Gus Hansen

Theo Jorgensen Defeats Gus Hansen In Boxing Bout


Photo of UFC Octagon Girl Arianny Celeste in lieu of some hot Danish ring girl at the Hansen vs. Jorgensen bout. See more of Arianny in much less here.

The headline above is really all we have to say about the Theo Jorgensen vs. Gus Hansen boxing match that took place this weekend and was a PR stunt to promote Hansen's new online video channel Apparently it was a real snooze fest. No one was killed, maimed, bloodied, knocked out or ran around the ring like a girl. We hear the fight did have the requisite ring girls there, who we assume were Danish so we assume  were hot but we haven't found any photos to verify this. We looked over at Hansen's new site and came up with nothing. Literally. Not even a video. Great start there Gus.

In other not-so-exciting news, some Fin named Jens Kyllonen won the EPT Scandinavian Open in Copenhagen. We're pretty sure the only people who care about this sound like aliens when they talk. Seriously, you ever hear a Fin talk? We'd have an easier time understanding a deaf dolphin.

Semi-relatedly, video of a Finnish guy teaching you how to disco.

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More Details On Gus Hansen Vs. Theo Jorgensen Fight

Gus-hansen-theo-jorgensen-boxing-poster The boxing match between Danish poker pros Gus "The Great Dane" Hansen and Theo "Thunder Punch" Jorgensen is on, and it's beginning to look like a real deal bout complete with a typical boxing-style poster promoting the contest and a strap line: "Betting Got Physical."

While we covered most of the details for the prop fight here, some new info has emerged including the venue for the fight and ticket info. The fight will be held on February 21, on the final day of the EPT Copenhagen, at the KB Hallen concert hall and sports center. You can purchase tickets online here for 249 DKK (about $43).

In addition to the main event, organizers are working to secure some musical acts as well as put together a few undercard fights. Right now it looks like Peter Davidsen and Johnny Jensen will square off, and according to Ekstra Bladet, efforts are being made to secure Dane  Peter 'Zupp' Jepsen and the uber aggresive Finnish poker pro Ilari 'Ziigmund' Sahamies (check out Ziig fighting here, h/t

As we mentioned before, the bout is being used to promote the launch of Gus Hansen's new online video site, which will air the fight live, and it is also settling a year-old prop bet between the two, with Theo earning $35k for a victory and Gus grabbing $25k if he wins.

For more on the fight in Danish, go here.

For what we think the two will look like fighting, except not nearly as hot, go here.

After the jump, a video promoting the Hansen-Jorgensen fight.

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Gus Hansen vs. Theo Jorgensen Boxing Match Set For Feb. 21


We were IMing with our Danish friend Jonas Hüttel of Ekstra Bladet last night and he shared this video he did of Danish poker pro Theo Jorgensen training for his upcoming boxing bout with fellow Dane Gus Hansen. The two will duke it out in Copenhagen on February 21 in front of a live audience. The wager: Theo gets $35,000 if he wins, Gus takes $25k for a victory. Word is the fight will be filmed by Hansen's new web tv site that is set to launch the day of the fight.

While Gus is considered the favorite--he's younger, in better shape, stays active--we hear he has yet to do much training in the ring. Theo on the other hand has reportedly been training for the past year and has hired a professional boxing coach named Poul Duville. From the video, he looks like he needs the help.

For another video of Theo in the ring, click here. We have know idea what Jonas and him are talking about. We're not even sure if they're speaking Danish. Sounds like aliens talking to us.

In other poker boxing news, occasional female poker player Jose Canseco is fighting perennial loser/celebrity boxer Danny Bonaduce this Saturday in Aston, Penn. (where?). While we have about as much interest in this fight as trying to come up with something right now to show how little interest we have in this fight, it should at least be better than the Bonaduce vs. Barry Williams bout.

UPDATE: Ok, when we said the Canseco/Bonaduce fight was Saturday we meant last Saturday, or at least we do now. Time flies when doing meth. Thanks to reader scott diamond for commenting and caring. According to First Cuts, the fight ended in a draw.

