Katie Rees

Katie Rees is Looking Good

Katie Rees arrested in Las VegasIf you're a long time reader of Wicked Chops Poker, you know we love the chicks who once Vaselined their teeth and duct taped their boobs in pursuit of the tiara, and not just because they're morally casual girls who like to make out with other chicks and pose in next-to-nothing for photos.

Actually, that's pretty much why we love them.

And one of our favorite former pageant girls is ex Miss Nevada USA Katie Rees, who was stripped of her crown last year after racy photos of her kissing other girls, exposing her breasts and simulating sex acts showed up all over the Internet.

Well now, Katie Rees is in trouble again, this time not with Donald Trump, but the law. Early this morning in Las Vegas, Rees was pulled over for speeding and allegedly elbowed and kicked the police officers who stopped her. She is being held now on six charges including resisting arrest, driving with suspended license plates, driving on a suspended license and speeding.

Read about Katie's arrest here.

A photo of Katie Rees going down on a cake after the jump.

Some of our other favorite former pageant chicks: Tara Conner, Danielle Lloyd, Caitlin Upton, Carrie Stroup, and Brandi Hawbaker.

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Katie Rees Lip Lock with Andrea Tiede at Birthday Bash

The fantastically hot Andrea Tiede of RawVegas.tv made it her mission yesterday to lock lips with our favorite scandalicious ex-beauty queen Katie Rees, and she succeeded. Yes kids, let this be an example of what you can do when you set your mind to it, especially if you grow up to look hot like Andrea.

Watch the video of Katie Rees kissing Andrea Tiede at her birthday bash below. For more photos of Andrea Tiede, go here and for pics of Katie Rees poolside at Bare on her 23rd birthday but unfortunately not in her birthday suit, head over to TMZ.com.

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Katie Rees is Now Too Old For Us

Katie_rees_vegasKatie Rees, a past-FNPG and perhaps our favorite of the super hot dethroned pageant chicks, is celebrating her birthday this Sunday at Bare, the topless pool lounge at the Mirage that famously banned one of us entities after a freak accident, and it was an accident, involving a pool toypedo.

While we're not surprised that Miss Rees (in pic at right playing poker) would celebrate her birthday in nothing but basically her birthday suit, we are surprised to learn she's turning 23. Because damn that's old. Can't these girls stay young and morally loose forever? Next thing you know she's going to get all wise and stuff and stop getting naked in public and kissing random girls. Then what? Marriage? Kids? Ugly, old, baggy t-shirts from some team building exercise?

Katie_reese_bareAnyway, if you can't get into Katie Rees' birthday party this Sunday at Bare, then get in touch with your inner Yang and help others who are less fortunate than you by playing poker with the likes of Erica Schoenberg and Evelyn Ng at the Las Vegas Jewish Community Center (JCC) Charity Poker Tournament. For more details on this event held at The Palms, go here.

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Friday Night Parting Shot: Miss Nevada Katie Rees

1miss_navada_splashnewsIt's been like Christmas around here with this month's Friday Night Parting Shots, with the gift being a slew of pageant winners getting caught behaving badly. First it was lovely Miss Great Britain, Danielle Lloyd, who was stripped of her title for stripping for Playboy and bonking a judge, an act which when put into context is really a touching love story.

Then there was Miss USA, and potential OWCPG of 2007, Tara Conner, who was given a second chance this week by Donald Trump after supposedly lip-sticking it to Miss Teen USA while club-slutting it up on drugs and booze. Trump's Jesus-like forgiveness was a lesson for all of us on not to pass judgment on others; at least when it involves a really hot chick and lots of good publicity for your pageant and upcoming season of "The Apprentice."

And now there's this week Friday Night Parting Shot, Miss Nevada Katie Rees (above left), who found out that what happens in a Florida nightclub when you're young (she was 19 at the time) and free and naked and kissing other girls and simulating sex acts, doesn't stay there, like it does in Vegas. Nope, it shows up all over the Internet three years later and rips the tiara off your head faster than Trump can say "You're Fired," which he did.

In response, her attorney claimed that "it was an isolated drinking party incident and she was very young and immature at the time. She completely changed her behavior after that and is today a fine upstanding citizen." And we 100% accept this because we all did stupid things when we were 19 and really throughout our 20s and still today. Plus Rees now knows not to do these type of things.... at least when a camera is around, unless you own the camera and don't get drunk one night and email the photos to a friend or post them on your MySpace page, unless you think the publicity would put you in a better position than if you were just Miss Nevada and had nothing else going for you.

And speaking of MySpace, we can all take to heart what Rees says on her MySpace page, our friendship pending. Laying down some seriously deep thoughts, the 22-year-old quotes the great 20th century philosopher Bob Marley, saying:

"who are you to judge the life i live? i know i'm not perfect - and i don't have to be, but before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean."

So wise. So young. So hot.

After the jump, some of the extremely graphic photos that got Katie Rees canned (and will get you canned if you open at work), plus a hilarious video parody of Miss Tara Conner at her press conference this week.

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