Lacey Jones

Lacey Jones And Friend In Bikinis Is The Friday Night Parting Shot


Hottest Girl in Poker Lacey Jones and her friend Teresa Kae bring you this week's Friday Night Parting Shot

We're under contract with our libidos to post any photo of Lacey Jones in a bikini so here you have it, Lacey Jones in a bikini along with another hot chick in a bikini (Teresa Kae) during yesterdays' World's Largest Bikini Parade in Las Vegas. The feat of 281 girls in bikinis parading around the Strip was recognized by the folks at the Guinness Book of World Records, and while it doesn't actually sound that impressive to us--like couldn't they just go to Rehab on any given Sunday and tell all the girls to march out the parking lot and that would be a world record--we're not complaining. If there's anything the Guinness Book needs is more girls in bikini records and less crap like fat twins on motorcycles.

Pic courtesy of Lacey Jones on Twitter. Stalk her here.

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Lacey Jones' Dirty Thirty

Happy birthday to FOWCP and the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones

Along with being a great girl, Lacey is defying genearlly accepted common logic. See, most girls peak around 19 and steadily deteriorate from there into almost untouchable "things" by the time they hit 32ish. However, occassionally you get these freaks of nature like Lacey who looks better at 30 than she did when we first met her four years ago and whatever 30-4 equals.

Watch Lacey Jones Dirty 30 Party at Lavo on
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Lacey Jones Featured In The Grouch and Eligh's Video For "All In"

Screen grab from The Grouch and Eligh's new single "All In" starring Lacey Jones.

If underground hip hop act The Grouch and Eligh's new single "All In" was actually about poker it would rank right up there as one of the best poker songs ever. But besides it's title, the song really has nothing to do with poker. Instead it's all about, well, who knows. Hard to understand what they're saying.

Regardless, none of that stopped them from getting Lacey Jones, the hottest girl in poker, to star in their video wearing nothing but lingerie while playing poker. And if you know Lacey like we do, and you don't, that's her favorite way to play poker. So good move there The Grouch and Eligh. Not a good move though: not showing Lacey for the full 4:53. Way too much random rapper guy staring at the camera rapping the whole time and not nearly enough Lacey Jones standing there looking hot.

Check out the full video here. For a video of Lacey in lingerie sans dudes rapping, go here.

More of Lacey Jones here.

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Lacey Jones Was Mia Wallace

"Why do we feel it's necessary to yak about bullshit in order to be comfortable?"

Now there's about an equal chance of finding the Entities chilling in a cave in Afghanistan with the Taliban as you would finding us dressed up for Halloween. Not our style. Halloween is really only to be enjoyed by 1) children, and 2) adult women.

And since this ain't the kind of website where you'll find pictures of kids on it, let's focus on the adult women aspect of Halloween.

Lacey Jones did Halloween right, looking like a spot-on Mia Wallace. She nails the trifecta of a good Halloween costume: 1) looks the part, 2) not overdone (i.e. she's not the Joker or Sarah Palin), and 3) hot.

* Photo credit sort of from poker hottie Liz Lieu.

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Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff Magazine Spread Is Here


Oh look, the new Bluff has a 2008 WCOOP wrap-up. Sweet!

Critical-thinking poker intelligentsia like us know that the true measure of a woman poker player is not the superficial shit like how much money she's won or bracelets she's snagged. No, the real measure of a woman's success in poker is how much clothes she has taken off for our viewing pleasure and how good she looks doing so.

It's something women poker players like Jennifer "Jennicide" Leigh (Playboy, FHMonline), Liv Boeree (Loaded), Shannon Elizabeth (Playboy, American Pie, Stuff, Maxim, etc.), Jennifer Tilly (Bound), Erica Schoenberg (Carmen Electra’s Strip Poker DVD), Chantel McNulty (the Internet), Kathy Liebert (Wicked Chops personal collection) and Clonie Gowen (Maxim) have understood.

And perhaps no two girls have appreciated this better than the hottest woman in poker Lacey Jones and her hot poker friend/occasional shower partner Christina Lindley. Sure the two know a thing or two about playing cards. We respect that. But more impressive is their deftness at showing us how unbelievably hot they are in as little clothing as possible (see Lacey's nothing but body paint photo and Christina's lingerie video for examples).

