Joanna Krupa

The Krupa Sisters Are The Friday Night Parting Shot Girls

That's Marta Krupa in the red and Joanna Krupa in the pink, if names are important to you.

We never thought longtime WCP fave Joanna Krupa, aka the hottest girl to have ever played the WSOP, could getting any hotter. Thankfully she figured out a way, and that's posing with her equally hot sister Marta Krupa for RALPH magazine. Click away below and enjoy.

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Poker Links Made Better with Joanna Krupa All Wet and Topless in Maxim Germany


The insanely sexy Joanna Krupa gets wet in the latest issue of Maxim Germany.

:: What's more disgusting? The 2 Girls 1 Cup video or  a video of the UltimateBet pros watching the 2 Girls 1 Cup video? [link to forum post, link to video]

:: What's more entertaining to watch? Video of paint drying or Evelyn Ng's tour of her new condo. [link]

:: Cast your vote for who you think we'll take down the 2008 WSOP Main Event in the WCP forum. Btw, the correct answer is Chino Rheem. [link]

:: Admo, a regular on that forum run by creepy old dudes, comes out swinging against former forum mod Cornell Fiji (aka Steven Ware, a ginger) over a $30k rolling by launching [link]

:: Don't hold your breath if you're waiting for online poker to become legal in California. [link]

:: Daniel Negreanu on the rise of Ruskies in poker. [link]

:: WCP forum member DonkeyHerder's knowledge of hot celebrity asses earns him a brand spanking new Wicked Chops t-shirt. Congrats! [link]

:: Some article about poker enriching your vocabulary. Whatever. [link]

:: London's Poker in the Park sounds like a cool event. [link]

:: Evy Ng's WSOP man bitch Garry Gates takes down Tao of Poker's 5th Anniversary online poker tournament. [link]

:: Double dumb - some company duplicates the whole Duplicate Poker thing. [link]

:: FOWCP Owen is down in Uruguay covering the Third World Poker Tour for our friends over at PokerListings. [link]

Click away at the thumbnails below for Joanna Krupa Maxim pics. For the topless NSFW good stuff go here, here and here.

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One Week Until 2008 WSOP + We're Off Memorial Day Weekend


Barring some crazy breaking story, Wicked Chops Poker will be off Memorial Day Weekend. With the 2008 World Series of Poker just a week away (meaning six straight weeks of unrelenting poker coverage), and 2/3 of the Entities in Ireland right now, and 1/3 of the Entities staggering drunk for three-days, let's be honest, not much is going to get done.

But to get in the mindset for the 2008 WSOP, here's some recommended reading from WCP coverage of WSOP's past.

2005 WSOP
Before going down on Dancing with the Stars' Derek Hough, Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth went down in four-way action.
Wily Brit Barry Baskin smelled like shit.
Whatever happened to Johnny Rockets from Daytona? That guy seemed to have the total package.
Brad Garrett was urinating and so dork had an Elmo head.
The longest massage ever?
Some dude got real creepy around Greg Raymer.
Tiffany Williamson...that bitch is crazy!

2006 WSOP
Where to even begin? How about some Card Player Like You Were There Moments (TM) here here here here here here and here.
Phil Hellmuth wins a then record-tying 10th bracelet.
Clearly us at our absolute most bedlam ensuing.
Some chick played in a nun outfit which probably blew Gank's mind.
The Milwaukee's Best Light girls need to make a comeback.
Somebody told us that Bill Gates has a regular call girl he sees in France.
Our Sweats did OK in Day 1B.
Mean people applauded when Doyle Brunson busted.
Our mutual love-affair with Anna Benson began.
Joanna Krupa (above) officially became the hottest girl to ever play the WSOP.
Some more hot girls from the 2006 WSOP.
Vaughn Sandman (where ya been, bud?) absolutely toys with "Salty" Joe Hachem.
We were the first to introduce the world to Jamie Gold.
And we were the only ones to get a pic with Jamie Gold and Crispin "Don't Call Me Bruce" Leyser.