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Not Necessarily Just Poker News Brought to You By Arianny Celeste

Fan IQ recently selected Arianny Celeste as the hottest girl in MMA, and that was before these photos leaked. Talk about adding the proverbial exclamation point. Anyway, below is some poker news to catch up on from over the weekend.

:: Lots of good stuff from the Hard Core Poker show recently, starting with this Phil "OMGClayAiken" Galfond interview where he basically calls out Gus Hansen's online game... [link]

:: ...And continuing with this Annie Duke one, where she pretty much admits she pwned Celebrity Apprentice. [link]

:: However, Gus Hansen is SLAYING high stakes games on Full Tilt this year. Take that, Aiken! [link]

:: Well if Gus isn't bleeding money anymore, than maybe the high stakes Tilt games will really dry up since Guy Laliberté (already the biggest loser on Tilt last year) could be out another $50 mil. [link]

:: Catch up on the Aussie Millions Million Dollar Cash Game. [link]

:: We've felt out of MTV's "target demo" for about a decade now, but we'll be watching this show. [link]

:: Speaking of hot barely clad MMA chicks, meet Ali Sonoma. [link]

:: Dr. Pauly is chasing the dragon. [link]

:: Our new President and his wife have some fun in the bedroom. Damn. [link] 

:: And sort of speaking of the 2008 election, could one of these girls be the next Sarah Palin? [link]

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2008 WSOP Day 4 Wrap: Pros, Gingers, and Hot Girls Go Deep

Jeremy Joseph, David Chino Rheem among 2008 WSOP Day 4 chip leaders.Things are looking good for those hoping for a star-studded final table. Then again, we saw this last year, and it didn't quite work out that way.

Regardless, the remaining 195 names in the 2008 WSOP Main Event have plenty of potential.

Leading the pack is the Mormony named (and new Davidson Matthew Club member) Jeremy Joseph with 3.1M. He's followed by Cristian Dragomir, who might actually be a fragrance, with 2,065,000. In third overall is our pick to go deep, David "Chino" Rheem, with 2M. We've been known for our wicked predicting chops, but our Rheem call may be the coup de gras for us if he keeps this going.

Big named big stacks abound, which is really "good for pokerTM." Some of those keeping The Year of the ProTM alive include (all unofficial chip counts for now) Brandon Cantu (1,580,000), Shawn "Bad for Poker" Sheikhan (1,500,000), Alex Outhred (1,500,000), Mark Vos, a ginger (1,373,000), Gus Hansen (1,360,000), Victor Ramdin (1,350,000), Allen Cunningham (1,270,000), Matt Matros (1,120,000), Jeff Madsen (770,000), Chip Jett (620,000, Phil Hellmuth (570,000), Mike "The Mouth" Matusow (550,000), and Hoyt Corkins (330,000).

Hot girls Tiffany Michelle and Kara Scott are still going deep with 909,000 and 355,000 respectively.

And Deng Dong still remains with 425,000.

Cards flyTM again sometime tomorrow.

Get full (and continually updated) chip counts here.

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You Can't Spell HORSE Without H-0

We snapped our new stock photo for Gus Hansen tonight during the HORSE event.

We haven't a clue who the hooker girl is above. We just know that she walked out onto the floor of the World Championship HORSE event at the 2008 WSOP earlier tonight without a care in the world, and started to chum and chat it up with Daniel Negreanu at his table for awhile.

After she walked away, Daniel said he had no idea who the girl was.

The big-boobed buttaface then found Gus Hansen at his table across the room, and as you'd expect, the self-proclaimed ladies' man was more open to having a conversation than Daniel was, and by conversation we mean having her sit on his lap while he played, getting David Williams to snap photos of the two, getting her phone number and generally enjoying her huge breasts in his face before she was more or less escorted away.

And of course our photog was right there to capture all of the above.

Click away to see her in action below . . .

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Gus Hansen Does Not Win WPT World Championship

David Chiu beats Gus Hansen to win WPT Championship at the Bellagio

After dominating final table play and at one time holding a 23,695,000 to 3,570,000 chip lead during heads-up action, Gus Hansen just missed out on his would-be record fourth WPT title.