Anyway, all of the above is a long way to get to the point that the much-anticipated Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Bluff issue is out now on magazine stands and you should go get it. Now. You should also close your door and click on the image above for a bigger, hi res shot of the cover.

Kudos to Bluff for the cover and spread. There's a reason why WCP writes for the magazine.

See our ridiculously hot lingerie video of Lacey and Christina here.

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Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley Lingerie Photo Shoot Video

Back in September the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones and fellow poker hottie Christina Lindley did a ridiculously hot photo shoot for the cover of Bluff Magazine in nothing but lingerie and high heels, and as promised we have video.

Take the rest of the afternoon off and watch it below or on here.

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Lacey Jones Is The Real Deal!


We have a healthy amount of skepticism regarding The Real Deal!.

Tickets for the Las Vegas (held at the Venetian) show have just gone on sale. In case you don't remember, the concept of The Real Deal! is pitting two of the world's best poker professionals (Gavin Smith, Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Scotty Nguyen, and others have signed on) against a group of randomly selected audience members on stage, where said audience plays poker using handheld "state-of-the-art" technology for a chance to win $1 million will actually be anything anyone gives a shit about is beyond us. But when Freak & Geeks, Undeclared, and Arrested Development get canceled and Two and Half Men and The George Lopez Show stay on air for years, we may be a little out of touch with what the U.S. American public really likes.

What we are pretty sure of is that The Real Deal! co-host Lacey Jones will at least pique our interest enough to check it out.

Speaking of, read more about how to buy tickets here.

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Rounder Magazine Cover Shoot with Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer

As mentioned earlier, days like this one are the "fun part" of the job.

Tamara Witmer is a Playboy Playmate who is so cool her website cues "Cherry Pie" upon loading. It might've played "Unskinny Bop" had Bret Michaels not shunned her on Rock of Love. But he did. So consider us the winners since "Cherry Pie" is by far the better song.

Anyway, Tamara is the latest cover model for Rounder Magazine. We were on hand for the photo shoot. Just as we were last week for Bluff Magazine's Lacey Jones/Christian Lindley feature.

Glad to see these poker mags finally learning how to make issues literally fly off the racks. Hopefully this means covers with a grinning Robert Williamson III and the headline "Winning Omaha Hi/Lo Strategies" have come to an end.

Rounder Magazine Cover Shoot with Playboy Playmate Tamara Witmer
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Lacey Jones, Christina Lindley Bluff Magazine Cover Shoot Preview

Kicks the shit out of seeing Scotty Nguyen's mug on another cover, doesn't it?

Poker hottie Christina Lindley just posted some preview pics on her blog from the latest Bluff Magazine cover shoot. Joining her is the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones. Joining them is little more than underwear and high heels. Hot damn.

At a minimum, this ranks approximately 100000000000000000000000000000% better than Eli Elezra, Jerry Yang, or anyone other than a shirtless Patrik Antonius on the cover.

Says Lindley:

"Anyways, two days ago something even more amazing happened. I shot for the cover of BLUFF MAGAZINE. They shot me along with my really good friend poker hottie Lacey Jones for the November issue of 2008 cover. Why? Well, they liked the fact that I was such a relative newcomer and had thrown myself in full force. They said they liked my drive, my passion, and my showing so far as an up and coming poker pro."

She goes on to say other stuff but we got distracted by her and Lacey in their underwear and high heels. She could've said she was responsible for 9/11 and we wouldn't have noticed.

We'll have video footage of the shoot up for a webisode of The TOKE around the time the issue drops.

In related news, check out their YouTube channel here.

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Lacey Jones Got Herself A Sweet Pair

Lacey Jones WSOP

Lacey Jones supporting our troops with some Army-ish Skullcandy headphones.

Lacey Jones, our official hottest girl in poker, showed up yesterday to the 2008 WSOP Main Event supporting our troops by wearing a sweet pair of GI Skullcandy headphones along with an Army camo hat. While Lacey busted early in the day, she did come back to outlast two Entities over at the Venetian. Not because she's better than us at poker, she's a woman. It's just because crazy Asians from the Commerce absolutely love shoving and sucking out against us with shit-ass hands.