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The Wicked Chops Poker Awards - Part II

Yesterday we introduced the first part of the possibly first annual Wicked Chops Poker Awards. As promised, today = Part II (which is so important we use Roman numerals instead of just the number "2").

Perfect_breastsBest Breasts in Poker: J.C. Tran. Listen, we have no idea where the "J.C. Tran has spectacular breasts..." thing came from. Couldn't think of anything else to say about the guy and it randomly popped up and the rest is history. Having said that, look at J.C. Tran's spectacular breasts (at right). Those are without one single doubt the best breasts in poker. Yes, Lacey Jones is the hottest girl in poker, but have you seen J.C.'s breasts? How can you even make an argument that someone has better breasts? You can't. It'd be like arguing against Lionel Hutz. You're winning that one every time, son.

Worst Name of a Potential Cellmate if You're Sent to Prison: Hoyt Corkins. The thought of being "hoyt corkin'd" is utterly terrifying.

Best 2+2 Thread of All-Time: The Sklansky/Hawbaker Dramabomb. It was bound to happen. Rumors swirled about some kind of Sklansky/Hawbaker relationship at last year's WSOP (watch the Brandi Hawbaker interview about it). Then it died down. Went away. Then in late February it just blew the f' up (read the 2+2 thread here), culminating in 2+2 banning any known Brandi Hawbaker associates (and the NWP crew) and Sklansky "alluding" to throwing acid on Brandi's face. This one had it all. In fact, we feel safe in saying that we may never see a poker forum thread involving a 60 year-old dude who keeps a vibrator in his glove compartment and hints at throwing acid on a hot girl's face again. Probably.

Best Neverwin Poker Thread: Justin Smith Rolls Bryan Micon. The sheer creativity in this one wins out over the never-ending supply of messed up NWP threads. After Bryan "King of the Degenerates" Micon got rolled for about $12k by Justin Smith, he turned the fuck-you-machine on full-throttle. Micon wouldn't rest until he got paid back. Be it recording countless phone conversation and putting them online, or releasing one digit of Justin Smith's SSN every hour until he got paid back, this one was constant entertainment. Watch Micon's interview on the pwning here.

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EPT Polish Open Underway, We're Rooting for Woody Deck

Joanna Krupa is Polish not at the EPT Polish Open poker tournamentFrom the land of hot girls on bikes and who wear men's underwear to the birthplace of poker playing swimsuit model Joanna Krupa (at right, on some beach in Warsaw), the next stop of the European Poker Tour got underway today with the EPT Polish Open at the Casino Poland. Day1a action in the capital city saw 190 players take their seats on the first flight of the five-day tournament, which was won last year by Dane Peter Jepsen.

Among the notable names in attendance include two-time EPT Season 4 final table-ist Trond Eidsvig (Norway), British cash game specialist Marc Goodwin (England), EPT Barcelona winner Sander Lyloff, the Harry Potter of Poker Dario Minieri (Italy), Season 3 EPT Copenhagen winner Magnus Petersson (Sweden), Season 3 4 EPT Baden winner Julian Thew (England) and Katja Thater (German), a woman.

Also in the field, a guy named Woody Deck from Lithuania, who just may be the new Simon Mycock of European poker. We can only hope he rises to the occasion in the land of the Poles and sticks it out for a few days.

Poker TV presenter and Canadian defector to the UK Kara Scott, who stands about a foot taller than EPT Copenhagen winner Tim Vance (midget?), is also at the tables today as a player and not so much as the EPT hostess. Scott most recently won the Sports Stars Challenge III, which was as exciting as the name sounds.

Stay here for the best, most informative, "like you are actually there" EPT Polish Open updates around, and what we mean by that is occasional, somewhat brief, light on the details but heavy on the photos of hot Polska dziewczynas, if our Polska is correct.

Relatedly, some Joanna Krupa photo links below and after the jump, a clip from Poland Idol, which is like American Idol but with Polaks:

Joanna Krupa photos from the World Series of Poker
More Joanna Krupa photos at the World Series of Poker
Joanna Krupa goes naked for PETA
Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar photos

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EPT Copenhagen is Done, Next Up EPT Warsaw, Birthplace of Joanna Krupa

Joanna Krupa is a poker playerAfter a painfully mundane heads-up snooze fest at the EPT Copenhagen yesterday, US American Tim Vance finally walked away the victor in the land of hot Danish girls on bikes and who wear men's underwear.