Gus had eliminated Jeff King, Tommy "The Asian Tommy Lee" Le, Cory Carroll, and John Roveto (all pictured above, although not in the order that we just listed) in near record speed. With 84% of chips in play once they got to mano e mano, he only had to get past David Chiu for the title.

Chiu hung in while Hansen held the chip lead. But when Chiu eventually took the lead, it took only two hands to win the tournament.

On the final hand, Hansen flopped two-pair to Chiu's top-pair. The turn brought Chiu a flush draw and he and Hansen got all-in. The river brought Chiu trip Aces and the WPT World Championship title.

Read the drama of the final hands from the WPT's excellent tourney reporting site.

Final table payouts were: David Chiu - $3,389,140, Gus Hansen - $1,714,800, John Roveto - $923,355, Cory Carroll - $593,645, Tommy Le - $395,725, and Jeff King - $263,815.

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Gus Hansen Guns for Record Fourth WPT Title

Gus Hansen WPT ChampionshipThe 2008 WPT World Championship final table is set with a familiar face on top of the leaderboard.

Gun Hansen, winner of three WPT titles (and four if you count the Bad Boys tourney, which we don't) and maker of five final tables (and recent menu category addition), is positioned to take down his biggest poker payday to date. With only six remaining, Gus is big stacked with 8,570,000.

He's trailed by Cory Carroll (6,670,000) and David Chiu (6,050,000).

They're trailed by John Roveto (2,720,000), Tommy "The Asian Tommy Lee" Le (1,950,000), and Jeff King (1,305,000).

All return on Saturday to play for the $3.3M first place prize.

Just missing the final table were Amir Vahedi (7th), Tom "durrr" Dwan (9th), Kenny Tran (10th), and Michael Gracz (11th).

Yeah, that's all we got.

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WPT World Championship: Amir Vahedi, Gus Hansen, Tom "durrrr" Dwan Are Big Stacked

Amir Vahedi leads WPT World ChampionshipOnly 17 remain in the $25k buy-in WPT World Championship. Leading the way is Amir Vahedi with 3,907,000.

Vahedi you may remember as the sixth place finisher in the 2003 WSOP Main Event. While it doesn't seem like we've heard much from the cigar chumping Vahedi over the years since, the dude does have $2.85 mill in tourney earnings.

Still hanging around the top of the leaderboard are both Gus Hansen (2,929,000) and Tom "durrrr" Dwan (2,874,000).

Some other big name big stacks include past WPT and WSOP bracelet winner Michael Gracz (1,674,000), our new pick to win it Kenny Tran (1,442,000), and Robert Mizrachi (1,079,000).

Defending champ Carlos Mortensen was knocked out in 38th place.

And f' us if we're wrong, but we think with all of the elminations today, Jonathan Little wraps up WPT POY honors. Well, found the link, it's true.

Get full chip counts here.

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Gus Hansen Leads WPT World Championship, Finally Gets His Own Menu Category

Gus Hansen leads WPT World ChampionshipLooking at our Menu Categories (far right, under the Poker Helper ad), it's bordering on ridiculous that Andy Bloch and Blair Hinkle have their own links yet Gus Hansen is left out.

Well, not any longer he isn't.

With the money bubble bursted and only 55 remaining at the 2008 WPT World Championship, Hansen sits atop the leaderboard with 2,246,000. He's followed by Cory Carroll 1,900,000.*

A win here and Gus would earn a record fourth WPT championship title and boost his career tourney earnings to over $7 mill. Even more importantly, his performance today earned him a year's supply of almonds as the Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Player of the Day. Can't front on that.

Some other big name big stacks include Tom "durrr" Dwan, Mark Newhouse, Men "The Master" Nguyen, and Andy Black.

Last year's champ Carlos Mortensen is still alive as well.

Not alive but in the money is Daniel Negreanu, who was involved in the biggest hand of the night, a four-way all-in involving two sets, a flush, and two-pair. Read about the cold, soulless, unforgiving details of how poker can be sometimes here.

Speaking of soulless, Jordan Rich, a ginger, which means he has no soul, was the bubble boy.

* All chip counts "unofficial" until the WPT say so, so check back here for the "official" counts later in the morning.

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    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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