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Hot Asian Sex Educator Jenny Woo Dating WSOP Final Tablist Ylon Schwartz?

Jennywoo1 reported the other day that its venerable reporter Jenny Woo was dating one of the freed November Nine hostages or not dating but maybe banging. Or maybe they were just having dinner together in Miami. Anyway, wouldn't say the name of the player but we can confirm that it was...drumroll please....oh wait, we wrote it in the headline. So yeh, WSOP ME fourth place finisher Ylon Schwartz had dinner and drinks the other night with our favorite Hot Asian Sex educator Jenny Woo. 

Good for him. 

Our waiter/source tells us that Ylon dropped about $600 on the dinner, which is about $600 more than what he needed to spend to get Woo naked. 

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Jenny Woo's Wild Night with George Clooney's New Girlfriend

amber nichol not sarah with jenny is reporting that our favorite bisexual online reporter and esteemed sex educator Jenny Woo got it on with George Clooney's new lady friend Sarah Larson while the two were attending a Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam two years ago. Apparently, Larson was an exhibit booth model at the time.

According to the reputable online gambling news site, Woo (or as we like to type her name around the WCP compound, "W( . )( . )") and Larson "exchanged tongue tributes while admiring one another's knockers" and "[r]omped in a seedy Amsterdam dive bar, then disappeared into the night."

Also among the possible beneficiaries of Larson's morally casual attitude at the time was online gambling publisher and editor Michael Caselli. A photo of the two from a few years ago appeared recently in the The Sun newspaper, which also had the following to say:

"It seems that back in the day (Larson) was so desperate for fame no pose was considered too tacky.

"Whether it was posing with another girl in a suggestive way or promoting a radio station in a bikini with the logo printed on her backside, Sarah was up for it."

And we love her for it, because promo/booth babes are second only to former pageant chicks when it comes to girls we respect, if that in any way means want to see make out with other girls in public.

Photos of Larson from her promo girl days with Caselli, other girls, etc. after the jump. She's the brunette on the left in all the pics.

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Barney Frank Introduces Bill to Legalize Online Gambling

U.S. House Financial Services Committee Chairman Barney Frank (D-MA) introduced this morning the "Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007," a bill that would effectively repeal the UIGEA by creating an exemption to the ban on online gambling for properly licensed operators, thus allowing Americans to lawfully bet online.

Jennywoo5As we reported two weeks ago, there is no carve out for poker, as Franks sees no need to "draw a distinction between poker and blackjack" in his efforts to undo the "preposterous" UIGEA.

According to, the Financial Services Committee will hold a hearing entitled, “Can Internet gambling be regulated to protect consumers and the payments system?” at a date to be determined in June.

For a Q+A about the Internet Gambling Regulation and Enforcement Act of 2007, including info on consumer protections and license requirements, click here.

For a link to a link to a link of the scandalous solo-riffic sex tape erotic educational video of G911's Jenny Woo (seen in photo pledging allegiance to Wicked Chops Poker), go here and scroll down to the first comment.

UPDATE: Relevant links off the House Committee on Financial Services website (all PDFs):




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Gambling911's Jenny Woo Wants You To Have a Better Sex Life

Jennywoo2We've been turning Japanese all week after discovering that our favorite gambling reporter, the dangerously hot and always entertaining Jenny Woo of, has several ridiculously risqué videos on the Internet under another name, including one particularly salacious and beyond-NSFW video that continues to make us blush upon viewing, among other things.

We've actually been exercising restraint on reporting this as Jenny Woo is like a sister to us, if our sisters were hot-as-balls Asian-American girls with rock-hard bodies and did videos solo-ing in a submissive get up. But they're not. They're nice girls. Not that Jenny isn't, just a different kind of nice.

And sure Jenny should be fair game considering her numerous reports on a certain poker player's alleged and similarly porno-riffic video as well as the numerous pruriently-positioned photos of her on the Gambling911 site, including the infamous "Ant Table Affair" recently in Miami.

But we're just not up to the task right now, for one reason or another. So we'll let someone else fire up the Google engine, discover her alias and run with it as this story is now popping up here and there and soon, perhaps, everywhere.

What we will say though is that the official word we got from Jenny about the particularly scandalous video (you'll know it when you come across it) is that the original purpose of it was "educating couples to have better sex lives," although it now serves as a money maker for a particular site owner and a bishop floggin' aid for its audience.

While no official statement or ackowledgment has been posted by on their site (although Woo herself did a telling story this week titled "Enough With the Sex Tapes"), Woo's counterpart Payton O'Brien had the following to say to us:

"Jenny Woo should be judged on her exceptional reporting skills and not by some educational video she did many years ago. We support Jenny and all of her previous artistic and creative endeavors."

It's all about the art these days, isn't it?

So we're not coming across as getting completely soft on you, after the jump are some of the more PG-rated photos of Jenny Woo you'll find on your Google search.

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