halloween is all about. Yes, we know what you're thinking, but no, Halloween is not about the Great Pumpkin or candy corn or stupid kids cutting holes in a sheet to dress as ghosts or how many drive by eggings we did while in high school (497ish).

Instead, Halloween has somehow [miraculously] evolved into the one day a year where girls having a foolproof excuse to dress as slutty as they want...truly making it America's greatest holiday. Hopefully all of your girlfriends/fiances/wives/friend's girlfriends/friend's fiances/friends wives/sisters/co-workers look as good as Denise does in these outfits.

Happy Halloween...

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Patrice Hollis and Denise Pernula Make Us Aware of their Breasts

Cheap thrills and public service information abound in the below video featuring Playboy Playmate Patrice Hollis (Miss September 2007) and's Denise Pernula, who you can see in the November issue of Playboy. In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the two girls meet poolside in Las Vegas to demonstrate how to give breast self-exams, or from a guy's viewpoint, feel them tig ole bitties up in a hot tub.

Did we mention cheap thrills?

Patrice Hollis and Denise Pernula breast exam tutorial

For another of our favorite instructional videos, be sure to check out Jenny Woo Wants You To Have a Better Sex Life.

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Marisa Miller Video Makes for a Good Post

Hey did you hear some Israeli guy named Ziv won the Asian Pacific Poker Tour event in Seoul, Korea?

Yeh. Hmmm. Interesting.

All right, below is a video of Victoria's Secret model and Sports Illustrated swimsuit stunner Marisa Miller doing her Vegas Magazine photo shoot at some beach not in Vegas. Strangely, Marisa is wearing a one-piece bathing suit most of the time. Not sure why. Is their a bikini shortage we didn't know about? Did we lose a war or something? Couldn't someone have just given her an iPod to wear? Regardless, Marisa does pull off the one-piece like a frickin' champ.

Warning, Marisa does talk a few times throughout the interview about something we weren't really listening to.

Marisa Miller Vegas Magazine Video

Also be sure to check out Denise Pernula's night out with comedian Pauly Shore (yeh, he's not dead) that has her doing his stand-up routine at the Improv in Vegas. It's proof that a pretty face, nice rack and flat stomach go a long way in front of an audience, especially when you're telling jokes written by Pauly Shore.

Link to video here or watch it after the jump.

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Things Not to Do While in Vegas for The WSOP

In the latest edition of BLUFF Magazine, we provided our 2007 WSOP Surivival Tips (included in them: don't suck, and eat at The Coffee Shop at TI).

Get the issue at newstands today!

Now has put up its top Vegas misconceptions. From things not to do (like saying "Vegas, baby," which is just as bad as shouting "that's what I'm talking about!" after sucking out) to why all chicks in Sin City are not hookers...sort's a must watch for WSOP travelers.

Since this video stars the gorgeously dangerous Denise Pernula, after the jump is one of her latest model shots . . .

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A Half-Dressed Denise Pernula Getting Doused with Chowder for Gavin Smith's Money Makes for a Good Post

Out of respect for's wickedly sexy host Denise Pernula, as well as woman and men who dress as woman every where (and Tobey Maguire), we really shouldn't post the video of her getting semi-naked and doused with cold chowder for $5k of Gavin Smith's money during the taping of his online TV show Prop Bets.

Unfortunately we have the self-restraint of a crack whore from the city of Crackville swimming in a pool of crack with a bunch of crack-addicts tossing around their crack-flavored schlongs for wads of crack-stained hundies, if that helps explain the kind of self-restraint we lack.*

Video below and link to it here. It may or may not be NSFW depending on how bad your job sucks.

* Wicked Chops Poker thinks crack is bad. Please don't use crack.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Denise Pernula + Lauren Boiros

Rawvegas_0173_editIt only seems fitting that we have's Denise Pernula and Lauren Boiros as this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girls. They're both incredibly hot, sexy, smart and super cool.

But more importantly, it's fitting because someone over at the Raw Vegas office just e-mailed us a half dozen or so photos of the two pruriently posing together, and they say "Friday Night Parting Shot" like nothing else we've seen. Literally. As in, in the "subject" of the e-mail it says: "Friday Night Parting Shot."

And while we could tell you all about how the blonde-hair Denise is a UNLV grad with acting credits that include CSI: Vegas and movies like Rock Balboa and that brunette Lauren had roles in movies like Ocean's Eleven and Rush Hour 2, why waste your time. You already know that. Because we just told you.

Plus you can read more about the two over at their page on the That is, when you're done "looking at" their photos both there and, say it with us now, "after the jump."

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