Check out Skullcandy gear here and stay tuned for some cool promotions with Skullcandy and Wicked Chops Poker.

Two more pics below of Lacey rocking the Skullycandy's.

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2008 WSOP Update: Day 1C is More Like It

Lacey Jones and Christina Lindley at 2008 WSOP

Poker's hottest girl Lacey Jones (photo above, on left) is among the many wildly more interesting runners alive and thriving on Day 1C.

Now we're talking. 2008 WSOP Day 1C has 1,928 entrants and plenty of star power.

And hot girls.

So much better. Day 1C Kicks Day 1A and 1B's AssTM.

At dinner break, the chip leader is probably Michael Martin with 98,800. Plenty of big names (and big name women) remaining among the chip leaders, including Brad "Yukon" Booth (90,000), Clonie Gowen, a woman, (77,000), Jeff Madsen (72,000), seriously Chris Moneymaker (67,500), Evelyn Ng, a woman, (63,000), and Sorel Mizzi (61,000).

Lacey Jones, who was rail'd today by Christina Lindley and rocking a sweet pair of gold Skully Candy's, is also still alive with around 19,300.

Sadly, many have departed us as well, including Marco Traniello, Joe Tehan, whose name sounds too much like "Tehran" for our liking, Justin Bonomo, Max Pescatori, and our pick to win it, Huck Seed. Get full chip counts here.

Photos of Lacey, Christina and Max Pescatori after the jump...

Continue reading "2008 WSOP Update: Day 1C is More Like It" »

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Lacey Jones Is Saying Something

The hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones is saying something but you're probably not paying attention as you're likely having the same reaction to her in the below video that 2+2'ers had in our previous post about Patrik Antonius. Seriously, jeez. Not bad on the eyes that one.

In related news, Lacey is hanging in there around 20k. In other related hot girl news, the poker cougar Michele Lewis is down around 16k. In other related "poker" hot girl news, Clonie Gowen is currently chip leader early on in play with 70k. Get full chip counts here.

VIDEO: Lacey Jones is pretty damn hot

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Ok, The Official Day 1A Number Is Up, Barely, From Last Year

Harrah's has just released the official number for Day 1A of the 2008 WSOP. It's 1,297. That's down from the 1,400 we estimated earlier, but up from the 1,287 from last year's Day 1A. By 10.

Now we're no math majors, but if you multiply that number by four, which is the total number of Day 1's, you get 5,188. While we presume that today will be the lowest of the Day 1's, this isn't a good sign. Most people were predicting 8,000 or more for this year. Day 1B, 1C, and 1D better fucking get working and register some damn people.

While that all kind of sucks, what didn't suck was the Doyle's Room/Bluff Magazine party at Sapphire last night. And what really, really didn't suck was seeing the hottest girl in poker, Lacey Jones, chat it up with Andrea Tiede and Christina Lindley.

VIDEO: Sapphire Gentleman's Club Las Vegas

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Lacey Jones on the Ladies Event, Her Body Paint Photo and Something About Her Nails

Lacey Jones at 2008 WSOP video

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Ladies Event Update, Photo Dump

They're down to under 200 players in the Ladies event at the 2008 WSOP and someone who isn't Lacey Jones is the chipleader because Lacey is out.

Notables still in include Men Nguyen's wife, Kathy Liebert, our crazy Brazilian friend Maridu who will probably take this event down, Robert Varkonyi's wife, Evy Ng, Glum Girl Gromenkova, and Amanda Leatherman.

Latest chip counts here.

Below are some of the girls who played in today's event and caught are attention for one reason or another. In order below, they are:

(1) Florida cutie who we thought was Eastern European and didn't get the best picture of but she's really darn cute, (2) Famous frog Patrick Bruel's pretty French girlfriend in the hat whose name we found out is Celine, (3) tiny cute girl with hand on her face and crimped(?) hair, (4) Perfect 10 girl who was about an 8, (5) the buttaface messy blonde with the killer rack, (6) Diane Nguyen, (7) Amanda Leathermen, (8) cute chick with the Guantanamo looking get up, (9) hot Asian chick until she put on the big goofy sunglasses, (10) Lacey Jones, (11) black-hair girl we see everywhere every year, (12) Tiffany Michelle, (13) JennFox chick who posts on 2p2 and did the Brandi RIP video, (14) Patrik Antonius' hot wife Maya, (15) hoop earring chick with the the big'uns and pretty eyes and (16) that Christina Lindley fitness model girl from this post.