The 46-year-old Vance, who hails from the land of toasted ravioli and pork steak, is now 6,220,488 DKR richer, or $1.24 million US. Vance is the second US American to take home an EPT title this year, and the second consecutive EPT winner from North America.

Runner-up-ing was Soren Jensen from Arhus, Denmark, a city where the average girl is hotter than Jessica Simpson on her best day. No kidding. Jensen's second place finish was likely a disappointment to the crowd at the Casino Copenhagen considering the home turf-ers had pretty much dominated the tournament from the first day.

The EPT heads next to Warsaw, Poland, the birthplace of Joanna Krupa (above), our favorite Polska dziewczyna.

Until then, some Joanna Krupa below:

Joanna Krupa photos from the World Series of Poker
More Joanna Krupa photos at the World Series of Poker
Joanna Krupa goes naked for PETA
Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar photos
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Some Things We're Thankful For...Part II...The Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar

A lot of people ask us, they say, "Entities, we're truly thankful for all of the hot girls you post on this site. From being the first to showcase April Scott and of course Keeley Hazell, to nailing the MAXIM hometown hottie," and then they eventually get to the question part, "But Entities, could you please give us more pictures of Joanna Krupa? After all, she was the Official WCP Girl of 2006 and stuff. And she plays poker, like at the 2006 WSOP Main Event. I mean, seriously, please? Also, can I buy some meth from you?"

Listen, we haven't forgotten about Joanna Krupa at all. And we stopped selling meth four hours ago. But Krupa couldn't be any more top-of-mind. When she announced that she was releasing a 2008 calendar (something even one of our favorite sites emailed us about), we didn't even wait to make it a Parting Shot. We put that shit up right away.

The calendar is officially out now, and Krupa threw a party at JET Nightclub in Vegas last night to promote it. She was interviewed by the also hot Andrea Tiede about it, where she reveals that yes, she's still playing poker. And that there's a topless version of the calendar.

Watch the interview below or here. Read about the red carpet here. Buy the calendar here. And get some pics from the interview after the jump.

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Joanna Krupa 2008 Calendar Makes for a Good Post

Joanna Krupa 2008 calendarJoanna Krupa is making up for her disappointing no-show at this year's World Series of Poker.

The Poland-born supermodel and occasional poker player with perhaps the finest body in all of Christendom is living up to her "I'd rather go naked" mantra by dropping the top for her 2008 calendar. It's pants-down the best we've seen from the class of 2008 and that's saying a lot considering she's up against the likes of Keeley Hazell, Vikki Blows (NSFW) and Gemma Atkinson.

After the jump, check out a few of the more modest months from her 2008 calendar as well as a video from the photo shoot.

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Joanna Krupa Disappoints

Joannakrupawcp2In what may be the greatest disappointment of the 2007 WSOP so far, besides the soggy hot wings from the poker kitchen one of us just ate, the unequivocally hot Joanna Krupa, the Magic Johnson of the look from behind model pose, failed to show up to play in the Main Event despite claims by us that she would be here playing for

Perhaps it was just wishful thinking on our part that Joanna Krupa was going to be here like she was last year, although even Joanna's own site mentions her planned appearance as did this press release.

But nope. No Joanna.

So out of vengeful spite we're going to post some absurdly hot photos of Joanna Krupa doing her best look from behind pose as well as other Hall of Fame-worthy poses she pulls off like a champ.

Take that Joanna.

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Joanna Krupa to Play Main Event Thanks to Tony G

We just got the inside word that TonyGPoker has signed the flagrantly sexy Joanna Krupa as its official spokesmodel and will be sending her to play in this year's Main Event at the 2007 World Series of Poker.


