Girls of 2007 WSOP

Deanna Dozier Should be Famous for Something

Deannadozierwsop1We sort of forgot to post something about Deanna Dozier during the 2007 WSOP Main Event but we weren't really so much there covering the action at the poker tables early on as we were covering our bodies in baby oil and doing the naked slip and slide on the plastic sheets in our Caesars suite (photos coming soon as part of our epic six-part WSOP report, as soon as it makes the legal rounds).

Deanna, for those who don't know, which is likely most, is a poker playing actress who is not yet famous for either playing poker or roles in movies but she should be if being ridiculously cuddly cute counts for anything. But we know it doesn't. You have to be a skanky tubby ho to be famous these days. And if not that, a skanky skinny ho. And if not that, a skanky drunken cokehead ho. Somewhere here there's a common denominator--not sure what it is--but any serious aspiring actress should consider it if she wants to be famous.

Anyway, below are some of the photos we have of Deanna from the WSOP Main Event. We can't tell if they're really flattering or not. You decide. Better yet, check out this painfully sweet photo of Deanna taken by one of the PokerListings guys and lie to your mom and say she's the nice girl you met in Vegas this summer.

Also, for WSOP coverage of Deanna, check out page 1 and page 2 from this report. Word has it that you should also expect to see lots of Deanna when ESPN airs coverage of the Main Event.

Finally, for proof that Deanna is an actress and looks just as nice as a brunette, go here.


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Big-Boobed Booth Babes at the 2007 WSOP Gaming Life Expo

For the latest webisode of "Toke With Wicked Chops Poker," we had's resident hottie Denise Pernula ask more than a handful of the booth babes at the 2007 WSOP Gaming Life Expo if they knew what poker terms such as "flop the nuts," "suck out" and "chasing a backdoor straight" meant.

Watch the video below to see the girls giggle, strippers dance and one Indian hottie all but admit she's had the nuts flopped on her recently. Literally.

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Lacey Jones is Really Pretty

Laceyjoneswsop5It's a shame that photos of our favorite poker playin' model/actress/WSOP reporter Lacey Jones can't cure cancer, kill terrorists or save the final table of the 2007 World Series of Poker from being a snooze fest. If they did, we'd post the hell out of them and we'd be heroes and they would build statues in our honor and name streets in shady parts of towns after us.

But again, they don't do any of that.

They do make for a good post though.


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Brandi Hawbaker Is Back at the 2007 WSOP

Brandihawbakerwsop3Our favorite narcissistic, freaky ass, dick-on-the-back, hot-enough-to-bang, ex-pageant poker playing chick Brandi Hawbaker made an appearance today in the $2,000 buy-in No-Limit Texas Hold'em event at the 2007 WSOP.

Walking around the Rio we actually heard Brandi Rose was one of the chipleaders early on. While we were thinking of heading over to her table to see how she was doing, we were strongly advised by our penises not to walk within 50 feet of her. Those poor guys are still scarred from yesterday. Apparently the sighting conjured up memories of that sweltering summer in Chile with the Suárez sisters that required a truckload and a half of penicillin to clear things up. Snake's penis, obviously in shock, was even whimpering in Spanish "No, Lupita, no mas, mi cojones en fuego. No mas."

Thankfully, the Wicked Chops Poker camera felt brave in a Red Dawn "Wolverines" kind of way and headed on over to snap some photos of Brandi, which you can see after the jump.

UPDATE: Not that you want to see a photo of Brandi getting her back rubbed, but we've updated this post with a photo of Brandi getting her back rubbed, after the jump.

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Erica Schoenberg is Nice to Look At (Part II)

Below is Wicked Chops Poker's new favorite photo of Erica Schoenberg at the 2007 WSOP. More happiness after the jump.


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Erica Schoenberg is Nice to Look At

EricaschoenbergpokerSure, we could direct you to the NeverWinPoker thread or 2+2 thread that show screen grabs of Erica Schoenberg dropping the top on Carmen Electra's Strip Poker DVD, but that wouldn't be right. Unlike the Brandi Hawbakers and Chantel McNultys of the poker world, Erica's a classy girl. She's a sweet, small-town Midwesterner who won math competitions as a youngster, played volleyball competitively and had the courage to head off to Hollywood to pursue a career in acting and modeling. She's bright, poised and is certainly in no way superficial as evidenced by her faithful devotion to her much, much older and much, much rounder poker playing fiance, David Benyamine.

And while we're aware that most of what we just said sounds like the bio of the average porn star, Erica's far from the average porn star. She's a soft core porn star, if a porn star at all. Not that we think of her as a soft core porn star but if we did, she'd be the crème de la crème of soft core porn stars, the kind of porn star you'd be fine with dating 'cause she wasn't the penis receptacle kind of porn star but the . . . crap, what was the point we were making . . . oh yeah, the point is that whether Erica's appearance in the Strip Poker DVD was a regrettable act of naive ambition in the hopes of making it big in Hollywood or, paraphrasing Shaniac on 2 + 2, something she's probably proud of having participated in, we're not sure. What we do know is Erica Schoenberg is really nice to look at as evidence by the Wicked Chops Poker photos after the jump from yesterday's $1,000 Rebuy NLHE event at the 2007 WSOP.

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Is Jamie Gold the Next to 'Back' Brandi Hawbaker?

BrandihawbakerHanging with the crew at as Event #8 broke for dinner, we saw Jamie Gold in his all-too-familiar-from-last-year rapid hallway shuffle to the pisser, sans the bodyguards, with none other than the freaky ass Brandi Hawbaker hot on his heels spreading pestilence on unsuspecting passerbys.

Our penises curiously gazed at the narcissistic, hot-enough-to-bang, flame tosser but thankfully the penises were smart enough to dive for cover as she got closer. They may not look it, but our penises are frickin' Einsteins . . . that is, if Einstein was known for sensing the herp from a few steps away.

JamiegoldwsopSo what's up with Brandi Hawbaker and Jamie Gold palling around? Is the 2006 WSOP champ "backing" the former pageant girl? Is she the next member of Team BuzzNation? Will our penises' curiosities ever get the best of them?

Well, team of writers have already jumped on the Jamie Gold-Brandi Hawbaker sighting, so read about it there. We on the other hand are busy trying to convince our penises it's OK to come out now.

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Vegas Pin-Ups to Save the Day

So on a day that some of you wasted 5 minutes of your lives watching a video of Phil Hellmuth be humble at the 2007 WSOP, along comes a new Vegas Pin-Ups in lingerie video that is worth the total viewing, and if not that, worth the scrolling along to the good part, which for us was exactly 1:27 in.

Vegas Pin-Ups video.

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