Click on the images below and pick your faves.

2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_212008_wsop_ladies_poker_girl_052008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_girl_92008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_102008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_11 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_122008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_13 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_14 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_152008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_162008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_172008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_19 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_202008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_22 2008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_232008_wsop_ladies_event_poker_gir_25

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Poker Hottie Lacey Jones Stacked at the 2008 WSOP

Poker player Lacey Jones at the 2008 WSOP Ladies Event

Yeh, that headline was too easy but we're lazy and plus it's true that the hottest girl in poker Lacey Jones is stacked right now in the chips department with well above the chip average in the Ladies No-Limit Hold'em World Championship today at the 2008 World Series of Poker. She's got about 9,000 after the second break.

Starting with 1190 entrants, they're down to 420 players, all women, except for maybe this one. Totally is/was a dude. No idea if post-op or not. Ain't checking.

Photos of Lacey Jones playing today in the Ladies Event below.

See Lacey in nothing but body paint here.

Our first interview with Lacey and Exhibit #49 why she's the coolest hot chick we know here.

All photos in this post, and others posts here on the WSOP, taken exclusively by Wicked Chops Poker. If you snag, please link back to this post. Thanks.

Lacey_jones_top_wsop_2 Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_2Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_4Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_7Img_0275Img_0259Img_0257Lacey_jones_wsop_bodog_5

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Poker Hottie Lacey Jones in Nothing But Paint

Poker player Lacey Jones nude body paint photo Not that we needed to be reminded why Lacey Jones won by a landslide our Wicked Chops Hottest Girl in Poker contest this year, but we'll take all the reminding we can get when it involves a ridiculously hot photo of her in absolutely nothing but lace-like body paint.

Lacey, who splits here time between playing poker, modeling, acting, traveling the world and being the coolest hot girl you'll ever meet, was kind of enough to share the photo with us, and in turn, with our readers.

Click and Enjoy.

Lacey Jones poker player body paint photo

Come back this Sunday for our Lacey Jones photo dump of her playing in the 2008 Ladies World Championship at the World Series of Poker.

Relatedly Lacey:

:: Lacey Jones Photo Shoot Video

:: Lacey Jones is Really Pretty

:: Lacey Jones Kicked Our Asses

:: Lacey Jones interview and photos

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This Guy May Be at the 2008 WSOP

Somehow or another we missed this at last year's World Series of Poker.

Which is good. Because while most people are creeped out by clowns, we're creeped out by magicians.

And for good reason. David Copperfield. Criss Angel. David Blaine. Scott Lazar.

The list goes on and on.

And now we hear rumors that Chet Lightning might--might--make several appearances at the 2008 WSOP. What does he have up his sleeve? Hopefully something better than what he unleashed last year on Lacey Jones.

Chet Lightning at the 2007 WSOP video

More Chet Lightning here.

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Jennifer Harman Must Be More Threatening Than We Give Her Credit For...

Apparently many poker pros decided to show up to the  2nd Annual Jennifer Harman SPCA Charity Poker Tournament in Las Vegas because of the threat of bodily harm. From Jennifer Harman.

Both Phil Ivey and Barry Greenstein alluded to the not-so-thinly veiled threats by Harman as their primary reason for attending the event. However, the prospects of bodily harm turned out to be a good thing for Ivey, as he adopted a sweet little kitty!!!*

Watch the 2nd Annual Jennifer Harman SPCA Charity Poker Tournament red carpet

* Last time "sweet little kitty" will ever be written on this site unless we're using it as slang for vag.

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Poker News Looking Fit with Anna Kournikova Triathlon Photos

Anna Kournikova K-Swiss running a triathlonThanks to pervie tennis photogaphers, Anna Kournikova brought daily workplace productivity to a virtual halt a decade ago with an endless stream of sexually suggestive "sports" photos of the not-quite-legal racket swinger. Fast forward to today and not much has changed except for Anna's age and the speed of the Internet, which makes looking at photos of her doing a triathlon (link below) or a shoot for K-Swiss (to the right) feel a lot less creepy and about a 100 times faster--leaving more time for this, this, this, this but not this.