Krupa, who was our OWCPG of 2006 until we discovered Keeley Hazell, was a major attraction at last year's WSOP Main Event, where she rep'd Titan Poker and gave each of the nine guys at her table more than their $10,000 worth as she lasted past Day 1. Her official website has been teasing her return to the WSOP for some time now, saying "it looks like you will see her and her poker face again at the WSOP this year." And now, straight from the man himself, Tony G, it has been confirmed she'll be back.

To refresh your memory why we once called Joanna Krupa the hottest girl in Christendom, check out some past Wicked Chops Poker posts.

:: Joanna Krupa Photos from 2006 World Series of Poker

:: Friday Night Parting Shot: Joanna Krupa (Again)

:: Friday Night Parting Shot: Joanna Krupa

:: Joanna Krupa Loves Poker

:: Joanna Krupa Does the Leopard Print + Look from Behind Pose Like a Champ

:: 200 People We Hope Look More Like Joanna Krupa than Joe Stillman Will Compete for Strip Poker Title in London

:: Calvin Ayre Tip Sheet: Meet Joanna Krupa

:: Joanna Krupa's "Go Naked" Posters Make for a Good Post

:: For the Hump, Joanna Krupa

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ESPN to Shoot WSOP in HD (Joanna Krupa, Please Play Again)

Joannakwsop15Joanna Krupa's ridiculous hotness (hopefully she's back), Jennifer Tilly's fantabulous cleavage and Anna Benson's supreme bitch-itude (she needs the publicity so she'll be there), along with thousands of poker schlubs screaming "That's what I'm talking about" after sucking someone out on the river (still gay sounding), will be seen for the first time in high definition on ESPN this summer when the sports network shoots the WSOP in HD.

While we welcome this news and anxiously await the day we get to see top notch athletes like Takeru Kobayashi devouring hot dogs and Krystal burgers in HD, ESPN viewers who don't watch or play poker have another reason to bitch about the game being broadcast on ESPN.

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For the Hump, Joanna Krupa


You have two choices:

1) Check out Joanna Krupa's new FHM spread-erview where she shows us all her good sides and admits she has "a good poker face." Starts here and the poker bit is here.

2) Refresh your memory of Joanna Krupa playing the 2006 World Series of Poker with our two post collection of 30+ stalkerrific photos of the insanely hot model here and here.

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Joanna Krupa's "Go Naked" Posters Make for a Good Post

Joannakrupa_gonaked_1_1When we got in from our Donkey Basketball pick-up game the other night we got an email from a reader ("hendu213") who shared two things with us: (1) Stupendously hot pics of Joanna Krupa posing in the buff for her "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" PETA campaign, and (2) That he went to Paramus High School, in Paramus, NJ with Jamie G. and that the WSOP champ-colluder played varsity tennis in high school and we quote, "was as much of a prick then as he is now."

By the way, if you missed the most recent Jamie Gold podcast interview, it's "[A] must-hear thriller" . . . "Rivetingly painful, yet delightfully absurd, the Jamie Gold podcast is a one-man show of self-love that would make Narcissus blush," says Wicked Chops Poker. Listen to it here. Jamie gets going about a finger width in. And doesn't stop.

Or skip listening to Jamie G. talking endlessly about how great he is and get to the visual confirmation of the stupendousness that is Joanna Krupa, after the jump. "They're stupendous," says Wicked Chops Poker.

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Joanna Krupa Does the Leopard Print + Look from Behind Pose Like a Champ

Joannakrupa_leopardprintjpgHow Joanna Krupa was ever replaced as our Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006 defies logic, if we actually used logic to decide such. Krupa is ludicrous-ly hot, impossibly sexy, has wicked poker chops, and as we reported today, was the subject of our most popular post in 2006, thanks largely in part to a link referral from

And no doubt Krupa would have stayed the OWCPG of 2006, if only Keeley Hazell was never born, discovered and then unleashed video after video and photo spread after photo spread upon us like some metaphor that describes something ridiculously hot being unleashed upon us over and over (volcano/hot lava, no?).

