Girl on Girl: Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh

The below is WCP contributor Michele Lewis' latest interview in her "Girl on Girl" series at the WSOP. Stay tuned for more interviews with some of the coolest, hottest girls in poker. Check out Michele's blog at

Poker player Jennifer Jennicide LeighJennifer “Jennicide” Leigh has been a favorite on and off the poker table. She’s sweet and social with a firm opinion on women’s bodies. No, get those naughty thoughts out of your mind… she’s not referring to her recent appearance in Playboy but actually how strongly she feels that women need to be comfortable with eating and having curves rather than starving themselves.

Leigh admits she played poker 24/7 when she first started because she “wanted to try and learn as much as I could.” However, her attendance at the 2008 WSOP remains to be seen. Her experience of traveling the circuit… often presented tiring situations even when she cashed. She hasn’t ruled out the WSOP completely for there are people, places and things she loves in Las Vegas; however, she’s enjoying a balanced life at home focusing on her time with friends and family.

Thump to the jump to read more on Jennicide’s future plans and viewing guys through rose colored glasses.

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The Wicked Chops Poker Awards - Part III

As promised, the last part of our Wicked Chops Poker Awards is below and ready to go. Read Part I here and Part II here.

Rosie_huntington_2Part III is brought to you by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (at right). Rosie, a Brit, is a Victoria's Secret model billed as the next Kate Moss. Except she's much hotter than Kate Moss and less of a junkie. At least less of one for now.

Best Online Poker Site for Talking Shit: Bodog. Not sure why, but if you're a good shit-talker and like getting under people's skin, Bodog is the place for you to rage. F***ing luckboxes.

Best Online Poker Site for All-In Fests: Full Tilt Poker. If we're looking to get a Kate Moss-esque quick fix and don't have a lot of time to waste, Full Tilt's turbo SNG's basically turn into push monkey all-in fests after the first level or two. Perfect little bump.

Best Online Poker Site if You Like Pictures of Children and Dogs: Poker Stars. We love Poker Stars. We don't like other people's kids or dogs. Somebody needs to conduct a study to determine the percentage of runners on Stars that use a baby/family/dog photo for their icon. We're guessing at least 20%. Gotta be.

Best Poker Blogger Trip Reporter: Kid Dynamite. We keep saying it, but Kid Dynamite is the most under-rated poker blogger out there. And we'll keep saying it until he becomes over-rated and hated. His trip reports are particularly good. Read his latest batch here, here and here.

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Jennicide Nude Playboy Photos Are Out and Online

Jennifer Jennicide Leigh nude spread in PlayboyLooks like this is a good week for the hottest girls in poker. Lacey Jones wins our Hottest Girl in Poker award. Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth gets back to showing leg. And now this...

It's been almost a year since we first heard that Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh stripped down to various states of naked-ness for Playboy.

A year of wondering, " theory this sounds promising. We like the general premise. But will we like the results? Will we???"

While it's definitely no Keeley Hazell spread, it turns out Jennicide definitely has some wicked nude chops.

Check out scans of Jennicide's Playboy spread (all NSFW of course) here, here, here, here and here.

Jennicide now joins the illustrious ranks of poker playing hotties who have stripped down for the camera, including Shannon Elizabeth, Jennifer Tilly, Brandi Hawbaker, Erica Schoenberg, Rhowena Colclough and Joanna Krupa.

Video interview: Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh naked in Playboy

UPDATE: Jennicide's Playboy photos have obviously been removed from image shack. As one commenter recommended below, check out the Lacey Jones video instead. Hotter body, hotter girl.

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Poker Blog Round-Up: 2008 WSOP Main Event Seats, Trip Reports, Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza, The Jennicide Prophecy, and More Vikki Blows

This is the second of our new series of poker blog round-ups at Wicked Chops Poker in which we send people to other blogs to get their poker news fix. Ironically it coincides with yet another slow poker news day and the submission of our latest BLUFF Magazine article, meaning we're at a temporary creative lull.

Vikki_blows_naked_not:: The 2008 WSOP is just two months away, and Poker Stars is giving away 1,000 Main Event seats. (Click here)

:: One of our favorite and most underrated poker bloggers, Kid Dynamite, just got back from another Vegas junket and posted his Trip Report trilogy. (Click here)

:: Potential Official WCP Girl of 2008, Vikki Blows, is still ridiculously attractive. (Click here)

:: The Venetian Deep Stack Extravaganza returns in April. (Click here)

:: We all know Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh will be posing nude in this coming month's Playboy, but does she have some sort of mp? (Click here)

:: And finally, us linking to Iggy who is linking to other interesting items in a similar link dump post. (Click here)

Got a poker blog and a story, shoot us an e-mail.

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Jennicide Nude in Playboy this May, Tease Photo Now Online

Jennicide nude in PlayboyWe're less than a month away from Jennifer Leigh, aka Jennicide, making her all nude debut in Playboy magazine (May issue should be out in a few weeks), and already has a non-naked tease photo up of the poker player and World of Warcraft-er along with a brief write-up about Jennicide that not so surprisingly uses poker terms every chance it gets:

Professional card player Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh causes even the most seasoned sharks to drop their poker faces for big, silly grins. Now, in a high-stakes pictorial, Jennicide ups the ante. When you see her pair of aces, you'll certainly understand why.


As for the Jennicide photo Playboy is using as a tease (above right), we'll wait for the issue before passing judgment. But since you asked, she kind of looks a little, uh, fleshy. Or whatever the opposite of Anna Beatriz Barros is in the post below but still within the parameters of being doable. Or she kind of looks like a cross between a new-in-town Vegas stripper and a nice cocktail waitress named Dorothy we once made pleasant with on a riverboat casino. If Dorothy still had all her teeth. Crap, this may be coming off wrongly. Kind of mean. We like fleshy. And we really like Jennicide. Sweet girl. And Dorothy too. Call us.

Check out here.

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Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh Gets Naked for Playboy (with video interview)
Jennicide FHM online photos

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Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh Bears All in May 2008 Playboy

Back during the 2007 WSOP last summer, we learned that Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh posed nude for an upcoming issue of Playboy Magazine, just as host of The TOKE Denise Pernula did this past October.

About a year later, Jennicide's Playboy issue is finally slated to hit the stands (May 2008).

Word on the street is that Leigh, who stripped down to her bare naked-ness for the shoot, thinks she may be on the cover. Good for her if so. And if not, good for us all either way.

Watch our interview with Leigh below in the very old latest webisode of The TOKE. She specifically addresses getting naked for Playboy around the 1:10 mark.

Jennicide video talking about posing nude for Playboy spread

Jennicide does spread

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