All right, some poker news links:

:: Woman poker players find something to bitch about and for good reason (Click here)

:: Canuck Cheung chipleader at WSOP Circuit in E-town (Click here)

:: Ron Paul partners with Barney Frank on bill to slay online gambling prohibition (Click here)

:: Houston poker room raid leads to organized crime charges, and guns and poker are all the rage in Dallas (Click here and here)

:: Purple Lounge signs sexy poker player/model and Poker Night Live presenter Michelle Orpe (Click here)

:: Washington State PPA-er Lee Rousso keeps fighting the good fight (Click here)

:: Lacey Jones' "Hottest Girl in Poker" video rising the ranks over at (Click here)

:: Poker movie The Grand could hardly pay the buy-in for the WPT Championship with its box office receipts (Click here)

Anna Kournakova triathlon photos below and after the jump . . .

UPDATE: Photos of Anna Kournikova running during a triathlon removed, see some of them here.

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Lacey Jones Is Hottest Girl in Poker

Well, we've been sitting on this one for about three months now, but in what could best be described as a "landslide," Lacey Jones is the winner of the Wicked Chops Hottest Girl in Poker poll.

Lacey, who currently resides in Las Vegas and splits time playing poker, modeling, and acting, was an early FOWCP and a fave of ours ever since. She lapped (many, many times) the number two vote getter, Brandi Hawbaker. Others receiving notable votes include our favorite cougar Michele Lewis, Liz Lieu, Erica Schoenberg, Evy Ng, and Dancing with the Stars' Shannon Elizabeth.

Most who know Lacey would agree she's the coolest hot girl you'll ever meet. In between some bikini-clad glamor shots, hear what Lacey has to say about being voted the hottest girl in poker, who she thinks is hot, and more...

Lacey Jones hottest girl in poker video

Read our Heads-Up interview with Lacey Jones

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New Absolute Poker UK Ambassador Liv Boeree No Lacey Jones, Wears Spandex


Absolute Poker, who just a few months ago was enveloped in the Potripper cheating scandal that nobody even talks about now, has added a new poker hottie to their stable.

Liv Boeree, who is definitely no Lacey Jones but isn't exactly bad on the eyes either, will be the UK ambassador for Absolute. According to the Absolute Poker website, the 23 year-old Boeree is a "whiskey-drinking, spandex-wearing, Metallica-loving rock chick with an astrophyics degree..."

Who is she, Poochie?

Surprised Absolute's marketing department didn't pull the "snowboarding/Dungeons and Dragons playing/blowjob-loving" card.

Before becoming an aspiring poker pro, Boeree is (probably?) most known for work with Showdown, Gutshot TV, Ladies’ World Poker Open, and the World Series of Poker Europe.

In related news, Lacey Jones is just running away with our "Hottest Girl in Poker" poll. Voting ends next week.

Visit Absolute Poker UK spokesperson Liv Boeree's website for more pictures

Vote for WCP's Hosttest Girl in Poker

Watch Mark Seif's comments on the Absolute Poker Scandal

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Software Flaw Led to Abuse by Absolute Poker Official, Lacey Jones is the Front-Runner is reporting that a known flaw in Absolute Poker's recent software update was used by at least one high ranking official to his advantage. Or maybe it was her advantage. Neh, chicks don't cheat people for money. They get fake boobs and hair extensions instead. Sure, some may say that's cheating too but we see it differently. Not sure how, but we do.

Anyway, according to G911: "While the abuse has been well documented, reports of how key individuals came to take advantage of key flaws remain a mystery until now."

Read how, more or less, here.

Meanwhile, Wicked Chops Poker is reporting that former Absolute Poker pro Lacey Jones (in photo above) is by all accounts the front-runner in our hottest girl in poker search. Some may accuse us of favoritism because Lacey is our favorite and when we say favorite we mean she's the girl who knows all of our dirty little secrets, ones that could send us to prison and we can't go to prison. We're way too pretty for prison.