Anyway, there's no point to this post except to point out that the photo of Joanna Krupa above (click to enlarge) shows that she has the whole "leopard print" thing (as recently duplicated by poker hostesses Shana Hiatt and Sabina Gadecki) and the "look from behind" pose (as done amateurish-ly by Brandi Hawbaker) down like a frickin' champ. Really, it's outstanding, and a model of perfection that any girl attemping the leopard print and the look from behind should strive to obtain, yet fall so far short, because they're not Joanna Krupa.

Alrighty, after the jump, a moderately ironic photo of Joanna Krupa in the buff in an ad for PETA.

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200 People We Hope Look More Like Joanna Krupa than Joe Stillman Will Compete for Strip Poker Title in London

Med_joannakrupamaximapril116_2Paddy Poker is organizing a publicity stunt that could go horribly awry by making you go blind the inaugural World Strip Poker Championship at the (soon to be much less) prestigious Cafe Royal in London tomorrow. Around 200 strip poker players will disrobe, exposing pounds of likely fanstatically flabby flesh, hoping to nab 10,000 pounds in prizes.

What makes people think that watching a bunch of people play strip poker that no one wants to see play strip poker is beyond us. Regardless, Paddy Poker obviously thinks the idea is "brilliant!" A spokesperson for Paddy said that men and women from 12 countries will vie for the money, fame, and glory associated with winning their Gold Fig Leaf trophy, which is right up there in the prestige category with winning the WSOP Main Event, except significantly less.

Pokerathlete_2_1To compete, constestants must wear five clothing items supplied by Paddy. To keep chafing at a minimum, contestants will also be given a towel to sit on. And just in case contestants are hung like Nick "AAA" Lachey or are really fug, they'll be given a towel to cover themselves when completely naked, because no one wants to see that shit.

The Paddy spokesperson added, "Inappropriate behaviour," will not be tolerated. However, since there is no mention of smoking hot models like poker player Joanna Krupa (upper right) or FOWCP Lacey Jones participating in this, we gotta assume the worst, because that's what we do, which means that spectators will likely be watching some 350 lbs schlub (like, say, #22 here) with a hairy back and moles that would make Men the Master proud getting buck naked, which seems pretty fucking inappropriate to us.

What does seem appropriate though are pics of Joanna Krupa after the jump, which may be inappropriate if you are at work.

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Is Keeley Hazell Still the Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year?

Joannawsop21_3Ever since seeing Joanna Krupa at the 2006 World Series of Poker (and taking 502MBs worth of photos of her sitting at a poker table doing nothing), we've considered renaming her the 2006 Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year, a title currently bestowed upon the bodacious Brit babe Keeley Hazell, who always seems to make us alliterate, among other things.

We don't take decisions like this lightly though. No, they're hard. Very hard. Like waging war in Iraq hard, but without all the bloodshed, Arabs and the Cindy Sheehan-types camping out in front of our ranch.

On one hand we have the amazingly gorgeous Joanna Krupa, who we once said was officially the hottest girl in Christendom and who knows enough about playing poker to last two full days at the 2006 WSOP. All incredibly impressive, and it's practically a laydown with those credentials; that is, if we had never come across the supremely stacked sexpot Keeley Hazell. And while Hazell, unlike Krupa, wouldn't know if she had flopped the nuts if they hit her in the face, she does occasionally make poker-related news and she certainly knows what to do when you're stacked big at the table, or in the shower or sitting in a leather sofa chair or, well, just watch the below videos of Keeley Hazell sent to us by one of our readers and help us decide.

To make the decision even harder, be sure to check out the longer, uncensored version of the same video after the jump.

Continue reading "Is Keeley Hazell Still the Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year?" »

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Joanna Krupa (Again)

As one of our favorite sites aptly said in describing our "Joanna Krupa Photos from 2006 World Series of Poker" post, "There can't possibly be too many things sexier than Joanna Krupa playing at the World Series of Poker."

Of course, we agree, and so once again, Joanna Krupa is this week's Friday Night Parting Shot Girl. Below and after the jump are the rest of the photos Wicked Chops Poker took from the 2006 World Series of Poker. Enjoy because that's all we have. Sadly.