Keep emailing in and/or posting your picks for hottest girls in poker. Think outside the box, so to speak.

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Daniel Negreanu Stars In A.D.D. It Up

Yesterday, the latest webisodes of weekly web sitcom A.D.D. It Up was released, this one containing featured cameos by Daniel Negreanu and Lacey Jones.

The crew is participating in an instructional poker DVD shoot, but series "star" Zachary Freeman screws up the production by becoming obsessed with Daniel's ability to read hands and with Lacey's breasts.

Super hot Andrea Tiede also makes an appearance in boxers in bed. Unfortunately Zach makes an appearance in the same scene without his shirt on. Just close your eyes and listen to the dialogue there.

Click the video player below to watch or go directly to the site here.

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Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN

11-time WSOP champion Phil Hellmuth stopped by the studio in Las Vegas today, climbed on top of the roof and talked for 13 minutes about his favorite subject, himself. Among the things we learn is that Hellmuth finally won his first Ultimate Blackjack tournament, beating creepy old man Renee Angeli.

He also shares details about a $9 million golf match at the Rio Secco that ESPN is filming this Wednesday and will air in October. The match consists of three teams of three with each player ponying up $1 million cash. Doyle Brunson, Dewey Tomko, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Daniel Negreanu and Vince Van Patten are among the poker players competing.

Hellmuth also talks about a few other things but we skipped the rest to watch a new video of our favorite RawVegas Girls Denise Pernula, Lacey Jones and Andrea Tiede chowing down at Dick's Last Resort. It's a restaurant review so no Denise getting chowdered or Andrea kissing Katie Rees but Lacey does repeatedly talk about eating boners half way through the video and Denise does seductively feed Lacey dessert. We're easy to please folks . . . if you look like Denise, Lacey and Andrea.

Watch the Phil Hellmuth video below or here.

Watch the Denise, Lacey and Andrea video after the jump or here.

Continue reading "Phil Hellmuth and Others to Play $9 Million Golf Match for ESPN " »

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Daniel Negreanu, Lacey Jones to Appear in Next A.D.D. It Up's five minute weekly sitcom A.D.D. It Up! will showcase a major OCD vs. OCD battle next week as Zachary Freeman and Daniel Negreanu square off in some poker-related scenes.

Also appearing in this webisode is long-time WCP friend and fave Lacey Jones (seen on left in pic) as well as new-time WCP fave Andrea Tiede.

Watch a preview of next week's webisode (to air on Tuesday afternoon) at the five minute mark in the clip after the jump.

Catch up on past webisodes of A.D.D. It Up! here.

Continue reading "Daniel Negreanu, Lacey Jones to Appear in Next A.D.D. It Up" »

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Lacey Jones is Really Pretty

Laceyjoneswsop5It's a shame that photos of our favorite poker playin' model/actress/WSOP reporter Lacey Jones can't cure cancer, kill terrorists or save the final table of the 2007 World Series of Poker from being a snooze fest. If they did, we'd post the hell out of them and we'd be heroes and they would build statues in our honor and name streets in shady parts of towns after us.

But again, they don't do any of that.

They do make for a good post though.


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Lacey Jones Ain't Digging the Clams

Lacey Jones - video

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Lacey Jones Kicked Our Asses

Laceyjones1If you happened to read Lacey Jones' blog today, then you know that she met up with Snake, the Addict and Chops, along with a few of the crew (Newby and Michael Friedman), at the Venetian for the 8pm tournament last Friday, and in an achievement that rivals that of Amelia Earhart's flight across the Atlantic, Madame Curie's discovery of polonium and Keeley Hazell's becoming a national institution solely because of her gargantuan boobs, the Absolute Poker hottie, a woman, outlasted all five of us (as well as some guy who earned the name "Lady Hater") to finish 7th in the tournament. Sure our minds were on the forthcoming multi-session orgy with the pageant girls, et al, but still impressive work Ms. Jones. Impressive stuff.

Read/see more about Lacey in our Heads-Up interview with her.