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Joanna Krupa Photos from 2006 World Series of Poker

We took enough photos of Joanna Krupa at the World Series of Poker to feed the world, if photos of Joanna Krupa could actually feed the world. Unfortunately they don't, and that sucks because we'd love to do our share. For those less fortunate people though who aren't here at the WSOP to see Joanna in person, we're happy to feed you with a few snaps from today after the jump. Look for more photos from Day 1 soon.

Also check out past Joanna Krupa mentions at WCP here, here, here and here.


Continue reading "Joanna Krupa Photos from 2006 World Series of Poker" »

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The TOKE: Joanna Krupa Loves Poker, It's 'Welcome Back Poker' in the Big Easy, + Phil Ivey Will Have to Wait A Year to Win $60M

Joanna_krupa_01 :: According to Webster's Dictionary, the definition of the word "perfect" is "Joanna Krupa."  Just last week, we named Joanna Krupa as the Official Wicked Chops Poker Girl of 2006.  After seeing this, in an obvious effort to lure our readers to their site, Titan Poker immediately went out and signed Joanna Krupa to be their spokesmodel*.  Krupa has been tagged, "The World's Hottest Swimsuit Model," although we can't seem to find any evidence as to why she'd be given such a title.  According to Titan Poker, she's quite the card shark too.  Dreeaaam weaver... Titan Poker

:: Big Stacks Back to Big Easy.  The final WSOPC event will take place at Harrah's in New Orleans this coming week.  While we're sure there is some significance in this and real human interest stories in wake of the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, we still can't get over the fact that 2006 Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year Joanna Krupa loves pokerCard Player

:: No $60 Million Dollar Baby this year.  According to Poker News,'s $10 million dollar, six-person, winner-take-all tournament that Phil Ivey was confirmed to enter and that was originally scheduled for July 12th of this year has been postponed until next year and in related news 2006 Wicked Chops Poker Girl of the Year Joanna Krupa loves poker. Poker News


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Calvin Ayre Tip Sheet: Meet Joanna Krupa

Joannakrupa_1Our buddy Calvin Ayre, the grand poobah of Bodog and who we coined the Hef of online gaming, has a knack for recruiting hot famous, poker-playing chicks for his events, with Shannon Elizabeth, Katherine Heigl and Estella Warren being the holy trinity and crème de la crème of Bodog beauties so far. And as more and more poker princesses come forward to profess their love for the game, more and more reasons exists for Bodog and its ilk to host hob-nob parties and red carpet events that merge the cult of celebrity with the cult of cards.

Therefore, as a public service and to offer Ayre a little guidance on who he should be inviting to his shindigs (like he needs it), we at Wicked Chops Poker will on occasion tip off Ayre on gorgeous girls who play the game, have the fame, and shall we say, embody the Bodog name.

So without further ado, here's our first suggestion: supermodel Joanna Krupa.

A natural born stunner from Poland, raised in Chicago and now a full-time California girl, Krupa has won us over on the cover of men's magazines, the catalogues you steal from your girlfriend, major ad campaigns, tv appearances on shows like "Las Vegas" and yes, her spread in the July issue of Playboy Magazine.

And how do we know she plays poker? Well, she makes a point of saying so in interviews as well as declaring her penchant for the game on her website.

A woman clearly after our hearts . . . and bankrolls.

But Calvin, we'll be impressed if you get Krupa to grace the Bodog carpet and felt at one of your events considering that her website also discloses that "in her spare time, Joanna enjoys"

Yep, she’s apparently doing her online wagering at your sportsbook/online gaming competitor I mean, it's impressive to know that she's possibly an online gambler to boot, even though she's doing it somewhere besides Bodog. But it doesn't appear she's just saying that to pimp BetCris because of some Caprice-like arrangement. So the challenge is out there, and we'll be keeping an eye out to see if you win her over to the Bodog side.

Finally, for those (like BlackSpy) looking for more photos of Joanna Krupa, a great place to start is Start with Ryan P.'s story about his misfortune in Vegas concerning Miss Krupa and then click on his "100 photographs" link.


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    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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