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Update from the Floor: Lacey Jones, Vaughn Sandman, Brian Balsbaugh, a Few Pros + Joanna Krupa

Lacey_jones_6_1Apparently the Bellagio forgot to give Lacey Jones (above) her wake up call this morning (or afternoon to be exact), so she missed the entire first level and was blinded down to just 1400 in chips when she finally walked in. She was under the gun on the first hand and folded, and so with the big blind at 600 and antes 75, Lacey had to pick up a hand on the button to stay alive. She didn't though, as she was dealt J-4 and was up against the button who had K-4. The board was no help and Lacey was out.

As we tell all really good looking people when they don't win a competition, the thing that really matters in life is not whether you win or lose, but how you look and Lacey is one of the best at that. You may even say Lacey's a gosh darn world champion. So congrats Lacey for looking good today at the WSOP, even if it was for just one hand.

Continue reading "Update from the Floor: Lacey Jones, Vaughn Sandman, Brian Balsbaugh, a Few Pros + Joanna Krupa" »

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Heads-Up + Friday Night Parting Shot: Lacey Jones

Lacey_jones_6When Lacey Jones walks into a poker room, people are quick to notice.

So quick that a chiropractor could build an entire practice around poker players straining their necks to see Lacey the moment she walks into a room.

The girl is hot. Whiplash hot, if you will. And cool. Think Uma Thurman in "Beautiful Girls" but with wicked poker chops too.

LaceyjonesbikiniThe 5th generation Texan is much more than a perfectly pretty face who plays poker though. She's also a ridiculously busy model/actress who is incredibly smart, impossibly sweet, unbelievably down-to-earth, tremendously funny and makes anyone describing her burn through flattering adverbs and adjectives like they were Boyz II Men trying to convince some fine African-American woman to make love to them.

We last hung out with Ms. Jones when we were in Vegas this past May. We were in town to play a few of the WSOP Circuit events, among other things, and Lacey was there auditioning for a role on Entourage, playing one of the WSOP Circuit events, jet-setting between LA and Vegas like it was a cab ride down the Strip, and lighting up the Vegas club scene every night with the lovely Lynette Chan, all while dodging some crazed, obsessed stalker who thought "I'm not interested" meant to act like some crazed, obsessed stalker.

A few weeks later, we were supposed to meet up with Lacey in Manhattan Beach, the seaside city she now calls home, if she can truly call anywhere home considering her busy travel schedule. We were stupidly busy though, as was she, and that brief moment we weren't stupidly busy while in LA, Lacey was off to Toronto. Yes, blink and Lacey's gone. She's busy like that.

Lacey_jonesSince then, Lacey's been on a whirlwind tour of Asia (Hong Kong, Shanghai, Manila, among other places), then home to Manhattan Beach, then off to Vegas, then Miami, then LA and back to Vegas. She's been playing a number of events at the WSOP representing Absolute Poker, and most recently, she's been busy doing interviews around the clock with media outlets around the world for her latest endeavor: promoting Absolute Poker's new ladies only poker site,

We were able to catch up with Lacey this week to talk with her about APLady, the WSOP, crazed stalkers, sand dunes and threesomes with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

WCP: So we have to ask, how does actually confirm you're a "lady" when you sign up?

Continue reading "Heads-Up + Friday Night Parting Shot: Lacey Jones" »

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    Our photog at the 2008 WSOP is having a hard time focusing his lens on the pros at the table. We like him for that. Check out girls on the rail here.

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The Word on Wicked Chops Poker

  • "Wicked Chops Poker are nobodies, the site is garbage."
    - Anna Benson
  • "A sophisticated and creative blog that pokes rambunctious, irreverent and most of all sexy fun at the game of poker and everyone who is connected with it."
  • "You've made me so angry I wish I could reach into my screen and just pound your scummy worthless head in!!"
    - a Nickelback fan
  • "If you ask me, you should just go straight to Wicked Chops Poker instead. These guys are awesome."
    - Kajagugu Poker
  • "...el blog más irreverente de la blogocosa norteamericana..."
    - Poquer Red
  • "Wicked Chops is wickedly funny. And wickedly irreverent. And posts a lot of photos of wickedly attractive women. If that ain't poker, what is?"
    - TypePad

  • Hear what Jamie Gold has to say about WCP here
  • "If Jamie Gold’s a dickhead; Wicked Chops has to be a medusa head full of dicks."

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